Friday, October 12, 2018



When you are in distress, ask for the help of God. And here I also draw the attention of those who are still serving the devil in witchcraft and who are doing wicked things in the Church. Be careful, God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows, sooner or later. And when you do those things, do not think that God does not see you. He wants to let you seize the opportunity to change. But if you persist in doing those things, know that one day, when God will say, enough is enough, He will strike you.

Let us read the word of God in Psalm 60:12, Galatians 6:7, and Isaiah 66:16.

Psalm 60:12 "Give us aid against the enemy, for the help of man is worthless."

Galatians 6:7 "Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows."

Isaiah 66:16 "For with fire and with His sword the Lord will execute judgment upon all men, and many will be those slain by the Lord."

When I came back from that "famous" meeting where the devil fell on the ground with us when the name of Jesus was mentioned, I decided to go where one mentions that name, so that men of God would pray for me by mentioning that name, and by doing so, the demons who are disturbing me would run away. One day I met a friend, brother Thierry, who led me to his pastor, it was in Likasi. It was at night and there was a night vigil. We arrived there at 9:30 pm, there were the pastor and the intercessors, they were in large numbers. I was taken to the pastor, and then I told him about my past. When I finished, he told me: It is okay, we will take care of your case, but for the moment, you are going to sit in that corner, and he gave me a chair and I sat down and the prayer began. At midnight, the pastor called me and told me: Stand there. The bench that was there was removed to create space, and I was asked to stay in the middle. The intercessors formed a circle around me and began to pray. They prayed a lot and mentioned the name of Jesus, but I felt nothing. They prayed so much from midnight until two o'clock in the morning, I was there, I was looking at them and I was feeling nothing. There was no effect on me despite the name of Jesus that those people were mentioning.

Beloved, beware! When this name is mentioned by a person who leads a sinful life, there is no effect, but if that name is mentioned by a person who walks in the fear of God, there will automatically be effects. Those people prayed until they got tired. The pastor went to stay in front of the door, and the intercessors went on praying. As they did not see any change on me, they started to give me punches in the name of Jesus. They were giving me punches in the name of Jesus, but while they were punching me, I felt as if they were scratching me. And I opened my mystical eyes, I looked at the intercessors who surrounded me, they were all naked, without clothes. If you do not walk in the fear of God, if you do not lead a life of sanctification, do not venture into chasing out demons, otherwise, you will bring shame to the name of Jesus.

When those people were hitting me, I was angry and I said to myself: The fact of coming here and revealing all my secrets, is a betrayal towards the devil. So, since nothing occurred, when I get home, he will seriously hit me. But before he hit me, I should at first start by hitting these people. So I started to punch them. It was not even serious punches. I was only pushing those people and they were falling on benches, and benches were breaking. After that, I left the church. When I got home, the evil spirits were already waiting for me. And there, they beat me up seriously. They struck me and I was bleeding profusely. My nose, my mouth, and even my ears were bleeding. And the next morning, I said to myself: I will look for other servants of God again despite the fact that they hit me. I went to see another servant of God.

You know beloved, if you need to be delivered, you have to be the first to show the willingness to be delivered. No one has to force you. They struck me at night, but the next day, I went to another pastor again. There was a brother who led me to Sankuru's avenue. When I arrived there, there was a pastor who had a name to which one added "fire". So when I entered, it was on Wednesday. This church had a canvas sheet as the roof, mats as the wall. There were many people, I came in, saw the pastor, talked to him, and he said to me: It is okay, there is no problem. Go and take a seat in the back. I went there and I sat down. He began to preach. After the preaching, he then had to lead the prayer. He asked everyone to stand up. When everyone was standing, the pastor started praying. He gave a prayer topic and the faithful were immersed in prayer, and he was walking around. He arrived at the back where I was, stood in front of me and said: "Brother, I just saw a white man behind you. I said: Oh, so there is a white man behind me? Since you are the one who saw that white man, you can remove him from there, you can take him out.

Beloved, there are pranksters, especially those who work for their pockets and their stomachs, there are jokers and they are too many. They are the ones who make even sorcerers become unbelievers. A sorcerer who enters the church and succeeds in bewitching even the pastors, how can he give his life to the Lord Jesus? If you are not called by the Lord Jesus, you would better stay aside like any other and receive teachings, and at the right time, if you were really called by the Lord, He will also equip you. When our God gives vision, He also gives provision.

Then he was there, and suddenly he started speaking in tongues. When I was looking at him, I was rather seeing a man without clothes. And he tried to hold me. I just made a gesture with my hand, I just touched him without pushing him, and he was hurled and went to fall on the faithful. And when he fell on his faithful, the prayer came to an end, and the intercessors began to move the seats. There was an empty space, and those people were continuing to pray while the pastor was on the ground. They also committed the same mistake; they started punching me in the name of Jesus. And when I started to push them, they jumped and went out with the mats, and in the end, when I left that place, there was only the roof left. All the mats were gone.



Another day the mother of my daughter gave me the address of a prophet near Likasi and I went there. As soon as I got there, I knocked at the door. The prophet was in the living room with his wife. When I came in, I greeted them, he asked me the reason for my visit and I told him. I explained to him that I was a Satanist and that I was looking for deliverance. While I wanted to continue, he said to me: "Shut up, shut up! Kneel down. While you were on the way, God told me that there is a man, a Satanist who is coming to me and that I should pray for his deliverance."

Beloved, why lying in the name of Jesus? If God has not given you any message, keep quiet! Woe to the man who wags his own tongues and yet declares, "The Lord declares". Then he told me: "Get down on your knees." And since I was the one in need, I was obliged to obey. I knelt down; he laid his hands on my head and began to pray. As soon as he laid his hands on my head, he was hurled and went to bang into the wall. As soon as he got up, he took his wife by the hand, and both of them ran away and left me alone in the house.

When I opened the door, they were already in the garden. As soon as they saw me, they left the garden and went on the road. The neighbors also came, there were many people. So as I was moving forward, the prophet and his wife left even the road to go to another house on the other side. He who wagged his own tongues and yet declared, "The Lord had declared." There are people who believe that God acts only through prophecy. No. Know that there are made up prophecies. True prophets exist but they are only a few of them. But those who are in a large number are false prophets. Because even I was a prophet. I spoke in tongues, I prophesied. That is sad! So I went out of there and went back home. Demons were already waiting for me at home. Once again, they seriously beat me up. I stayed at home.

Two days later, another brother came to see me and gave me the address of another prophet. I went there and when I got there, I knocked at the door. He was inside and he told me: "Do not come in! Start by taking your shoes off, for the place where you are standing is holy ground. Take off your shoes, quick!" I took off my shoes and I entered.

I entered the "holy ground." There was a mat and the prophet said to me: "Sit there." And I sat on the mat, in that so-called holy ground. The prophet began to pray. He prayed in tongues and while he was praying, he was invoking demons. Since I was a Satanist, I was already familiarized with demons. When someone invoked demons, it was not difficult for me to know it. He was invoking demons, and I realized that he was a very low-level Satanist compared with me. So I got up and said to him: How dare you do that to me? I made a gesture and left. Two days later, the prophet died.

I kept on searching. And after that, I was given the address of another church in town. I went there. The church and the pastor’s house was in the same fence. I entered the church, I spoke with the pastor. Women intercessors were there. The pastor said, "Today you will be delivered." When he told me that, I was happy. But a few minutes later, I heard sounds like the neighing of a horse. When I heard that sound, I was uncomfortable because it was a demon named "Karavanda" who is the secretary of the dragon of the sea. Then he came down to the church with its whip. I was there, standing, doing nothing, but I was watching the pastor and the women intercessors. "Karavanda" was whipping them seriously. They did not see who was whipping them and they ran away. I was left alone in the church. The pastor went home, took hot water in a saucepan, and returned to the church. He came in, and as soon as I tried to move, he poured that hot water on me and rushed out. I was left alone, all wet, and I left the church.

So when I was leaving, he told me: Brother, stop right there, I stopped. He came and told me: Brother, God just told me that, for your deliverance, one should make a selection, one should make a coalition of ten pastors. One pastor alone cannot pray for you. Beloved, it is absolute madness! When you fear God, you can be alone against a hundred or a thousand Satanists, they cannot do anything to you because those who are with you are more than those who are with them. Alone you can destroy an entire battalion of demons if you are with Jesus if you have the fear of God if you lead a life of sanctification.

After that, I was led again to another church. I went there and they began to pray for me. There were six of them. Four rushed to lay their hands on my head and they were hurled to the ground. So when they were hurled to the ground, the two who remained standing abandoned me to take care of those who were on the ground. Then I left the church and went home.

After that, I went to another church on Foyer social avenue. I entered through the main door, the demons came down and started hitting people, and those people rushed out through the side door. And after that incident, I left. Once again, I went to another church. As soon as I entered, demons began to strike people, and they ran away. I left that church and went to the next church on the same street, the result was the same. I went to a third church on the same street, the result was the same. Finally, I entered twenty-three churches and in all those twenty-three churches I did not find the solution to my problem. When I was going to churches, I was going there with good intention. I was not going there so that demons would hit people. I was telling the truth. In the end, when I was going to churches, they would see me from afar and send people to tell me: "Brother, the pastor asks you not to come to our church, you will frighten people away."


While I was passing by, I saw a church where one was talking about witchcraft. So when I heard that, I said to myself: But these people with their churches, they always talk about witchcraft, Satanism, but if a Satanist or a sorcerer comes to them for deliverance, they will do nothing. So I will go in there, I will call demons, they will strike these people so that they no longer talk about witchcraft. I entered, I was sitting somewhere and the Christians were praying, it was the morning intercession. The one who was leading the prayer said: All of you who are seated, leave your seats and come forward, there was an empty space, I also left my package and went forward with true Christians. Once there, I knelt down like any other person. One gave a prayer topic and people were praying with their eyes closed. I was also there with my eyes closed. While others were praying, I was invoking demons. Usually, every time when I was invoking demons, when the demons were on the way, I could look at my hand and see a shadow appearing.

So that day, I was on my knees and I started to invoke demons. I invoked them, but to no avail, because when I was looking at my hand, nothing appeared. And while I was still on my knees, I felt a little heat at the roof and this little heat was coming down gradually and when it was coming down, it was increasing in intensity, and as its intensity was increasing, the heat was becoming fire. And when the fire touched my head, it was terrible my beloved. As Satanists, I could get before a brazier full of embers, put my hand in, take some embers and close my hand again, and when I opened my hand again, the embers were put out and there was only coal which remained.

But that day, the fire that came upon me was not the brazier fire, it was a fire that I had never felt before and when it came upon me, it was not only confined to my head, it spread all over my body, even my feet were affected. And then my body started to burn inside me, it was terrible. I infiltrated the Church of Jesus with a bad intention. You sorcerer, know that God sees you every time you come to the Church to make your incantations. He is not afraid of you. It is because of the love He has for you, that He continues to demonstrate His patience towards you, by leaving you time to repent. But if you persist in what you are doing, know that when God will have enough of your wickedness, He will send His fire on you and you will know that God is God and that His power is far above all other powers. That day, you will know that one cannot attack the living God and escape because His power is unrivaled. That day, the fire came upon me and I was thinking how to get up and run away.

I was on my knees and was making efforts to get up. If you kneel down and one asks you to stand up, how long does it take you? Perhaps less than a minute, isn't it? But I, that day, I wanted to get up and run away, but my knees were pinned to the ground, and while I was making all my efforts, the people who were praying opened their eyes and saw me. It was at that point that the prayer ended. Everyone directed his prayer towards me and the whole church began to send fire on me. Everyone was sending fire on me and it was terrible. I spent ten minutes on my knees. You, agent of Satan, who receive this testimony, I seize this opportunity to tell you that, whoever you are, whatever the ladder you have already climbed with your master Satan: your knees should bow before Jesus.

And after the ten minutes, I concentrated. Since there was an excessive heat, I invoked my master (the one of Kisangani), and he did not answer. I invoked the priest who had initiated me into the Catholic magic, but there was no response. So I said to myself, "Since all these people do not want to answer me, I will now invoke the greatest master", and then I invoked Lucifer. Even Lucifer that day did not answer. The devil has no power over the Church of Jesus. And in the end I fell down, I lost consciousness, I was brought out. When I was outside, passers-by were called to come and see the Satanist who had fallen. That day, I was completely humiliated because it was in the city center. When I got some fresh air, the communication with Lucifer was restored. And he told me: Go back into the church and kill two people.

While I was being burned, he was not there, but he told me to go in again. Satan is not serious. Beloved, that is the great difference with Jesus. When you go on a mission with the devil or the demons, if you get there, and things start to become complicated, demons and the devil will run away. But if you go with Jesus, and things become complicated, Jesus says to you: stand behind Me and I Myself will fight in your place. That is the big difference with Jesus.



There are people who are born into families that have spiritual problems, alliances, pacts and links that connect them to the dark world. These covenants are like open doors giving free access to the world of Satan.

It is written in the book of Ezekiel 16:1-5 "The word of the Lord came to me: Son of man, confront Jerusalem with her detestable practices and say, 'This is what the Sovereign Lord says to Jerusalem: Your ancestry and birth were in the land of the Canaanites; your father was an Amorite and your mother a Hittite. On the day you were born your cord was not cut, nor were you washed with water to make you clean, nor were you rubbed with salt or wrapped in cloths. No one looked on you with pity or had compassion enough to do any of these things for you. Rather, you were thrown out into the open field, for on the day you were born you were despised."

The mermaid informed me that there are people living on the earth of which we have free access in their life because of their origin, their customs, and traditions, their ancestral lineage and genealogy. Many people come from ancestral lineages linked to practices, customs, traditions, and alliances that are open doors and free access to the devil’s world. Children of God must disconnect themselves from loads and spiritual heritage of their families, and from family alliances. They must cut the links and connections connecting them to ancestral spirits and genetic heritage.



I, Robert, finished the pastor's campaign and said that now the church has to pray a lot for these demons not to deceive the church as before. The pastor asked me, "How did you managed to drive those demons out of the way and yet I have also prayed and they did not leave?"

I prayed to God to reveal to me why this pastor could not overcome these demons. I had a vision of a weight scale. This scale was very heavy on the left side and on the right side was almost weightless. On the left side, I saw rotten meats and on the right side only a golden stone.

The Lord said, "Tell him that his iniquities are heavy on My balance, and when his sins are heavier, My measures will be heavy against his life. The rotten flesh you saw on the left scale are his sins and the golden stone you saw is his holiness. The right scale which should be full of gold stones signifying My purity, you saw only one stone. Because of this, I have not heard his prayers. He has lost his authority in the spiritual world and the demons are not afraid of him and never departed by his prayers."

I passed this hard revelation to the pastor.

He acknowledged his flaws and said he is a football fan, watches games and is still a fan. He confesses that he plays in shorts and fights when he plays in games. He also said he talks a lot of immorality. He repented and prayed to God for forgiveness and said he would renounce all of these sins and weights.


A bishop from a Neo-Pentecostal church invited me to preach in her church. I agreed to preach in her church. When I arrived at the bishop's church, she received me well but the Holy Spirit made me feel bad. This woman was wearing a sexy dress showing off the shape of her body and wearing red lipstick.

I preached in the church and when the service ended, the bishop was casting out the demons. She shouted aloud and magnified herself by her authority. She walked with class showing off her high heels. And with her neck full of pretty expensive pearl necklaces, this is proof that she lived on church money.

I thanked that woman for inviting me to preach at her church. The Holy Spirit made me cry when I saw the situation of this bishop and how she was being deceived. And I do not want to judge this woman who gave me the honor of preaching in her church.

I saw the demons laughing at her and not leaving the people she prayed for when she expelled them. The demons pretended to be silenced to mislead the people that they have been expelled and cast out. The people who were possessed went into manifestation causing awe and shock in the audience and then calmed down. And for a moment the demonstrations ceased and the demonized people became calm. But I saw that the demons were still inside those people. They stopped appearing for all to think they were gone.

The bishop called me and told me not to leave. She asked me to pray for her. The bishop told me that there is a very large void inside her chest. I prayed for her putting my hand on her head.

A terrible demon manifested and said, "She is mine, I inhabit in her. I deceived her and used her the way I want. I use her in healing, prophecy, and revelations. I use her to guess people's lives. You're not going to ruin my plan."

When the devil said these things, I rebuked him and expelled him from her life.

The whole church did not believe this event because they thought she had no demon. She was released and relieved after her release.

I told her, "You were casting out demons that never left the demonized people. You could not release these people for you yourself were not free."

Jesus revealed to me the whole life of that woman. She watched pornographic movies to learn some things because she wanted to please her husband. She did abominable sexual acts behaving just like a prostitute, doing all the sexual positions that promiscuous women were programmed to do.

I gave the revelation to her. The bishop confessed that she did all this and she was sorry. She cried and said she will not practice these sins anymore. Then I prayed for the people the bishop had prayed for. And I cast out those demons who pretended to have left. The bishop realized that she had never cast out those demons and that she was deceived. I could see that from her eyes a spiritual scale fell that had blinded this woman for 15 years. Then I came home spiritually tired by the war. My body became fatigued.



I had so much authority that when I made them cry in the churches, most of the church members fell into demonic manifestations. Within the churches, I saw devils of various forms and the angels working within the churches. I realized that the demons rolled the bodies of people and when they found the house empty they entered inside. The demonic possessions did not enter the whole body. I saw people being possessed only in one part of their bodies. This really exists if you have not given up your life completely!

There are people who have not yet converted in their hair adornment. I saw devils pinning into the hairs of evangelical women. Women who did not repent from their nails embellishments, I saw devils coming into their fingers. In a service of deliverance, I expelled a demon. He did not leave. I realized that the demon was not inside the woman's body. It was in their hands. I expelled them.

Another woman had the demon inside her feet, she was painting the nails of her toes. Evangelical women who were in makeup I saw demons attached to faces. At that moment I realized that there is partial possession. These possessions are caused by demons three to five centimeters in length. They only occupied a part of their bodies.

I already expelled a mini demon that was inside from the stomach of a brother. It was this demon that caused pain and bleeding. The doctors could not locate the disease, because it was a demon that lodged inside his stomach and was expelled by the power of God.

When I speak of these things, pastors say to me, "This is madness. Imagine devils possessing people's hair because of an ink." They do not believe, Satan has blinded their spiritual eyes, according to 2 Corinthians 4: 3 and 4, But if our gospel be hidden, it is hidden to them that are lost. In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

I have the gift of vision. I see the spiritual world. This special gift I paid a price in prayer and I have the conviction of what I see is real. I witnessed drunken people, drug addicts and homosexuals entering the churches and not getting freed. I see demons stuck in the backs of these people putting a heavy burden upon them. This is proof the leadership has no spiritual authority over the demons. A fallen church without power cannot deliver the imprisoned nor relieve the oppressed. People who were in the ministry and the churches of the Gospel of Christ where I pastor were freed and touched by the power of Jesus. The devils there felt the weight of God's hand when these people were set free. These same people complain that they have gone to several churches and were still not freed. If the Word of God liberates, why does it not work in various denominations here in the United States? What is wrong with the brethren who congregate in these ministries? I am not magnifying myself, for I am only a servant. It is not I who am a great man of God. It is the churches that have lowered themselves on a spiritual level. I only do what the Bible has commanded to be done. If in your city you do not have a God-approved church that has authority from Jesus to free you, you have to do your part, pray, fast release and sanctify yourself.

Bishop Vilan Conner was my administrative overseer. He fell into demonic manifestations to my surprise. After I took the demons out of him I asked him, "How can a distinguished prelate like you teach theology in various churches?"

He told me, "I am involved with politics. I have participated in the lies of my candidate. As his adviser, I did a lot of lying propaganda so he won the elections. For that to happen, we had to lie! He advised me about his campaign. I promised a lot in his name, all for the money. We did nothing we promised. I got involved in scandals, money laundering, no one ever found out, never leaked in the press. Politics is evil. When you get involved, you turn away from the purposes of God. It's a lot of money involved! I have been a spokesperson for many politicians. I have supported their lives by living a life of lies and fabrications. I felt that the Holy Spirit moved away from me and an evil spirit took possession of me. Today I feel lighter. I will turn away from politics and abandon everything that does not please God, and from now on I make a reconciliation with God, even though I consider myself a Christian."

After they saw what the Bishop went through in that deliverance, many returned to Jesus. I started going to several churches, picked up the microphone and started to pray and many evangelical people fell into manifestations with demons. All these churches were ashamed that these events had happened, so I rejected several invitations not to embarrass the brothers.

One day I was doing a deliverance service. Several sisters who painted their hair and nails said to me, "If we look at God He would free us from our makeup. So far we do not feel like letting go!"

I said, "You are not yet sensitive to the will and voice of God. Keep praying until you can feel the Holy Spirit and hear His voice."

For three months, they persisted in prayer and threw away their earrings, necklaces, and make-up kits. This had the effect of terminating the desire of vanity from their hearts. These sisters began casting out devils. I saw with the gift of sight the demons coming out of people and exploding. I had an experience with other sisters. I had them expel demons, although they wear earrings, necklaces, and make-up. They commanded the demons to go out but they did not go out! Only the freed sisters managed to expel the demons. I want to tell everyone who hears this testimony, earrings, necklaces, lipsticks and the powder of the face is the sign of Satan that is embedded in those bodies who wear them.

I went to visit the church of Pastor Peter. Before entering there, a legion of demons came on top of his church; they were dragons pouring fireballs in that place. Those fires came out of the mouths of the dragons. When I got in there I saw people whirling and people crawling like snakes. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that He was saddened by the sin of the people. In this church, there were brothers who betrayed their wives. There were women who took revenge on their husbands and betrayed them too! They had believers who owed banks and stores, others gave defaults on their own neighbors. Pastor Peter was married for the fourth time, all of that was absurd!

The demons deceived the people of that church. They camouflaged themselves and hid within each body. I have seen devils changing preachings of the brethren, telling them to preach destructive heresies! I also saw a brother delivering a false prophecy; out of his mouth come out a ball of black fire. I saw devils coming into a sister's head, changing her mind, making her minister false doctrines. These demons were about the size of a lemon! I saw people being possessed by millions of mini-demons.

When I began the ministry, the demons tried to mess up the service. They tried to distract people from hearing the Word and distracting my focus and my bond with the Holy Spirit. People fell into demonic manifestations. I had to expel those demons! People talked in church or went to the bathroom, others chewed gum. All these people carried a demon on their backs. They were possessed. I neutralized the demonstrations! The demons were paralyzed and immobilized inside the bodies of the people. They could not mess up.

Pastor Peter had a demon with him who operated signs. At the end of the service, I began to cast out the demons until the devil tried to embarrass me by resisting my authority. Pastor Peter tried to embarrass me. He laid his hands on a young man that resisted and the demon in the pastor's life commanded the devil in that young man's life and he left. I saw him putting his hands on the possessed and those demons camouflaged themselves inside the people. The demons hid, leaving the impression that they were gone, and the demonized people returned to normal. Other demons left the people but did not leave the church and kept walking around the church. The people applauded Pastor Peter who deceived them by taking away the demons quickly, while I did not receive applause and the demons tried to resist wanting to embarrass me and with enough hatred of me. The demons wanted to exalt that false pastor so that the people believe that he is a true man of God and has more authority than I do.

This man does not have the Holy Spirit. He does not free anybody. The demons pretended that they had left the demoniac when he expelled them. When I cast out the demons, they became smoke. People could not see with the spiritual eyes that this false shepherd did not expel anything! Only I who saw the whole deplorable scene of the spiritual world. Until I shouted, with all authority I commanded the demons not to leave the bodies of the people. I sealed those demons so that Pastor Peter did not manipulate anybody else. The demon that accompanied the shepherd could no longer give orders for the demons in other people to leave. Then I ordered those demons to leave.

It was a war. I went to expel the legion of demons from those people. The legion was the size of lemons and they gave a lot of work. These minis demons were hiding in people's bodies like legs, knees, ears, hands, arms or feet. It was hard to guess where they hid, even so, I expelled them all!

Pastor Peter not knowing what happened, he did not know that I had sealed the demons with my authority so he could not drive the demons out and manipulate people with the spirit of deception. He was frustrated and ashamed. The church realized he had no authority! He who tried to embarrass me came out ashamed.

He told me that tonight would be his last ministry there. I would never preach in that place again! By the end of the spiritual warfare of that night, people were weeping in relief. My body was tired because all my energy was gone with that war. When I got home, all the demons I had thrown out, appeared around my bed trying to intimidate me. I was calm. I bent my knee and expelled everyone from my room.



I cast out devils thinking I have authority from Jesus. He appeared to me and showed me in a vision of how my life was. I was chained from head to toe. He told me, "Look at your situation, how can you drive out the demons if you are imprisoned by them? My son, you do not cast out devils, nor can you have My authority. How will you handle My sword if your hands are imprisoned? Son, you must first let go to receive My gifts, you cannot use My spiritual tools in this condition. Today I break the spiritual chains of your life and free your soul, you will be free. Remember, do not go back to practicing your past works. If you do, you will be double chained, this time by 7 demons."

This was the warning Jesus gave me. He is kind in offering a new opportunity for me to begin.



My health worsened and I was dying and then I found myself in the spirit world, I was in a dark place of desperate people screaming. I saw the bishop, a friend of mine and founder of the Eastern star church of the independent Gospel. This woman cast out devils and performed cures and miracles. She had died two years ago and her wrists were chained and the demons struck her with spears and said, "Cast us out now, burn with your fire. You never had the authority of the Man up there, you were not able, we deceived you." The demons struck that woman a lot, she died and left several houses and cars on the Earth. Her enrichment was due to the church she opened. She wore gold rings and expensive dresses, dressed as a celebrity. A demon laughed at her and said, "Do you know who used you? It was me, it was never the Holy Spirit."



An evangelist friend of mine invited me to one of his deliverance crusades. He said his work of deliverance has paid off. When I arrived at his church after the preaching, he prayed for deliverance.

By laying his hands on each person, he commanded the demons to go out. I have seen many demons manipulating ministers in their ministry of deliverance. They came out of the body of the people when he laid his hands on the possessed. As he drew away from these people, the demons returned to the bodies of the people.

I prayed to God and asked for a revelation of this event. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that the evangelist was in sin with his wife. They both had sex using erotic plastic products. And God was not pleased with them. Jesus showed me a sexual fantasy outfit they had bought. He had bought a thong from Tarzan and his wife a cat woman's outfit.

I told him the demons were fooling him. The evangelist was not believing until I spoke of his erotic fantasies. He was ashamed even talking to me alone and still said that God had touched his heart to leave it. He accepted the revelation and said he would abandon the practices.



One voice said, "Robert, get up, be strong, feed yourself on My word, and make a prayer campaign, great and long, for your walk. My power has been perfected in its weakness, only pray."

Jesus said, "You say you are not like your father. Who used your father to operate the signs? Who used the donkey to speak? Who made Elijah call down fire from heaven? Who made Samson injure 1000 men with a sling? I do not change and today I cast out the spirit of fear and give you spiritual strength. The same anointing of the force that was in Samson, today comes upon you, not an anointing of physical force but spiritual. In this war you will not fight, I will fight for you. Do not fear I am in control of this fight."

When I heard these words, I felt something like oil pouring over my head, my body burned red, I felt the same strength as Samson, but in the spirit.

The next day I was called to minister in a church. When I got there, I realized many Catholics were present. My spiritual vision opened. I saw a legion of demons, each possessing a different person. I remembered the jawbone that Samson used to injure 1000 men, now I feel that same force flowing within me. I pointed my hands toward those crowds of people with demons.

I said, "Lord, destroy only the demons that want to attack them, not the people."

I saw a wind come out of my hands towards that multitude of demoniacs. The wind blew the legions all to the ground, plucking those demons by force. No person fell to the ground, but the demons that possessed them were taken away. I saw the great power of God acting at that moment, it was terrible and frightening. He acted on my behalf just as Samson had injured 1000 men. I alone cast over 500 devils through the power of my Jesus.

That crowd that watched me was delivered without falling to the ground, without giving time for the demons to manifest. I watched as that legion fell to the floor like a domino effect. The power of God acted quickly without giving them time to react.

I preached and many were converted that night. I had never won so many souls in a single day. I asked Jesus why do many preachers preach to crowds of people in a stadium and there is no conversion.

Jesus said, "The demons that have the bodies of the multitude do not let them convert. The demons control their minds and harden their hearts. It is necessary to expel them from the body of these people so that they are free. Being freed they can convert. Look what happened today. The legions were expelled from the multitude, without these demonic hosts many were converted through your preaching."

I returned to my joyful home and when I bent my knee to pray I had a vision.



I met a pastor who prayed for deliverance and fasted for people. He was attacked with all the forces of darkness and became ill. His ministry of deliverance was destroyed, causing him to close down his church. The demons bombard churches that expel demons out of people's bodies.

Churches can only have ministries of casting out demons if the pastor is consecrated to God and separated from the world. If you have liberal churches that do not bother demons, and they do not attack these churches, that's strange and not from God. Demons hate serious churches working with deliverance, not only casting out demons but also freeing people with the Word of truth. It is no use expelling the devil from the person's body if he is not taught to walk in the doctrine of God. The person, being free from that demon and seeking to walk in the truth, will draw the Holy Spirit into his life, will have His seal that the demons upon seeing cannot touch him. If the person has the demon expelled from his body and does not seek to walk the truth the demon will return with seven more, which will be more difficult for him to be free.

The church where I am the pastor has many new converts. I will not tell the name of my church because it is the church of Christ. I became aware of the symptoms of spiritual weakness that occur in the flock. My duty as a pastor is to help the fallen, to raise them up, to build up the weak, and to take care of the wounds of the sheep. If any wolf appears walking around with his false teaching, I will protect the flock from this false prophet and the demons that try to enter the pasture. I will fight with all my might if I can; I will even die defending the cause of the Gospel.


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