Monday, March 16, 2020



Welcome to this revelation. I was in prayer with brothers and sisters when I heard the voice of the Lord telling me to prepare myself because He had things to reveal to me. Therefore I started a series of fasting and prayer. I was in fasting and prayer when I saw the heavens opening and the Lord descending on a staircase. The Lord landed where I was standing.

Jesus told me, “Philip, My son, I want to reveal things to you about the queen of the coast because she is sending items and articles on the earth that everyone is using, even those who claim to be in the ministry of holiness.”

When the Lord said this, suddenly I saw myself under the sea with the Lord. Immediately as we arrived in the underwater world, I could see many barrels. The Lord allowed me to see the contents of these barrels. I saw many barrels of human blood. I also saw barrels of spermatozoa and bodies of aborted babies.

Then I saw machines that make clothes, shoes, skirts. In fact, these barrels of human blood, sperms and aborted babies were inside the factories and textile industries of the marine world. They were making clothings and shoes that are sent to the earth by the queen of the coast. It should be noted that the underwater world manufactures clothing and cosmetics and sends them on the surface of the earth. Indeed the tailors, fashion designers and trendsetters from around the world who are mostly in occultism travel to the world that is under the sea. They collaborate with the queen of the coast for fashion and design of new products.

But in this vision, what was striking is that I saw the kind of clothes that the ladies who are in the ministry of holiness prefer to wear. I mean the ladies who are in the ministry of holiness put long skirts and dresses that go down to the feet. The dressing code of these women of the churches of holiness differ from that of other churches since they avoid high heels, short skirts and artificial creams.

But nevertheless, I saw shoes designed by mermaids that were not high heels. They were low heels. I saw oceanic sirens designing long skirts and flat shoes that ladies of the so-called holiness church like to put on. Indeed the sirens manufactured these models of clothing since these women had adopted a different dressing code. Therefore in order to trap them it was necessary to conceive counterfeits of long dress and long skirt which go beyond knees and flat shoes.

The Atlantic Queen knows that ladies in the so-called ministry of holiness avoid short skirts, high heels, and artificial cream. Therefore, in her manufacturing industries under the ocean, I saw workers of the queen of the Atlantic civilization designing clothes, cosmetics and shoes that ladies of holiness churches like to put on.

The Atlantic mermaids were also designing hair relaxers and natural creams that are used by those who like to dress in a modest way. Thus counterfeit clothes that the ladies of the ministry of holiness love to wear are designed in the underwater world in order to get them. In this conflict between the forces of evil and the kingdom of God, no stone is left unturned.

Many women of the so-called holiness ministry avoid the immodest fashionable clothes rightly. They avoid miniskirts, the short skirts, high heels, and hair relaxers. Yet I have seen the water sirens design natural cream which helps women to comb their hair.

No matter what ladies in these holiness ministries say they are trying to avoid, I saw the sirens of the ocean designing clothes and cosmetics they thought were acceptable.

Mermaids from the ocean were making counterfeits of cosmetics, clothing, and shoes that are in trend on the earth. What I saw in the world of water is this, the Atlantic Queen of the coast ordered the sirens and her workers to turn the contents of the barrels of blood, the contents of the barrels of sperm and the contents of the barrels of bodies of aborted babies.

After turning the contents of these three barrels, I saw them pulling and taking out clothes, cosmetics and shoes from these barrels of human blood, sperms and aborted babies.

These workers and mermaids were bringing out articles like so-called natural cream and lotion. They were bringing out cosmetics, shoes, low heels, long skirts from these barrels. I saw sirens pulling out skirts, dresses, shoes, hair relaxers, and natural creams from these barrels of blood, sperm and aborted baby bodies.

Whenever the mermaids and workers of the queen of the coast were bringing out these brands of clothing, shoes, and creams, they were multiplying these products and articles in many copies. 

Then after this multiplication, I saw that the queen of the Atlantic coast saying to her agents, “You will carry these counterfeit products to the surface of the earth and you will sell them at affordable prices. Do not sell them expensive. Whenever these ladies of the so-called holiness ministries and churches wear these counterfeit of long dresses and skirts, whenever they will put these counterfeits of flat and low heels, whenever they use these counterfeits of natural cream, they will be affected. Their prayer life will be completely neutralized. Thus we will destroy the spiritual life of the disciples of the Just Man. This is how we will have legal access to their lives. The door of their lives will be opened to us thanks to these items.”

Beloved, the devil is aiming to neutralize our prayer life, the reading and meditation of the Word and our commitment to serve the Lord. Thanks to every item that we buy in the market like cosmetics, hygienic products and clothes, our prayer and meditation of the Scripture, a cornerstone and pillar of Christian life will be affected.

Then Jesus told me, “Philip, you see what they are designing in the underwater world. Tell My children when they go to do shopping, they must not be under the guidance of their minds. However, many of My children when they go shopping, they would start to envy everything striking their eyes. Tell them this, once you start envying products that are designed and manufactured in the underwater world, which are attached to demons, there will be a connection and communication between the power behind these articles and the person who is envying them. Once a Christian enters a shop and begins to envy products and articles that are manufactured in the Marine world, there will be a magnetic field that will attract him to buy these items. This magnetism is like a connection and communication between the Christians and demons that are attached to these articles. And therefore, these demons through the gateway of covetousness will attract Christians to buy these articles which are attached with demons.”

Brothers and sisters, there will be magnetism and manipulation only when you covet and envy products and articles that catch your attention. These articles will communicate to you because they are loaded with demons and because you had coveted them.

Then Jesus told me, “Once Christians put on these articles of the queen of the coast, they will not be able to pray as always, they will not be able to read the Bible or fast as always, because they will be affected by the spirits attached to these articles.”

Jesus told me, “When women buy these creams and apply them to their hair, when they come to Church, they will hear My word but the cream that are manufactured in the world that is under the sea will take away My word from their minds.”

Jesus reminded me of the parable of the sower. When a man hears the word of the kingdom and does not understand it, the evil one comes and takes away what has been sown in his heart. There will be no roots in him. He will lack persistence. And as soon as the tribulation or persecution comes, he will not endure. Moreover, the ladies who use these creams will have trouble concentrating.

Brother and sister, when you go shopping, let the Holy Spirit guide you where to buy because many of the products and articles we buy on the earth are attached with demons, which is why many Christians cannot pray freely. They cannot read the Bible. They cannot fast. These items of the queen of the coast are affecting them. The devil is after all the items and products we use on the earth and his civilization under the sea is designing counterfeits of all products and articles and he is polluting and infesting them with demons.

Brothers and sisters, manufacturing industries in the Atlantic civilization are designing and sending many of the items that we are using on the surface of the earth. We have to pray without ceasing and give thanks in all circumstances. Let us apply the blood of Jesus Christ on everything that we buy because the devil is at the center of counterfeits of all items that we use on Earth. The Lord is warning us to be vigilant.

When I came back to Earth, I told this vision to my pastor.


Sometime later, the Lord came back to me and told me, “My son, Philip, I have more things to reveal to you. All the people that I trusted have betrayed Me but you have to prepare yourself in fasting and prayer so that I can reveal to you more things.”

Therefore, by recommendation of the Lord, I prepared myself in fasting and prayer. And while I was in fasting and prayer, I saw the Lord descending from the sky. He held me by the hand, and He took me to visit churches.

When we went to the first church, they were dressed like in holiness ministry with long skirts and low heels but when the Lord opened my eyes, I could see that they were naked because they were dressed with things that were manufactured by the queen of the Atlantic civilization. They were dressed with counterfeits of long skirts and low heels that ladies of holiness ministry put on.

I said, “Lord, these people do not seem to realize that they are naked.”

Jesus told me, “Philip, this is the result of the ornaments and clothes designed under the sea by mermaids.”

Then Jesus told me, “My son, Philip, I'm going to reveal things to you so that you may know how to walk and how to guide your steps in this end of time.”

Then the Lord took me to another church, where I saw a throne behind the pulpit, and a demon was sitting on that throne while the service was going on. The church members could not see this demon, although whatever they were doing in this church was in honor of this demon, yet they thought that they were serving and worshiping Jesus.

The Lord said to me, “Philip, I am no longer in this church. I already left this church. That's why this demon took control and has set up his throne in this congregation.”

Then we went to another church but I noticed some strange things. In fact, the Bible that was held by the pastor had spots.

The Lord said to me, “This servant turns My word upside down in order to get money from his members. Instead of preparing My people for the Rapture, he is after money, so he does not want to preach on sin or repentance, lest people leave his church and join churches where prosperity is preached. So he twists My word in order to draw out money from the people coming to church. Consequently, he is taking them to hell.”

Then the Lord returned me to the earth. A few days later, while we were praying, all of a sudden I ended up with the Lord Jesus Christ above the sea. Immediately we started to descend under the sea that was blue. When we went under the sea, I saw a lot of people at work in this devil’s dimension. They were focused and they were working with devotion while the church is relaxing. Satan's dimensions and kingdoms are really actively working. They know their time is gone. Therefore they are in a rush to cause humanity to join them in the lake of fire.

Beloved, we have work before us, we cannot afford to rest and relax while the enemy is busy. These people in the underwater world were working with a spirit of sacrifice and devotion despite the fact that there is nothing in store for them. How much more we who have received the promise of the eternal kingdom and the promise of heavenly treasure.

I would like to invite you to make up your mind to work for the kingdom of God. Ask the Lord to guide you and put yourself to work. How can we claim to be disciples of Christ and spend years after years without even winning one soul while the enemy is precipitating men and women into perdition. Under the sea, I saw many workers were working like ants.

When we arrived in this underwater world, I saw surveillance cameras that were filming continuously what is happening on the earth. The level of technology and sophistication under the sea is really advanced. The enemy is technologically advancing, but we still have the Spirit of God in us that is a superior and higher spirit.

While we went under the sea, we saw people working in the sea kingdom with dedication for the devil while Christians do not even care about evangelism and winning souls although the Lord promised His treasure in heaven.

Once we landed in the Atlantic kingdom, I saw the queen of the coast. I heard about her earlier, she had a lot of hair going down to the ground. I saw oceanic mermaids holding her hair on their hands because it was a lot. This demonic Queen had really long nails, I do not know what to compare them to. I noticed that when she walked on the floor, these nails made noises.

So as I contemplated this realm, I began to see pictures of authentic pastors and men of God who serve God in the truth and walk in holiness. Followers of Jesus Christ who served Him in holiness and truth are prime targets of the dark world of Lucifer. They are wanted dead or alive. There are prices and rewards on their heads for whoever can outsmart and capture them. I saw pictures of our church leaders and our pastor in this hall of the Atlantic kingdom.

Then I saw the queen of coast heading towards photos of men of God and pastors. She was holding an ancient knife. The Atlantic Kingdom beneath the sea is a prehistoric and pre Adamic civilization. I saw the Atlantic Queen of the coast holding her knife and standing face to face to the photo of our pastor.

As she was standing in front of the picture of our pastor, I could hear her saying, “If only I can stab and kill this pastor, I would have ascendancy, predominance, and dominion on all his members and his ministry.”

While she was saying this, I was there with the Lord Jesus Christ, but she could not see us and then I saw the Atlantic Queen raising her hand in order to stab the picture of my pastor. When she lifted her knife to stab my pastor’s picture, I became alarmed and troubled. I was panicking and I began to yell to the Lord to intervene.

I said, “My Lord, she is going to stab my pastor’s picture.”

I was restless, yet the Lord Jesus was calm. At this very moment, when the queen of the Atlantic coast was about to stab this photo of my pastor, something happened. In fact, it was at that moment that I noticed something. Indeed, there was a force that stopped her hand halfway. Something was preventing the hand of the Atlantic Queen and the knife from reaching the photo of my pastor. I was there with Jesus Christ, but the sirens could not see us.


While the queen of the coast and mermaids were striving to stab my pastor’s photo, suddenly I saw the Lord Jesus Christ raising His hand up in such a way that I could see the blood oozing and flowing from His hand precisely where He was nailed. Once the blood of Jesus fell on the ground of this mysterious civilization, something happened.

Indeed the whole kingdom began to tremble. There was a tremendous earthquake and tremor. There was pandemonium and stampede within the Atlantic and mysterious kingdom.

The queen who was in dismay and confusion said, “What is this kind of blood? What blood is this?”

It is written that they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony. (Revelation 12:11)

Beloved, there was widespread destruction and damage resulting from this tremendous trepidation and shaking in the marine kingdom. In consequence, a lot structures, infrastructure and instruments of this Atlantic marine kingdom was destroyed, including penitentiary infrastructure, and the many prisons of the Evil Queen of the marine world where the prisoners and captives of the marine kingdom were imprisoned and kept.

As a result of this tremor and shaking these prisons were destroyed and collapsed. Consequently, I saw many captives coming out of prison. I mean, many souls that were in prison in the sea kingdom were released due to the collapse and crash of building infrastructure resulting from this earthquake.

The Lord told me that the number of human souls of our country that were released on that day was about 24,000 souls. Many of the inhabitants of our country Ghana who were captured in the underwater world in the prison, were liberated because these prisons were destroyed thanks to this tremor caused by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Then Jesus moved to another place. We landed in a huge house in which I saw demons. These demons were really big and huge. A man next to them is like an ant in their eyes, and that's how they perceive humans.

We were in the hall where Satan and demons were about to have their meeting. When I saw the throne of the devil, how it was set up in an elevated platform, I knew that the devil is full of pride. When I saw his throne, I noticed that it had many stairs. You will have to climb many stairs in order to reach the place where the seat of his throne was set up.

As we were in this gathering hall that was full of demons, I heard a voice in the auditorium announcing the arrival of Lucifer. Then I began to hear a strange sound like when a car is starting. Suddenly an entity landed before the audience of demons in this great hall. This thing turned to a humanoid figure. It was the arrival of the devil himself. But when you see the devil face to face, he is really beautiful. You will be surprised by his beauty.

I noticed that he did not want to go to sit on his throne, but he just stood there. And he was really angry. He was shaking in anger and saying to the audience of giant demons, “I am Lucifer and I am angry. You people are making me angry because you did not do your work correctly. You have failed to carry out your task and you are making me angry, but anyone of you that can destroy the disciples of the Righteous Man, I will divide my kingdom in two, and I will give him the other half. I made clear that I don't want even one soul to make it to heaven. No man living on the earth should make it to heaven. Therefore go and do your work, go and fight against humanity. Go and fight against these Christians, none of them should make it to heaven. They must join us in the lake of fire, they should not escape the fire. We will burn with them.”

As the meeting was going on, I noticed that Jesus Christ was really aggravated and angry. In this place, they were of all kinds and categories of demons, and they were different in their features. In this meeting, I observed that every demon was given a weapon through which he had to use in this spiritual warfare and battle against the Church and humanity.

As demons were getting weapons in order to be deployed, I saw the Lord Jesus Christ order His angels to come down and scatter this gathering. Immediately I saw the angels of the Lord coming down to this meeting from heaven.

I saw the Archangel Michael and the Archangel Gabriel attending the Lord’s presence. Many angels descended in that meeting of demons. As a result, demons were scattering all over the place and they were escaping.