Monday, June 15, 2020


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Reinhard Bonnkke and Richard Ngidi!

There was this great man of God, who worked with Reinhard Bonnkke, his name is Richard Ngidi.

This man was GIFTED in miracles, signs and wonders.

During those days, Bonnke would PREACH and step down the platform for, NGIDI to do what he knows best to do.

He was really the kingpin of the two, as GOD gave them the privilege, he was a CONCRETE support to Bonnke and Bonnke's ministry was growing rapidly.


The Lord's general- RICHARD NGIDI began to think of "himself" as the MAKER of REINHARD BONNKE.

After all, he was the man doing the "WHOLE THING" yet Reinhard BONNKE was taking the credit and the ministry BEARS Bonnke's name too.- so NGIDI thought.

He said to Reinhard Bonnkke's assistant,

*"The day I leave Bonnke that day will "MARK" the end of him and his ministry"*

One day in a CRUSADE he was to minister, he didn't show up purposefully, which happened to be the last time they ministered together.

Bonnkke waited, waited and waited for him yet he didn't show up.

Frustrated an disappointed, Reinhard MOUNTED the platform fully DEPENDING on the HOLY SPIRIT this time.

And guess what?

GOD used him mightily that day in MIRACLES and that MARKED the BEGINNING of his ministerial success.

*Instead of that day being the end of Bonnkke, It became his BEGINNING and unfortunately the END of NGIDI.*

Times passed and one day NGIDI came to one of Reinhard Bonnke's programs and saw MULTITUDE like never before, and when he MET Bonnke, NGIDI began to say.

*I missed it, I missed it..... And left the venue**

That was the last time they met. He died shortly after that.

*Beware of PRIDE friend. It's a DOG that "BITES" the owner.*

Today everybody knows Bonnke.

But no one knows Richard Ngidi.

*Sir/Ma if you LEAVE that UNIT in your church or even the CHURCH***

*YOU will BE the ONE to SUFFER it. Not the unit or church**

A whole Satan, an archangel left heaven and he wasn't missed till today.

GOD'S work is BIGGER than YOU ×10, so be CAREFUL.

You are not too important.

*God by his grace decided to use you***

SO don't let PRIDE cause YOU to move from the palace to the BUSH like HRH Nebuchadnezzar.

ONE day ELIJAH said to God, I'm the ONLY PROPHET left in the land,
and GOD said to him don't be PROUD,

I have RESERVED 7000 who CAN do the JOB even better than YOU.

Remember He just PICKED you.

Stop the saying WITHOUT me, if not because of me,

*if I WAS NOT there, the day I stop,
I will see how it will BE WITHOUT me,

*I will PULL OUT**

Hmmmmm, friends, remember, NOTHING can be worse than GOD to REJECT someone,

STUDY the account of KING SAUL and others very well.

Then see what you make of Pride!

*shared as received*


  1. This post gives contrasting view regarding Richard Ngidi compared to view given by Reinhard Bonnke in an interview held with "TheNEWS", a quick search of "Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke dies at 79: His last interview with TheNEWS",can get you to that whole interview.

  2. Below is what is said by Reinhard Bonnke regarding Richard Ngidi in the interview with "TheNews", can search "Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke dies at 79: His last interview with TheNEWS":

    "Then I heard of a great man in Zululand whom God used for signs and wonders – a real Zulu, Richard Ngidi. God bless that young man. He is already in Heaven. I owe much to him. I truly do. I invited him to come to my church and nobody had told him that my church was a miracle-free zone, so he moved in as if it was not. And I could see God’s power and action. I saw it there and I said I got to stop to question God. I got to take the word of God at face value and act on it."

  3. Thank you for highlighting this additional report. An episode can be viewed differently by different witnesses. The interview as reported is very inspiring and enlightening. For the reader's further interest to read, I append the link here: