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I also used the lizard spirit. I should say that every time I flew, in the company of the angel of death, above the Christian churches, we were touched and seriously disturbed by the prayers and we lost strength and energy. In my neighborhood, there was an acacia tree that was our fuel station. Whenever Christians prayed, we were attacked by the fire of prayer and our flight into space was disrupted. We lost strength. We were forced to land in that tree to refill fuel. To cause accidents on the road, I would dig virtual holes on the road. In reality, there were no holes. Only a bewitched driver saw these virtual holes.

The mystical aspect of my mission was very dangerous because it involved the battle and the invisible warfare against churches and Christians. I had to write strategic information and tactics that I had to use against Christians. I was supposed to receive training and I got this training to be equipped for this conflict and hostility. After these training, I was given a 666-page mystical book containing methods and tactics to use against Christians.

Every page of this book is the result of demonic research on the church and Christians and how to attack them successfully. There are points in this book that Satanists should know before starting such a war. I had to make sure that I was in communication with our command base in the invisible world. I was in contact with the stars that were to guide me to avoid the dangers while I was performing an operation against Christians.

The stars gave me warnings by pointing out the dangers. They told me not to fly over a place where there were genuine Christians, instructing me to deviate, otherwise, I would fall. They warned me against the location of revival churches and stormy places.

The first targets of the dark world in spiritual warfare are the lukewarm Christians who have one foot in and one foot out. I had to stop them from reading the Bible and gaining knowledge of the Truth. I had to stop them from fasting and praying because this was very dangerous for the mystical world. I had to neutralize the thoughts and intentions of fasting and prayer in their minds.

I worked hard to disturb their prayer programme because a Christian in prayer can prevent and destabilize our activities against Christians and churches. I also attacked brotherly love so that they would stay away from each other. I had to keep them apart because each time they were together, they tended to pray and spread the fire.



The Lord then took me to a place in hellfire where I saw ways the devil works on Christians. I saw a dark anointing in a very large hole; I noticed that many demons would go there to take from the anointing. I wondered what these demons used this anointing for. The Lord told me, “My son, tell My people they must be prayerful, the demons use this dark anointing against Christians. Demons pour this out on a Christian whenever he sleeps. If the Christian wakes up and refuses to pray, that anointing of the devil will bring on a strange feeling and evil thoughts will begin. His relationship with Me will not be perfect, and the man could then become a backslider."

People, we should not be ignorant of the devices of the devil.

2 Corinthians 2:11 Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices. 

When we sleep, there are many things the devil is doing against our soul; this is why the Bible is so true about the evil sower, "While men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way.

Matthew 13:25 But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way. 

The Lord told me “My son, look at that man." And behold, I saw a man on earth, he was sleeping; and I saw a demon with the dark anointing. The demon poured it on the man and went his way. When the man woke up, he did not pray just because he was late for his work. He quickly rushed out of the room and went for his work. That dark anointing began to be manifested in his life; the man just began to have strange feelings, he began to commit adultery with church women members. That was how the man forsakes the Lord. The Lord warned him to pray but he refused to listen- just because of his job. The Lord told me “He is a pastor."

We must be careful as the devil is a great deceiver. His mission is to deceive us into certain destruction. He works politically as ‘the prince of this world." Also operating as ‘the god of this age,’ he blinds unbelievers and trying to keep them from hearing and accepting the Gospel of salvation.

Ephesians 6:11-20 Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness; And your feet shod with the preparation of the Gospel of peace; Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God: Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints; And for me, that utterance may be given unto me, that I may open my mouth boldly, to make known the mystery of the Gospel, For which I am an ambassador in bonds: that therein I may speak boldly, as I ought to speak. 



The Lord told me that the target of the devil is the prayer life of a man. Once your prayer life is captured, then your decision for God will be captured. The person will also fall victim when the fasting life of the man is captured. You must master and guide your prayer life. When a person’s prayers are affecting the kingdom of darkness, the devil will try to find ways to quench the power so its fire might weaken and die.

1 Peter 5:8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.

The Lord told me, "Look at the man that the demons torment with anger." The Lord told me, "When he was on earth there was always confusion in the kingdom of darkness when this man prayed, and I loved it. His prayers would thwart and destroy the devils' plans." The devil and his agents began to target the prayer life of this man. They captured the man through the bitterness in the heart over one brother in the church.

The Lord said, "I warned him, but he refused to listen to Me." The man had an accident and he died, and now he is in hellfire.

Matthew 5:44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.

There are many choir ministers that have bitterness in their heart against brothers in Christ. This is often because one is more talented than the other in one thing or another. People develop envy and pride because of this. They which do such things are in danger of hell.

Matthew 18:4 Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.



The following Saturday, I was with my mother and my aunt. We were at Wilson Sentani family’s residence. At 1.00 pm, while my aunt was praying for Wilson's family and I still lying in the room, the angel came. I could see the angel because my spirit was out of my body and was sitting on the bed. I called the Angel to enter the room but the angel did not. He remained out of the room and I called him again. The angel pointed to my aunt who was praying. I called the angel once more, and the angel said to me, "I cannot enter the room, (he pointed his finger to my aunt) since the servant is talking to the Father. I have to wait until she finishes praying and says Amen." When my aunt finished praying, the angel then came to the room and took me to the Lord Jesus. After we arrived in Heaven, the Lord Jesus gave me a message to deliver.



The brothers who pray and ask for something from Me and have not yet had an answer, they say I cannot hear their prayers. Servant of course I hear, they need to have patience. I'm not like a sculptured image that you cannot hear. I'm sad about the behavior of My church. I will not listen to your selfish prayers that charge Me to do something and fulfill your desires. I want a people who humble themselves and learn to wait for the right moment to deliver what they ask for.

As long as your blessings do not come, I will test your faith. Abraham waited for the promise of having an heir and still believed in the promise that he did not see that was the multiplication of his offspring. Abraham died believing and was rewarded for his faith.



Suddenly I heard a great burst in hell that shook the demons. The angel said, "Whoever caused this was a church that is praying at dawn." The angel took me out of hell and led me to the church that was praying at that moment.



My mother's name is Clay Peterson. She was praying to the Lord; she was anxious for deliverance from her sins, she had no strength to cast off sin. The voice of the Holy Spirit spoke to her, "Seek more and more, I will pour upon you a mighty anointing that will break the judgment of the bondage of sin. Your flesh will die, that sin will have no more force upon you, it is necessary to fast and pray. The churches have not freed themselves from the bonds of sin by not praying for their deliverance."

Isa 10:27  And it shall come to pass in that day, that his burden shall be taken away from off thy shoulder, and his yoke from off thy neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing. 


I went to stroll through several cities, I saw men making enchantments to snakes and others stepping on fire and not getting burnt.

The Lord told me, "These people are possessed by demons."

In my room, I bowed my knees and went to pray to God. That place was infested with diabolical legions and oppressed many people. My husband and I went through afflictions. In my prayers, something prevented me from feeling the presence of God. I saw my prayer rise like a fireball in my room, but a great wall prevented my prayer from rising. I was afraid of the demonic forces that were there. I knew that fear was blocking my faith, that my prayers were powerless to break that great spiritual barrier of the blockade.

I began to pray, I asked the Holy Spirit to visit me, because I did not feel His presence.

A soft voice told me, "I never left you, I was always by your side. You did not perceive Me, your lack of faith nullified My presence. My essence is in you; speak in mysteries (tongues) with Me so the enemy does not understand."

I started to speak in mystery (tongues). I saw my prayer rise in a fireball at high speed and they broke that great spiritual wall leaving a large crater open. That ball continued to rise up with all the force. The demons tried to catch that ball, but they could not. A huge dragon tried to hold my prayer, it passed through the claws of that dragon and disappeared in the sky. More dragons tried to capture that ball, but everything was in vain, the powers of the air were desperate because the prayer with the power broke the outer space.

The angel Gabriel came down in response to my prayers. The angel appeared in my room and said, “This prayer that you prayed is pleasing to God; sincere and unselfish prayer, a contrite prayer of someone who needs God; this is the true prayer, the prayer of faith.”

When I finished praying I laid on the bed. I felt my heart and my body began to soften. I began to freeze and I extinguished when I realized I was standing while my body was lying on the bed. When I took my eyes from my body and began to look at the sides of my room, I gazed upon a Man with a fine appearance. His body shone in glory and attracted attention. He had no wings and bore the glory of His body and much anointing.

I said, "You are an angel."
He answered me, "I walk with you so much and you do not know Me? I dwell in you, My essence is within you; you know Me only in feeling, now you know Me in seeing. I have used you on Earth, I am God in your life. I have been here on Earth since the day of Pentecost. My mission is ending here on earth, soon I will take the church up to meet the Bridegroom."

I said, "You are the Holy Spirit."

I marveled at His glory. He said to me, "I am real, I am not like men who write of me “like a dove.” I am God and do the same works that Father and Son did on Earth. I heal, I release, I give authority to the saints. I baptize, mark with the seals the saved. Tell the church that I will be with all those who obey the Word and live a pure life. I am in them. Tell them not to fear evil nor difficulties. I am with all, I will not leave them; I will be with them. I will be with them to persevere until the coming of the Bridegroom if they walk according to the Word."


The angel said, "Look down."

I saw Sister Sandy praying to God for her son who was on drugs. His son was sleeping; demons had sent some men to take the life of that young man, but those possessed men gave up killing that sister's son. Those demons lost their forces when this sister was praying.

When I looked at this sister's house on the side of her son's bedroom, devils surrounded that house wanting to kill her son. The death demons surrounded that house to reap the life of that young man and lead to hell. God heard the fervent prayers of that sister and sent angels to come down from heaven, and those demons fled from that house. When the angels went up to the air, there were legions of devils wanting to go down to that house to kill that young man. There was a war in the air of the angels with those legions for a soul,

I asked the angel, "Why is this young man's soul so important?"

The angel said, "He was chosen in the womb for a mission; he will win many souls when he converts his way. Many souls will need it and depend on his preaching. Satan wants his soul anyway. This young man will give a lot of work to the demons and the angel said that there were many witches who offered great sacrifices and offerings of blood for this young man to die. The demons wanted to fulfill the purposes of these evil women, but because of the prayer of the mother of this young man and also of the church, all these devilish actions were not succeeding."

The angel said, "If it had not been for prayer, this young man would have died because the whole hell rose up against his life. When you return to earth tell this young man, there is no time for him to be walking on the path of doom; prayer is a weapon that protects those who are lost. Tell them not to stop interceding for the weak. Many have stopped praying for those who have not yet converted and the demons have mowed down several lives for not having that spiritual covering."

"A young man named Relri goes to the church where his father shepherds. He is undecided, rejecting the call of missionary that the Lord God prepared. Although he knows the Word, he continues walking in the path of perdition; his will determined that choice. Warn him that his life is ending and if he leaves he will not be taken for granted."

"Tell the young Britney that she has not yet converted. Death can surprise at any moment; the wages of sin is death. Only by coming to Jesus will her life be prolonged. She said that she is too young to convert; she wants to mature to follow the path. She is deceived if she thinks she will survive until that age."

"Say that for the rest too. They stopped being Christians thinking there they are many days to go before their end and they are not prepared to meet with Jesus if their lives end suddenly."



The angel also showed me many prayers from believers suspended in the air and did not come up because of a wall. I asked, "Why do not these prayers rise to heaven?" The angel answered me, "This barrier is the sin of their lives that keep their prayers from rising. Sinful prayers do not go up to God."

Isaiah 59: 2 But your iniquities make a separation between you and your God; and your sins cover his face with you, lest he hear you.

Psa 66:18  If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me: 

I pray to God for all who hear this testimony for the awakening of the church. Peace and grace abide with us amen.



The angel and I came out of hell. I went back to my house. I had a few hours of rest. I bowed my knee. I went to pray, I have much intimacy with the Holy Spirit. I was going to do double the time on my knees to talk to Him.

I try to be one hundred percent submissive to God in everything. I have become accustomed my body to pray. In the beginning, it was difficult to maintain this discipline. Now I am accustomed, prayer is part of my life.


After this vision, the Lord told me about spiritual warfare. He said, “My servant, prayer is the spiritual bond I have with the church. The more prayer, the more the bond becomes stronger and brings the church closer to Me. The spirit of the man now unites with the Holy Spirit. He is sensitive to My voice, and sin has no power in the life of those who pray. Prayer will bind the church to Me, and every day that union will become stronger, and separate the Christian from sin.”

"The Christian who does not pray, his flesh becomes more attached to the things of the world and distances himself from Me. Prayer brings the church closer to Me. Prayer is the church's sign of love to Me, so do your part, pray every day. Tell the church even if they do not like to pray, pray anyway."

"The spiritual connection between heaven and earth is through the Holy Spirit that represents heaven, and the church represents the earth."

"Where two brothers are gathered talking about Me, I will be there, and the conversation is connected to Me."

"Even if they study all the doctrines of the Bible, without daily prayer, they will not have the strength to walk in holy doctrine. Your flesh will not renounce the world, for prayer will mortify the limbs of the body."

"Every day the church fights against the trappings of the world, for that matter, pray every day. My people will fight against their own flesh and will, learn to control their self, resist the temptations of this world, deny yourself."

"Be confident in faith, do not give up, do not be frustrated, help the weak to resist the world. Those who do not resist the world, are stubborn to err, slip into the abyss."

"Tell the church that it is by living My Word that will make them overcome the airspaces. The holy church is light and where the demons are hidden, My people will shine in the dark and reveal the hidden plans of the devil."

"Whoever obeys Me, following the instruction manual of My Word, overcomes the legions. Do not to let pride grow in the heart, nor be exalted by gifts received. Humiliation pleases Me, but greatness leaves small, and the smallest always goes to be the greatest in My eyes."

"Tell the church to intercede for the weak. Prayer destroys the action of demons, cutting off the evil effects of death and destruction of the family, annihilating all control of the mind and heart."

"The prayer of the righteous has a devastating effect on the spiritual world. I have delivered many lives through the prayers of the saints."

"Satan has been attacking outside the church and within the church because of the sin that is invading the altars of the churches."

"The legions have invaded evangelical territories and won many souls. My servants have been silent and are in a comfort zone while the powers of darkness act against them and their churches and ministries."

"Sects have worked night and day, daring to win souls. These agents do not stand idly by and act, succeeding in their actions while My church sleeps in a war. There is no tranquility. There are persecutions. War against the legions has to be constant."

"When the church prays, there is no distance between heaven and earth. I will be so close to them through My Holy Spirit. Who determines the distance between me and My servants, are themselves. Sin has also distanced My Holy Spirit from man, but the prayer of repentance and forgiveness makes My Holy Spirit approach them."

"Tell them to keep a life of prayer and I will reveal My heavenly secrets. Prayer will strengthen My alliance with the church, where neither the devil nor man can break this covenant. Who alone can undo this covenant is the person who made it."

"Servant, whoever loves Me, live praying; who loves Me obeys My Word. The prayer of a faithful one neutralizes all the traps and snares of the devil. Tell the church not to rest from prayer."



I went to a church in Oslo, an extensive cathedral with few members. I started to pray and my vision opened. I saw the prayers of those people who rose up to the ceiling and stopped there. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that these prayers are mechanical, robotic, automated, without spirit and without a soul. A prayer from a religious person wanted to decorate the text and is spiritually dead.

I saw another kind of prayer rising slowly. These rose up into the air and disappeared into the sky. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that this prayer is in faith, full of hope and trust but it was not perfect yet!

I saw another kind of prayer that came up at high speed that rose in the form of a fireball, the size of a tennis ball. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that this prayer is contrite, a prayer with tears that come from the bottom of the soul! This type of prayer always comes with an answer, since it is a sincere prayer born out of humiliation.

I saw another type of prayer from a spiritual person. It was done with strange tongues. This prayer was a fireball, the size of a soccer ball and it rose in the sky at a speed. It disappeared in the sky. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that this prayer in tongues is the strongest, for the person who performs is in spirit, his mind is detached from the world! This prayer overthrows the strongholds of the air that prevents it from rising.

I immediately had a vision, a black mist took over the air. That dark mass grew in extension until it took the whole sky like a dark stain that invaded the planet. The darkness was covering the earth! The Holy Spirit revealed to me, the iniquity multiplies and the forces of darkness in these ends of the time are multiplying on the earth. The more the powers of darkness grow in this world the more the church has to increase its prayers. The one who prays twice a day, has to pray three, the darkness will not cover the light for it will shine in the darkness, the darkness cannot suffocate the flame on.

Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Matthew 5: 14-16.

The more iniquity increases because of these powers, this will require more holiness from the people. Revelation 22:11 Whoever is unjust still does injustice and whoever is dirty still defiles and whoever is righteous still does justice and whoever is holy still sanctifies himself.



I had a vision of God empowering brethren to overcome sin and also gave spiritual abilities to overcome their problems. Sanctify your life, give up everything and start living a life of prayer.

I saw in the vision the prayers of Christians living in sin being held in the air by the demons. The prayers rose like little balls of fire and were seized by the demons of the air. Millions of demons formed a barrier to paralyze the prayers of Christians and do not allow them to rise up. The prayers of the new converts were also seized by this demonic barrier in the air, not because of sin, but because they were not spiritually clothed.

Jesus said, "The strongest have to intercede for the weakest and cover their prayers until they rise above the demonic barrier. When I pour out My anointing on the new converts, their prayers will be so strong that the legions of the air will not be able to hold them back. Tell them to keep on praying and sanctifying themselves until they are clothed from above."

"While those who have been in the church for some time, and still do not renounce the world, they must repair their lives so that their prayers can come to My throne and I respond to their request. If they do not renounce sin they will never win the war, for their sin gives strength to the demons in the spirit world to oppose them."

"Tell those who live a holy life, they are progressing in their spiritual lives and their prayers will be strong and they will rise to heaven and no demonic barrier will be able to stop in the air. Your prayers will move the heavens and whatever you ask will be done."

I received a revelation that the prayer of strange tongues has much power. This prayer is for your edification, if you do not have the gift of language, ask God.

I saw in vision the power of the prayer of the righteous living a separate life. When they prayed from their mouths, they came out with swords that cut chains and cuffs that fastened each person's wrists.

I also had a vision of a false prophet who preached to the crowd, and the people remained imprisoned, there was no power in his preaching and when he prayed their prayers did not ascend to heaven. God rejected all his cries and prayers that disappeared in the air and did not reach the throne of God.

When the believer begins to bear fruit everything cooperates in his favor. The church needs a reformation for its spiritual growth. The anointing of the groom is released in the lives of all members within the house of prayer.

A voice told me, "I want to organize the church for spiritual battle. I will be the captain of this army, its guard and security. In the church there is no superiority among the members, Jesus is greater; He is the one who sustains the work. It is not us, but it is the Holy Spirit that makes the work grow."

Two days after this revelation of the New Year, a glorious light descended on my room. For the presence of my heart, it was Jesus who came to meet me. He came to visit me personally and my spirit left the body to meet Him. Jesus came in all His kingship and clothed in majesty. When there is something important He comes over to see me; if not, His angel would have come.

He took me up a hill and said, "Servant, on this hill on January 3, 1997, your father came up here and prayed. That day he shed his tears and interceded for your life. You were a child and he asked me to snatch you and show heaven to you. Today, this happened 21 years ago, but I have never forgotten that prayer that remains in the memorial of heaven. Servant, the time of this prayer has arrived for it to be fulfilled for everything has a determined time under heaven. Tell My church that I have not forgotten their prayers, but at the appointed time I will fulfill them even if it is taking time in their sight."

When Jesus told me these things I was surprised, for my father had never spoken of this secret prayer on the mountain.


I kept praying, and I saw a demon bothering because I'm praying and not celebrating the new year. I had to pray to God in tongues so the devil would not hear what I was saying. The demon was very angry because he did not understand what I was saying in my prayers. That demon wanted to hear what I was saying to try to stop the work of God that was revealed to me in 2018. He came into my house and went to Naomi's bed to do the wrong. I cried the blood of Jesus I pointed the finger at this demon. A ball of fire left my finger and hit the chest of that demon that made a hole. That demon was wounded and a blackened liquid dripped from him. He disappeared and my wife saw me pointing her finger toward Naomi's cradle. She asked what did I see?

I said, "A demon approached near Naomi's bed."

I went to pray after that spiritual war. In a spiritual war, you have to prepare yourself. Overcoming the spiritual world requires sacrifices of the flesh. I know to build a holy church on earth I will go through difficulties.



The greatest merit of the church is to approach God's presence through prayer. The church cannot stop praying and desist from wanting to approach the face of God. The church must pray constantly if they want to overcome the world and sin. The morning prayer has more effect than a night or day prayer. The morning prayer is strong because it is the prayer of sacrifice. The prayer of repentance with tears is heard. The prayer of strange tongues is devastating and brings results. The prayer of worship that praises God is accepted. Prayer interested in the things of the earth that only knows how to ask is weak and does not reach heaven. Prayer has immense value in the spiritual world. Satan knows this and fights so that the saved do not live a life of prayer. The demons try to occupy the saved and distract them with entertainment not to seek God.

Prayer moves the spiritual world to its advantage and submits the powers of darkness to its authority. It is through prayer that the hand of God moves to act in his favor. Those who dedicate themselves to prayer win their battles. This is the action that Jesus is wanting from His people. To be able to maintain a life of prayer is not easy. The effort is hard for those who want to reach the presence of God.

Such is prayer when rain falls. They accumulate and their torrential rainfall causes great destruction in the spiritual world of darkness, just as the 40 days of rains caused the flood that disfigured the land. Prayer is like the rain of the flood. However simple its effect is, it is devastating and causes change both in the physical and in the spiritual world. The prayers have the appearance of simple words, but when these small drops of fire rise to the sky, they form a waterfall of fire and descend from the sky flooding the earth. The persistence of prayer is a strong mark of those who do not give up.

Prayer leaves the earth and crosses the universe and passes through the kingdom of darkness that is in the air. The rain when it starts to fall is just dropping that do no harm to anyone. When they increase on falling, they begin to overflow and burst to cause the rivers to flood an entire city. So are the prayers, they rise to the sky and when they accumulate in the celestial gold cups, soon they begin to overflow. And when it falls from the sky, the prayers seem like drops of fire.

I had a vision of the prayers falling like rains of fire. When a river is flooded with rainwater, it will overflow its banks. It fills an entire city and the force of its current drags cars, causing great destruction and damage to the material goods. Who would imagine that a few drops of rain would lead to a torrent causing a great destruction?

And there are believers who complain when they are charged to do something for God. The Holy Spirit is at the side of the saved, but not of the murmurers, from whom He departs. Trials exist to be overcome, without them there are no victors. The trials cannot overcome the overcomers, they are removed from the believer's life at the right time. Without them, there are no victories. The redeemed saints have a weapon given by God to win their battles. This weapon is prayer and through it, the walls fall and barriers are broken. Prayer removes all obstacles. Prayer equals water that softens any rock no matter how hard it is until it melts in the sand.

We are at the end of time. The faith of the church is being tested to draw near to God in these last days. Trials are being allowed to awaken sleeping people. They are not enduring afflictions or resisting by not praying. They are angry and open their mouths to speak grumbling words. The Christians of that time are weakened by their materialistic hearts. They ask for blessings and they do not receive. Because of this, they say they will not do the work of God unless they receive their blessings. This is the blackmailing generation that God has revealed to me. Jesus offered heaven and did not charge anything.


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