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I saw a guy who looked about 20 years old. He was also inside a cell. And the fire began to rise from the floor of his cell. His feet began to catch fire. In minutes his cell was taken by fire. The angel said, "This boy was an inmate on earth for committing robbery. He could not bear the bad treatment he received in his cell. He was abused by his authorities in the prison and his cellmates made him suffer. He took large amounts of medicine and died of an overdose. His spirit descended to hell and fell into this prison cell." That young man was shouting and calling for help to the angel beside me. Flames burnt from inside his cell and consumed his body.


"Continuous stress… Ah, I’m so tired and exhausted. Wherever I go, there’s no place where I can feel at peace. I’ve tried to soothe myself with drinking. I don’t want to live anymore. Would everything be peaceful once I die? Would the weight of this life be lifted off of me once I die? ..."

[Committed suicide]

"Where am I?"

Satan, "So, you thought that it would be over once you die? You thought you would be happy once you die?"

"If I could only go there."

Those who are in Hell know that there is Heaven. Yet they also know that no matter how much they cry and repent, they can never go to Heaven. Hell is a world of eternal regret and suffering.



I called for help, but there was no one to help me. I screamed God's name and had a general blackout going dormant. I remember falling from a great height. I fell into hell. I only saw darkness and fire. It was a terrible place where I witnessed many people known from the earth.

I saw my neighbor who is a pastor; he died with much remorse of the evil he did in the past. He never got rid of it and took 10 medicine trays a week. He was an ex-criminal who did so much harm that his conscience grew heavy. He did not forgive himself and believed that Jesus had never forgiven his sins. He died and is in hell inside a fire pit.

I recognized a boy from my street. He was a different Christian because he was troublesome. He had a mental retardation, but God gave him the grace to understand the Word. But the young people treated him as a special person who deserves care for trouble. He did not accept himself and wanted to be different. He had cut his wrists with his knife and bled to death. He is inside a prison cell that burned his body causing him to moan and scream.

I met a woman who worked with me in a shoe store. This woman was dating the shop owner. They were engaged, but the businessman broke the engagement with her. This woman saw her life projects fail without him. She hanged herself with a rope. And when she came to hell the demons hanged her with a bow full of thorns. She cried to the point of sobbing.

I passed a cell where I witnessed a man who was rich in the land. This man when he was alive bought a factory and invested a lot of money. His factory went bankrupt. He was depressed and shot himself in the head. He's in a torture room in hell.

I saw an old man being crushed by the giant demons that trod on his body. This old man was a church elder and self-condemned for letting his wife die in the past. He's been carrying that weight for decades and never freed himself. Until one day he threw himself off the second floor and broke his bones as he fell to the ground, I also saw him in hell.

I passed a place where I saw a homosexual who was rejected by his family. He suffered prejudice from society. And he threw himself in front of a car. The demons with their blades ripped off his skin and his genitals. They said: you do not need it, you never used it. Same thing with lesbians. They plucked out their genitals and said: you have despised your femininity. The devils left only the skeleton to be stripped from head to toe.

I went to another place and saw a man burning in flames. His body felt like burning ember. He was handicapped in one arm and could not work. This man killed himself by taking caustic soda. When I associated the facts, I realized that everyone there had killed himself. I realized I was in the suicide valley. The demons sliced meats of the people in that place.

I saw my mother suffering in hell. She died of cirrhosis, I no longer lived with her. The demons made her drink all the acid that broke her stomach.


I saw three American pastors who committed suicide; they are in hell suffering.

The angel said that the spirit of depression entered into these three shepherds, causing them to take their own lives; these demons have made several shepherds commit suicide.

I told the angel, how could this happen?

If they know the truth, they would be set free. The angel replied that they were never freed by the truth and that the pastoral seminaries in which they were formed were false and had the lie of Satan in the teachings.

What sets you free is pure truth without mixing with deception.



I was disgusted and for the first time, I tried alcohol. I drank too much that went beyond my limits. I mixed all kinds of drinks and started to feel bad in my room. With no one to help me, my heart sped too far to explode.

I died and minutes later I was in hell in the suicide valley. I had proved my death and all those who kill themselves go to that place. There they are forced to kill themselves again and live in this cycle of torment for all eternity. I saw several shepherds who were killed by depression. They regretted having taken their own lives. The flames of torment consumed these shepherds. The infernal fire punished them for taking their lives.

The valley is very huge, the size of a city.

I wanted to get out of there and did not find a way out. A demon captured me and his nails pierced my body. He arrested me near the suicide herders and was tortured. I saw an evangelical leader named Matthew Warren (Rick Warren's son) who killed himself for depression. The demon that caused depression in him tortured him personally.


I will return to report my testimony. The angel took me to a Satanist, owner of a pornographic industry. I saw a demon talking to him through a ritual of invocation. The devil said, "I gave you this pornographic empire, your movies reached the four corners of the world, corrupted the planet, left society more depraved and children will grow in immorality! Hire new actresses and actors to prostitute themselves and make them do scenes of sexual intercourse on recordings. They thought they are happy to satisfy their carnal desires but I will make them go through such a void that they did not find happiness in sex and they will search for drugs to fill their voids. I will drive them into depression to the point of making them commit suicide!" That demon was laughing and disappearing, passing all the rules of destruction to that businessman.



On the second day of church campaign I went. And after I preached a Pentecost happened in the church. Many people spoke in strange tongues and delivered prophecies, many were renewed.

The demons took advantage of this wonderful moment and used people to imitate those that were used. The flock was not mine and now the biggest challenge is to unmask these demons who also prophesied. I did not know the flock or their lives, but Jesus made me see their lives through visions.

I saw those who had light and those who had not. I saw the brothers who had no lights prophesying and speaking in tongues. I laid my hands on them and the demons manifested. And the Holy Spirit gave me a deep revelation about these demons. Those Christians who seemed to have received the renewal were possessed by the demons. These Christians had thoughts of suicide.

The deep revelation I received was 5 types of suicides.

At first sight, I saw a rope with a bow that one of them would hang himself.

On the second sight, I saw a car crashing into a wall. The driver would drive his car into the wall causing his death.

On the third sight, I saw an apartment and Jesus told me that someone was going to jump from the fourth floor.

On the fourth sight, I saw a lot of medicine cartons that someone would take to kill themselves.

On the fifth sight, I saw a box of rat poison that someone would take.

Jesus told me, "These Christians are not clad in my armor and have been hit by the devil's darts. They would commit suicide."

I prayed and expelled those demons. Their depression disappeared to the glory of God. An Adventist Christian who did not believe in tongues doubted that renewal.

I called him to pray with me and I laid hands on him. I said, "Fall upon him, Holy Spirit."

He began to speak in tongues and the anointing was so strong that he was taken away. The anointing invaded the church greatly. He did not believe in rapture came back speaking everything he saw in hell. He left the heresies of his church to enter into the true Gospel.


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