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Then the Lord said, “My son, I have prepared My own army, and I will use all of My power on them, and they will deliver many people. They will cast out demons and set the captives free, they will declare My whole counsel! I will use the little children’s mightily; I will use many youth for My own glory! Every one shall declare that I am the Lord of hosts; ….come and see them!"

Then, behold, I saw many armies, even with some that looked like children of 4 years old, they were all ready for the work.

And I heard a powerful voice saying, "WHOM SHALL I SEND?"

Then all of those armies of the Lord rose; they raised their swords, shouting, “SEND US, WE WILL GO!"

Isaiah 6:8-10 Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me. And He said, Go, and tell this people, Hear ye indeed, but understand not; and see ye indeed, but perceive not. Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and convert, and be healed. 

Then the Lord began to smile, I cannot describe how wonderful His smile was!


Revelation 3:20-22 Therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in His sight: for by the law is the knowledge of sin. But now the righteousness of God without the law is manifested, being witnessed by the law and the prophets; Even the righteousness of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ unto all and upon all them that believe: for there is no difference: 



He said, "I am sovereign. I will raise countries like Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil and Uruguay to do the rest of missions that are lacking in the world. You who are from these countries are prepared. Tomorrow you can be a missionary from those countries that were quoted."

The Lord said, "I will use the poor countries to complete the mission, but the rich countries will not complete. I will raise the humble and lower the exalted ones. I will confuse the wise."

I was once praying to God for my country, Russia and all Europe and I said for the Lord that the revival began in Europe through Martin Luther. The Lord used this man to open the eyes of the people. He translated the Bible to other peoples' languages so that they could understand the Word. But today I tell the brethren, the great cathedrals that have the capacity to receive crowds are empty.

I had a vision of a fireball moving away from Europe. Every time that ball went away two phenomena happened. I will tell the first phenomenon where my body cooled and my fingers hardened. I could not move my hand nor my legs. In this vision I saw several ice statues, but they are of people who froze and stayed that way. The Lord told me the cold of the world entered the churches of Europe and froze their hearts and is taking all the love for Him and for His Word. Their spiritual lives are paralyzed. The Lord said, "The ball that you saw My servant is the revival that is moving away from this place. They rejected My heat because of the money and the good life that these countries had. They think they do not need Me. Europe has started to cool because of the technology that developed. As cities offered more comfort to their residents, the people became cold and comfortable."

I made a mission in Europe, in gigantic but dry cathedrals. The Lord showed me coffins of people and said that they are spiritually dead.

The Lord said, “I will raise these people from the midst of the dead, bow their hearts and humble themselves to Me.”

Many churches of prosperity from outside Europe have tried to open their churches within Europe to see if it attracts the people, but the people are rich and do not have need of more money. What happened was that no one appeared in those churches because everything that was offered by the churches, the people already had. The churches of prosperity closed and left. I say the people of Europe do not need money. The people need God, reconciliation, love, simplicity, a pure and true Gospel. If their hearts are locked in money we will preach so that their hearts let go of the money and they release and they return to be those people who initiated the first revival.

Another phenomenon that happened was when the fireball began to move away from Europe. In the vision Europe was dark. That ball of fire was like the sun of noon around me. I saw everything darken. I could not see anything else, for the darkness of that place would not let me see anything.

That ball of fire went toward Central America and poured out among the peoples. They received great authority to evangelize the world. I beheld the power of God breaking shackles of the peoples. Then passed in the South America and poured out among the peoples and revived them. Little men rose up like giants of the Gospel to minister. God's power prepared an army of true Christians.

Then the ball of fire passed in Africa and revival continued pouring on those peoples. God raised prophets. AIDS cure happened, the needs of the poor were met. The power of God was manifested in people of various languages and tribes freeing from witchcraft.

Then to Asia and fire spread in these countries. Men of God arose to win the Buddhists, the Hindus and free the Muslims to God. The power of God saved nations that did not yet know the Gospel. I saw a great army of God preparing for a spiritual battle. The angels placed seals on these soldiers, a seal on the forehead, another seal on the hands. The Lord said, “These seals on the forehead are to protect their minds from the false Gospel and evil darts. The legions will attack their minds, but they will be protected. The seals on their hands are their good works that they will perform on Earth preparing the last harvest for the Rapture. The fire of revival traveled to places where the people were thirsty for God.”



The Lord Jesus showed me in the vision another church that prayed for revival. The demons fought against this church, putting obstacles not to receive the revival. The demons placed barriers in their relationships and financial lives, to divert their attentions from the revival and to be concerned about their problems.

They began to go through great trials in their homes and did not go to the revival prayer in the church. They were stuck in their difficulties, all stopped praying and chilled. They were not prepared to receive power from heaven, and spiritual anointings.

Conjugal and family barriers, coupled with financial situations, prevented them from approaching God more and conquering their victories.

They failed to perform the revival they sought. Their desires were blocked by trials, the demons were able to impose difficulties and they did not win.

The Lord Jesus told me, "If they had not given up, I would have taken some of the brethren and empower all those people."

The Lord Jesus showed me another church, which was waging war against the legions of demons. The people of this church were a spiritual family, united and were connected in the vine that is the Lord Jesus, edified in the truth. They were not a family of blood, but a spiritual family, whose blood that bound them was the blood of the Lord Jesus.

The weapons of attack of this church is evangelism. They entered the territories of the demons and attacked with the Word and prayer in the homes of the people. They were vigilant toward God and inspired by the Holy Spirit, and determined to walk on the thorny path of the Lord Jesus and to remain until the end. They did not give up with adversity, they did not stop fighting for souls, they had great leadership and great soul winners.

The demons tried to stop and destabilize these warriors with the evil obstacles, but they surpassed. and overcame them. This little army formed was prepared to destroy the evil fortresses of the earth. The Holy Spirit gave authority to this little church to put the demons at their feet.

With their authority they expelled the demons and sent them out. Their firearms came from God. They lived praying, renounced the world to break the evil law, practicing holiness and determined to follow the Lord Jesus to the end. They have great resistances to the pressures of the demons, and endured the trials.



Jesus answered me, "This fireball is the revival that has not yet come to Latin America! The prophets preach about the revival that will come but it will not come. This fireball will continue to stand still until these people humble themselves and repent of their sins. This revival will not come without repentance and humility. With each passing day, their hearts harden and it became more and more difficult for the revival to come. Many say that Latin America as a whole will be sparked by having more Christians than any part of the world but they do not want to repent of their sins. I will pour forth my revival in some churches of the world, only in those who repent of their sins and humble themselves. The number of churches that humble themselves is few, most are small congregations. I will not pour out my revival into a whole country, not even every Latin American, just as everyone says. My revival will only be poured into the lives of those who repent and are willing to humiliate themselves by renouncing the world for Me!"



Jesus told me that the wind will blow to test the foundations whether they are build on rock or in the sand, whether it is built in truth or in false doctrine. People of God where do you base your roots? They have built up themselves in the Gospel of money and do not accept the trials of the desert with their dryness. The wind will prove that these are not from Jesus revealing their frailties and cracks.

Jesus showed me many houses built. And a very strong hurricane passed through the houses and plucked its foundations, destroying everything and dragging the walls. Some houses resisted the wind and continued in the same place. The revival will happen in a small group of faithful remaining. They will pass through the furnace and cry, but they will be revived.



My father said that these revivals that are prophesied by multitudes of prophets are a lie. This does not happen in churches insensitive to sin that does not renounce the world. My father told everyone to seek their own personal revival in their day to day life. Strive. He said, "I do not believe in a collective revival, but I believe in individual revival."

If God is going to one day cause a country or worldwide revival, only God knows that. Perhaps in the distant future when the church is in pursuit of God. He said he had already witnessed a revival in a small church because each person did their part, sanctified themselves, renounced the world and prayed in their homes.

When they arrived in the church each came with a spark of Holy Spirit within them. Every spark has gathered and become a fire. The temple was set on fire by the power of God. That was one church he started a revival. In a city that had more than 50 dead churches, one went into spiritual revival there.



I came home and prayed at dawn. I saw a window opening in the sky and a shower of fire began to fall. Worried I thought it was God's judgment.

The Holy Spirit said, "That it would be the last revival for the holy people. Only those who walk in holiness will receive this; those who walk in sin and thought themselves Christian will not experience this renewal if they have not been freed from their sins. The Holy Spirit will touch their hearts and lead them to repentance if they accept."

I also saw a great river of crystal clear water. Some went in and they were in the beginning, others still did not enter that river and a few people were already in the middle of that river. Those who were already in the middle of the river with the waters covered the chest. And others had already covered his head.

Jesus said, "Some are intimate with Me and have already deepened themselves in My anointing. Some are still at the beginning of this intimacy and others are long in the church and have not yet begun to have this intimacy; they do not know Me and are not saved."


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