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The purpose of this testimony is that you change the way you walk before the Lord so that your family will be affected. I don't ask for a fee when I go to testify. I want you to align your life with the Word of God and the voice of the Holy Spirit every day. I seek to improve my walk before the Lord continually and every day.

Brother, in the dark dimension, the devil used to tell us - I remember in three or four occasions - he said, “I do not have time before me. I might have 20 or 30 years before me because time is finished. I want my servants, the mystics and Satanists to double and accelerate the speed of the operation against humanity and the church.”

Brother, we must understand that everything is ready and the stage is set for the imminent manifestation of the Man of Sin the Antichrist. He is about to rule the world. The Man of Sin is in the Vatican St. Peter's Basilica. There are 226 great ladies of the sea that were supposed to come to empower him before his appearing to the global stage.

At this stage, he is receiving his last power from the last goddess. Time is critical for the church that is to experience end-time revival. The devil has mobilized higher rank demons and his 10 angels of light around him to oppose the end-time revival.

Many churches are conquered and many are infiltrated. Apostate pastors and false prophets are preaching against fundamental Bible passages that are the pillars of the Christian faith. They will not escape judgment. Be careful with what is preached at the end of the time. Many of the prominent pastors in the country of the Ivory Coast are Satanists. God willing, I will tell their names.

The devil used to say, “I have 20 to 30 years before me.” The devil is desperately looking for ways to enter the church and conquer the church. The End Time strategy through which the devil enter the churches is through women’s adornment and makeup products. When women enter the church with makeup they open the gate for demons to enter the congregation of God's children for these accessories are their properties. This is a war strategy of the enemy. The spirit world is at war.

One day I found a book which was a mystical book. I was interested in the knowledge and mystical content of this book, and I wanted to practice them. This book came from India. Quickly I managed to get into contact with a mystical master that I saw in this book. Without delay, he introduced me to the young people of this Indian order to learn the practices of this sect. Over time I was introduced to this Indian woman who was the queen of the coast.

When we got married, she gave me the 16th power in the world. I became the 16th occultist in the world. She gave me a powerful kingdom underwater. In fact, she loved me very much because I worked hard. I was advanced and I progressed with speed.

In this marine city, which was entrusted to me by the sea goddess, I had a majestic throne and I was rich. I had everything that a king is supposed to have. I had diamonds, gold, precious stones, and treasures.

Every time the queen of the coast came to see me on Earth, we had sex. I remember the first time we had sex, she showed me the sexual position according to God and the sexual position, which is her property because she designed them. She says, “There are many sexual positions on earth that are mine. Whenever the children of God have sex with my position, I come to their room and we become three in the bed and we share the pleasure.”

Brother, many Christian couples invite the queen of the coast in their bed when they have sex with a position that does not come from God. When the sea mermaid comes, she joins them in the bed and they enjoy together. Consequently, the marital bed is soiled and stained. Each time the children of God have sexual relations with the positions published in pornographic materials, the queen of the coast joins them in bed which becomes soiled. She always come in the bedrooms of the children of God when they practice the positions that are forbidden and she attends and participates in their sexual life. Because of sexual positions, many couples are joined by the great ladies of the sea in bed. Let us be vigilant.

Many pastors and prophets are trained in the world beneath the sea in the end-time in order to take souls to perdition. The marine kingdom will fight any pastor opposing outward adornment and makeup for in churches where women have abandoned makeup we were unable to enter.

The devil used to say, “This is what the Bible says against wigs and artificial hair but this is the verse you will use in order to manipulate the servants of my enemy so that they accept that women can wear artificial hair.”

“You should teach that a woman can pray over the makeup and purify our products in prayer.”

“This is what the Bible says about jewelry but this is the verse you will use to convince the servant of my adversary that jewelry is okay.”

“This is what the Bible says about adornment but this is the verse you will use in order to convince your servant that there is nothing wrong with makeup and adornment.”

The devil teaches Bible courses underwater and he analyzed what the Bible says but he does not quote the name of Jesus. Underwater the devil teaches that you can pray and purify wigs and jewelry. In truth, these items designed under the sea cannot be purified. It is not possible because these things are consecrated to the devil and cannot be consecrated to God.

When the Assembly of God came to this country, they were pure and they oppose adornment. Later, they were infiltrated by marine kingdom pastors who corrupted them, and they began to accept makeup. I know one of their theological schools that is completely controlled by demons. There is an angel of light of Satan that is in control of the Assembly of God. We were training servants and sending them to the Assembly of God. Many souls of the Assembly of God are bound in prison beneath the sea. They are chained and they are asking for help. Yet they are alive on the earth.

When you join a church of marine kingdom pastor, your soul is incarcerated underwater. When we were sending the pastors, they were supposed to join a living church and become a collaborator of the pastor and they were supposed to get the trust of the church members. In the end, they were to cause these members to join them in rebellion against the leader so that the church will become two factions.

Underwater, we were training the men and women so that they would marry pastors. They were sent to God's children who fight and cause damages to the kingdom of Satan, such as intercessors, singers, preachers.


During the war against God's children, I was summoned to attend the throne of Satan in the second heaven, where fallen angels ruled the space. When I got there I was instructed to power a generator that was supposed to supply demons with energy. When I was inside the room that was inside the generator, I did concentration and I began to generate and assemble energy like some balls in the cartoon called Dragon Balls. And when I assembled enough energy I unleashed it just like in Dragon Balls. There was intense power and demons collected the energy that I had released. The generator was powered in order to empower unclean spirits working on the earth to cause disasters in the month of June, which is a month of disasters.

The month of September is the month where decisions of destruction are agreed upon in the world of Satan. From October to December death will strike the innocent as a result of these accidents. You must learn to prevent this by praying in September when documents are signed for accidents that are supposed to happen. I was the one powering this generator in order to empower demons from June to September.

In the second heaven and when I was with Satan, I said to him, “Master, you always tell us that the old Papa has placed you here and that He is the master of Christians. I would like to see that old Papa.”

It was then the devil arranged a day where I was taken to a beautiful garden in the second heaven that seems like a paradise. Inside this perfect garden, I saw a man on the cross. He was nailed on the cross and his blood was fresh. I was told that this is the old Papa, the God of Christians.

Later when I did my research, I came to understand that the man of the cross was a demon with capital D. I learned that the devil took flesh and blood and he was crucified on the cross and this was his flesh and body when he was on the earth. This is the same image that we see in the Catholic Church of a man on the cross.

In the second heaven, it is forbidden to quote the name of Jesus for you shall be put to death because of damage and disaster it causes unless you are important. The world of Satan is a world where the strong crushes the weak. It is a lawless world and we have managed to bring this mentality into the church. As you can see the strong crushing the weak in the church of Jesus.

We were assigned to stop God's children from praying for whenever they pray, if I were coming down to third heaven and cause bombardment in the second heaven and the first heaven, there are damages that happen on the infrastructure of the spirit world that will need to be repaired.

Praying in tongues causes a tunnel between God's children and the third heaven. When the angel of the Lord descends with the answer to your prayer that is always battle in space. For the devil has 24 elders and 4 living creatures and 7 spirits in space. The devil has copied the image of heaven. There is a battle that lasts for days and weeks in the second heaven between the angels of God and the angels of Satan.

The enemy fears the use of oil in prayer in order to have access to houses of children of God. We were instructed by the devil to prevent pastors from consecrating houses of God's children. Often pastors are called to consecrate houses of God's children. This was preventing us from entering. The devil instructed us to stop the men of God from using oil when consecrating houses of God's children for, in the spirit world, oil is liquid fire like molten steel that spread with the speed of the wind and cover all the house and burn the work of the devil.

Whenever the oil touches the floor during consecration prayer, the oil always turned to liquid fire and spread like wind and demons would not be able to enter the house of God's children. We use deception and we use to speak to the minds of God's servants telling them not to use oil. The devil fears the use of oil by God's children.

We were trying to get God's servants to ignore the bathroom during consecration prayer so that we enter and hide in the bathroom where the queen of the toilet hide. There is destruction when you use oil in prayer, for it turns to liquid fire.


The Bible says in Job 26:9-10, He covers the face of the full moon, spreading His cloud over it. He has inscribed a horizon on the face of the waters at the boundary between light and darkness.

Brother, I always tell God's children to learn to use spoken word and declaration in order to draw a circle of protection and fire around their houses, their properties and themselves. Whenever you draw a circle of protection around your life and your property, there will be a circle of fire and rays from the third heaven. When a circle and the line of fire come down on your life and your property no one will pass.

This passage was given for believers. The mystic always draws a black circle, they know our power. When you declare that no one will pass, this will be enforced in the spirit world and no one will trespass.


I would like to approach the works of the devil in the local church. First and foremost, every Saturday at midnight, there is a bright angel of God that descends to every living church on the earth. The purpose of this angel that descends in the local church Sunday morning is to release a power of attraction that will cause God's children to come to church on Sunday. When the angel of the Lord descends in the local church on Sunday morning, the devil deploys his angel who is the counterpart whose mission is to keep God's children from attending the church on Sunday.

Brother, every day of the week is ruled by a specific angel of the Lord. Since the devil is the imitator of God’s prerogative, he has assigned seven angels of darkness that rule the seven days of the week.

The angel in charge of Sunday is the Sun God. I used to travel to the sun thanks to the pyramid to meet the Sun God. Thus every month of the year is ruled by an angel of the Lord. The devil has also assigned demons ruling each month of the year.

On Sundays, the angel of Satan causes God's children to miss the church or to come late. Basically, in front of every living church, there is an angel of the Lord and there are great light and fire. On the other hand, before every satanic church, there is a demon and there is red light shining. the red light indicates the property of the devil.

In this critical time, there are living churches and occultic churches. During the service, the angel of God works to attract people to come to church while the angel of Satan is at work to keep people away from the church.

This angel of Satan is the one in charge of evangelical outreaches and soul winning. There are wars and tussles for every soul of men on the earth. The battle for souls of men is raging between the world of life and the world of darkness.

Whenever a Christian goes out to evangelize, this is an act of war. Evangelism equals to the invasion of the camp of the enemy. Whenever a soul leaves his home and makes the first step in the street for evangelism, immediately the angel of the Lord will descend by his side in the street to assist him. This is actually the angel of evangelism.

In terms of soul-winning, the crossroad is essential because Jesus said, “When you go to the crossroad, say this and that.”

Matt 22:9 -10
Go out therefore to the crossroads, and everybody you meet invite to the wedding.' And those servants went out on the crossroads and got together as many as they found, both bad and good, so [the room in which] the wedding feast [was held] was filled with guests.

Satanists don't like Christians to evangelize in the crossroads. It is a strategic place for them. In truth, there are nets and booby traps that are set up in many crossroads and roundabouts. When a Christian evangelizes in the crossroad, the four corners of the crossroad will be blocked by the angel of the Lord. As a result, a permanent demon that is posted in the crossroad will flee.

Evangelism and soul-winning is the most dangerous activity against the enemy. It is war and conquest of the prey of the enemy who is holding captives, countless souls. For whenever God's children went out to proclaim the Gospel in the street, there were things happening.

When they proclaim the good news of the Gospel in the street, I saw fire coming out of their mouths and traveling like balls of fire reaching people from long distances. Anyone that can hear their voice can be reached by bolts of fire coming out of their mouths as they are released through the proclaiming of the Gospel.

When souls of men are reached by the word that came out like balls of fire, the seed of the Word was planted in their heart and sealed in their memories. As a result, many were coming to Christ even weeks and months after hearing the Word.

The devil who is the arch-enemy has a class of demons called the evangelist whose purpose is to counter the effect of the Word of God in people's hearts. They cause people to harden their hearts. Every ministry of the body of Christ has a counterpart demon whose task is to counter the minister. As soon as a soul winner proclaims the gospel, a demon evangelist would come to oppose him and stop people from giving their hearts to God.

Every Sunday before the service, I used to see God’s women and the protocol cleaning the church before the service. Often when they clean the house of God, I saw that their brushes became luminous and fiery. When they were sweeping the church with these brushes, all the defilements, enchantments and curses were burned and incinerated by the brush that has become fiery and luminous. Spiritual dirt was cleaned and swept away from the church.

This phenomenon happens when the person doing the work for God was single-minded. This lady had a strong prayer life. She worked with joy arranging the chairs for God's people. We tried to discourage her, but we failed. We attacked her with the cough. But when she was sweeping the place and coughing, the sound of her coughing was like detonation in the astral world. and we were scared. We could not bear the sound of detonation.

And whenever the church service is about to start, the angels of the Lord descend with packages, and there were stars that came from heaven. Those who come early and on time received these stars from heaven in their spirits. Those who come to church late miss their packages and the stars from heaven.

The purpose of these stars was to cause God's children to be united and linked with the heavenly world of light. The one who received these stars in his system received celestial nature and heavenly light from heaven. The just will shine like stars in the firmament. The devil used to say, “You're going to stop them from getting these stars in their spirits.”

Brother, when it is no longer time, the Angel of blessing and the stars of heaven will disappear. When the church begins, the leader that is leading matters. Whenever the leader is not holy the heaven will be shut.

When God's children call the blood of Jesus, I saw the royal blood of Christ flowing in the church. As a result, demons were withdrawn from the church by the sirens.

When God's children confess their sin, the demons would be in agony and cry for the bondage of God's children was broken. It is when the confession is not sincere that the bondage remains and the demons would be joyful because you are not sincere in your confession.

I would like to warn God’s people to be careful with anger because many Christians kill, thanks to anger. In fact, they say things and do deeds that are killing as far as God is concerned. And given that they don't know that they have killed, they don't confess that which is sin. As a result, these killings remain in the presence of God.

Whenever God's children call the Blood of Jesus, we saw the red blood flowing in the church. During the service whenever people sing and praise with their hearts in the church, I used to see angels coming down among the people. They were working in the lives of those who were worshiping in the spirit. And when the angels descended, there was a white light in the middle of the crowd. And in the middle of the light, I saw the throne of God. I came to understand that the throne of God descends in the praise of his people.

However, when the one who leads the singing in the church is in sin, she was the gateway through which we entered, and when she sings, the heaven was shut for the church, and demons would be dancing.

When the time of the message comes, whatever the pastor preaches about on Sunday is always related to the angel of the Lord for every Bible verse is connected to an angel. When the pastor preaches peace, evangelism, love, the Angel of peace, the Angel of love, the Angel of evangelism were descending among the people of God.

When I was entering churches for confrontation, first and foremost, I was checking the pastor's spiritual strength and strikeforce. I was checking whether his spiritual eyes were open. Whether he is able to see the spirit world, whether he has discernment.

Brother, the devil is opposed to the gift of vision and discernment for he is scared of men of God who can see the spiritual world for witchcraft and manipulation will be exposed. Whenever I came to war inside the church, I was weighing the pastor on the balance in order to determine whether he was lightweight or heavyweight.

Whenever I determined that he was lightweight, I was erecting a wall between the pulpit and the people. In this scenario, he can preach as much as he wants, given that there is a spiritual wall, that people would forget the preaching as soon as they leave the church. If the preacher lives in sin, I could leave my body and assault his spirit.

I remember one day I came across a strong pastor. Whenever I was trying to erect a wall between his pulpit and the people hearing his preaching, there was a powerful hand that was crushing the spiritual wall. When I placed the wall for the second time, the hand crushed the wall again.

Whenever I was unable to reach a pastor, I was checking his wife. Many wives of pastors have an issue with anger. We have managed to initiate them subconsciously into witchcraft. We were taking their spirits to our meeting under the sea, where we were celebrating, eating, drinking. Whenever the meeting was over, we were erased from their mind and memories. When they woke up, they would not know that they attended witchcraft meeting underwater.

Whenever I enter a Christian service where the pastor was heavyweight, I was checking the singers in the worship group, whether they are living in sin or not. Many of them don't understand the importance of this ministry. The devil was a singer in heaven.

And there are three kinds of songs that people sing in churches. There are Christian songs that are inspired by demons. When churches sing that song, the angels of God move away.

There are some that we sing in Ivory Coast, it is popular but the song contains the name of Allah and this disqualifies that song. Allah is the name of a demon that resides in the moon. In French, her name means Luna.

There is another song that says, “Jesus has seduced my soul.” The song is disqualified because the word seduction does not apply to Jesus.

There is another song that is popular in Africa where we sing, “Jesus is higher and the devil is lower.” The fact that the name of the devil is in the song it is disqualified. When you are singing about the Lord, you cannot put the name of the devil in the song. The devil rejoices when his name is mentioned in the song of God worship. These are mistakes.

There are also Christian songs that the singer praise what the Lord has done in his life, for the Lord has given him house, money, and car. This is a terrestrial song that is not entering heaven.

The only song that is eternal and celestial is where the words glorify God. When God’s people sing these songs of worship the angels come down in the churches, in their houses with swords and they cut bondages and ties. They attack their problems with their swords.

Whenever I enter the church for war, we target first and foremost the pastor, then the singer, then the intercessor.

When God's children asked for the Spirit and when His power comes down, the whole place was enlightened and illuminated by a great light because of the Spirit of God. Whenever the church started casting out demons, I saw the heavens opening and warrior angels descending.


The devil gave us teaching about prayer and meditation. He taught us how to attack Christians. In truth, the Christian must pray for three hours. This is the minimum. We were supposed to oppose men of God who pray for long hours. We were alerted whenever men of God were in an intensive time of prayer. When a man of God pray for long hours for a month, he will reach a dimension of divine healing, miracle, and power.

When I was in Satanism, I saw great mysteries in the lives of God's children. As soon as a Christian begin to pray for the welfare and blessing of his neighborhood, the angel of God descended from the upper heaven to the marine world in order to grab the blessing of his members and the people of the neighborhood from the queen of the coast. She is the one who keeps gold, money, wealth and all the treasure of the earth under the sea.

Brother, when people are born, they are born with their qualifications, their jobs, their marriages, their finances. They are born with their blessings. The demons and mermaids steal all these blessings that are kept by the queen of the coast who had become rich.

And whenever men of God pray for blessing, the angels of God descend underwater in order to recoup the blessings that were stolen in the lives of his members including the people of his neighborhood. The angels will begin to restore and distribute these blessings to their owners.

Whenever the man of God called fire there will be fire descending from the upper Heaven. It will cause damage in the second heaven and the first heaven and fire will cover him and he would become more fiery.

In the world of darkness, long prayers block the system and logistic of Satan. Therefore, long prayers must be stopped and reduced to half an hour or an hour because all three hours of prayer causes great damage and destruction in the world of Satan.

And when long prayer is finished, demons will begin to pick up what has been destroyed and damaged. It takes time to repair the destruction of infrastructure and logistic caused by the long prayer of God's children. In the spirit world, the more hours you spend in prayer, the more angels are deployed in your life. The more you are dedicated in prayer, the flame of fire increases proportionally in your life.

There are men of God that get new angels every day. As a result, the diameter of the fire covering them increases. Their fiery diameter of protection increases. You cannot come at a distance of 100 meters from them because the rays of light increase the perimeter of protection.

Brother, whenever an angel comes to your life as a result of prayer, he comes with rays of lights covering you. This ray of light can be hundreds of meters depending on dedication and prayer. All things depend on how long and how much you spend time in fasting and prayer and meditation.

At the end of time, the devil is using adornment as war strategy to win souls of women.

I want to reveal what I saw beneath the sea. I was not a marine kingdom pastor but I used to see various pastors from all over the world coming to the marine world to attend theological conferences of the devil.

Underwater, the devil is continually training pastors in theology in the marine kingdom. The devil is actually a Bible teacher. He is constantly teaching theology to various pastors of the world in the marine kingdom. The devil is twisting the Scripture and in this course, the enemy kept saying, “The men of God since their Master said this, you will teach this.”

The marine kingdom pastors preach the same thing as the authentic pastors but they twist things. Whenever the devil fails to understand a Bible passage he gets frustrated and angry. There is a passage that aggravates the devil when he teaches theology in the marine world.

It's the passage where the apostle John was caught up in the Spirit and the Bible says there was silence in heaven.

Rev 8:1 When He opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour.

And the other passage that says that John was about to write the mystery and he was told to keep the secret to himself.

Rev 10:4 Now when the seven thunders uttered their voices, I was about to write; but I heard a voice from heaven saying to me, “Seal up the things which the seven thunders uttered, and do not write them.”


When God-fearing Christians walk the street, it is clear they don't touch the ground for they move in space. The Satanists know that fatal danger is around and you don't come close. There are Christians who are dedicated but they still walk on the ground. They are also Christians who walk in space for they don't touch the ground; they have reached another level and they are dangerous.

You can't fight these believers in spiritual war; you have to go physical. I mean, you will need to come through people in his proximity. You have to aggravate them and incite them so that the target will be vexed.

We were always checking the celestial armor of God. There are six weapons of defense mentioned in Ephesians six. Whenever I was watching the believer I was checking the six weapons like the helmet of salvation that covers the head, the shield of faith which is held by the left hand and the sword of the Spirit in their right hand.

In order to touch the believer, we look at their protective weapon and the offensive weapon. If you lack the shield of faith, we will remove the little faith you have. When you don't have sandal your feet become vulnerable. We will attack your feet so that you won't be able to evangelize and go to church.

When you put nail polish or artificial nail, you will lose the sword of the spirit and the shield of faith as your hand would not be able to hold them. You won't be able to hold the Bible for long because of nail polish and artificial nail.

When you don't have the sword of the Spirit, the breastplate of justice and shield of faith you are vulnerable. When your sandal is removed you become barefooted and powerless. Your feet would be reached by witchcraft when you walk on a fetish. It will touch you for there are entries in the foot palm.

There are two kinds of weapons around God's children. Whenever we came against God's children, we were checking defensive or protective armors that are on them. Whenever I came to make war against believers, I saw that the flaming sword of the third heaven moving before them. I often saw angels moving around them. I often saw the flame of fire turning around and covering them.

There are Christians when they walk the street they emit lightning and flashes of light and fire. In general, most God's children don't know how to use their weapons and armor. They only make use of the name of Jesus, the blood of Jesus and they call fire. In a battle, I saw God's children coming to fight without the sword of the Spirit, the shield of faith and the helmet of salvation. Some of them have no sword in their hands. Some of them have no breastplate.

The Cross of the Lord is a weapon you can use. I mean, you can drag the enemy before the cross and demand the judgment of the Lord upon them. There are words that are dangerous when Christians say them in prayer. The Christian must learn every word about Jesus like where the Bible calls Him, the lion and the judge.

When Christians wage spiritual warfare, there are death and damages in the spirit world but the Christians don't see it. Every situation on the earth is connected to Bible verses that Christians must know. Whenever Christians sing Gospel songs, I saw angels connected to the music coming down. You don't see them but they have come to surround you and join you in worshiping God.

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