Thursday, September 20, 2018



The Year of 1985.


I will relate my testimony of rapture when I was imprisoned in hell.

When I returned to earth. The marks of the knives were on my body which caused astonishment to the church. In my body, there were marks of the burn that left me very frightened.

I went to the doctor to get medicine to heal the burns. And nothing happened. I continued with the marks of suffering as proof that I was there.

I was sent to hell to observe the spiritual world of souls. My going to that place was to feel the pains of hell. Today I know what torment is. I was caught by a demon. I felt what a real experience of torture made me sick, even going back to earth.

Even asleep in my bed. I heard the souls screaming for help and had constant nightmares in the nights. Every time I closed my eyes to sleep it seemed like it was in the dark. I felt as if I had gone back to that place. I started to sleep with the lights on and my mother prayed a lot for my recovery.

I got too much in hell before I was freed. I killed who defied me. Today I love those who mock me and mistreat me. Before anyone who assaulted me would be dead. Today I'm insulted and assaulted.
And when they hit me. I feel more love for them.

What I suffered in hell does not compare to a beating of men.

When I was evil, I gave souls to the devil by taking their lives. I now gain souls for Jesus. I want to reward all the lives I've given to hell by saving souls. I make any sacrifice for Jesus to the extent of doing mission work in far places.

Only I know the place from which He took me, freed me from that murderous spirit and delivered me from that terrible place. If Jesus wanted to leave me there, He could. I was evil. I had not converted and belonged there for the life I lived. There was my abode, and if I stayed forever, Jesus would be just.

If it were not for the mercy of Jesus would be in that place to this day.

Today I am an evangelist and I take Jesus' Word to the world.

I will explain to you that being taken to hell to see souls in torment is one thing, now being taken away to be tormented is something else. I felt in my skin what poor souls suffer in hell. From this testimony, you will have more love for the souls that are still alive on earth. And if you have the heart of Christ, you will do everything to win souls and not let them go to this place. I do not want hell for the world's worst and worst killer.

Hell is so terrible that it was not created for people but for demons. Hell is a place of punishment. 

I will start to tell you my testimony. I am an ex-thief and now a servant of the living God.

My parents have always been Christians, but I grew up watching movies from shootings, serial killers, psychopaths that kill people. A great desire to do evil took hold of my heart. At that moment it opened a channel of possession, giving legality to my heart and I was possessed by a bloodthirsty spirit as a child. And I started killing cats and dogs in the neighborhood for the sake of slowly seeing death before my eyes.

As a teenager. I raped a girl who did not want to date me, and I  threatened to kill her if she told anyone else. I was evil. I did not feel remorse or pity.

I started using a revolver to steal. My nature was becoming more and more like a beast every day.

I will not speak of my atrocities in order not to take away the beauty of my encounter with Jesus in this testimony.

I became a thief and a monster. My parents suffered a lot for my being such an evil person. That's not what they wanted for me.

I started to argue in the village where I live and the number of my enemies increased. The police could not get me for the crimes of robbery. The place where I lived is violent with many robberies and murders. I was not the only one who did evil. The bloodthirsty spirit and the robbery made me worse. I had become an abominable man.

The police arrested me and I spent many years in jail receiving bad treatments. All this made me angrier and my plan was to fulfill my sentence and commit many more crimes when I leave. I wanted revenge for the inhuman treatment I suffered.

When I served my time. I returned to my parents' house. My mother, knowing my intentions, began to pray and fast for my life so that I would not do the same things again. My mother had been praying for me for 20 years and decided to increase her prayer time further. My parents fought for my soul and won in prayer. I tell mothers not to stop praying for their children. I can assert if it were not for my parents' prayers I would be burning in hellfire.

I was angry at being in a prison full of dangerous men, sharing the same cell with them in precarious living conditions. The prison officials treated everyone like animals. Rich criminals had better conditions in prisons that looked like mansions.

The demons knew of my revolt and put thoughts of killing innocent people. I could not take revenge on the cops, but I could do it on innocent people.

My parents prayed for my salvation and asked God not to let me take the lives of innocent people. They fasted for my life. Until one day I felt a breath in my ear and a voice said, "Mate takes revenge, unload your anger."

I took the revolver and a voice said in my ear, "Son, do not do this, do not take life from My image and likeness. Killing a person is killing Me, My image."

I thought it was the voice of my father. I went to his room, but he was not there just my mother praying. Then I remembered that my father had not yet come home from work.

It was about 10 o'clock at night. I was in the kitchen wanting to go out and kill somebody. I felt a legion of demons enter my body to make me kill people. When I tried to open the door from the house to get out my body was paralyzed.

My mother prayed for my life. At that moment she entered a spiritual war for my life against the demons. The legion wanted to take me to do the bad thing, but my body was paralyzed by prayer.
Even the demons inside me could not move. My head started to ache. I felt like ice was inside my head.

I saw a sword leaning against my chest. I looked at the person holding the sword. It was a man in white and with wings. I sat on the floor and put my hands on my head because of the pain. I lay on the floor screaming and my mother ran to me. I had dropped the revolver on the floor.

My mother ran up to me and began to pray. My spirit was no longer in my body and I saw my mother crying out to God not to let me die.

Suddenly I was transported to a dark dimension. A different world that is not the earth. A dark world, dark and total darkness, outside our planet. I had never seen such an ugly and horrible place outside our world.

When I entered there my heart squeezed with fear. I felt chills and ice in my soul. I preferred to return to the prison where I was and to go through the inhuman treatments for a million times of what is in that place.

Look at this matter, church. The suffering I spent in that place made me cry like a baby wanting my mother. No one on earth could make me cry. I had a hard heart and was not afraid of anyone.
In that place, the fear manifested itself in me. The demonic atmosphere there causes ice on the spine.

The suffering I spent in the prison compared to what I went through in hell is a paradise. At least in the prison, even though I was eating badly, I ate and drank, and no one tormented or maimed my body. The minutes of pain I spent in that place seemed like forever. There is no time count for not having days and nights. I spent 1 hour stuck in hell that looked like 10 years I was there.

My entrance to hell left me puzzled, scared and very afraid. A brave man now trembling with fear.

A giant bat caught me by the claws. I felt the nails penetrate my back. He flew with me through the dark, dense airs of hell. This bat demon threw me near a place where I met a 3-meter demon. This demon said, "You are brave." I was very frightened that I shuddered inside. He picked me up and threw me into a cell. My weight was insignificant. I looked like styrofoam when he threw me.

I saw a person in the other cell on fire. Inside that hot, burning cell I thought I was alone. An invisible force that was inside me hurt me without stopping. I felt his claws cut through my body with his nails that looked like knives. I could hear the clatter of nails hitting each other and felt a thin blade cutting through my body. His fingernails looked like razors, and at the same time needles punctured my body. My skin was filled with holes and deep cuts. I began to scream without stopping because of the pain until I had no voice. I groaned in pain, gritted my teeth and bit my tongue. My cell was so small it looked like a cage.

The feeling of loneliness took over. The homesickness of my family only increased. Everything on earth was of no value to me before. Now I appreciated every drop of water, a lump of a fruit, a plant or a wind breeze. People who meant nothing to me now were valuable. My enemies on earth were now my friends and I was willing to forgive them. I missed my parents, never cared about them, but at that moment they were the most important people in my life. I regretted having despised my parents. They were the people I hurt the most.

You who are a Christian treat your parents well, never mistreat people who are not yet believers, live in union with the brethren in your church. Today I value my life and those of people too.

In hell, this sin tormented my mind. The people I did wrong to and the light way I treated them. It was like a movie in my head. I had severe headaches and my brain was on fire to the point of exploding. I felt smoke coming from my skull.

My conscience of all the sins committed was heavy. It had never happened to me. My suffering was so terrible that the drops of my sweat turned to blood. The shouting of souls in hell at the same time affected my hearing. The screams of distress and despair drove me crazy.

When I returned to earth I was deaf for 2 days and my mind was disturbed. My parents called the church to pray for my life. In hell, I had a dry throat from screaming. I felt a lot of water. I remembered when I was wasting water on the earth. I remembered the food I threw in the trash because of the hunger in that place. I felt very sleepy and tired but had no rest and could not sleep.

The cell caught fire and consumed my body like straw. People that I had killed wanted to bring their lives back. I repented because of the conscience. I wanted a chance to mend my life, but the weight of all the evil fell on me. I was reaping all my evils.

I wanted to go back to earth to be a good man and start over. I repented of the pamphlets of the Word of God that I threw away without reading and the words of my parents that I did not listen to.
I despised the counsels of my parents when they spoke of Jesus. I repented that I had not valued the preaching and mocked the Christians.

There in hell sin does not go unnoticed, everything is remembered. That place reminds you of everything. I suffered the highest degrees of punishment of conscience, and yet a tormented demon afflicted me in that cell.

At first, I could not see my cellmate, but with the permission of God, I could see. This demon tormented me 24 hours without rest, he did not get tired and would not let me rest for a minute. He is hairy like a black dog.

An angel came to rescue me from that place. He opened my cell and taking me out of that cage and together we went up to earth.


The angel took me to a place on earth, where I saw a chief demon talking to his subordinates about the chemical networks that distribute medicine to pharmacies.

I asked the angel what they are up to. The angel said, "All the drug networks made in the laboratories were not designed to heal people but to control their illnesses. This medicine only controls diseases.
All of this is a plan by Satan to enslave people by letting them depend on these drugs by drugging their bodies. People will spend their money on these remedies for life and will never be cured.
These remedies will cause other problems for those who are dependent."

"God created the medicinal plants to heal the body. The cure of diseases is not in the chemical laboratories, everything is in the forest. The solution of healing is in nature and Satan has created his artificial means of deception."


The angel took me to a chemical laboratory where engineers poisoned the seeds before planting. They manipulated the genetic alterations of seeds by manipulating the creation of God. Those fruits would be born faster and larger than their natural size. And their crops would be faster than normal because of the modifications made in the seeds.

The angel said, "Man wants to change what God created to make money faster. The angel showed me many chemicals in the plants. All of this is poisons injected into our feeds that we think are natural. This is leading to varieties of disease because of these chemicals."

Products that come canned, packaged meats full of preservatives. The market offers lots of chemical feed that are not natural. Cancer, diabetes, and problems of clogged vessels, poor blood circulation, migraines, and heart problems are fruits of poor diet. We have to pray for our food before it has consumed. I saw in the vision the demons poisoning all the food of the earth.


The angel took me to a very large and luxurious house. A very rich man did rituals in a part of his house. I saw the spirit materializing and assumed the appearance of a man. This spirit took on the appearance of a man and called the owner of the house who sat on the table with the devil in human form and drank wine. This man is a politician and a Satanist who has a lot of intimacy with this demon. He managed to be elected not by popular votes, but because of the covenant. The devil put him in power.


The angel took me into the air and we were on the sea. I looked at the waters and saw a spiritual abyss in the depths of the sea. Some demons broke free from the abyss and stayed deep in the seas.
Some materialize in the form of mermaids, others in strange marine animals. And they stood at the edge of the sea and people could see, believing that sirens exist. Many people even record and take pictures of strange marine animals that suddenly disappear.


These are demonic apparitions are another sign of Jesus' coming.

People are seeing the demons with their own eyes like an apparition of extraterrestrials. These demons are no longer invisible and begin to reveal themselves to people, others are appearing with their physical forms.

People do not understand that they are the demons and they weigh in monsters of the movies. They have no notions of the spiritual things that are happening. Demons want to be seen by people because they know they think of fairy tales and many to strengthen the lies say that elves exist.

I saw in vision when walking with the angel a spiritual curtain opening. Without understanding I asked for an explanation to the angel who told me; the more this curtain opens, the more demons will reveal themselves to a world that is blind and will never believe in their existence. The demons want to talk and walk among the people as human people. They do not want to be invisible. They just did not do it because God did not allow it.

When the spiritual curtains are torn the demons will take total control of the world in the reign of the Antichrist. There will be no difference between the spirit world and the earth, all the spirits will be mixed with the people. Their desires are to materialize in intelligent people to facilitate contact with people and to control them through the words of persuasion.

The angel said that Jesus has not allowed this to happen because of the prayers of the church.

That was the revealed message I had.

After I left hell I was sick for two days in bed. My worried mother asked the church to intercede for me. I had pains in his soul, I felt distressed inside. My pain was more than physical pains, spiritual pains, sequels caused by the mutilation I suffered in my soul.

I want to speak to the church, value what God has given you, your marriage, your family, and your ministry. Have patience with your family members and your church members just as Jesus have patience with you when you are still in the world. Seek God and reflect on the small changes that are happening in your life.

Your spiritual life is going through a process of transformation. Gradually God is working and not overnight, but this process of sanctification will have its end when Jesus returns. Your worldly concerns have taken away your desire to pray and seek the presence of God. He has woken you up at dawn but you preferred to sleep instead of praying. You have been preoccupied with day-to-day tasks and running endlessly in pursuit of things that add nothing to your life.

In your every day, stop a little and think what you have done for God. Remove all that is evil in your spiritual life. Eliminate all thoughts of the past that bring bitterness, even when they will continue to err and learn from their falls. Some are always sinning and practicing iniquity.

Living in sin please you so much that you do not want to leave. Is there no fear in your hearts? How long will the Holy Spirit grieve with these sins?

They complain about their lives and say that God does not bless them. When it is to please God, they do not want to, but they charge their blessings. They only know how to criticize everything bad that happens around them. But when they receive a blessing, they do not know how to glorify God. Holy Spirit has touched your heart to let go of sin, but you have withstood His soft voice. They are undecided not knowing whether they serve God or not. They think too much, but they do not know how to act.

They do not pray. They do not live the Word and still want to be used by God. How they will grow spiritually if they are troubled. Where are your reactions of faith and prayer to the obstacles that prevent you from becoming vessels of honor? Stand before God and take a stand or you will live a life that displeases God.

I was part of the Confederation of the shepherds. I denounced the false prophets who are part of the confederation. I was called a traitor and disconnected from the confederation. These false shepherds tried to kill me; they paid bloodthirsty men money to take my life.

God gave me deliverance and used a rich man to pay for the ticket for my flight. Today I live outside the country and do missions around the world and I travel.

I pray to God that enlighten each path. The people who hear this testimony, may Jesus gives strength and perseverance to all amen.