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The Lord took me to a big hall in hell, I saw all the demons chained down and on seats. The Lord told me they were the fallen angels, so I asked the reason why they were chained down. The Lord told me, "They are very powerful and if they were released, they would cast more souls into hell, they are very powerful." Then the Lord told me, "They will be released after the rapture to trouble the earth and persecute the people for the mark of the beast."

2 Peter 2:4 For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment.

One of them called my name, and said, "Senayon, the Lord has shown you a good testimony, but if I meet you on earth, I will kill you."

When we left the place and on our way, I noticed that something was holding onto my clothes. When I looked back, I saw it was a demon, and he came out from underneath. Because of the light of Christ, it could not come near me.

Then the Lord told me, "He is the high priest of the devil Beelzebub."

Matthew 12:24 But when the Pharisees heard it, they said, This fellow doth not cast out devils, but by Beelzebub the prince of the devils.

The demon said to me, "We will not allow you to share the testimony and you will not reveal our secret, we will kill you."

Then the Lord told me "Command him!" So I commanded him in the Name of Jesus to fall down. Just then a great wind beat him down and he returned to his place.

The Lord also showed me the spirit of stubbornness and how it sent evil weapons but the Lord send it back many folds more and it ran away.

Psalm 91:1 He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

As long as the Lord held my hand, His presence cast away my fear, and there was not a sorrow about what I saw.


I was raptured to the kingdom of heaven in this time of prayer. Jesus was at the narrow door of heaven and received me. He led me into a room that I saw a compartment and a large golden key joined with a giant chain that shone. And I also saw a strange object that reflected a light like a precious stone. Jesus said that that object is the seal that will immobilize the body of Satan and neutralize his movements. The chain I saw is the one that will hold Satan for 1000 years in the abyss for the earth to have peace. The key I saw is the one that will lock the portal of the abyss so that it does not rise to the earth.


I went down to hell with the angel, he told me, "Today we are going to visit a part of hell, the abyss."

The angel and I entered hell and then we went into a different place. In that place, there were no souls and no demons tormenting souls. It was a dark place without fire and a legion of angels trapped in that place. They were not demons but angels who have sinned in the past and were in an abyss. I came near an angel, he looked at me with great hatred and tried to grab me but the chains held that angel, preventing him from catching me. I looked at these angels. They were black and their original forms of angels disappeared and gave place to monsters of horrifying aspects.

I suddenly saw them become locusts. Their appearances were as described in Revelation 9:7-8  And the shapes of the locusts were like unto horses prepared unto battle; and on their heads were as it were crowns like gold, and their faces were as the faces of men. And they had hair as the hair of women, and their teeth were as the teeth of lions. 

I had never witnessed devils so terrible.

The angel said, "These are the grasshopper angels who will be loosed to torment the earth. Satan will receive the key of that place and will lead this army and release these creatures to harm humanity."

I said, "There the Earth will be like a living hell when these creatures go up there."

The angel showed me an angel who was trapped in the chains. This angel turned into a dragon with several heads. The angel said, "That is the Beast who will be the Antichrist on Earth." The angel showed me a part of the abyss where there was no angel trapped. A vast, dark and dangerous place, prepared for someone. The angel said, "This place is where Satan will be trapped for a thousand years."



I saw several deep, dark craters in the earth that released much black smoke. And suddenly many of these craters began to multiply in the four corners of the planet.

Jesus told me, "Son, every year that passes these doors of the abyss open and demons that are not yet on earth will be freed. Each year millions of demons are being released from the abyss to cause torment on earth. These are not yet the demons that Abaddon will release. Each year iniquity and corruption increase along with the deception. The years to come will multiply death, prostitution, suicide, new fashions, divorces and false signs of miracles will increase for the false prophets."

"Tell My people to stand firm and seek holiness every day. They will win this war with their knees on the floor. Tell them to search more and more for My presence. My spirit is looking for a bride who has not prostituted herself to the world. Tell My people that all those who strive to walk in holiness, even though they are a sinner, I will circumcise their hearts according to My will."

"Tell the missionaries that I will send them to strange lands, where they need to watch, for it is the territory of devils. In the years to come, My servants will suffer bitterness and false accusations and others will die in countries where it is forbidden to preach the Word. But I will be with those in the hour of pain to console you or at the hour of death to take you. I will press My church with trials so that My servants may awaken and return to the first love. There will be deliverance for some servants before the last hour of the Rapture."

"I will go through all congregations to see who are truly faithful. As for the accusers who fight against the doctrine wanting to deny My watchmen, I am watching them. These men have caused confusion, dividing and forming parties within My house. They have prostrated themselves before the riches of this world, and My wrath will go down against the church that makes a covenant with the world."

"Those who have set their hearts on money and on earthly goods have already paralyzed their spiritual lives like statues. They have exchanged their reward and the crown of eternal life for the money of that land, selling what is eternal for that which is fleeting and cheap. The church is devaluing My holy Word and crucifying those who preach against sin. The church is changing all this to walk in the teachings of the doctrines from the pits of hell which is the broad way to perdition."

"In the next years to come, the world will go into great disorder. Punishment will come along with difficult times of distress. My wrath will be poured out against false churches and religions of deceit. The world will be under the wrath of My Father and My church will go through persecution all over the world."

"My people will return to My arms and there will be great brokenness, spiritual restitution, and sincere repentance. Tell My church to return to holiness before the rapture. Satan will try to prevent the reformation of the church but will be frustrated. The people will turn to Me and win the war. They will renounce the world and cast away all abominations."

I end my testimony by saying that the happenings in the spiritual world are not a joking matter. In the vision, I saw black holes opening in the ground and the demons rising to earth. I saw them invading churches and entering without fear. These devils are bold and fierce. They are demons of destruction. Once you decide to give up sin and worldliness and live a life given to God, you will be attacked by demons. But they will not be able to do anything, because God will protect His people who keep His Word. Jesus will give strength to each one of you on this journey, in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit Amen.

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