Thursday, September 27, 2018




I will relate my testimony when I was a lost person and walked in the path of darkness. I congregated in a pastor's church that welcomed me. I was a religious person who walked almost every day to the church, but I did not live the full gospel.

I wore tight clothes in the body because I worked in the gym. My body was the same as a female athlete. I liked to show off my curves with tight skirts and dresses. I liked to show off and when I passed the street men were attracted to me. It raises my mood and especially when I received praise from a man. In the morning I did gym and at night I was in church praising God.

When I was still a teenage girl I suffered prejudice in school because of my appearance. The boys called me ugly. I could never date a boy and the girls rejected and despised me. I grew up with the thought of wanting to be better than I am to be able to make friendship.s I did not accept myself and wanted to be a person accepted by society, wanted to please people to be well spoken.

What I did not know was that Jesus was not accepted by the people of Israel despite Him operating so many miracles.

And if you think you can please everyone, forget it, it does not work. To be a true believer you will never please the world because light and darkness are opposite, darkness has never combined with light, but you will need it to bring enlightenment to your path.

I grew up in contempt and started beautifying myself doing gym and going to the salon. I managed to draw men's attention and arouse the envy of many women.

I have always been a church member since I was a child, but I had never been truly educated. My parents have always been Christians, but they are lay people. I left his church and went to congregate in the church of another Pastor.

Already wanted by all the men of my neighborhood, I thought that being wanted filled my emptiness. The compliments of several women were not enough to close the large crater in my chest.

Pastor anointed me to do the work with her in the church, I took the position of a missionary but did not leave my neighborhood. I never preached outside of my city. For the sake of my church and pastor, I wanted to be recognized as a woman of God in my neighborhood. But no man in my village saw me as a woman of God. They saw me as a sexy woman. I looked at them and watched their malicious looks, it hurt me, because I wanted respect, but I did not want to stop showing off my curves.

I mean if you want to be a woman of God, change your clothes or you will be seen as a prostitute. The world judges by appearance, no matter if it is a woman honest and faithful to her husband. The world will look upon you as an easy woman of life. Do not be an instrument of desire that causes men to stumble. I was this woman who made men of the church who were not so spiritual to want me. Some even married from within the church offered me indecent proposals. One offered to run away with me hidden from Pastor, leaving for another city. Another believer invited me to be his mistress, offered me lots of money and still wanted to rent a hotel for the night.

I remember those believers who made me these proposals - they will burn in the fires of hell if they are not born again and cease to behave like ungodly people. But I did not want easy believers, I really liked the difficult. The true men of God were the ones I most wanted. Anyway, I tried to seduce them, crossing my legs and talking with a seductive look. They did not care about me, nor did they look for the flesh.

I thought to myself. They look like robots. They do not feel anything for me. I knew I was desired by the men and that there was nothing wrong with me, I did not conform to the contempt of these brothers. They were in a war with a dove spinning inside the church. A dove turns of flesh trying to bring you down! I began to like a married believer, but his wife's prayers made me sick when I approached her husband.

I obeyed my Pastor blindly without question, I felt the spirit of sensuality possesses me in my preaching. I tossed my hair in front of my eyes and then back. And when I came down from the pulpit, I looked like a queen, walked elegantly down with my high heels and paraded through the church like a catwalk. I felt that something was entering my body, and when I went to sleep I was possessed and had nightmares.

Sometimes I prayed, but the nightmares did not end; proving that I was not God's wife and did not have the authority to cast out devils. The pastor also prayed for me and put her hands on my head, and this demon never manifested when she prayed. I knew that demon of sensuality was inside me. I could feel him flowing inside my body. Sometimes I would laugh out loud unintentionally, doing it against my will.

My pastor used to heal many people in the church and I had made a vow with God, asking to be used as my pastor,.I deposited all my wages and asked God to be equal to her. That was about 8 months ago and I never had any answers. God never spoke to me in my prayers. I wanted to speak with God like many vessels that have contact with him.

What was confusing was because my Pastor as a woman full of gifts could not expel the devil. And because the devil did not manifest, my Pastor said that I had no demon and all my bad thoughts were my mind that is negative.

I could not stand this spirit anymore. I wanted him to vacate my body, he had lived inside me for years. One day I bowed my knee and said to Jesus with all my heart, "I want to talk to you like Noah and walk with you as Enoch walked, I must free myself from this spirit."

I only remember that I saw a flash of strong light and when I realized I was already next to an angel. He pointed his finger at my body that was kneeling on the bed. I saw that close to my body there was a spirit of a beautiful woman in red.

I asked the angel who is this woman who is near my bed

The angel said, "Do you think it is a spirit of an ordinary person? This is the demon of sensuality that dwelt within you, he prevented the Holy Spirit from dwelling in you and it was because of him that God did not speak to you and did not care for your prayers. While he was dwelling in you, he prevented you from receiving the gifts. He only leaves your body because he is dead at that moment, and he cannot use you to accomplish his wills."

I said to the angel, "Do not let this spirit possess me again."

The angel answered me, "If you serve the Lord with all your heart your desire will be granted."

I told the angel if I had died, I would not come back. He said he was going to reveal some things to me that sought answers.


The angel said, "I will show you at that moment who your Pastor is, and why she could not cast the devil out of your life. That vow you made 8 months ago asking to be like your Pastor was a vow that was invalid by God. The Holy Spirit will never use you as the Shepherdess!"

That made me very worried. The angel took me to Pastor's house at about midnight. She was praying to kneel before an image of a saint. Although she was a Christian, she was never able to free herself from the Catholic roots of her family. I watched as a transfigured angel demon appeared to her passing revelations to tell her church. When the angel Gabriel passed Pastor's house, the angel of light became a demon with a crocodile body and a serpent's head.


The angel rebuked me about the sin I had of hearing two people talking and then spreading particular matters. I also heard other people's conversations hidden and spread the news until it became a secret that everyone knew. I find it hard to keep a secret when someone asked me. The angel said that the evil tongue leads many lives to destruction and many people are possessed by demons because they spread evil by the mouth.


I also saw a Christian being possessed through the eyes, he was facing the television and a legion entered his body through the eyes.

The angel and I went to hell!


I saw a couple who were there because of the lie. Their wife searched the life of each person through the social network and passed the information to her husband. He used this information to say it was God's revelation. He died practicing the lie.

I also saw a Bishop in hell because of the lie. He used his strategies to attract crowds of people to his church. The Bishop hired actors to play the roles of paralytics, blind and dead. These actors were getting up from the wheelchairs that the Bishop himself had bought.

The actor who made himself dead was brought on a stretcher to the altar of the church. The Bishop made a prayer and the actor resurrected rising from the litter, causing the people to go crazy!

While the people glorified God, the Bishop took advantage of the occasion to ask for a large sum of money. Everyone was moved by the miracle and opened their hearts to offer. The actor who received a lot of money went away to another country, hiding the farce. Crowds of people gave big sums of money hoping to get their miracles. This charlatan of the bishop died and went to hell.

I saw a reverend, he was married to a woman, but betrayed his wife with a homosexual man! He never left this evil homosexual practice and went to hell.

I saw an apostle in hell, he had no affair with a homosexual. He was a homosexual and married a woman to disguise and be raised as a church leader. This apostle desired the Christians to whom he presented and destroyed various marriages of his members. He put the Christians against their wives, thinking of getting an affair with the men of his church.

This apostle will pay a high amount of money to married Christians, make them betray their wives, he took advantage of the financial situation to buy and subordinate these believers. This apostle fell in love with a man who is not a Christian. This contributed to his divorce from his wife. He went on to run the church without his wife and kept a secret affair with this man. Unfortunately, he died in this sin and now he is in hell.


I have seen many famous pastors of serious churches. I will not reveal the names of these pastors so as not to cause scandals, respecting those churches that are serious. If one day you tell me to speak, I will relate who they are on another occasion!


I will speak some names of famous people that the Lord Jesus allowed me. I saw actor Leslie Nielsen in hell in great torment! I saw the actor BUBA SMITH in the flames of hell suffering a lot in that place. Actor CLARKE DUNCAN is with them. That place is all HOLLYWOOD celebrities. The sufferings are so terrible that everyone goes crazy with so much pain. I also saw the actor ROBBIE WILLIANS there moaning and crying in pain.

The demons laughed at them and said, "Welcome to the valley of the darkness of fame. That valley of rich and famous people and the valley of horror." Their riches did not deliver their souls from the fire of hell. Their values lie in what they are to God, not in what they possess. The devil does not want us to know that earthly riches are without any eternal value. What matters to the devil are the souls. That is why he offers money and fame in exchange for them.

Seeing those men in hell I could see that world fame and wealth are illusions. Everything is fleeting and takes nothing to the other side, only the works that accompany it.

My spirit was carried to my body.

The night I went to visit my Pastor's church. She said that the angel appeared to her passing new revelations. I knew that the vision is false and the angel that appears to her is a demon. Pastor conveyed the false revelation. Now I understand why Pastor could not get rid of that demon. The Holy Spirit took me in the church, I rebuked the sin of the idolatry of my Shepherdess.

She said I would not preach any more in her church. She tried to shut me up inside the church and succeeded, but she did not shut me up in the streets. I continued to preach outside the temple, in the squares and cities. The pastor was upset that I won many souls in the streets and did not bring them to her church. She excommunicated me from her church by cutting the ligament for good. Many members who prayed, God showed them who the Pastor is.

God has prepared a husband for me. He has the gift of Shepherd, we have sought a church for members. And all the churches we visited were rebuked by the Holy Spirit.

If you do not have the gift of a Shepherd and have not found a serious church, for the time being, gather where you are, ask for the gift of a Shepherd, pray for God to raise you.

My husband opened a church for not finding a qualified one who did not live the genuine gospel.

I was a Jezebel of the church. Thank God I was released from lust, I do not wear any more sensual clothes. Women Jezebel will not inherit the kingdom of the heavens.

Free yourself from the influence of this devil if you want to rise, do not do the will of that spirit just like me.

I was once his vessel of dishonor. After I had freed myself from this spirit the men never looked at me again with malicious eyes. I was desired because of this spirit that drew men to me.

If you are a servant of God and have that spirit within you, you can not live in the kingdom of heaven if that spirit dwells within your body.

I wish you all a walk of Blessings in the presence of God Amen.