Tuesday, October 16, 2018



The Lord said, "I want you to know that Satan is real and wants to destroy the world." 

Right there, I could see a demon in the form of a satanic angel with very long nails holding a book. This demon was writing in the book the names of the people that would go to hell. 

I asked, "Lord, why are they doing this?"

The Lord said, "Go and tell the world that without Christ in their lives, Satan has written down all their names in the Book of Hell."

The Lord continued, "Watch. This demon has been sent to the highways to cause accidents happening in different places." 

"Lord, this is terrible," I said. 

The Lord said, "It is necessary that you see all these things so that you would be able to explain to the world what hell really is, to know and believe that hell does exist."



Satan showed a list of believers on earth. He said, "These believers have to be stopped. They are giving great harm to souls for us. We have to take these men out of our way. The only way is to make them fall in faith if they deviate; these are dangerous. Those who do not sanctify themselves are already ours. We must not worry about them if they are condemned and are friends of sin."

I looked at the list and my name was written there. I was the target of the demons.



We came near a hooded demon with a black cloak. His presence was so evil; he had a book in his hand and a bone pen. This book was the book of hell and was written on its cover, book of eternal death. The Lord Jesus said that in this book were written names of people who were still on Earth, who had not yet given their lives to Him. I could see names of people on Earth. The letters were written with letters of blood. I contemplated several names of great shepherds of the United States who were written in this book, known men, book writers. They were being deceived. I could not reveal names so as not to cause scandals in the country. The Lord did not allow.

The Lord Jesus commanded that demon to open the book and show my name. To my surprise my name was there I cried and said: "Lord, why have I dedicated my life to you, and yet I shall be cast into hell?"

The United States government had launched a campaign where couples were to have a son, at most two. This program was called birth control. I had avoided children, but only later did I realize that it was a plot of Satan behind the government.

The Lord said, "After you and your husband left for the United States, you listened to demons and took birth control because you took contraception and killed a life that would form in your womb. I would raise that child as a prophet on earth and you have taken this medicine that was designed here in hell to kill My children. No murderer will inherit My kingdom, all the women who sacrifice their children to the demon Molech are not worthy of My kingdom. The mothers of My maids are holy; they cannot take diabolical remedies. Many will stay sterile if they continue taking. I will close the wombs of such mothers so that it does not offer My children to Molech.”

I asked pardon of the Lord. I cried in repentance.

The Lord said, "The more you are given, the more you are charged. The more I will charge those who have had experience with Me than those who have never had. I will charge more than those who know My word. I will charge those who live a holy life. I will charge those who have more gifts and are more used. I will charge more of those who have more responsibility in My work. I will charge more of those who are shepherds.

The Lord commanded that demon to erase my name from that book. I no longer belonged to hell. I had repented of that sin.

The Lord Jesus took me to a part of hell. I saw a horrible demon. That demon was preparing a substance in hell.

The Lord Jesus said, "This substance is Moloch's poison, which is produced here and goes to the pharmacies in the form of contraceptives. I could perceive the deceit of Satan. The Lord did not want to condemn me to hell but to give me a chance to amend my life. My name being noted in that notebook was God's permission to see where I went wrong.


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