Tuesday, January 7, 2020



I saw The Reformer Martin Luther in Heaven but All The Popes are in Hell.

In this encounter, the Lord is alerting and warning the members of the Catholic religion to leave this religion. The Lord said, "This church is the seat of Satan throne.”

For people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. We are living in the end of times. These are dangerous days. This is a defining moment for humanity, the Lord is trying to save as many as He can.


I grew up in a Catholic family. Back then when I was still a child, my mother used to take the whole family to the Mass every Sunday. Very often, people were telling us that there was no truth in the Catholic church, but we never took them seriously. I came to understand that it requires God’s grace in order to leave this religion for we were veiled and blinded by the devil.

Back then, my mother was selling beers to raise her family. My mother often told us if we leave the Catholic church we will not survive. Indeed evangelicals were opposed to alcoholic beers, which was our only source of revenue. We could not leave the Catholic church.

Basically, there were strange things that I saw in our local parish. We used to attend the Mass of the dead where the priest did strange rituals with the corpse.

One day in the Mass, I saw the priest giving the pulpit to a charlatan. I was upset for the fetishist was allowed to stand in the pulpit and work together with the local priest, yet this man was a notorious witch in the neighborhood and everybody knew the man was in occultism.

The whole church was scandalized on that day. Our local priest who was a missionary often took food to the cemetery for the dead, telling us that the dead also is in need of food like the living.

Over time, my senior brother converted, and joined an evangelical church, and thanks to him the light of Jesus began to enter in the family that was in darkness. Nevertheless, my mother continued to take us to the parish.

As soon as my brother was born again in the evangelical church, there were evangelists from his congregation that were coming to preach the good news to my mother, telling her to come out of the Catholic religion. In spite of this, my mother was unfazed.

It was when she was struck by a strong sickness that she began to accept the words of the evangelist. Her sickness was so grave that all medical attempts were not working. It is when these evangelists prayed for her that she was healed miraculously. When the Holy Spirit came in her heart she was transformed, and she decided to stop selling beers and it was an instant decision, for she felt that she could not continue.

My mother joined the Pentecostal Church of God is Good. Since mummy gave up selling beer, we were worried and wondering how we gonna survive, but the Lord Jesus Christ provided miraculously. We suffered mockery for leaving the Catholic religion but Jesus is wonderful, it is this way that we were saved from the Catholic religion.

Brother, I said the Lord Jesus Christ took me to Heaven and Hell more than 25 times, in order to remind His people about the realities of Heaven and Hell.

Recently, the Lord gave me a message and warning to the members of the Catholic church. I want to tell you, brothers and sisters, the final stage of everything in this life is either the eternal life in the paradise of God or the place of torment that is Hell. Yet the paradise of God and the place of torment are not the final stage and destination of humanity, for we are either going to the Lake of Fire and brimstone or the New Jerusalem, which is the dwelling of God and His people.


The Lord took me to His throne, where I saw the 4 living creatures and the 24 elders. I saw Jesus seated on His throne in the midst of the 4 living creatures. I saw that these creatures had eyes all over their bodies. I saw that these beasts were 6 wings seraphim having the face of a lion, an eagle, a calf and a man.

The Lord told me, “You can see that the 4 seraphim have 6 wings. When you multiply 4 by 6, it is equal to 24, I mean, 24 elders. The elders came after the 4 living beings. They were enthroned in the New Covenant. These are My 12 apostles and the 12 elders of Israel”

“In Isaiah 6, there are only 4 seraphim before the throne, for the elders were not in their thrones yet,. The Bible says in Isaiah 6:1-4 1 In the year that King Uzziah died I then saw the Lord sitting on a throne, high and lifted up, and His train filled the temple. 2 Above it stood the seraphs; each one had six wings; with two he covered his face, and with two he covered his feet, and with two he flew. 3 And one cried to another, and said, Holy, holy, holy, is Jehovah of Hosts; the whole earth full of His glory. 4 And the doorposts moved at the voice of the one who cried, and the house was filled with smoke.

The Lord said, “You can see that the 4 living creatures have eyes all over their bodies. In order to know the numbers of eyes in the body of the living creatures, you should multiply the number of the 24 elders by 2, which is 48. Thus there are 48 eyes on the body of each living creature. Now consider the number 48 because 4 plus 8 equals to 12 which is the number of God, for 1 plus 2 equals to 3 which is the Godhead, I mean, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This means that the eyes in the body of the living creatures are the eyes of God controlling the whole universe.”

The Lord said, "The eye in the American dollar bill is the eye of Satan, an imitation of the eye of the Lord monitoring the whole universe. It is his controlling power, an imitation of the ruling power of God.”


I was with the Lord. As we were moving in the kingdom of Heaven, the Lord revealed to me that He is angry against what is happening in the Catholic religion. The Lord said He is opposed to idolatry, the worship of statues, the worship of angels, the practice of talking to the dead, and the prayer to the saints. The Lord said, “I am a jealous God, and I will not share My glory with anyone.”

Brother, I am going to alert people about the practice of idolatry for many are going to Hell the place of torment, and those who will ignore the warning of the Lord by attending idolatry in the Catholic church are going to Hell.

Brother, let it be clear unless you leave the Catholic religion you are not going to Heaven. The Bible says no one practicing idolatry will enter the kingdom of Heaven. 1Co 6:9-10 Do you not know that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor abusers, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.

It is written in the scripture, in Rev 18:4 And I heard another voice from Heaven, saying, Come out of her, My people, that you may not be partakers of her sins, and that you may not receive of her plagues.

Brother, the time is short. I am going from one church to another with this message for we are living at the end of time. Many people don’t realize that time is finished. They think we have many years before us.

Brother, it is a mistake to think that you have more time to continue sinning. You will be surprised by death just when you thought you had many years before you, and then it will be too late.

Brother and sister, as the Lord was reprimanding the Catholic religion, He said, “Servant, the AntiChrist who will be a Jew, he will first appear in the Vatican and he will be introduced in the world by the Pope, for the papacy is of Satan. Woe to the one who put his trust in the Pope.”

The Lord said, "The Catholic religion is not a church but a kingdom of Satan working to unveil the AntiChrist to the world. This is the power of the great Babylon. This religion is not part of My body. Servant, you will warn the world, for there is no Pope in Heaven. All of them are in Hell the place of torment suffering, and those who persist in the Catholic church are going to Hell.”

Brother, this was a terrifying revelation to learn that none of these Roman Catholic Popes were in Heaven for they were all tormented in Hell

The Lord said, “I am giving time to the members of the Catholic church to come out and repent, but many are unrepentant. There are doctrines of demons encouraging them to live the way they want, for when they die, their families will pay for the fee of the Mass of the deads so that their souls will rest in peace. The requiem Mass is a doctrine of demons encouraging the masses to live in sin, hoping that their souls will rest in peace when the requiem Mass is done in their favor.”

“Purgatory is also a doctrine of demon opposed by the Lord for Catholic members are encouraged to live the way they want in sin, and when they die, money will be paid to the priest to pray for their souls to be transferred to purgatory and Heaven. In truth, purgatory is a doctrine of demons. It is teaching designed and conceived by demons in Hell to lead the masses to Hell. Many are going to Hell hoping that the Mass of the dead will help their soul to rest in peace.”


The Lord said, “I am angry against this Pope Francis. This is one of the worst Popes to rise in the Vatican. He is far more evil than his predecessors, for he is eager to carry out the agenda of Satan in a meticulous way. You must expose this religion. Tell the world to come out in their midst for the Father is angry against this Pope.”

The Lord told me that the devil is very happy about Pope Francis for he is keen to execute his formula and advanced his agenda more quickly. He is working for the AntiChrist to take over the world by pushing gay marriage and sodomy. He is working to destroy the traditional marriage yet the practice of sodomy caused the destruction of the city of Sodom and Gomorrah.

The Lord said, "Servant, in this end-time there is an Islamic AntiChrist spirit and the western AntiChrist spirit. The AntiChrist spirit of the East is operational in the Islamic religion that is opposed to the Gospel. The one who is worshipped in the name of Allah is a demon, leading millions to Hell. The Western AntiChrist spirit is operational within the Vatican. Tell My people I am not in the gathering of churches and denominations. I am not in Ecumenism and the gathering religion and denomination. Tell My people to separate and keep away from Ecumenism.”

The Lord said, "The time is critical, My children should not be distracted. This is not the time for double heart and relaxation. My children must be on the alert and prudent. Tell My children to press on. They should not slacken, they should surrender completely.


I was with the Lord in the celestial world when He took me to the past and showed me when Martin Luther died. Brother, there was a celebration and festivity in Heaven on that day when the man of God died, which was attended by the saints of Heaven and crowds of Protestant believers that came to know the truth through the Reformation that he initiated. When Martin Luther died, he was greeted by saints of Heaven in a festivity attended by Protestant believers killed by the Roman Catholic church.

The Lord said, "My servant Luther has worked really hard in tough times. He is not only the founder of the Protestant church, for Protestanism gave birth to the Baptist church, the Methodist church, and the Pentecostal church. The revival you see in the world today came from Protestantism that was initiated in the Reformation that was started by My servant Luther.”

Jesus said, “Through out the age in every period of humanity I raised servants on the scene to proclaim My word, and when they are gone out of the scene I make sure that new servants rise on the scene, and throughout the ages I raised one servant after the other that were complementary. They operated in a gradual revelation that was progressive. Martin Luther noticed practices in the Catholic church that were opposite to the scripture such as the worship of statues and saints, the priests getting a lot of money paid to them for purgatory, they were people paying the clergy money for their siblings that have died in sin so that their souls will go to purgatory and paradise, yet the Bible says it is appointed unto men to die once then come judgment (Heb 9:27).


The Lord showed me when the rapture happens, I saw that the majority of the believers were left behind at the sound of the trumpet; only a minority were caught in the rapture. The Lord said those who are left behind were hypocrites living a double life. I saw these people crying and in lamentation, for they were left behind. It was a global disaster. It was a time of persecution for those left behind. This is the event that will cause the rise of the Man of Sin.

The Lord said, “The AntiChrist will have money and power. He will restore peace in the world when the rapture happened. He would be accepted by the world elite and he will emerge in Italy in the Vatican. There will be persecution and tribulation. When the AntiChrist rises, he will increase desolation, calamity, and pain for those who oppose him. It will become unbearable in the great tribulation.”

I saw that many pastors that were left behind were punished and beaten by the members of their church. I saw that Christians will be mocked for being left behind. This rapture happen in a twinkling of an eye and left the world in disaster.

The Lord is delaying this event because He wants more people to come to Him. The Lord said, “Judgement is coming to Europe because they have turned their back on Me for they are in comfort and modernity. I will punish their unbelief and incredulity. Fewer people in Europe are coming to Me because of wealth and self-sufficiency. Therefore I will allow natural disasters and continental catastrophes like the tsunami to hit the land as punishment and they will come back to Me.”

I was testifying in this very Youtube channel. Many Catholics watch my testimony. One of them was a nun. She heard the message and the warning of God. She came to see me in secret for she was touched. She told me, “I watched your testimony in Youtube. I liked the message for I came to realize that I was in error, for I kneel before idols and statues and I pray to the Virgin Mary and the saints. I wonder whether this will prevent me from entering the kingdom of Heaven. I was sure I will make it to Heaven until I watched your video and the warning from the Lord Jesus, now I have doubts and I have come for clarification.”

I was talking to the nun in secret. She wondered and asked me in a serious tone, “Are you saying to me all the people attending the Catholic religion are going to Hell?

I said to the nun, “When anyone attending the Catholic church converts and abandons idolatry, he will be saved, for no idol worshipper will enter the kingdom of Heaven. The Lord Jesus is angry because of the idolatry of the Virgin Mary and the cult of the saints that is leading numerous to the pit of fire.”

In the end, the Catholic nun decided to repent and abandon the Catholic religion. The nun kept secret her new faith and began to attend our congregation. As she was still a newborn I taught her the Word and I was praying for her soul.

In the night the Lord spoke to me and told me, “The new convert is still doing invocation of the Catholic saints, who are demons. She must confess and hand over her rosary, candle, powder, and other items.”

The Lord revealed to me that demons were working to stop her from separating from the cult of the virgin, the worship of the saints and other practices.

Quickly I called the nun and I talked to her. She confessed that she was still praying with her rosary and doing incantation around the river and other practices. When she confessed all these things, the Lord told me that He accepted her confession.

Not long after renouncing and abandoning the Catholic practice, the woman died. Quickly the Lord shows me that the lady was in His presence in the eternal kingdom of Heaven. The Lord said, “Devils were stopping her from separating from idolatry and the worship of the virgin, for they knew that she would soon die, she was nearing her death. Demons tried to manipulate her to hide rosary and items that she should have thrown away. Knowing that the lady was at the end of the journey of her life, demons were thirsty and battling to keep her connected to the items of the Catholic religion in order to reap her soul. They have failed to capture her soul and she is in My presence.”

Then the Lord showed me the lady in Heaven. I was full of the rapture of joy to see her in Heaven. I was with the Lord in Heaven and he was telling me about mysteries.

I knew a friend who was a member of the Catholic church. The Lord asked me to go preach to him the good news of the Gospel, for his time on the earth was short. My friend Homer refused to hear the warning of the Lord yet the Lord showed me that demons were thirsty and battling for his soul while he was still alive. I warned him to come out of idolatry but he refused yet his time was short. Days after my warning this brother died. The Lord went on to show me my friend Homer in Hell. He was in torment crying in the fire.

Then the Lord took me to another lady who was a member of the Catholic church. I evangelized her and she came to Christ. I remember when I met her for the first time, she told me, “I often go to the river with the Catholic priests and these priests did magic prayer. As a result, my late father was showing up and I was able to talk to him.” The lady said, “Whenever the priests did magic prayer, late members of my family were appearing above the water and I was able to talk to them. Yet these priests that were able to talk to the deads have never been able to get my mother to appear.”

One day we went to the river with the Catholic priests, we prayed with perfume and powder. As a result, the soul of my father appeared and we talked. My father told me, “My daughter, whatever you have been seeking in life, you have got it and you will be fine.” And then he disappeared. But when we invoked the spirit of my mother she failed to appear.

I told this lady, “If your mother did not come out of the water, its because she was a born again. The image of your father that you saw in the river was just a demon who took his shape but in truth its not him. These demons could not take the image of your mother because she was a daughter of God. These priests that are talking to the deads led you in a wrong way.

On that day, the lady converted and handed to me items that the Catholic priest gave her. I burned these items that were candle, rosary, powder, and perfume, and I got the lady to do repentance prayer. I exhorted the lady to stop talking to the deads. It's forbidden.

On that day, the lady came to Christ. A few weeks later the woman died. When I saw her in Heaven I was in great delight. I said, “My sister, you made it to Heaven. How come, how did you do it?”

She said, “Brother Isaac, thank you for the message and the advice you gave me. Thanks to your exhortation, I made it to the paradise of God.”

Brother, I saw this woman that I led to Christ in a wonderful place in the paradise of God, there were shining houses made in precious stones and blooming flowers shining. Everything was shining, breathtaking and beautiful.

The lady told me, “Brother Isaac, I am grateful for your evangelism and your follow up that got me in the paradise of God. Actually, I have an appointment with the Lord Jesus Christ. I am supposed to go to see the Lord Jesus Christ further in the city.”

Brother, I was happy to see that I have led a soul to Christ and she made it to Heaven. It was a joyful and memorable moment. I was talking to the lady as if we were on the earth.


The Lord said, “There are errors and idolatry in the Catholic church, that is why I am not in their midst. Today many Protestant servants are putting on garments and chains, items of occult similar to that of the Catholic church, like the ornament of the Old Covenant. Tell them that grade and levels are not of the flesh and in these ornaments. They come from Me, not these garments.”

The Lord said, "Some members of the Protestant church will be saved. You will tell them not to return to things that they left in the Catholic church, they can not return into the hole that Luther pulled them out from.”



Brothers and sisters, before telling you my experience, I would like to read the Scripture for I was raptured to Heaven and Hell on 25 occasions and I saw mysteries of the heavenly world.

The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 12:-3 I know a man in Christ fourteen years before (whether in the body, I do not know; or outside of the body, I do not know; God knows) such a one was caught up to the third Heaven. And I know such a man (whether in the body or outside of the body, I do not know; God knows).

Brother, I was a member of the Pentecostal Church of God called God is Good. At the age of 14, I was visited by the Chief Angel Gabriel who told me, “Isaac, God is about to do a work in your life, prepare yourself.”

It was many years later when we were praying for my sister who had a delivery issue that the Lord fulfilled His promise.

The Lord took my spirit for three days, for I was in a coma for three days and three nights. I saw the celestial world. I saw the infernal kingdom of darkness in the place of torment. And I spoke with Jesus Christ Himself.

Actually, when I fell into a coma, I saw a person who was inside a radiant and brightening light.

I asked him, “Tell me, who are you? What is your identity?”

The man that was covered and surrounded by radiant light said to me, “Isaac, can you remember when you were 14 years old, I told you that God would use you and that you should prepare yourself? I am the angel Gabriel, the Angel of blessing and the prince of paradise. I am the angel who announced the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ and the birth of John the Baptist.”

I was talking to the Archangel Gabriel when we started climbing a staircase of light, where I saw numerous bright angels mounting to Heaven and descending to Earth. We were rising in the staircase that was reaching the heavenly world when the angel Gabriel showed me the Lord Jesus Christ who stood at the end of the staircase. He was dressed in white.


The Lord Jesus Christ called me by my name and talked to me. Actually, God does not speak our language. God has His own language. I was speaking to Him in my native language. But in truth, God was speaking to me in His own language. I received the communication in my language for God has His own language, which differs from the angels. When God speaks to angels, they understand Him in their angelic language. On the other hand, God has given men the ability to speak the language of angels. God’s children are unable to speak the celestial language.


The Lord Jesus said to me, “Isaac, you are here because I have chosen you to serve Me. I have called you for great work. You will go tell the world that I am about to come back. Many of My servants are not warning My people about My return. You will tell them to preach the message of the Rapture. They must preach about Heaven and Hell, for many of My children have their attention focused on futile and passing things of this temporary world. My servants are preaching about material things whereas I said to seek first the kingdom of God. There is nothing bad about material prosperity. But what is the point of getting all the goods of this world if you lose your soul? Seek first My kingdom.”

The Lord said, “Given that you are living in the end time, you must preach about the end-time message.”


When the Lord finished addressing me, I kept observing numerous bright angels moving in this staircase of light. I was with Gabriel in this staircase among innumerable angels amounting to Heaven and going down to Earth.

Then the angel Gabriel began to talk to me about the ministry of angels. He said to me, “When we execute our assignments on the Earth, we often take human form. When God’s judgment was about to hit the city of Sodom and Gomorrah, we intervened physically. If Abraham failed to receive angels he would not have known about the judgment that was to befall the city of Sodom and Gomorrah. Angels are servants working through the power of God in the name of Jesus. People know more about demons than angels, yet angels are numerous.”


As we were among angels, Gabriel went on to show me the captain of the army of God, the chief Angel, Michael, that wage war in the lives of God's children. Gabriel was talking about the battle and protection of the chief Angel Michael when suddenly I began to see the Earth. I saw a man on the Earth praying. When he had finished praying, I saw this man committing sin and doing evil. Immediately I saw that his angel left him.

I asked Gabriel, “Why has the angel of God left this man?”

Gabriel told me, “This man is practicing sin. That is why the angel of protection left him.”

The Bible says that the glory of God is upon them that fears him.

Surely His salvation is near those who fear Him, that His glory may dwell in our land. (Psalm 85:9)


After talking to Michael, we continued to climb the stairs where numerous bright angels were going up and down. Then I saw another Bright Angel whose body was adorned with brilliant light and he seems to be covered by stars. This angel came to me and he opened my head and began to perform an operation in my head. He was actually removing negative thought patterns, thoughts of distraction and evil thinking.

Then he closed my head after performing the operation. I was informed that this was the chief Angel Raphael who is in charge of health in the heavenly world. This Archangel informed me that there were many angels working with him in the Department of Health and Healing.

The Archangel said, “Whenever a servant of God pray for healing in the lives of God's people, we come and perform healing and surgery. We come only in the name of Jesus Christ, which is like a stamp of our kingdom.”


Then Archangel Gabriel, who is the angel of blessing showed me another powerful Archangel in this staircase of light, who was in charge of the church on Earth. Basically, this powerful Archangel had many servants, angels deployed in many churches on the Earth.

When I began to talk to this Archangel, he began to reveal to me his assignment in the body of Christ, and in the blink of an eye, the Archangel took him me to the Earth in a local church, where I saw a pastor writing and setting up a new program in a church. The pastor determined the hours of this new service in his church.

As the man of God was writing, I saw that he was writing the day of the service, the opening and ending time of this new service. While this pastor was writing, I noticed another angel standing around him taking note about the detail of the new service. The angel wrote the day, the time and the hours of this new service. When this man of God had finished writing about the time of the new program, I saw the angel of God that stood beside him going up to Heaven with a report about the new service that is to start in this church.

Not long after that, I saw the pastor announcing to the congregation about the program that is to begin soon in the church. The pastor announced the opening and closing times.

On that day when the new service began, I saw bright angels that descended to the church. Immediately one radiant Angel began to write the names of people coming to church on time. I saw one of these angels giving the blessing to the members of this congregation that came to church early. Each member of this local church that came before time and in time received a package of blessing.

However, many members of this church were late and they failed to come to church. Immediately the Archangel of the church took me to the houses of the members of this local church, for there was intense demonic activity in the hours of church services. I saw numerous demons around the church in the neighborhood that worked to stop people from coming to church. And I saw demons at work in the houses of many God’s people, causing them to come to church late and lose their blessing.

This is a special type of demons that work to prevent God's people from coming to church early and these unclean spirits cause God's children to miss the church. They are demons that always patrol the Earth in the day and hours of church service in order to stop God’s people from attending the church.

As we were visiting houses of the members of this local church, I saw a lady that was dressed in order to come to church, but she was taking her time and looking in the mirror despite the fact that she was late.

Immediately I heard the voice of the Lord saying to me, “My children do not respect Me. They think that they can come to church anytime and at any moment. There is no reverence and respect towards Me.”

I saw God's children cooking and taking their time and planning to come to church late deliberately.

The Lord said, “When people have an appointment with a government minister, they make sure that they keep the time for they know that they will receive gifts and money, but My children come to My appointment late yet I am the One who gave them the breath of life. They ignore My greatness. When My angel comes at the beginning of the service, they come with blessing, money, protection. My angels prevent accidents when My children are crossing many roads and boulevards. My children will still receive blessings when they are late for church if they are caught up in traffic that is not their fault.”

Then the Archangel of God told me, “You must be careful about people who come to visit you during the time of the service. They are sent by demons to stop you from coming into God's presence.”

On that day when people came to church on time, they got blessings distributed by angels. Throughout the service, angels were active. During offering time the Lord showed me angels coming down in the church. The angel wrote the names of those who gave their offering in good heart and took their names to Heaven.

The angel took me to paradise and he showed me a beautiful house that was empty for I saw no furniture and there was no glory inside. I wondered.

The angel told me this man was a thief in terms of offerings and tithes. The angel said he has saved his soul but he was not faithful in tithes and offerings.

In the celestial world I was shown a stupendous building upon which was written the Bank of Heaven. The Bible says, “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on Earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in Heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:19-21)

I was shown the place where were stored goods that we give people in double heart. These goods were smelly and ruined.

Then the Archangel tells me that it is a powerful blessing when a man of God rises to close the church service with a closing prayer. Therefore God's children must not leave the service before the pastor’s prayer. Those who leave the church service without attending the closing prayer leave without blessing and without special protection.

The Archangel tells me there are demons that work to cause God's children to leave the service before the last prayer and they attack those who leave the service before the closing prayer.

The Archangel told me, “All these angels that you see at work in the church during the service are under my responsibility. They are my servants and I am the servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Brother, I was three days in the heavenly world and I saw the mysteries of Heaven. And when I came back, I could not recognize people for six months, including my own mother. In the end, the Lord restored my memory.

After showing me his mission on the Earth, this Archangel took me back to Heaven. We stood on a plane, it was a mountain of paradise.


And he began to show me the Earth which was covered by total darkness. There was absolute darkness.

He said to me, "Isaac, observe the Earth. When I looked, I saw that the whole Earth was in darkness, and I saw people of all nations and countries in darkness and I asked why is that the whole planet is in darkness.

The Archangel said, "The total darkness that you see filling the Earth is the work and the activity of Satan who wants to take the whole world to Hell. He wants the whole humanity to join him in the lake of fire.”

I was observing darkness on Earth, and I saw men and women in bars, in hotels, in nightclubs.

Then the angel of the Lord showed me a wide and massive road where millions of people were walking upon.

The angel said, "The majority of the world population are walking in this wide road leading to the abyss of fire.”

Make no mistake, the situation is grave and dangerous for humanity. You cannot imagine what I saw. This reality that I saw was mind-blowing for me. It is beyond imagination and understanding. I came to understand that most of the people who died on the Earth go to Hell. I saw people dying on the Earth and landing on the wide road leading to the Abyss of fire and they were numerous.

I was shaken and horrified. Every day thousands of people died and go to Hell. Few go through the narrow gate for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the way that leads to life. And only a few find it. (Matthew 7:13-14)


Later on, the Lord Jesus joined us and then the Lord took me to a place where He showed me a book in which the writings and letters were in gold.

The Lord says, "The book that you see is the one that is ruling the world. In the beginning when nothing was made before creation, when there was no man and no sun, prior to the creation of the world, I had already determined what was supposed to happen in the new world to be created. Everything that is happening now, in the past and in the future are written in this book. Whatever is supposed to happen in your lives throughout the years were written in advance in this book. Nothing's that is happening in the world escaped My memory and My awareness. Nothing will miss My design, My plan, and agenda. Anyone who is led by My Spirit dwelling in him to lead him, nothing bad will happen to him, because I know what has to happen in the day throughout the week and throughout the year.”

The Lord said, "There are many of God's servants that have deviated recently from My way because of the desire of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life.”

The Lord said, “I will show you a servant of mine that I have used on the Earth but who lost his salvation because of the lust of the eyes. He had done great things on the Earth but because of the glory of this world, he lost his soul.”

The Lord showed me a famous preacher.

He wanted to have the prestige of this world and he lost his soul. He was misled by other corrupt preachers that were in Freemasonry. Tell My servants to be careful about the servants that live in prestige and in wealth. They are of the devil and are misleading, authentic servants. Today, many of My servants want glory, notoriety, wealth and prestige. Therefore they are losing their salvation because of the luxury of the world. The glory of this world has caused many servants to lose the way.”

Brothers, I saw many people that were living in sin in Hell, yet they are still alive on the Earth. When I came back, I did not hesitate to tell them face to face so that they would repent. I also saw many God's children in Heaven attending praise and worship before the throne of God. Yet they were still alive on the Earth. Among the spirits of God's children that I saw in Heaven was the American preacher Jimmy Swaggart.

The Lord said, "My servant, Jimmy Swaggart is already in Heaven despite the fact that he is alive on the Earth. The road to Heaven is open. The gates of Heaven are open for him. Many people despised him because of the sin that he had confessed and repented from, yet I had forgiven him and he is already in Heaven. If he were to die today, he would be in My presence in Heaven.

Then the Lord showed me the international evangelist TL Osborn, who also made it to Heaven. This evangelist had a passion for souls. He had compassion for the lost. He has gone from one country to another for the good news of the Gospel.

The Lord said, "Tell people on the Earth they can repent while they are alive in order to enter this glory. They should separate from this world for everything will pass away. The luxury, prestige, and glory of this world will pass away.”

Then the Lord began to talk to me about things that lead men to Hell.


Then the Lord said to me, "Servant, I want to talk to you about the configuration of your body and why I made you this way.”

The Lord said, "Right from the beginning, I have designed your body to be My habitation. You must understand that your body is a temple, not just a physical temple, but also a spiritual temple. When I have made your body, My original intent was to dwell in you, for I conceived your body to be My temple.”

The Lord said, "I designed humans this way because I wanted them to be My habitation. I wanted to live fully inside men. Therefore I made you to be My temple and I want to dwell in you.”

The Lord said, "Servant, understand that this temple which is your body has gates and windows which allow Me to enter and dwell in you. And when you open the gates and windows of your temple, understand the demons can also enter and dwell in your body because I made you to be My temple and My habitation. You must make sure you always have the gates, windows and doors of your temple closed in order to prevent the unclean spirits from entering.”

Tell My children, the way you lead your life on Earth will make you either My temple or the habitation of demons. You are either the temple of God or the residence of demons.”

The Lord said, "When a man comes to Me but continues to live in sin, that means he has not completely surrendered his life to Me. Therefore, I am not completely occupying all the courts of his temple. Some rooms of his temple escape My control because he has failed to surrender completely. He has failed to give Me complete Lordship and control of the other rooms of his temple.”

Tell My children, unless I control your temple completely, you are not entering the kingdom of Heaven. Your temple which is your body must come under My complete control.”

Then the Lord began to show me the functioning of the body. The Lord began to talk to me about the gates and the windows of the temple, which is our body that is the temple of God.

The Lord said, “The first gate of your temple is your eyes. Your eyes are the gate of the body through which I come in the lives of My people.”

The Lord said, "The eyes are also the gate through which demons enter, dwell and work in the believers.”

Jesus said, "When a man lusts after a woman in his heart, he is committing fornication in his heart. And whenever My children are watching TV, whenever they are watching secular music, movies, video games, the enemy can enter their lives through the gate of the ears and dwell in their temple. They must be careful about what they watch.”

The Lord said, “Another gate in the body of men is the ears. In fact, ears are windows. Demons can enter easily through the ears.”

The Lord said, "In spite of the fact that the holes of the ears are little, demons can still enter through the ears for demons are spirits.”

The Lord said, "When you listen to mockery, slandering and the defamation of negative things, demons can enter and dwell in your temple through the ears. When you listen to secular music, devils can enter through your ears and your body. Tell My children, when you sit in the church and you hear My word, when you open your heart, I will come in your body and I will dwell in your temple and I will use you.”

The Lord said, "Servant, you're going to tell My people to offer the members of their bodies to Me, for I want to be hundred percent in control of their lives and their bodies. You will tell My people if I am not occupying their life and their body 100%, they are not entering My kingdom. I want total surrender and total commitment.”

The Lord said, "When you look at a square, you will notice that all the angles of a square are always equal. They have the same measurement and there is harmony. But when you look at a triangle, you will notice that the angles are not equal. There is no harmony.”

The Lord said, "In order to inherit the kingdom of Heaven, My people needs to be broken. They need to be complete like a square. My people must work for their salvation to resemble God in their characters so that they can make it Heaven, but many of My people are failing to change their character.”

The Bible says, "Therefore, I urge you, brothers, on account of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God, which is your spiritual service of worship.” (Romans 12:1)

The Lord said, "Tell My people, if they fail to offer members of their bodies to Me, they are opening gates and windows for the enemy.”

Then the Lord said the sexual organ is also an open door. Those who are in sexual immorality and fornication have opened the door of their temple to the enemy to enter into their bodies.

The Lord said, "When people consult the devil for power and wealth, he often tell them to sleep with mad people so that demons and legions dwelling in the bodies of these mad people would be transferred to their bodies. This is the sharing of demons.”

Do you not know that you yourselves are God's temple and that God's Spirit dwells in you? If anyone destroys God's temple, God will destroy him for God's temple is holy and you are that temple. Let no one deceive himself. If any of you thinks he is wise in this age, he should become a fool so that he may become wise. (1 Corinthians 3:16-18)

Brother, the Lord is exhorting us to close the gates of our body in order to stop the enemy from entering and causing destruction.

The Lord said, "When demons enter in the body of men, they will establish their thrones. They will walk and the move in the body for they perceive the body of human like a house. Demons perceive the human body like a house.”

The Bible says, “When the unclean spirit has gone out of a man, he walks through dry places seeking rest, and finds none. Then he said, I will return into my house from where I came out. And when he has come, he finds it empty, swept, and decorated. Then he goes and takes with him seven other spirits more evil than himself, and they enter in and live there. And the last state of that man is worse than the first. Even so it also shall be to this evil generation.” (Mat 12:43-45)

The Lord began to talk to me about another gate of the body which is our mouth.

The Lord said, "Whenever we use our mouth, to insult, to abuse, to curse and to slander others, we are opening the gates for the enemy to enter. Tell My people to amend their lives for fear of Hell. But when My people hear My word and open their hearts and surrender completely, I will enter and they will not depend on themselves anymore. They will be totally dependent on Me.”

The Lord showed me a temple with three rooms where He was not fully in control. He was only in one room and other rooms of the body were ruled by the devil.

The Lord told me, “This man has not surrendered all his life to Me. That is why you can see that I'm not occupying all the rooms in his house. This is the kind of people that are neither cold nor hot and I will vomit them. I cannot accept this kind of person in My kingdom. People must surrender 100% in order to enter the kingdom.”

The Lord asked me, "Isaac, what do you say with your mouth? What do you watch with your eyes? And what is it that your eyes like watching? What is it that you like hearing?”

The Lord said, "Your mouth, your eyes, and your ears are the great doors that will determine whether you inherit the kingdom of Heaven or you lose your crowns of life.”

The Lord said, "I made your eyes like an operator's that is supposed to capture a picture of things that you see and this will be kept in the brain. Whenever you watch something, the images will be kept in the brain. That is why when you lose a loved one, even if it has happened a long time ago, the moment you think about him, you will see his image, you hear his voice, and you see him in action. This is possible because I made men that way. I have made a lot of system in the body of men. However, whatever I made in your body must be used for positive not for evil. It is your action that will lead you to Hell. You're going to tell My people to keep their ears from secular Music because it does not belong to Me but the evil one. Those who hear that music give glory to Satan.”

The Lord said, “Many Gospel songs that you hear in the church, I don't receive them because they are not inspired by My Spirit. My people don't look for My face in order to ask for inspiration. Therefore, there are people doing songs, thanks to demonic power. Many Gospel singers are working with devils and when you hear their songs, you are worshipping the devil.”

Then the Lord showed me musicians that I know. All of them are working with demons.


Then the Lord said, “When you have been living in sin, you will be left with stain. Given that My children are stained by sin, I have established angels whose task is purification. Their task is to remove stains of sin in the life of My children.”

Then the Lord began to show me, bright angels, that he had set up for purification of God's children. I saw angels that clean and purify God's children using the blood of the Lamb.

The celestial Angel uses the blood of Jesus as a cleaning tool. I said to the Lord, “How come angels have to purify people with Your blood? Can the blood do the work by itself?”

The Lord said, “The blood works in its own way but the Father has established His angels with this task.”