Thursday, October 18, 2018



Jesus showed me their judgment. Idolatry for money, houses, apartments, cars, or any property will be a great obstacle to salvation. The church that adores materialism is doomed to destruction. There are many unbelievers who are inside the church.

In the vision, a sword descended from the heavens against these men. Jesus told me because of the hearts that are in love with money and material things, there will be an increase in earthquakes to destroy the material gods that many people cling to. The church that is in sin and does not want to convert will fall into the clutches of Satan. And the chosen ones will flee from these temples and gather to worship God in other places.

Jesus has told me that He will send earthquakes, tsunamis, and hurricanes because of false prophets. Their iniquities have already reached God. Many innocents will die because of physical disasters. And this will happen because of the false prophets. God will cleanse the churches that used to obey Him but now are filled with disobedient and false prophets in the pulpit.

Jesus showed me in vision the earthquakes and tsunamis killing many false prophets along with millions of innocents. The houses and apartments of the false prophets were destroyed by the earthquakes. They were condemned because of their corruptions. God will point His finger to the four corners of the world; each country would suffer the consequences because of sin. Earthquakes, disease, famine, and death will multiply to ravage the world.

Jesus has told me that He is already preparing His bride and the last blessings will be poured out for the faithful while punishment will fall onto the lives of the rebels.

Jesus showed me a giant hand measuring the globe with a string. There will be a new construction of a new heaven and new earth, but the planet will be destroyed. The day of judgment of the judges, lawyers, politicians the false prophets will arrive, for they supported injustice on earth.


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