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Lucifer said to me, "Now that you have become my friend I have to transport you to visit my kingdoms and I have to introduce you to spirits of the invisible kingdoms and I will give you a mission in your world here on Earth but first we have to travel to my kingdoms and there are a lot of them. You must be introduced to my angels and spirits so that you can be able to do the assignment I am about to give you. Even this Earth here is my kingdom and I have my representative here on this Earth. No one can do anything on Earth unless he receives validation from my representative."

As the devil was speaking, I asked him, “Who is your representative that is ruling the Earth?”

He said, “You will see him very soon. Everybody knows him and respects him. And nothing is done on this Earth without his authorization. My representative lives in the Vatican.”

As the devil continued to speak I came to understand that the devil was talking about the papacy. Indeed, the pope is the representative of the devil on the Earth. He operates under the banner of the council of nations which is the United Nations. The Pope is the 666, representative of Lucifer.

The devil said, “I have representatives ruling and governing the unseen worlds and unseen kingdoms. You got to note that there are many unseen worlds and kingdoms and I have delegated authority to rulers who are governing the unseen worlds. I have a representative in the air, in the first Heaven. I also have representatives in the second Heaven, in the third Heaven, the fourth, fifth, and sixth Heaven.”

The devil said, “You must understand that the Earth was given to me and it belonged to me. I am the prince of this world for this planet is under my authority. And I have enthroned and delegated my representative that is ruling this planet through the mark of the beast, 666.”


Lucifer said, "We must travel to the first Heaven so that I can introduce you to my representative. Then we will travel to the second Heaven. After that, we have to travel under the ocean so that I can introduce you to the Queen of the Coast my representative who is ruling the marine kingdom. You got to understand that even this Earth where you live is influenced by her."

Then Lucifer asked me, "You know how to use the lift or elevator, right?"

I said, "Yes I do."

Then he held my hand and he asked me to close my eyes. Then he laid his hand on my heart and said, "I will signal you when we arrive, then you will open your eyes."

Then we started to ride upward like in a lift or elevator at great speed. It took some time then we stopped and he signaled me to open my eyes. When I opened my eyes I saw myself in a new world that I never saw before. This kingdom was the first Heaven which is ruled by a Lucifer representative called the Queen of the South.

Then Lucifer said to me, "You see the massive temple over there. It is where my representative that is ruling the first Heaven has established her throne. She has two major responsibilities.”

Her first responsibility is to incarnate spirits and demons living in this kingdom in the wombs of women on Earth. In your world, this incarnation of demons in physical bodies is facilitated by women who resorted to occultists or native doctors in order to get children. There are women giving birth to babies that are demons and spirits from the first Heaven. They are sent and conceived by the Queen of the South with specific and special assignments."

"There are children born with witchcraft or certain behaviors. These are my missionaries and the ones being sent to Earth are assigned with specific missions to your world. They will be born on Earth and after they fulfilled their assignments, they will die and return to the first Heaven."

The devil said, "I am sure you have heard native doctors saying, 'I am a charlatan since birth.' I am sure you have heard about people who are witches and wizards since birth. These are my missionaries on the Earth."

Beloved, when I came to Christ, I came to understand the Bible passage written in Psalm 58:3 'The wicked are estranged from the womb: they go astray as soon as they are born, speaking lies. 4 Their poison is like the poison of a serpent: they are like the deaf adder that stoppeth her ear.'

"They are children born on this Earth with missions. They have bad attitudes, bad behaviors and they come with curses."

"What you see here is the pentacle of the Queen of the South, the woman who is ruling the first Heaven. The Queen of the South is also a goddess of fertility.

The Bible says that Paul was caught up in rapture in the third Heaven which is paradise but what is in the first and the second Heaven?

When a woman goes to an occultic for a child, there would be a ritual. In the pentacle, the hand of the occultic is in an upward position - the occultic who is seeking help from the Queen of the South. This hand shown downward is the response of the Queen of the South to the occultic."

Whenever a woman visits a native doctor, the latter would lift his hand in invocation to the Queen of the South, who is the goddess of fecundity. As the invocation goes up, the Queen of the South will transfer a baby in the womb of the woman, but this baby is cursed for he is a demon.”

The devil said, “These people are my missionaries and they come to your world with a mission and once they fulfilled their mission, they die and return to the first Heaven where they came from.”

"This pentacle is also used by those who cast sickness on people and the three circles you see are representative of women's ovary and the cross inside them is a cursed baby who is a demon-incarnate. The cross indicates that the child that is to be born on the Earth is bringing a curse to the world because he is an accursed demon."

"They are people who have enjoyed only the birth of their child but what follows is misery because this child that is a demon can inflict himself with chronic sicknesses to cause suffering to the couple that gave birth to him. There are children who come and they grow up with chronic sickness and the parents will begin to suffer. Often the child will die but before his death, he will cause financial hardship.”

Another child will be born with delinquency and disorder. Another child will be born beautiful and her purpose is to proliferate sexual immorality by sleeping with men. These women have dominion over men and married men would prefer to spend money on them than their wives."

"We have many Lucifer's missionaries being born on Earth to steal, kill, and destroy. Just note that the first Heaven is ruled by the Queen of the South whose mission is to incarnate space demons from the first Heaven in the wombs of women on the Earth. These incarnated space demons are sent with specific missions on the Earth."

"These demons who are born physically on the Earth are called avatars. This is how we called them in occultism. These avatars are responsible for the creation of occultic movements like Freemasonry, Yoga, and Rosicrucianism."

These avatars are people who are not human though they seem human. These are unclean spirits of the air and missionaries who come to Earth with specific missions and assignments. Many of the babies coming to the world today are avatars for they're not human.”

These missionaries are always remarkable. Some of them are perverse. Some are criminal for they are destroyers.”

"Even if you evangelize them, these demons in the flesh won't repent. They will hear the gospel but they won't repent because they are demons. They are criminals, they are politicians, superstars, and celebrities and are millionaires. They will not repent because they are satanic missionaries and they are avatars."

We must note that at the end of time many unclean spirits are sent to the Earth with a body of flesh. Many demons are born on Earth. They are born of daughters of men. These demons that are born in the flesh of the body are perfectly human, for they are no different from normal humans.

Satan grants these babies abilities and gifts so that they fulfill various missions on Earth. Demons who are born on Earth have a rapid progression in the intellectual field. They are gifted and able to make breakthroughs in all areas. They can get married and have children.

But these children are also demons, for they come from the union of children of men and avatars who are demons in flesh. Such beings live among normal humans in the end time.

The physical demons born on Earth live among men for years without being identified. Even wizards may not identify them because they are superior beings.

The Bible says in Daniel 2:43, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men.

It is easy for them to master and to dazzle their contemporaries. We must not forget that witchcraft is only the initial stage of the activities of the world of darkness in the kingdom of Satan. The leader of a sect can only be a higher ranking demon born in flesh on the Earth to accomplish this mission. It's only the demons who came in the flesh born in this world, which can gather believers to this sect. The field of operation is executed by demons of these areas.

The devil is helping scholars from around the world to discover weapons that can exterminate the human race. These demons in the flesh, who are born in various countries are working with human scientists and instructing them until they manage to make the weapons more destructive in all human history.

All the engines of death, the advanced warplanes were discovered by demons who came in the flesh in our world. Many scientists are demons born on Earth, they came in the flesh.

Many demons that are born in the world are working with human scientists, and they have installed in space satellites of all kinds to control humanity.

Some of these physical demons born on the Earth are sent to destroy churches. These  demons who are sent in the flesh are priests and pastors who have the task of destroying the churches by making the Word of God weak and ineffective. They have been given the mission of building schools of theology and training. They impart the evidence and knowledge of God without divine power. They are teachers of the word without power, focusing on the letter of the word that kills. They nullify the power of the gospel which has been spreading around the world for hundreds of years. Yet the gospel is the power of God for the salvation of anyone who believes.

When people fall into the trap of the devil by hearing those contaminated teachings, the devil gives them the ability to analyze the Word of God according to their thoughts that the devil injects into their minds.

Yet it is the Holy Spirit that teaches according to the Lord Jesus who has said to His apostles, “When the Comforter the Holy Spirit that the Father will send in My name come, He will teach you everything and will remind you all that I told you.” (John 14:26)

Other demons who are born on Earth physically are sent to the major financial institutions of the world that are all secretly governed by the devil. Note that the printing machines that print the bank notes are all under satanic domination. All printed banknotes in the world are passed into the temple of Satan in order to attach occultic power to them before putting them into circulation.

The Satanic power that is attached to banknotes is the spirit of luxury that drives people to sell their souls and their children for money. This occultic power of luxury causes men to envy the rich of this world. It causes even Christians to abandon Jesus Christ. This power of luxury and materialism holds the whole world under the power of the evil one.

Some of the demons who are born in many countries of the world are musicians and they are popular. Satan knows that the songs or records of these musicians who are unclean spirits born in flesh on Earth will attract millions of souls who will not have time to think of God. Even Christians will be attracted by these melodies, and their hearts would be attached and chained to the field of music.

Satan's labs are producing musical instruments upon which are placed magnetism or occult power that is intended for churches around the world.

There are also demons who are physically born on the Earth with the task of rising to power and ruling Christian countries as presidents of the republic in order to pass laws and legislation against Christian values and standards.

I know more than six presidents in the world who came from time to time to report their activity to Satan. They knew me perfectly well.

The missions of these demons in the flesh who are born on Earth are different. Some must persecute Christians in the countries where they govern. The presidents who are demons in flesh favor the entry of satanic sects and orders in their countries. They are distributing important positions of their government to Satanists and other demons who were born and living in their country.

I remember a demon that I met in the bottomless pit. He talked to me too about his life on Earth. He had been sent to the Earth in the flesh by Satan. He was born physically in a European country with the mission of implanting a religion of the world of darkness. It is a religion that is currently widespread around the world. Back then it did not exist in that country.

That demon was born in that country and he ended up occupying the position of Chief of state in that country. Despite being president of that country, he had failed to implant and popularize the new religion. He told me that his mission to implant that religion had failed. This happened more than 700 years ago.

As a result, the devil replaced him in that mission by another demon, and he was cast into the bottomless pit by the devil.

We must understand that we are living with people who are born on this Earth, yet these people are not human. They are the enemies. They are celebrities. They are politicians, even preachers, but they are demons in mission.

The second responsibility of the Queen of the South is to spread disease on the Earth. Whenever is it noon on the Earth, the Queen of the South becomes operational and patrols the world spreading sickness. This woman operates every day on the Earth when it is midday. She deploys all kinds of sicknesses on the Earth, which travel like arrows precisely at noon and midnight.

It is written in Psalms 91:5-7 You shall not be afraid of the terror by night, Nor of the arrow that flies by day, Nor of the pestilence that walks in darkness, Nor of the destruction that lays waste at noonday. A thousand may fall at your side, And ten thousand at your right hand; But it shall not come near you.

This Bible verse speaks of diseases and arrows that crisscross the Earth at noon and at midnight. We are talking about the Queen of the South who throws diseases on the Earth at noon and at midnight, who is also invoked at noon and midnight.

The devil said to me, “You're gonna have to know how to draw her pentacle and thanks to which you will be able to summon the Queen of the South.”

The devil said, “You will be able to cast sickness on people in the neighborhood thanks to this pentacle for the mission of the Queen of the South is also to spread sickness on the Earth.”

Beloved, when I began to serve the devil, I was spreading sickness everywhere. I was drawing this pentacle and I was standing above it and declaring sicknesses. Often I was urinating in a particular place to cause sickness in that place.

The purpose of the Queen of South who directs the First Heaven is to send avatars. All the TV stations around the world are at the service of the devil.

They include two categories of employees. On one hand are the ordinary demons, and the demons that came in flesh. And on the other hand, are human beings in television stations.

The ordinary demons and demons who came in the flesh function to give special treatment to the images of TV.

These images are sent to the laboratories of Satan by an occult channel that attaches demons to these images. These images are given satanic power which transfers the demons to the viewer.

This image already loaded with demons which are transmitted to the public by the second category of employees, that is to say, by the technicians and human journalists.

Humans do not suspect anything, everything happens at the same time. This is how viewers just by looking at these pictures can unknowingly receive demons of lust, distraction, jealousy, gluttony, pride, blasphemy against the Holy Spirit or idolatry. It is this demon of idolatry that drives the men to love something or someone more than God, whether it's money, or husband or wife, or profession, wealth, magical protection, or even idols we love like statues or drawings representing Jesus or Mary.

These television images loaded with demons are transmitted also to Christians. They also are loaded with demons of spiritual weakness, and several other demons that I cannot quote here. Television is an effective weapon of Satan to fight not only pagans but also Christians as everyone catches these demons.


After that, we left the first Heaven and we traveled to the second Heaven which is a kingdom in the firmament ruled by the Queen of Heaven. This fallen angel is called Mary Marguella but she has many names such as Our Lady of Fatima, Mystical Rose, the Mother of God. She is worshipped as the mother of Jesus in the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church. She is responsible for commissioning humans to create false religions over here.

We have the pentacle of the Queen of Heaven surrounded by stars with a cross on top of the M and this letter M is the initial for the name Marguella, the name of the Queen of Heaven. The twelve stars are twelve fallen angels that she despatched on the Earth in order to create false religions and sects. The mission of the twelve fallen angels is to give human revelation, I mean, false revelation.

The Queen of Heaven, Mary Marguella told me to join a church on Earth, I mean, a church belonging to her and she showed me all the signs that identified her churches on the Earth. You must understand that the Queen of Heaven has many names. In Egypt, she is called Isis, in Italy, she is called Madonna; she is also called Astarte or Astaroth in Phoenicia or Diana in Greece.

After introducing me to the Queen of Heaven the devil said to me, "In order to contact my representative the Queen of Heaven you gonna have to draw her pentacle in parchment then you can call her and talk to her about your need."


Afterward, Lucifer said to me, "We must now travel to the underwater kingdom. The marine kingdom is a material and physical world, therefore, every material and physical instruments, items, and stuff that you are using on the surface of the Earth come from the marine civilization. Thus the food you eat on the surface, the clothes you wear on the surface, and most of the electronic instruments come from the oceanic world of my representative the Queen of the Coast. The oceanic kingdom is the center of advanced technology and new media prevailing on the surface of the Earth. The central server of all the technology on Earth is in the oceanic world."

As we were talking we were descending deep underwater. I told you there are demons in space, demons in mountains, demons in forests and underground but there are also demons underwater in the marine kingdom and when we reached the marine civilization, Lucifer introduced me to the Queen of the Coast.

He said to the Queen of the Coast, "I have other important business to attend to so take care of the boy."

Lucifer said to me, "I leave you with the Queen. I have work to do."

Then he disappeared. Before leaving Lucifer gave me a magical cord which was a means of communication with him.

Then the Queen of the Coast asked me, "Which country are you from?"

I said, "I am from Congo."

She said, "Well I will give you an assignment before you start your training program."

Then she said to me, "Do you know that in your country people are praying a lot and their prayers are disturbing and affecting us? As you gonna have to execute many assignments on the Earth you must be given the ability to shape-shift to multiple forms to avoid being spotted and identified."

Then she gave me a flying carpet and a magic wand but in order to activate these magical instruments I needed to offer human sacrifices.

The Queen of the Coast said to me, "Many of the things that you use on the surface come from here. We designed them in our kingdom."

Then she took me to a massive hall. I was blown away as I saw all kinds of people.

The Queen said, "These are the world's biggest and greatest fashion designers who design the big fashion brands you dress on the surface. If you want to be one of the big designers on Earth you gonna have to come here like everybody."

Then the Queen took me to industries and factories of the underwater kingdom. I saw machines designing lotions and makeup products of all kinds. The world top scientists traveled in this underwater kingdom. They are the ones that are collaborating with hybrid demons so that they can reproduce the underwater kingdom technology on the surface of the Earth.


  1. Very Helpful Testimony. Quite interesting read actually!

  2. What is the name of the religion that was founded in Europe by the demon incarnate at first 700yrs ago, but now widespread in the world.
    How can we recognise it so as to avoid the trap and to save those already in it today?