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Upon our arrival, a woman named Donna Leticia of Italian nationality came to meet us. After staring into my eyes, she began to accuse me of being a traitor, saying that I should not be introduced to the audience and that the priest should replace me with another disciple. But despite her insistence, the priest told her that I was going to change. After this debate, they all decided to shut me up in a room with no window in which there were a light bulb and cameras that were filming me. After sometimes, I was taken out of this room and a man was instructed to take me to the hall where there was a large meeting room. When I arrived in the conference room, I noticed that it was filled with people. There were people who were still alive and people who had already died several years ago. There were great traders of the city of Pointe Noire, there were military and civil authorities of our country, and religious people too. I saw people that we studied in History who had died several years ago.

When the meeting began, this Italian woman continued to insist that I should not be introduced to the audience, because later I will betray the invisible world. It was thanks to a vote that the assembly decided to introduce me to the audience. So the one who coordinated the meeting ordered me to go to the front and stand in the bar, as in a court. A new name was given me to signify that I had become Satan’s full-time servant. The chairman of the meeting was a well-known bishop in the Republic of Congo. The latter enumerated ten laws which I had to observe, the least disobedience to these laws would result in severe punishment. As in all the enthronement meetings, all the audience was invited to the banquet hall in the same building, where the guests were supposed to taste the meat and human blood, and dance to the rhythm of the Congolese rumba sung by the musician Franco who was still alive at that time. Finally, the bishop approached me and gave me a book containing several magical prayers intended to invoke demonic spirits and other powerful demons like queen Farida. He advised me to keep secret what I saw and heard in the invisible world, for fear of going mad or dying. That's how my career started in red magic.


One day, the priest asked me to go with him to the parish so that I could accompany him to the annual meeting at the end of the year. It was December 24, 1985. Toward the middle of the night, the priest told me that we had to get down to business. It was just after Christmas Mass at 11 pm. Around midnight we went to the local cemetery of Moupé. Know that a graveyard is one of the portals to the parallel world of Satan. It was from this cemetery that we were able to travel to the basement of India to attend the annual world summit of Satanists. The satanic kingdom in India is not visible to the human eye; it is a spiritual realm; it is the headquarters of the world government of Lucifer located in the basement of India. After invocations, the priest asked me to find the grave of a male corpse. Once this was done, he made a magical prayer and the person rose from his grave and I was able to talk with him. Then, I lay down in his grave and we told him to keep my body during my trip to India.

When I laid in his coffin, my spirit came out of my body, and I landed in India to attend Satanists’ world rally. There were famous footballers, film and song stars, well-known political leaders, fallen angels, superior demons and principalities. Newcomers like me had to be presented to the audience, and it was in this kind of gathering that major events that were to happen in the world in the upcoming year were determined. Thus, the fate of political, sporting and commercial events was decided and determined in advance. This satanic gathering takes place every year from December 24th to 31st. The change of political regime and the results of the elections are decided in advance at these meetings. Sports results and results of championships are also decided and determined in advance during this meeting. Diseases that must emerge on the earth in different regions to torment the inhabitants of various countries are also programmed.

In these annual meetings, the fallen angels and principalities plan the wars and the military conflicts that they will provoke in different regions of the earth during the upcoming year. These principalities prepare and plan in advance the traffic accidents, plane crashes; they plan how to sink ships; they programme the so-called natural disasters that will hit different regions of the earth, etc. Major and worldwide events, prejudicial to humanity and favorable to the kingdom of darkness, which will happen on the earth during the New Year, are decided and programmed in advance by the principalities and fallen angels, while the whole world remain in festivities shouting "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!", instead of being in prayer.

In these gatherings, the choice of the presidents of different countries of the world is decided. It was during this gathering that I became aware of the change of political regime that would take place in my country; because I saw the fallen angels and principalities decide the arrival of democracy in my country and the devaluation of the CFA Franc. In this gathering of Satanists and demons, we also discussed the war in Angola. We decided to send invisible soldiers to continue to help the rebel leader. His army was smaller compared to that of the official government, but he was still progressing because he was helped by demons that were fighting alongside him. I would advise Christians to pray for peace in their country. Many political and military conflicts are decided and programmed in the invisible world to stop the work of God. The kingdom of darkness reserves the right to dominate over a country that has asked for help from the World Bank; the AIDS epidemic was also discussed.



As we had to participate every year in the world summit of Satanists, at the end of the year I traveled in the parallel dimension to attend the annual meeting of Satanists in India, where I was appointed the supervisor of the big market of slaves in our area. Let me emphasize that this is a spiritual market where souls who are captured by Satanists, sorcerers, Catholic priests, occult pastors, etc. are sold and purchased. This slave market is invisible to the natural eye, those who do not have spiritual eyes cannot see it. The market is located in the city of Bouenza, at a place where sorcerers and Satanists sell human souls that have been captured, and occultists go there to buy these souls. I was also responsible for working with satanist doctors to initiate babies in their mother's womb so that their lives would be at the service of the devil. Many doctors are occult members, sacrificing their patients to the devil for the prosperity of their clinics and hospitals.

In this annual meeting in India, there was a discussion about the political change in my country and the devaluation of our monetary system the CFA Franc. We also talked about the political situation in many countries. All the major events that happen in the world are organized and planned in the spiritual world, whether pandemics, social unrest, armed conflict, wars, everything is organized and decided in advance at the annual end-of-year rally. At this meeting, the fallen angels and principalities organize, plan and schedule the social, political and civic events that will occur throughout the world and in every country of the world. In fact, every country on earth is governed by a principality. This is the real ruler or leader that runs a country because the principalities are the leaders of the countries of the world and not the physical government and the president we see on television. It is the principalities that decide what will happen and take place in their respective countries during the end of year annual summit held in the basement of India, the official headquarters of the world government of Lucifer.

After attending the annual satanist World Summit, I traveled to the underwater realm of the Atlantic Ocean, where I was received by the queen of the Atlantic Coast in an urban metropolitan city. After that, I had to travel to Angola to fight alongside the rebel leader Savimbi as it was decided in the Satanists' global meeting in India. Our help to the rebel leader was spiritual; we were fighting the government forces spiritually, and the victims of this war were human sacrifices. There is a visible army, but there is also an invisible army that is demonic. The demons were fighting alongside the rebel leader Savimbi's armed rebellion. This rebellion progressed because it was supported by demonic troops that were invisible. I would like to inform the brothers and sisters of Angola that the war in your country was not a normal war. It was decided, arranged and organized in the kingdom of darkness to overthrow the president who had been established by God. It is important for believers to pray for their country. Many Christians do not take the time to pray.



On December 24, 1990, I went to the basement of India at our annual end-of-year convention to make decisions about the fate of countries. Only full-time Satanists, superior demons and principalities ruling all the countries of the world were allowed to participate in this world gathering. The devil himself presided over this meeting, and while he chaired this meeting he was constantly changing his appearance and transforming into various horrible and grotesque beasts to intimidate and frighten the participants. The main subject of this meeting was the war and the invisible battle against the Church of Jesus Christ. We also spoke of the death of the leader of the universal white brotherhood who could not obey the terms and conditions of the alliance. As a result, he was executed by the authorities of the invisible world.

After the meeting, the devil invited Satanists from around the world to another meeting to be held in Ethiopia. Later, he received me in a room and he asked me if I had a request or a concern to submit to him. I was going to talk when he interrupted me and asked me, "Why is it that every time I look at you, I always see a bright, glowing light?" I did not know what to say to him because I had never seen that light, but the devil knew it was a symbol of Jesus and that made him nervous. He knew that one day I will go to God. Then he asked me to join him at the rally that was to be held in Ethiopia on January 14, 1991, where he was to organize a meeting of Satanists of the world. At this meeting, we discussed the disease and the efforts to be made to spread malaria throughout Africa. We also discussed the destruction of people's lives. The devil hates humanity and our presence on earth does not give him joy. He would destroy us right now if that were possible.


I want to give readers a clarification on this subject. The country of India we are talking about here is a spiritual place in India, a place that optical eyes cannot see. And when we went there, it was not through ordinary means, but with the help of a flying magical carpet that helped us move quickly without problems, that is to say, far from the administrative hassle of airports. This meeting was an emergency session. Satanists of high rank, powerful demons, the forces of the universe were all in attendance in this session which was presided over by the devil himself. In this meeting, we dealt with many points: religion, politics, health, sport, economy, etc.

Concerning religion, we decided the destruction of Christian Churches, especially those of Democratic Congo. Everything had to be done to prevent the German Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke from leaving his country, because of his many gospel crusades which disturbed many of our magical activities. It was necessary to do everything to close the borders in order to block the Congolese Evangelists going out, lest they bring revival to other African countries. In this meeting, several Satanists asked Satan to create TV channels and multiple film programmes, to disrupt the prayer life of Christians so that they spend a lot of time behind television, instead of leading a fulfilled Christian life in prayers and the reading of the Word of God. Because it is when Christians are asleep that the devil and demons work with freedom. Thus, several television channels were granted to Satanists, especially those of Democratic Congo.

In the political realm, it was decided that one day the pope should be openly recognized as president of the UN. We all know the Secretaries General of this organization, but the president of this organization is not known to the public although he exists, and it is kept secret. He is the pope, his identity is hidden to prevent people from identifying him with the beast and the false prophet revealed in Revelation 13. But in this meeting, the devil decided that he will be publicly recognized as president of this organization.

After this rally with the powers of the universe, Lucifer sent a letter to Satanists and principalities reminding them of the obligation to destroy the Church of Jesus Christ. I have the content of this Lucifer’s letter which is as follows:

To all Satanists, representatives, agents, principalities, I write to you because Christians do us more and more harm. If we are not careful, we could be dominated, crushed and defeated. I wanted to draw your attention to the resolution we made at the last meeting in November 1991 at midnight. We succeeded in keeping the content of this meeting secret from Christians. As a result, we were able to suppress and bewitch them. That's why I take this opportunity to congratulate you all. But things have changed. We must improve and modernize our tactics and our strategic control of the universe because Christians are pressuring us with fervent prayers and their strong faith. The solution is to use the biblical principle the wrong way.

We will turn the Bible upside down. We must continue to apply the technique and tactics agreed for this decade. Do not allow them to read the Bible, let them take an interest in reading publications and books that have nothing to do with their spiritual lives such as fun stories, magazines, and novels. Therefore, when the temptation comes, they will have no support and they will fall. Do not give them time to pray; push them to feel lazy in prayers, otherwise, the Spirit of God will reveal our plans to them, and they will take counter-measures and crush us. You should never allow them to fast because they will become spiritually strong and they will conquer us. We must not let them give offerings and tithes so that they are in poverty, because God loves those who give with joy. Do not allow them to love one another with sincere love. Their love should be only in words, not in acts.

You have to push them to criticize and slander each other. You must give them freedom and wisdom in lies telling so that it becomes a bondage and a way of life, so that they do not enter the kingdom of God, but end up in Hell, the city of fire. You can let them preach on the return of Jesus Christ and the Rapture, but you have to make them think that it will happen in 10 or 20 years time because the reality is that He can come back now. You must not allow them to evangelize or testify. Make sure they are in front of the television for hours and hours to prevent them from reading the Bible and praying. Make sure they are in conflict and division. Create misunderstanding in their midst so that they are not united. I wanted to write to you on more tactics, but for the moment you have to apply this recommendation according to my directive. If you have a problem, you can call me on this number which is a direct line and you will reach me. You must keep this letter secret. Christians must not be allowed to lay their hands on it; otherwise, we will be in pain and defeat. This is our plan for this decade. I wish you much luck for this decade from 1991 to 1999. Take care to attend our weekly meeting in our headquarter in the pandemonium.



In fact, this demonic being was the angel of death; it came to teach me about the destruction of the human race. It informed me of a meeting scheduled for 3 o'clock in the morning, which I was to attend, on the invisible world's instructions.

He said to me, "There are strategic hours that you need to know, these moments are peak hours, hours of affluence and accelerations of the operations of satanic manipulations." He told me, "We are intensifying our activities at 11 pm and from midnight to 3 am, the demonic troops are patrolling the earth because they are satanic hours."

Then the angel of death said to me, "This meeting you have to attend is a major gathering because important decisions against humanity and against Christians will be taken, it is an annual gathering." It informed me that every year and precisely at the end of the year, there is a high-level Luciferian meeting in December that I was to attend as a Satanist.

At this point, I was already able to make astral journeys and astral projections. Even if the door of the house were closed, I could through concentration cross metal doors and solid walls. After this short presentation, this angel of death held me by the hand and we traveled together to attend the worldwide annual meeting of Satanists.



So now I’ll start to speak about Babylon, which is down there—literally. Then Jesus hid Himself. It was very interesting that we went to a dark tunnel. However, the Lord told me to look up. It must have some importance in it. I don’t know. Dark tunnel, and look up.

And then I saw the council chamber. And there sat Satan, the Satanic whores’ sons, death—which is literally as his own name. For example, I saw death, and he’s not moving. There’s no movement in him like he was gliding. He’s like…death. There is not even a sign of life in him. It’s horrible. There were the witches, false gods and goddesses. They were around the table at the council chamber. They didn’t stop kissing Satan. They were doing filthy acts. I’m just saying in this way: filthy acts. It was horrible. They were drinking the blood of the saints. They drank the blood of those whom they had already deceived. And it is written that this is correct. What you read in the Bible, it’s literally down there. That’s true in hell, like in heaven, there are mercy and grace. These things are visible. Everything just becomes flesh.

And there they committed adultery. They were drinking…everything was horrible. And they drank, and it was important that was after Faith Church won a victory, and Satan said that two different attacks come from down there in hell. One, to separate married couples for the whores’ sons. Then the second one is, there comes the attack of mammon, or love of money and what I mentioned, the cheating in marriage. He will send a rich man to church. I know that it will be a young man. He will be a young man, and if the pastor will accept his money, he will never be free. He will be owned by that man. And I don’t know who this is about, which pastor. He didn’t mention. He didn’t say it’s the Nyíregyháza one. So I can’t say this.

Then there comes the cheating—marital infidelity, and he explained that marriage is one body, because if there’s one gap, and you don’t accept him or her completely, or you don’t see her like you did before anymore, then there’s a gap, and he can come to you with a spear. But one body, we must love each other with full acceptance in love. Now, this is very important: to love each other.

Then Jesus was blazing, and they laughed and drank the blood. I found everything in the scriptures; the false goddesses, who have something, like a frog coming out of their mouths. I found everything in the Scripture. The Lord showed me everything.


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