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I am Deaconess Noella. I am married to a man of God who is a pastor. I come from a Christian family that grew up with the Word of God. My extended family was a traditional Christian family. I mean we were a Catholic family. My father used to take us to the mountain and bush to pray. It was our custom and way of life. We used to go regularly to the bush to pray.

When I became an adult my father wanted to teach me prayer. He took me to the ministry of spiritual warfare so that I would learn to pray and do spiritual warfare prayer. Afterward, I joined another church called Celestial Parliament where I was working as an anchor. I served the Lord in this church for quite some time.

It was after my baptism in that ministry that I prayed and asked clarification in prayer. I said, "Lord if You really want me to be in this ministry please reveal it to me and if You want me to be here, let the anointing that is in this ministry come upon me. However, if You do not want me to be here, let nothing of this church be sown in my life."

It was after the baptism that the Lord spoke to me and revealed the secret to me. The Lord told me, "This is not your church. I just wanted you to be here to know the reality of things that happen in this church and many others in the city. Therefore you must leave."

After leaving that ministry, I spent quite some time at home seeking God's face for direction. I came to understand that many churches in the city were not of God. Many pastors are signing pacts with the devil and they are building mega churches. In order to join a church, we will need the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Actually when God showed me a false prophet in the city. He said to me, "My daughter, they are building a temple with the money of the Beast. Many of them are eating excrement in the toilet in a ritual in order to become popular. Many of them are forced to have sex with men in the anus in order to have a big church and many of them are required by the devil to take away young ladies' virginity through illegal sexual intercourse."

The Lord said, "Their fate is Hellfire where the dragon is waiting for them. The dragon will enter in their anus and will come out in their mouth."

I asked the Lord, "What do you mean when You said the dragon will enter in their anus in order to come out in their mouth?"

The Lord said, "The dragon will enter in their anus because they accepted to practice homosexuality. They have accepted to sleep with men in the anus and the dragon will come out of their mouth. For when they preach they released the fire of the dragon through their preaching. Whenever a false prophet is preaching he releases the fire of the dragon in his mouth which is a fire of corruption and destruction. The fire coming out of the teaching and preaching of the false prophet is the words of lies and the spirit of lies. The fire in the mouth of the false prophet is not the fire of the Holy Spirit. It is the fire of the fire-breathing dragon."

In 2014 I was in prayer in the mountain when the Lord visited me and showed me authentic men of God and false prophets. Jesus said, "These false prophets are quick to lay hands on people's heads in order to steal people's stars and destinies. Through laying on hand they transmitted demons in people."

Then the Lord gave me a list of the false prophets in the city and thanks to this revelation I was in the obligation of leaving my church. Very recently on a Sunday of the 12th of August 2018 during the church service two angels appeared to me and took me to the spirit world when I went out of the body. The angel of the Lord asked me, "Noella, what day is it today?"

I said, "Today is Sunday and everybody is going to church in the city and all the churches are full."

The angels said, "Yes there are many churches but God's churches are few. Many of these churches are of the devil."

Immediately the angel showed me a hall where authentic children of God were gathering. The pastor in this hall was preaching against sin. He was preaching repentance and renunciation in order to purify and prepare God's people. The message was addressing the issue of sin and sanctification.

Then the angel showed me another gathering of God's children. This time around it was like a stadium full of people but the people were inside an infernal flame. People were like inside a flame of fire burning at extreme temperatures. There was incredible darkness and there was no light except the infernal flame which was the only source of light.

The angel of the Lord said, "These people in the fire are the people attending false prophet churches. These false prophets are men of God that you people call great men of God. These false prophets are attracted and seduced by wealth, luxury and goods of this world, thus they would not teach the doctrine of sanctification, renunciation and purification. They are preaching the corrupt and false and liberal gospel of materialism that will not save people attending their church."

I said to the angel, "People should not be in the infernal flame for attending the church. They are just attending the church but their hearts are far from God."

I was like debating the angel who said to me, "Each of these pastors has a specific power of destruction and seduction, that is why these members are lined up like an army."

Then the angel took me to heaven in the paradise of God and said, "Sister, look what happened when an authentic man of God preaches the good news of the gospel under the influence of the Holy Spirit. See what happens when people respond with Amen."

Immediately I saw a church on the earth. The pastor was preaching with the Spirit of God and God's people were responding with Amen. As the pastor was preaching I saw a corridor opening in heaven. In fact, I saw the throne of God that was shining and I saw the River of Life flowing from the fountain of the throne of God and was descending from the throne to our dimension up to the church where the man of God was preaching. The church was actually connected to the throne of God and the church was receiving crystal-clear water from the River of Life directly from the fountain of the eternal throne of God.

On the other hand, people in the false church were connected to the infernal fire of the kingdom of hell.

After leaving that church and after spending many months at home in prayer the Lord Jesus Christ led me to the ministry called Celestial Vision where I am now. The whole thing started on the 18th of May 2016. It was right after my delivery. It was right after I delivered the baby in the month of February and it was in that very month that I received the visitation of the Lord. On that day I did housecleaning and I wanted to sleep a little bit for rest. I sang a song of worship then I prayed before sleeping. I said to the Lord, "Father, Holy Spirit be with me and reveal to me hidden things because it has been a long time since we talked." Then I went to sleep. I was sleeping when suddenly I saw two angels of light descending at my place.

They said to me, "Noella, we have come to take you."

I said to the angel of the Lord, "I have a baby yet you are telling me that you have come to take me."

The angel of the Lord said to me, "Noella, child-caring or childbearing is not the call of God in your life. God has called you to do another task. Therefore, follow us so that you may know the call of the Lord in your life."

I followed the angels of the Lord and we walked on a beautiful road. We walked a very long distance on this golden and transparent road. I was stunned because I have never seen this kind of beautiful road on the earth in all my life. After moving for some time, we arrived before a huge pearly gate that opened and we entered. When we entered this place I saw that we were in a huge and spacious room. To my surprise, they were a few people in this spacious hall.

I asked the two angels, "Where are we?"

The angel said, "Noella, this is the paradise of God that you heard and read about in the scripture."

The paradise of God is real.

The angel of the Lord said to me, "Sister, looked carefully and observe."

When I looked carefully, I saw ten men and five women. The angel said to me, "Look carefully again."

When I looked again carefully, I saw brother Alain Moloto, a famous gospel singer of Congo who died not long ago. He was dressed in a shining garment of the purest white and he was resplendent with bright light. When I saw him I ran in order to hug and greet him. However, I realized that I could not get where he was.

The angel said to me, "For you to get where he is and speak to him, we will need to get the password and unless we unlock the code, you will not be able to talk to him."

I felt disappointed because I wanted to speak to him.

I said to the angel of the Lord, "If I cannot speak to brother Alain what is my purpose here?"

One of the angels asked me to wait. He left me with his companion and then he approached brother Alain and when he touched him on the shoulder immediately I saw brother Alain coming towards me. I was able to recognize brother Alain Muloto although he was dressed with youth and immortality. He was shining and dressed in a brightening garment of glory. He was a young man. I was able to recognize him thanks to his haircut and beard. When brother Alain got closer to me, he was happy and laughing. He was really delighted to welcome someone from his country. I was also joyful to meet him and I began to talk to him.

I was so curious that I began to ask him about another former Congolese gospel singer who died recently. I said to him, "Brother you are here in heaven but how come you are alone? What about the other singers?"

He replied to me, "My sister since I arrived in the celestial world of light I have not seen them."

Brother Alain said to me something distressing. He said, "Since I have arrived in the kingdom of heaven, I have not seen any gospel singer from Congo. I am alone here."

I said to him, "How come you are alone?"

He replied, "They are not here and I have pity for those from our country who did not make it to Heaven. You must be holy in order to enter the kingdom of Heaven. Many of the singers were not walking in holiness. Many of God's singers and children are not walking in the way of the Lord. They are not walking in purification and obedience. I have pity for gospel singers in Congo especially my son in the faith Brother Atoms."

I noticed that brother Alain became concerned when he was talking about his son in the faith, Brother Atoms.

I said, "Brother, you seem preoccupied and worried."

He said, "I am preoccupied with my son in the faith, Brother Atoms."

Brother Alain said to me, "My son in the faith has already received messages of warning from the Lord but he is not listening. Tell my son to reject sponsoring from any company. He should not hold any gospel concert for the company. He should not hold praise and worship sponsored by any company. He should reject their money. He should reject companies that are proposing to sponsor his concerts otherwise he is not coming in this kingdom of light. If he wants to come where I am, he has to follow the principles established by God. Tell Congolese singers to turn their backs to prestige if they want to come to this golden kingdom of God. Tell them that the work of God cannot be remunerated on Earth by men because our rewards will be in heaven. The fact that you see me in the eternal kingdom of light is a remuneration and rewards of the life of sacrifice and holiness that I led on the earth. I also fell in that trap of playing concerts for the company and getting their money but very quickly I realized this was not the way of the Lord. I rejected it and I repented because I realized that playing concerts for companies was leading me to death. I repented that is why you see me in this eternal kingdom of light. I am asking you to tell singers to give up concerts of prestige that different companies are organizing with Christian singers. Otherwise, they are not entering this kingdom."

Then the two angels took me out of this place to another place where I saw a huge crowd of people like the sand of the sea. They were really numerous but I noticed that these people were restless and agitated.

I asked the angel, "Why are the crowds of people in agitation and restlessness?"

The angel replied, "These people are restless and agitated because they are in the abode of the dead. There is no rest and no peace here."

The first part of the abode of the deads that I saw is the gate of heaven where I saw the people who had died in Christ. They were standing in line before the gate of Heaven before the angels and the book of life. Whoever finds his name written in the book of life had access to the eternal kingdom. However, Christians who had their names erased from the book of life because of sin were cast out into the outer darkness.

There I saw another Congolese gospel singer who died recently. When I saw him I noticed that he was not at peace. He was restless. The angel said to me, "Sister Noella, you have not come here for him." Then we began to move away.

I noticed that our feet were not touching the ground. Then the angel opened a gate of a cell in hell. To my surprise, he brought out a famous Congolese gospel singer who was my favorite. When I saw her taken out this horrendous place, I was shocked and disappointed to see her in the abode of the dead.

I said to her, "Oh, big sister, how can you come to such a bad place? You are so much for the children of God in the country. You died and left us in shock when we were still fond of you and we were left in shock about your sudden departure."

I noticed that the singer sister Marie was dressed in a white robe that was stained. However, the singer brother Alain's robe in heaven was of the purest white. We must learn to walk in holiness in order to keep our garment white. While I was talking to sister Marie the angel said to me, "She is not hearing what you are saying." The angel said, "We must receive a password in order to unlock the communication between you and her." When the angel brought out the singer Marie, he moved away from her and immediately she started talking to me.

The sister said to me, "Why are you crying? I am happy to see you though I am in pain. In fact, since I died on the earth and landed in this place of the dead. I am suffering terribly. I am looking for a way back to the earth if it's possible. The thing that I left on the earth is causing me to suffer and I cannot see the hand of my Creator."

The sister said to me, "My Creator refused to receive me at the gate of Heaven and I have missed the crown of eternal life because of the things that I was adorning myself with. I mean I was using makeup, which led me to the abode of the dead."

The sister said to me, "Like every other woman when I was on the earth I was putting artificial hair but when I got beyond the grave at the gate of Heaven, I was told that any woman putting artificial hair will not wear the crown of life and will not enter the eternal kingdom of God. So go tell women especially the gospel singers that are following my style of artificial hair to stop following my style otherwise they will lose their crown of life and they will land in the abode of the dead like me. Tell them not to put on artificial hair and not to follow my style because I am suffering. In fact, the more people follow my style the more I am tortured here."

Sister Marie said to me, "I was wearing artificial hair and this has caused me to miss Heaven and have prevented me from wearing the crown. Moreover, one of the things that stopped me from seeing the glory of God was eye and hair painting."

The singer Marie said, "I could not hear the voice of the Lord because of earring that I was putting on. The earrings that were inhabited by demons were stopping me from hearing the voice of the Lord."

The sister said, "I could not evangelize and proclaim the gospel because of the lipstick that I was using to color my lips and my hand could not touch the hand of the Lord because of the artificial nails that I was putting on my nails. I could not walk in the glory of God because of the high heels that I was wearing."

I said to sister Marie, "You knew about all this, why did you continue to adorn yourself with them?"

The singer said, "In the world, this adornment is what makes women special and I wanted to be special ignoring the gravity of the consequences. That is why I am here. All this adornment is not permitted. The Lord wants His daughters to be natural not artificial. Even the Bible forbid adornment in the book of Timothy."

1 Timothy 2:9 In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with braided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array.

The singer said to me, "Tell the leader of the gospel singer brother Patrice to tell gospel singers not to accept the sponsoring of the company for any gospel concert. They must reject the mark and seal of the company. They should not allow the company to sponsor their concerts. Tell the singers not to sleep with the producers and tell the worship group singers to avoid fornication in the group. Tell the daughters of God to open their ears and listen. They must abandon makeup and hairstyle of the devil that have led me to hell and I cannot see God. I am in pain. I wish to go back to the earth in order to correct things but there is no way to go back. Tell the children of God to abandon things that seem like prestige and luxury."

When I woke up from this experience my attitude changed. I told my husband about everything that I saw and we prayed. Later my husband told me that I was speaking with the voice that was not mine. It was actually the voice of sister Marie Misamu.

Beloved in the past, I heard testimonies about makeup and adornment. I did not take them seriously but when I had this divine experience I came to understand that these things are serious and no joke. I used to be a Christian lady wearing makeup and worldly adornment. I have photos of that but I made up my mind to abandon them.

In fact, in the past, I was in the aesthetic industry. While I was in this industry there was a disturbing truth that was puzzling us. The mysterious thing is that it is difficult to locate industries and plants where these makeup products are designed. They are actually designed in the dark world and the devil is targeting women.

Many months after this divine encounter the angels of the Lord came again and took me to the abode of the dead. They opened the gate of a cell in the dungeon of Hell where a fire was burning. I could see that they got out a musician. I could see that it was Papa Wemba. When he saw me he smiled.

I asked him, "Why are you smiling?"

He replied to me, "When I saw you it gave me peace. I don't have peace in this place since I have died. When you go back you gonna tell people to stop listening to my music. They have to stop worshipping me otherwise my torture will be increased. Every time people on the earth are hearing my music, demons are putting a hot iron in my mouth and because of tattoo drawing on my body demons are cutting my skin. Tell people not to draw tattoos on their bodies otherwise they are coming here."

The musician Papa Wemba began to talk to me about his death. I cannot say more about it before I talked to his wife. Some of the things about his death are personal and I need permission from his wife to talk about it.

He said to me, "Tell my wife to seek God's way because people that are following me when they died they will come here and whenever they listen to my music and follow my style this is increasing my torture and pain. I don't have peace. I am suffering torture here. Tell my wife to seek men of God, not the popular ones but in those churches that are not known."

When he was speaking about unknown and little churches, the Lord showed me a church with three people under a palm tree.

The musician said to me, "Tell my wife to gather all my children and find a church that is not popular and serve God. The fact that I am lost I will do anything to stop my family from coming here. The fact that I am lost I consider it to sacrifice. That is why I don't want my children to join me in this horrendous place."

Papa Wemba said to me, "Hell is real and I am experiencing it."

I asked him, "Why are you giving me this message?"

The musician replied to me, "I am giving you the message because when I was alive you are the one who received a warning message from God about my death. That is why you are brought here to take my message to my family."

Papa Wemba told me, "Tell my musicians and my family to seek God because Hell is real. Tell people to stop going to the cemetery to honor me."

Actually, in 2006, I saw a vision of the death of this musician. I went on to inform my leader the father. I told him God has revealed to me that Papa Wemba must repent because his death is approaching. The father had that responsibility of telling him to repent because he knew him personally and his death was imminent. Later I asked the father whether he talked to him. He said, "I went to see him but he was receiving people who were visiting him and he could not receive me." The father said to me, "Not to worry as we are friends, we will take time to talk about the message given by God," but I don't know what happened next.


  1. Great testimony Praise Jesus!

  2. Hell is real and we must repent of our sins both great and small. Thank God for the revelation.