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Prophet Isa El-Buba was a former Islamic occultist, who served the queen of heaven from his childhood as a dedicated child.

He inherited Islamic occultism from birth until 1982 when he experienced the exceeding grace of our Lord Jesus Christ that brought salvation to him, baptized him with the Holy Spirit, commissioned him to preach the gospel, and gave him Godly heritage.

Before his salvation, the Lord gave him a series of revelations of the reality of hell.

His ministry is accompanied by the manifestations of the presence and power of God, the Lord working with him confirming His word with signs following.

He has a special burden to reach the Muslim world through publications so that they might understand the true God, and also to open the spiritual eyes of Christians much more on the activities of cults and demons and how to deal with them.

Prophet Isa El-Buba is the president of EL-Buba Outreach Ministries, Int., with headquarters in Jos, Plateau state, Nigeria. He is married to Pastor Choice Isa El-Buba and God has blessed them with four children.


“After my conversion from Islamic occultism to the real life in Christ, I passed through the valley of the shadow of death, with attacks, imprisonments, accusations, assassination attempts, armed robbery attacks, accidents, business failures, disappointments and total rejection by my parents and relations. But through intimate fellowship with God, He helped me overcome all the attacks of the wicked through prayer in the name of Jesus.

“Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold all things are become new” (2 Corinthians 5:17).

The scripture above describes my experience after the yoke of the devil was broken by God and I was delivered by His grace. I was taken captive of the devil when, like an ignorant child born into a Muslim home, I was indoctrinated into the religion.

Indeed, it is not a light thing that the devil vows to kill, steal and destroy. He really means business and does not relent in his efforts. He is daily inventing methods to put humanity in bondage. No wonder many ignorant people have been taken captive by him.

My association with Islam began when I was born into a practicing Muslim home. My parents were ardent followers of Muhammad and every one of their children was compelled to embrace the religion. It is a pity that many, in a bid to worship God, turn themselves enemies of God. Such people persecute the true followers of the living God and blaspheme God Himself.

Friends, it may be that, till now, your condition is just like mine when the devil was fully controlling my life in the name of religion. I want to assure you that if you are willing and obedient, the same God who delivered me will set you free too. I shall try as much as possible to share with you the truth I have learned and which set me free. The Bible says, “ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free” (John 8:32).

Jesus Christ is the Truth. He says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man cometh unto the Father, but by me” (John 14:6). When I met Jesus, He broke my fetters and gave me abundant life. Now I have assured hope of living happily on this earth and in the home in heaven. Jesus loves you as well, and if you would make the right decision.

My name is Isa. I was born in Jos, Plateau State, in the north-central part of Nigeria. After living here for a brief period, my family moved to our homeland in Borno State. My grandfather, Mai-Saidari, was a renowned warrior of Borno State (Yerwa) after who was named many wards like Moduganari, Wulari, and others. All these wards are called Mai-Saidari wards. He was also one of the strong warriors of the Borno State Empire. My father was a senior civil servant in the Internal Affairs section of the Nigerian Prisons Service.

At the age of five or six, I began my Islamic studies under a learned (now late) who was an Allarama at the then Shehuri north. I was enrolled as one of the Al-Majiris (his students so-called for being the disciples of Allah). An Almajiri has the duty of going into the streets and around neighborhoods to beg for his daily bread. He is a destitute at a very early age who might have left his parents in places that are about 500 to 1,000km away to study under the Allarma.

In my case, I used to go to school from my father’s house. In just about three years that I started my Islamic study, I was able to memorize the Quran from the first chapter of the surah (e.g from Bagara to Al-Anam), though I still had to go back for further training and recitation exercise after this.

Usually, it is a point of memorizing the Surah that the initiation into this cult begins. The imbibing of these into the heart gradually hardens the heart of the learner.

After that, I went for three years of training in the interpretation of Thsala and the Hadith. By this time, I had reached a point where no other person or thing mattered to me but Allah and anyone who challenged my faith in him could die for it.


The apostle Paul wrote about his commitment to the religion of the Jews. Born a Jew and raised up in the Judaic religion, Paul (formerly called Saul) embraced Judaism with intense zeal. His zeal consisted of persecuting the Church of God as an act of devotion to God. Saul went from the place to place getting followers of Christ arrested and imprisoned, or stoned to death. His mission was to wipe out the Church, which had recently been born. He went about this mission with all his strength until Christ appeared to him one day to change the course of his life.

Saul’s life in the Jewish religion was like mine in Islam. As a faithful Muslim, a conservative follower of Muhammad, I was an enemy of Christ. I was so bound by the devil that true righteousness and peaceful living were lacking in my life. I took glory in mere outward purity in accordance with the Islamic religion, but inwardly I was impure.

Our major course of study in Islam was how to pick offenses with the Christians whom we were taught are filthy pagans. Christians are considered impure because they would not, unlike Muslims, wash their body with water after committing sin, but only trust in the blood of Jesus to clean their iniquities once and for all.

As I grew deeper in Islam, I joined an Islamic group called Jamatul-Nasril Islam formed out of the Organization of Islamic communities when the latter was introduced into the country in 1976. Members of this group usually undergo further training in Islam to equip them for more fierce demonic operations. Among the members then were Islamic scholars like the then-president, Alh Aliyu Ibn Mamman Dan-Bauchi who, by God’s grace, is also a follower of Christ now. Praise God!

Our backings for the operation were demonic forces that enabled us to perpetuate all evil and atrocities without conscience worrying us. We were taught to regard Christians as our greatest enemies and employ all tactics to eliminate them. The mention of the name of Jesus by His followers usually aroused contempt and severe anger in us. The only person we knew and revered was Allah and we were not ready to accept any other being as God even if it was the only way out of our lives of sin.

As a leader and committed member, we organized methods by which all Christians could be eliminated at a swoop (if not possible in the whole world, then in northern states.) Little did we realize the supremacy of light over darkness and the works of the devil. 

Though we tried so much to deaden our conscience as we moved along executing this project, we were often pricked by such verses of the Quran like Sura 3:55, which says: “Thus says God, Isa, I am to cause your term on earth to end (die) and lift (rise) you up to myself. I shall take you away from those who disbelieve you and exalt your followers above them till the end of time.” 

And Quran Surah 4:171 which reads: “People of the book, do not transgress the founder of your religion, speak nothing but the truth about Allah, al-Mashi. Isa the Son of Mariam was Allah’s word which he cast Mariam, a Spirit from Allah.”

Though we were often disturbed and confused by such verses as quoted above, the devil was always ready to give us the wrong interpretation of them. 

In 1978, we scheduled a meeting for the 20th of February at the Bayero University, Kano. Our agenda was to instigate the students, first on campus and then throughout the state as the fire kept burning. We planned to wipe out Christianity from the whole nation; if possible the entire world (ridiculous!). We did not realize on time how hard it is to kick against the pricks and how dangerous it is to light up the fire in one's bosom. We planned to execute these operations in some of the most occultic institutions of learning established by some Muslim leaders like late Ahmadu Bello, the Sultan of Sokoto etc.

Ahmadu Bello University was one of those frequented. All the kings Mais (chiefs), district heads, shehus, maiangwas in some areas in Kaduna State, then spread to Plateau State from where all other states were bombarded. We were bent on causing confusion in the whole world to please Allah, and we had his backing. Allah supports chaos, anarchy, bloodshed and the worst. Such god! We were indeed his followers, faithful to the core for that matter.

To achieve our aim, we would employ the technique of stirring up Muslims against minority Christians by giving them the impression that those pagans (whatever that means in Christianity) were only a handful that they should be taken care of to allow us to occupy, or probably inherit the earth. What else matters?

We would give wrong statistics of the Muslim population, viz a viz Christians as 59,820,000 and 21,128 respectively (check the Islamic word “Ansar Mansur”).

The first and second meetings we held were at Bayero University, Kano (BUK), formerly Ado Bayero University, Kano. We began by teaching the students of ABU, Zaria and the people of Samaru the use of provocative statements like, “We don’t want the constitution but Malik law; we want the only Islamic Republic of Nigeria.”

Indeed, unbreakable is the hedge that God the true One builds around His children (the Christians), as long as they prevent sin from breaking it. That fateful day, when mobile policemen were called in to put the chaos under control, eleven Muslims were killed. Nothing happened to the Christians. 

It was, indeed, a marvelous act of God. It is not in vain that the Bible says, “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper, and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.” (Isaiah 54:17), and “So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and His glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him.” (Isaiah 59:19). 

And if our enemies the Christians triumphed, what is the source of their power? They would neither strive nor fight, yet they would overcome! They always have reassuring confidence in God who says,” Fear not, vengeance is mine, I will repay.” It is good to put one's confidence in the living God and not in chariots and horses. God always prevails.

Since we failed woefully in this attempt, we adamantly moved forward to re-charge. Our next tactic was to employ subtlety. We would be luring Christian women into marriage and illicit affairs so that after they were impregnated they would be forced to become Muslims and their progeny would definitely populate the Muslim world the more. Muslims get their converts through this method (majority) since there is no other way. There were diverse gifts and prizes allotted to any Muslim boy or man by whom our goal was achieved.

The ability to allure highly spiritual Christians was highly valued. In the other way, Christian youths were enticed with money, good houses, jobs, wives etc to embrace Islam.

Despite all these, our plans often fell flat as just a few unwary, covetous ones were won in these ways. God would never allow evil counsel against His own people to prosper.

There is mighty prevailing power in the name of Jesus. At the mention of the name, all knees bow and every tongue confesses. The devil trembles at His presence, demons bow, and evil devices are frustrated. That same name is far exalted in healing the sick, the blind receive their sight, the dumb speak, and the deaf hear. It is the power that stirs up revival and comfort broken and worried hearts. The name of Jesus is higher, mightier than all names. No religious zeal contrary to true knowledge can overcome it, no incantation or any occultic device can defy its potency. It is the name that sets me free.

Whenever Christians spoke in tongues, it usually confused us and stirred up an aggressive spirit in our hearts. We moved our meeting places around other Islamic nations like Kuwait, Pakistan, Iran, Libya, etc for new arrangements before returning to Nigeria for execution. The Lord again refused us a breakthrough. We failed. 

Our next action was sponsoring the studies of Allarmas, Wamas and other highly-placed Muslims in Christian institutions like theological seminaries, schools, Bible college, etc so that while there they would be contradicting the doctrines of the Bible and adding falsehood to them. At this one, Alh Sulai Muhammad volunteered to be used. He was given N3,000 to work out his admission to the Bible College, Kagoro. The Holy Spirit arrested him and he had no rest in his mind until he surrendered his life to Jesus Christ, the Author of peace and true knowledge. He was set free. We sued him to a magistrate court in Zaria with the hope of jailing him since it was the practice of some magistrate court judges to give wrong judgment in support of such plans. What surprised me was that the case turned against us and we were convicted and made to pay N5,000 to Sulai for damages. Sulai got two gifts at a time: a new hope of glory in Christ Jesus and a cool sum of money. Isn’t the love of God something wonderful?

Whoever lifts up his hands against God's anointed, will he go scourge-free? It has never happened before and God forbids it happening now.

We resorted to publishing books, tracts, and posters that denied the Sonship of Jesus Christ, His birth, death, and resurrection though the truths of these are recorded irrefutably in the Quran. We knew it yet we brainwashed fellow ignorant Muslims and trained them on how to argue and contend with Christians on this.

Islamic fundamentalists are all over the world, were commissioned by the devil to supply blood to his blood banks. Spirits cannot function effectively without blood; that is why he fights to shed blood for the cause of Allah is only fulfilling his obligations, or how would he be a faithful Muslim?

Our publications then included:
1. The gospel of Saint Barnabas.
2. Was Jesus crucified?
3. Is Jesus God or the Son of God?
4. Why you should not be a Christian;
5. Thousands of errors in the Bible etc.

We also had many training camps with headquarters in Kano. These included hajj, Maiduguri, Deribes mosque (MADINA) in old Maiduguri, etc. All our efforts were futile. The Lord does not work with a multitude of hosts. Jesus is the commander of His invincible army. He fought the cause of true believers then and He still does. Surely, when enemies come in one way, they shall flee in seven ways. The Bible says: “Associate yourself, O ye people and ye shall be broken in pieces....take counsel together and it shall come to naught; speak the word it shall not stand: for God is with us” (Isaiah 8:9-10).

We employed the services of heartless Al-Majiris in Maiduguri. They were to enter churches with knives and charms all over them and kill Christians. The first targets usually were the Ibos (southerners) who were regarded as the enemies of the northerners, since they constituted a considerable percentage of Christians. When completely obsessed by the spirit of the antichrist and blood-shedding, the Al-Majaris would be chanting the jihad recitation: “La-illa ha illa Muhammadu rasulilla.” This imbued them with ferocity and urge to kill. Sometimes we would attack Christians on Sundays, using the eclipse of the evils of pagans (Christians). The source of such error is not far-fetched - Satan himself.

As we were attacking Christians in the churches, homes, and on the streets, breaking car glasses and vandalizing people’s property, our older Muslim faithful would be at home or in the mosques praying to their god for the continuing success of these destructions and killings as their god wanted to suck blood and smile at broken skulls on the streets.

Like the Pharisees of old, we meant to prepare the ground for our self-righteousness by hating Jesus to the core. In this bid, we invaded churches, some of which were the Anglican Church, Kaduna, pastored by Rev. Ahmed Sule, the first ECWA Church Gomber (Rev Mai-Pardaga), etc The worst hit were the churches in Kaduna, Sokoto, and Bauchi, which are always centers of great violence during religious crises. Many Christians were killed, pastors burnt to death during Holy Communion ministrations. The property was immensely vandalized while some of them were completely destroyed to cover up looting. Our society, though regarded as highly religious was, indeed, the most wicked and occultic one that ever existed on the face of the earth. We were always blood-thirsty. To defend Allah and his cause, we believed one must shed blood. What a bloody religion!

The demonic inclination is so engrossing to the extent that a converted Muslim must be prepared to lose his life in order to fulfill the commandments of the adulterous prophet Muhammad. Such people are usually killed in order to conceal the secrets of demonic manipulations in the Islamic fold.

Satan is futilely fighting tooth and nail to cover up the truth with lies. Muslims do not want to hear the Lordship of Jesus Christ, yet their Quran makes mention of this in about 93 places while Muhammad is talked about in only 4 places. Whose character is more relevant then? In their ignorance, the stone which the builders rejected is the cornerstone, a sure foundation, an unbreakable, 
reassuring strong pillar, the only true source of life - JESUS CHRIST.

I remember vividly how Islamic countries like Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Libya, etc used to back our mission by sending huge sums of money to us for the propagation of Islam and the Islamization of  the nation. In early 78, the Islamic Republic of Iran and the World Organization of Islam (W.O.I) sent trained manpower to us. Besides this, WOI sent $11,000,000 (eleven million dollars) for the training and equipping of our jihad army. Altogether, for the cause of killing, separation, and destruction, the sum of $ 17,000,000 (seventeen million dollars) was sent in by these foreign instigators of evil. Funny enough, as dog eats dog, the money often landed in the private coffers of our leaders who enriched themselves with it and used just small amounts for the original purpose it was sent.

Dear reader, are you staying under a dark blanket or sheet of deceit? Are you still ardent in serving a god that can change your God-given life to death without you being conscious of it? He will send you to kill and will also hand you over to the jailer (human and spiritual). Your conscience will daily be troubled as long as the blood of the innocent cry, for God shall hear it and avenge blood on you.

There is no peace, says my God, for the wicked. Why hearken any longer to the devil? Why must you see him and run? What an irony of life! This Jesus whom you hate with perfect hatred is the best Friend you do not know, who died to bear your burden and remove the yoke of sin and death from your shoulders. No matter how much you claim to respect and honor Jesus as a prophet, if you do not love the attributes of the Man, it shows you do not love Him as a person. If you wish to walk in the path of wisdom, I am beseeching you, in the name of God, to yield to the invitation by Jesus Christ to you to come and drink of the water of life freely.

His message for you is:
“Come unto Me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you, and learn of Me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For My yoke is easy, and My burden is light” (Mathew 11:28-30).

Why are you rendering unrewarded services to your enemy the devil? The only wage he has for you is death. Jesus says if you are willing and are obedient you shall not only have the hope of eternal bliss, but you shall also eat the good of the land.

Come, His hands are wide open to forgive and wipe away your sins. He will not force you to serve Him; He is gentle and Creator. He has given you the power of choice to choose who you will serve.

I urge you to come to Jesus so that you may have eternal life in this present world and in the world to come.


To start with, by the grace of God, my brother who was formerly an ardent Muslim is now a child of God, having been saved by the atoning blood of the Lamb, our Lord Jesus Christ. Not only so, but he is also now a state overseer with.......Church, Maiduguri, Borno State of Nigeria. When he got converted from the power of oppression of this demonic force called Allah, my father, who is a Muslim and an agent and a typical follower of Muhammad, went about plotting to kill him. It was in obedience to Allah’s command that anyone who gets out of the religion of Islam must either be excommunicated or murdered by all means. So, my father took a sword with the intention of piercing my brother’s body through. He wanted to catch him unawares.

Immediately, the Holy Spirit who watches over His children and will never allow one hair on their head to be plucked, rescued my brother by lifting him high up in the air and throwing him some distance away. When my brother turned back, he saw my father hiding the sword that had already cut a part of his (my brother's) cloth and had gone right into the earth. Praise the Lord.

Still, my father tried other ways to get my brother imprisoned but the Lord stood by him because He had a mission to accomplish in the lives of men through him. He has a dynamic ministry and I believe that was why the Lord preserved him.

My bother still loves my father. He does many things to appease him and reconcile both of them but my father regards him as his number one enemy to the extent that even if my brother gives him a million naira, he will not be pleased. He loathes his son greatly for embracing life. This is to tell you the reader, the nature of the spirit or god the Muslims serve.

I thank God that my brother still loves our father in obedience to Christ Jesus who says, “Love your enemies, do good to them that hate you.” Whatever anyone plans against you, remember that Christ is still alive and that no one can do you any harm. Rather, he will come bending before you, inquiring from you the true nature of your God.

I am believing God that my father is on his way to the old rugged cross as we daily pray for him. The Lord has started working on him and I know that He will visit him and the rest of my brothers the way He did to us, in Jesus’ name.

I know it is neither by power nor by might but by the Spirit of God. Amen.

Thank God for His grace on my elder brother. Today, he is an important person whom nobody had thought would amount to anything in life after his conversion. The Lord used a missionary in those days to sponsor his academic pursuits until he actualized himself. What is difficult for God to do? Even if your father, mother, brother, and friends reject you, just go to the source of life, that is God, and He will supply all your needs.”

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