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Hello beloved, we continue with our testimony. I said nothing is worse than to live in bondage. When you are a slave of a man, you will obey him whether you like it or not.

When someone becomes a witch, he will be asked to enslave members of his family and their lives. When you are a member of this family, even if you study or work and get a good salary, there is nothing you will achieve with that money. It will just dissipate.

Witchcraft is not just about killing humans. The witch also can go about killing your job, your studies, your undertakings, and your business. Therefore you will need total deliverance including financial deliverance.

When you give a million dollars to someone in prison and you ask him to multiply it and you give a free man less money, the latter will do better than the man in prison although the man in prison was given a million.

The man in prison is under surveillance. He is not free. His life is in bondage and is a tragedy. In Africa, many are dominated because of witchcraft and their movement and progress in life are controlled by the spirit of ancestral tradition and customs.

You got to understand that for any witch in the world to attack you, he has to get authorization and validation from a witch in your family who is supposed to deliver you to him, whether it is your marriage, your job, your money or your life.

Many people's lives are monitored through surveillance cameras installed by witches. Every day of their lives is filmed. They are seriously monitored and they are undermined and compromised in their undertakings.

When you do spiritual warfare prayer, you got to make sure that you have destroyed the invisible camera of surveillance in your life.

You may start a business but as you are monitored, they will put a blockade on your way. They will bewitch you and as a result, you will go back to zero points. They will never let you break through.

Many are running in circles. When they are about to break through, they will realize that they are back to zero points.

The Bible says For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (Eph 6:12)

In this passage, Paul was writing to the Ephesians because there were a lot of Satanists and magicians over there in the city of Ephesus.

But the question is, what is dominion and who is dominated? Dominions are demons influencing the key areas of human society like political power, like the world system, capitalism, communism, religion, socialism, education, judicial and financial system.

There are demonic princes working in the kingdom of darkness. There are wicked and malevolent spirits and they cause torrential and destructive rain. They cause hurricanes and tornados and they are dominating the world system including the social, political, financial systems.

You hear people saying, "I am a Socialist," and another saying, "I am a Capitalist," another saying, "I am Communist." These ideas or systems were designed by demons, not God. A Christian is not a capitalist nor a socialist nor a communist.

When an ordinary man joins the power elite, he will end up being under oppression from the princes of the air to do things their way. These princes of darkness are ruling over systems and institutions whether it is the FBI or the KGB. One of their seats of power is in the Vatican.

Even when a man is promoted to a high position by God in politics or great institution, Lucifer will send his disciples to tell him that in order to establish his position, he needs to join a mystical order. They will give him books on occultic prayers.

These dominions are ruling in all the countries of the world. They are ruling over the systems and institutions even in religions and many churches are controlled by them. Therefore stop moving from one church to another because, in this end times, the devil is deeply working inside churches.

Secondly, we are fighting against authority. Here the Bible is not referring to the government authority but these are demons that use individual human leaders to influence human societies through factors like philosophy, literature, music, science, and occultism.

Here we have a category of demons using humans as a channel to influence society in propagating evil.

There are humans who are invested with demonic authority and they are assigned to influence society. They have authority, these humans are in covenant with demons of authority and when these people speak, the masses tremble and listen. These leaders have eyes of lions and they are full of authority.

There are men who have signed covenants with demons in order to dominate, whether in music, politics, science. The Apostle Paul said we have the power to bring down these authorities.

Thirdly we are fighting against the prince of darkness. This category of demons are leaders of evil works. These demons are of a high level.

Their responsibility is to control entire countries, cities, municipalities, counties, villages by transferring particular characteristics to people living there. They influence entire population characters and behaviors through negative thoughts.

They inject or infuse diabolical thoughts on the population of the specific geographical area. These demons controlled countries and cities. Actually, there is a demon controlling this country in a negative way and there is a demon controlling our province in a negative way.

In fact in each province of our country, there is a prince dominating and influencing people's behavior and causing them to behave in certain ways. These princes influence the population of countries and cities to behave in evil ways.

That's why you will notice that the inhabitants of Lower Congo province have the same behavior, the inhabitants of Katanga province have the same behavior, the same thing with the inhabitants of the capital.

The behavior of the population or inhabitants of cities, provinces, and countries are caused by the prince of darkness.

If you go to the southeast Congo province, you will find the people behaving in a certain way. When you go to the capital, they have a particular character because all the provinces of our country are placed under the power of a ruling prince of darkness, influencing people to behave in certain ways.

But the Bible said that if any man is in Christ, he is a new creation. Therefore he is bound to reflect the character of Christ, not the prince of darkness ruling his city.

I am going to talk particularly about the Congolese because it is easy to recognize a Congolese as most Congolese behave in a particular way and they have the same characteristics.

Actually, it is easier to recognize a Congolese because most Africans know Congolese by their behavior and manner and a Congo man will reflect Congolese behavior and characteristics which originate from the prince of darkness ruling his country or city.

And this prince of darkness established by the devil in Congo dwell in the Congo river. He is the one ruling and influencing Congolese behavior. As I said, there is a prince of darkness in each province of our country.

In Katanga province, there is a prince of darkness called jealousy and tribalism. This is the behavior of the people of Katanga province.

The prince of darkness that is ruling the Kassai province is called pride and polygamy. Even if they have nothing, they are still full of themselves and always boasting.

I remember when I traveled to Lower Congo province, I was told that if a ship from Europe arrive in their province before it enters the province the Caucasian captain has to give place to a Congolese captain. Otherwise, the ship will sink because the prince ruling the Lower Congo province does not like the Westerner and it is happening even today. This prince of darkness is called Monama.

There was a musician in the Zaire era who went to see a medium looking for fame and success. The medium asked him to bring a footprint of anybody in the street. The musician wanted success for his next album. As he was leaving the medium place, he saw the medium footprint. And he took it and when he came back he brought it to him. The medium was using people's footprint as a point of contact to sacrifice them by shooting them mystically. And when he shot the owner of this footprint, he realized that he shot himself.

Then he asked the musician, "Why have you done this to me?" Then the medium said to the musician, "You will sacrifice all your children and you will not sleep in the night anymore, only in the day." The medium put a spirit of a crocodile in him that was supposed to devour his children.

As a consequence, the musician began to lose his children and he had to sleep during the day. He could not sleep in the night for fear of dying. After some time, he could not take it anymore. Then he went to enter into a contract with a principality in the Congo river by the name of Monama.

Then the prince of darkness, the marine monster removed that curse on him. In return, he wrote a song in honor of the river monster and the song was top of the chart in Congo. People could not imagine that they were worshipping the principality in the river by singing that song.

The lyrics of the song is "They put a spirit of a crocodile in me to devour my own children, so lets dance for Monama as he set me free." He was singing and honoring the aquatic monster and all the country sang that song and even dance for the song originated from the marine monster.

That is why we must separate from secular music - there is no God's glory in it.

When you are a Christian, you should not reflect the character of the people of your country but that of Christ because the characters and attitudes of your fellow countrymen originated from the prince of darkness ruling your country.

Beloved, I remember after my conversion in Christ, my pastor said to me, "You will be living with me. You are not going back home because the devil is looking for you."

So I lived with the pastor for 7 years but as I was there, the siren from the cemetery kingdom was looking for me. One day my family saw a jeep stopping right in front of our compound. A woman went out of the car. She said to the family that she is looking for me.

My family thought that they were dealing with a member of the local authority as I was working there. But it was Helen Elvira, the siren of the cemetery. She gave the family 500 dollars and she bought a lot of stuff for the family and they were happy.

She told them, "If you see Jean Paul, please tell him to phone me." Not long after that, I came home and I was told that a secretary by the name of Helen came to look for me there. I knew it was the demon Helen who came after me and she told them that they are looking for me.

I asked my mother, "What did she give you?" My mother said, "She gave me some African loincloth." I asked my mother to show me the cloth given to her by Helen but when she went to look for them where she put them, she could not find them. They were not there. In fact, they disappeared.

This demon is powerful. Actually, even after my deliverance, there was like a connection between her and me.

I remember I was in the deliverance prayer session. I was hungry and I thought about Helen. And as I did, she immediately came mystically and she brought me food and I started to eat them. When the intercessors saw me eating, they asked me where did I get the food.

I said to them that I was hungry and Helen brought me the food. The pastor got angry. In fact, although I was going deliverance my spiritual eyes were still opened, so I could see and hear the spirit realm. But once the pastor destroyed my spiritual eyes, I could not see her. As a result, she began to disturb my family.


Before my conversion, I went to see the Catholic priest who gave me a bracelet. He told me that in our local river, there is a marine city there although people cannot see it.

I was given a letter by the Catholic priest to give to the village chief to make him aware of my travel to that underwater city. There was a river fall in that local village and an unfinished bridge.

And in that fall, there were sirens. People talked about the legend of sirens beneath the river. She is a powerful marine spirit. During the colonial era, the Belgians were supposed to build a dam on that fall. But first, they had to sign an agreement with the siren dwelling in the river fall.

Actually, the siren told them, "If you want me to allow you to build the dam here, you gonna have to sacrifice for me 300 Westerners and 100 Africans." But the builders refused. They said to the siren, "We are willing to give you 300 Africans and 100 Westerners." But the siren refused the offer.

As a result, the dam was never built. You must understand that White Magic was first practiced by the Europeans, like Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry. Actually, when you visit the fall, you will see the Western and Belgian style of houses.

They were living there but they could not build the dam because of the disagreement with the siren. When I arrived in the village around the fall, I gave the letter to the village chief and he agrees and validated my journey beneath the river.

Then I began to walk on the bridge and I was turning around my ring to signal my presence to the siren as instructed by the Catholic priest. Just like a game, I saw a light in the water.

I thought it was the reflection of the sun but then I saw a woman shining and emerging from the water. I thought the fishermen were seeing her as well but that was not the case.

Then the siren emerged out of the water. She was extremely beautiful. There were snakes rolled around her hips. There was a lot of makeup on her face and nails polish. Then the siren called me. She said, "You are sent by the priest. Then come!"

Then from the bridge, I jumped to the river. The fishermen thought I committed suicide. They wanted to come and help. Then the siren sent a massive wave that pushed them back to the bank.

Then we began to descend deep beneath the water. I could not see the sun or the light anymore. There were crocodiles and hippopotamus under the water but they were controlled and dominated by the siren.

Then we touched the ground and I saw the siren whistling and the sound of that whistling was extreme. Then a stair appeared. I saw a road lightened by torches. A huge castle by the side appeared.

I noticed at the gate there was a being who was half fish. He had the face of a man. He opened the gate for us. The house was not different from what we have on the surface but the house was big as a castle with 250 bedrooms.

When we arrived at her castle, she took the appearance of a human woman. She gave me wine.

I saw a picture of the Catholic priest who sent me here in her house. Actually, the siren has given power to many priests who in turn are sending people to her. This was also the representative of Lucifer in the Likasi province.

This siren is called the siren of Rosie. Later she said to me, "Let me take you around the castle for a tour so that you can see who is with me here." So we started to tour her castle.

Then she opened the first room and inside were many sirens and mermaids. She told me, "If you need money, you can take one and you can have children with her on earth. And she would take care of you financially. She would make you rich and change your life. She will wash you with her saliva and people will envy you."

Then the siren opened the second room. I saw people bound and in bondage. Actually, these people or souls died in accidents on earth and these accidents were caused by the siren. Among these people, I saw a woman who was my neighbor who died some time ago.

When she saw me, she started telling me to inform her family that she is here. But how can I tell her family that she is held beneath the river? People will think I am crazy. Beloved, it is by God's grace to be in Christ. There are many benefits.

When the siren opened the third room, I saw many babies crying. The siren said to me, "Many people throw babies and we get them and we are keeping them here."

I was scared by what I was seeing and I told the siren, "I don't want to continue the tour." Actually, there were 250 rooms in this castle.

It was already too much for me so I asked the siren to give me what I came here for. She gave me a jewel of power.

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