Friday, October 12, 2018



Another woman who lied about her rapture is Gloria Polo. She is from the Catholic church and said she saw purgatory where people die in sin and go there. And after their sins are purified in purgatory, they go to heaven. This woman has spread her lies. How did she go to purgatory if it does not exist?



When I was a Catholic, I believed in purgatory to purify souls. But now, I know purgatory does not exist. Wake up Catholic people, do not let Satan fool you. Do not put the hope of dying and going to purgatory to get a second chance. You think you will go to purgatory and then go to heaven. There is no second chance if you died in your sins. You go to hell directly without going through purgatory. And if you fall in there it will be too late. There is no way out there. The door to hell is locked. The gate of hell opens to receive the souls and everything is locked so that none could escape. Souls cannot get out of that torment. If you do not believe me and prefer to live in sin, one day he will die and he will remember this testimony. You do not want to regret it when you fall inside. All this torment I've seen in hell, if you go there you'll see everything I've seen. But it will be too late for you. The demons shall cast you into the fire even as you cast a stone into the sea.


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