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I am from Zilina, Slovakia. I was born into an evangelical family. I was always a member of the church. But I had never converted my body, soul, and spirit. Jesus created us in 3 parts, so we have an obligation to sanctify ourselves completely.


I wore tight church clothes in tight jeans and a tight-fitting shirt. I was single and wanted to get a woman to marry. I wanted to call attention to the sisters who are still single. I wore expensive perfume and sat by the sisters. Many of them smelled my scent and flirted with me.

I was never spiritual, for the deeds of the flesh were in me. I did not like to pray, and I felt very discouraged to read the Bible, only to praise God. My first pastor knows the truth and corrects the members. I was the only rebel who walked sensually in church. You who know the true Word of God will not take the instruction in the Word for granted. My pastor was talking about hell and all that believers cannot do. I was rebellious I knew this to be true but I felt like an untouchable believer.

I seduced 3 young girls, one of them was prostituting me. We usually partake of the holy supper. I was a stumbling block to that girl who was still a virgin and had to pay a heavy price for having touched her.

One day I was watching pornographic videos, I saw out of the scenes of the movie 2 evil spirits in the form of two female models of catwalks.

I mean for those who dream of the modeling career, do not follow, there are demons who rule the fashion on earth. When these clothes are manufactured on Earth, businessmen make millions for these clothes consecrated in hell.

When those 2 demonic spirits came out of the film transfigured into two beautiful sexy women, one of them looked at me and said, "You are seeing this actress and that actor having sex. You knew they no longer live on earth; while you are feeling desires for this woman, she is in hell at that moment, suffering and experiencing terrible torments."

That demon transfigured into a woman became the pornographic actress and was naked in front of me. The demon transformed into the actress said, "I know you want this body, you know how that body stayed after I died." The demon that was transformed into the actress of the film became a skeleton and wanted to hug me.

I was terrified and ran, this demon entered the television and said, "When you are watching these movies I will own your body." That spirit came into the television and the other devilish spirit watching me said, "There is a spirit of ours that is within you."

When he said it, my body lost control of the limbs. I struggled for the demon that was inside me not to control me but could not contain my body. This spirit made me roll and dance against my will, I could not stop the movements of my body.

The movements were involuntary until the seductive spirit left my body and said, "It was I that used you to seduce the 3 girls. Do you know why I have access to your life? Because of the sexy clothes you wear." I did not know that I shouldn't be walking around in shorts and sexy clothing.

The ancient priests wore their breeches under their robes.

Leviticus 16: 4, And he shall put on the holy robe of linen, with linen breeches underneath; he shall put the linen girdle on his waist, and the linen turban also. These robes are sacred; so he will bathe with water before wearing them.

The 2 demons disappeared, I was scared. My heart beat rapidly until I suffered a heart attack and was no longer in my body. I saw the monster of death with a sickle, it came to collect my soul.

My parents saw my body on the ground, but God had already spoken to them. My father had a dream that I passed through the valley of the shadow of death and would rise again. I was hospitalized at the behest of my parents. If I depended on the doctors I would be buried because I was physically dead.

The doctors said they would hold my body for 2 days, then I would be buried. My soul suffered the agonizing pains in hell, I was there for sexually prostituting myself and for having the spirit of lasciviousness. I remembered all the bad things I had done, I regretted all the works of the flesh that I practiced.


When I was in hell, I saw a boy who was there. He even walked into the church but did not convert his heart, and postponed his meeting with God. The pastor made the appeal and he did not want to leave the world, until one day he was in the street, was mistaken for another boy who was sworn to death. He was murdered by a group of men and fell into hell.

A young woman I saw in hell, she was very beautiful, before dying her beauty attracted a lot of attention. She did not want to be a believer so as not to leave her vanities. She tore all the pamphlets of the Word of God that she received without reading them on the floor. A man who fell in love with her was not reciprocated and committed a crime of passion, murdering this girl. Today she is in hell, I saw when the demon caught her hair and dragged her across the burning glowing ground of hell. She remembered Jesus and every pamphlet she had not read and thrown away. She remembered every person she hurt because they did not have her beauty.

By order of the angel, the demons had to stop tormenting me, sampling the things that are in hell.


I have straight hair, and I used a product to make my hair curly. The angel said, "God has formed you in a way do not change anything of your appearance, let it be natural. Artificial hair, wig and all kinds of braided hair fashions, all of this are in hell and from hell."


I saw in hell skirts, tight dresses and all kinds of tight clothing. Shirts full of devilish designs and satanic symbols. Skirts with cuts on the sides and also behind are in hell. The fashionable demons are responsible for these garment compartments in hell and on earth.


Actors and actresses of pornographic films are there in hell. Many of these actors I knew through the movies I watched. I did not know that many of them had died and were no longer on earth.
The media do not disclose their deaths as pornographic actors.

One demon said, "Many of these actors who are here committed suicide because of the depression I put in them. They had their images exposed in the media, could no longer marry because of the prejudice; they suffered for the prostitution they practiced to make money in the movies. Others died of AIDS and drug overdoses."

The angel who was by my side took me out of hell.

The doctors were startled when I woke up, many fainted and others ran for fear of me. I was pale and cold looking like a zombie. I gained souls inside the hospital, a miracle that medicine could not explain, they had already declared me dead. They did a lot of tests to see the state of my heart. There was no problem inside me.

I want to thank my parents who prayed for me. They asked God to bring me back when I was still dead.

I have gained many souls with my testimony. And when I fixed my life, God has prepared for me a woman of prayer.

I threw my sexy clothes off.


I went to congregate in a church where it is near the house where I bought to live with my wife.

This pastor's church is full of members, he knew that I preach against vanity because of the revelations I had in hell.

This pastor offered me a great deal of money so that I would not preach against vanity. I was disappointed with this offer and I left my church and went to another ministry where God exalted me.

I was consecrated as a pastor and went through a lot of persecution. A young Christian began to defame me for the souls to leave the church where I am shepherding. Some people left because of this young man believing his lies. The Word of God says to love our enemies. This young man went through a process of persecution within his church and stopped congregating. I as a shepherd brought him to gather with me, he felt ashamed for all the false slander he raised against me.

Proverbs 17:13 As for him that payeth good with evil, evil shall not depart from his house.

The young man with tears in his eyes asked for forgiveness and won many souls from what he had taken from the church where he grazed.

I bought a car to do the work of God. I prayed to Jesus, saying that everything that is mine belongs to Him. In my country, it is very rare to have car thefts, but when it comes to the work of God anything can happen. I began to do God's work in my car in one place until one day I was approached by two men. They were armed and took my car, but they did not know that the car was not mine, but God's to do the work.

They started driving off at high speed to flee from the police, thinking I would have called. I did not call the cops, but the speed they drove at attracted the police attention, causing the cops to reverse and chase after them. The car braked the wheels by itself to stop the vehicle from moving. When they tried to open the doors to escape, the doors were locked, leaving them trapped inside.

When the police arrived the doors unlocked by themselves. One of the policemen saw the angel opening the doors and was astonished and speechless. The cops returned my car. The police officer who saw the angel told me if the car is special. I said yes, the car was given by Jesus, it belongs to Him.

This policeman had never entered a church, but after seeing the angel, he began to believe in the supernatural. He began to visit the church where I pastor and he became a dedicated member of the work, a man of faith and used by God.

I thank God for everything, I believe that this testimony will reach the four corners of the world for the glory of God.

May you pour out your blessings on every life that hears me, amen.

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