Thursday, January 24, 2019



In 1986 I was saved and healed. In 1985 I gave birth to Kristi and then one day I was lying on the bed. My husband was laying next to me and had his hand on my belly and we were just laying there. The glory of God came into the room as thick as a cloud and I was immediately thrust into a vision. The power of God was coming out of His hand into me.

This was an open vision. So it was vision under my feet. It was vision all around me and it was a vision in front of me. It was like stepping out of one scene into another. I saw a huge giant and I wasn't afraid but it's not a giant like you can imagine just maybe a 14-foot giant. It was incredibly peaceful that passeth all understanding. I looked up and I saw this amazing giant. I was immediately drawn and I believe this is God's way of always showing us the correctness of His Word.

I was immediately drawn to the piercings of the crucifixion in His hands and in His feet. He was dressed in a long white robe. I saw chariots above His head. They had angelic beings in them dressed in golden armor. There were white horses and they were actually flying on fire. They seemed to be protecting the head of the giant.

Then as the Lord drew my gaze I noticed that He was standing on top of the seven-headed dragon who was covered with all kinds of colors of scales but had seven different faces. His feet were firmly planted on top of the seven-headed dragon. Demons were running in every direction in terror. I knew in my heart that this was the body of Christ in the last days. He had fire coming out of His eyes which meant the discernment that God is giving the body for this end time.

A two-edged sword the sword of the Spirit was coming out of His mouth and He had shafts of light coming out of His hands representing the healing power. Then I was caught by something magnificent to the left. Paul said whether in the body or out of the body I know not but such a one caught up to heaven. Paul was caught up and so it is a scriptural thing to be caught up. 

I look to the left and I saw this road which led up to the incredible Golden City. It seemed to be on a mountain but there was no mountain and I saw the scope of it. In other words, I saw its grandeur. It seemed to be built on foundations that were made out of every precious stone you could imagine. But the light of it and the glory of it and the power of it was something that is very difficult to explain.

It's the New Jerusalem where Jesus lives. The road lit up before me. It's a different realm but it's a real place. Yes, a very real place and the road lit up and I immediately saw Jesus. He was standing in front of one of the gates and then my gaze seemed to go where He wanted me to see. I was at the bottom of the road and I saw these two angels on either side of Him. They were incredibly large and dressed in golden armor. Their faces looked like lightning and they had huge spears like staffs which were as tall as they were and huge diamonds on the two of them. They were huge muscular beings and Jesus was the size of a man. I'm very far away from Him at this point but immediately I was with Him.

There was no time or distance and He reached out to me and wrapped His arms around me and held me and just kind of rocked me back and forth. Being a new Christian in 1986, I had so many unanswered questions inside of me. Hot oil was poured over me. Every question everything I've been searching just went out the bottom of my feet. I was just lost in His arms and He hadn't spoken to me at all and the door to heaven opened. It was the massive gate and He didn't touch anything but everything just moved when He moved. He held onto my hand.

The Angels stayed outside the gates but when He walked with me in I saw the streets. My eyes were drawn to the streets. There were balconies after balconies as far as you could see. Many buildings were made out of gold but it was gold that was translucent. The streets were made out of the same type of beautiful material. The people looked as if they were lit from the inside out but they seemed to know me and they seemed to be hanging over the balconies looking at me and knew me. He held my hand. I thank God He did because I would have run off and not come back. But He showed me what He wanted me to see because heaven is a huge place. He wanted me to see certain things. He took me to this incredible tabernacle and we walked up the humongous steps which just seemed to go on forever.

When we got to the top of it I heard the sound and it's kind of a combination of a roar of a lion but musical yes and then maybe like Niagara Falls. I felt it go in to my physical body and I was still holding hands with Him and at this point He didn't speak to me didn't turn to me and speak to me but I heard His voice inside and He said, "I'm turning you in to the worship the praise and the prayers of heaven." That power went into my body and I felt it in my bones just the sound. Then when I looked I saw the worship of heaven, I saw the prayer of heaven and multitudes the greatest multitude of people I've ever seen in my life. I've had the blessing of ministering to at least six hundred thousand, seven hundred thousand at a time in Kenya but it was so much more than that. I mean that just seemed to be small compared to this massive assembly of people.

There were dancers and they were dancing in this profound abandonment. I know as a dancer that if you're doing four pirouettes and leaping that you've got to watch where you're going but it didn't seem like anybody needed to watch. It was just this supernatural harmony openly embracing this incredible glory of worship and prayer at the same time. It has beautiful just light airy love credible.


Immediately I was in another place. It was the throne room and I was alone with the Lord. On the floor next to me was like a safari. I've seen lions in the wild but I saw this huge lion. I mean just absolutely magnificent and he seemed to be lit from the inside out. His mane was just glowing with the glory of God and the brilliance of God. Jesus spoke to me at this point. He began to talk to me and He said, "This is the Lion of the tribe of Judah. My body My church has known Me as the great Shepherd. But in this final move of God, they will know Me as the great warrior and the lion of the tribe of Judah."

The Lord brought me close to Him and He began to speak directly to me. He said, "There's coming a move of God in the earth where the saints in heaven and the saints on the earth will unify. At that time the heavens will open and the glory of God will fill the stadiums or wherever you are. Every eye will be trained on the wheelchair sections and the stretcher sections and those that have amputated limbs who need body parts. I will show Myself alive. The enemy the devil has been able to counterfeit My work but there's one thing he cannot do: he cannot create. He can falsify and give a phantom. He can give an illusion of healing but he can't create a body part right. I am the Creator and there's only one Creator."

Of course, I'm not back talking at this point. I'm just looking at Him.

The Lord Jesus said, "So at this time My body in heaven and My body on earth will be one. Then the heaven opens and then all of these amazing miracles will pour out of heaven and through My body. It won't be on the great man of God or the great woman of God but it'll be on the body and everybody and every joint will be supplying. The eyes of the world will be trained and focused on creative miracles."


Jesus further said, "There's a phantom spirit called the spirit of pain and this is the spirit that's the door opener to everything that hurts His body. It hurts Me and the heart of God hurts because His children are hurting."

When He sees His body the church where His children, His daughters, and sons are hurting, it hurts Him.

And so He said, "My body is hurting. There's a spirit called the spirit of pain and the spirit of pain is the door that opens to every other spirit of infirmity."

When that pain comes to a person, he will have sicknesses and diseases. Pain is a signal to find out what's wrong. Pain is the worst thing that anyone can experience. Pain is horrible. It's a real thing. It really hurts and it can be completely overwhelming. So it's a door opener.

So you go into the hospital and you get diagnosed what runs in your family. At the end of the day, the doctor says it's got to be this because that's what runs in your families and it is generational. You say okay and then come into agreement. Fear and pain are twin spirits because fear makes us afraid. This is an open door. It's like an invitation for bad things to come in. Then cancer comes or rheumatoid arthritis especially those crippling diseases or anything to do with bones and the muscular structure will come in. All those kinds of crazy phantom illnesses that are happening now. Chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, anything crippling to do with muscles and bone and it's really hurting people. It's hurting Christians and hurting Jesus' body when Jesus' body should be whole. Yes, the body of Christ should be free of pain and sickness just as Jesus' body was perfectly healthy and whole on earth.


Jesus said to me... I don't like to share this. I didn't like to share it for so many years and then God rebuked me about it and He put His hands on my shoulders and He said, "Today I'm commissioning you to go back into the earth and to be My eyes and to be My hands."

I was immediately sent back and I guess earth time I was gone 45 minutes. My husband was writing down the words I was speaking during this encounter. It's like you're able to live in two realms at the same time. I don't know I explained it properly but everything needed to be verified by Scripture. I married this incredible man who is a pastor and he's been my teacher, my mentor. I've learned so much from him and I have become very spiritual. I have a lot of spiritual gifts flowing but I needed the biblical ground to build a strong foundation. The Word is very important to be anchored. My husband said because he knew I was such a seer. I mean the gifts of God worked immediately in me - the discerning of spirits and the working of miracles.

The first thing I ever did was I got called in by the Presbyterian pastor because I was telling everybody I got a miracle and he called me and first two people I prayed for were dying of AIDS and I was a month old in the Lord and they were both instantaneously healed. They had sores all over their body that instantaneously dissolved and were gone.