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Bro Dhinakaran, can we talk something about the ministries on this earth, you know, various ministries that are going on on this earth and heaven is watching what's happening? How does heaven or God recognize the ministries that are going on on this earth?

If you read First Corinthians chapter 12:28 onwards, it mentions various ministries that God in His great mercy has instituted in the church so that it may prosper.

So every ministry in this world is God-given. So there is no competition. Everybody is important.

And once I was fasting and praying, my main aim was to get more anointing and more power. And I was fascinated by the tremendous success of a particular ministry.

And I felt I should also go that way. So I was very sincerely praying, "Lord, this particular servant of God is attracting so many, many, many thousands of people to Christ at one stroke. I must have the same anointing."

The Lord smiled and I was in the spirit that's the most important thing. Every time the Lord would love to take you to heavens as exactly as He is filled with the Holy Spirit according to Acts 10:38, He fills you also with the same spirit in that measure. 

So it was in the Spirit as St. John says in Revelation 1:10. And He took me to a particular place in heaven. You must always remember that heaven is a vast place. It is a continent by itself, so great and with many different, different, different, different places, and it is never comprehensible.

And He took me to a particular place and I saw something like a tablet. Big tablets towering to the skies. We are already in the skies in heaven but you see these tablets reaching to the skies. I saw one then another and another and another and the Lord Jesus said, "Read what is written in every tablet." 

And I was amazed. In one tablet it is written "Salvation." That means people who preach only about salvation. Then "Salvation and Baptism." Some are specialists in these two and some "Salvation" and then "Baptism" and then the "Holy Spirit." Likewise, everything was different, different, different, different.

And one thing fascinated me that is when I looked at the tablet, on the top of which it was written "Salvation," I found the name of the world-renowned evangelist, Dr. Billy Graham topping the list and innumerable names came after him, but his name topped the whole list,

I have heard him twice in India 1956, 1977. So I know who he is, and he is acclaimed as the person who has given the Gospel to the most number of people in the history of mankind. 

And then finally, I came to a place where I saw a tablet and at the top, it was written "Love and Compassion" for ministries which are specialized in love and compassion.

Lo and behold, I saw my own name topping the list. And I was really taken aback because there are only six names. And of course, I couldn't read the other names. I could read only my name.

And the Lord Jesus said, "So I have given you a very precious calling, which I have not given to many people. So you should be grateful and you follow the calling which I had given, I bless you abundantly and right as you obey My calling and do what I have commanded you to do, you will also win thousands and thousands of souls." 

Thank God it has happened. So the point I'm making is every ministry is precious.


From Dr. Dhinakaran's book An Insight Into Heaven, I will quote from page 79 and 80.

"The very first time when I had the privilege of visiting the Third Heaven, Jesus introduced the Old Testament Saints to me. I was indeed thunderstruck to see the physical frame of the prophet Elijah and Enoch. As the Scripture says, they both were taken to Heaven without seeing death (Genesis 5:24; Hebrews 11:5; 2 Kings 2:11). In Heaven, the souls of all the departed Saints look as exactly as they looked in their physical frames in the world. However, these two men of God have been in flesh and blood for a long time in Heaven and hence their bodies look like shining gold in appearance. Their faces glittered like the face of Moses after he was with God for forty days in the mountain as described in Exodus 34:30, 35.

While I was still with the Lord in the Third Heaven, Elijah asked the Lord a direct question, "Lord, has the time come for me to go back to the world?" Enoch too put a similar query. The Lord immediately said to both of them. "No, not yet. Wait." 

As in Revelation 11:4, both Elijah and Enoch are to come back to the world to die as martyrs at the appointed time. (Revelation 11:7-8)

The two witnesses are therefore Elijah and Enoch.

Hebrews 9:27 says, And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment,

For the two witnesses they either have to be two ordinary men that are born on this earth and given supernatural powers or if they are saints from the past, the only two men that didn't die are Enoch and Elijah.


I never really thought about the second coming of Christ but then I think it's a year ago or six months ago where I was fasting and praying the Lord Jesus had come and I went to heaven and He told me, "Everybody talks of this sign or that sign. Don't be carried away by all that. I'll give you two signs. Look to the Middle East. Look to the Middle East. I'll pour out My Holy Spirit upon the people in the Middle East. My Holy Spirit shall come like a mighty flood abundantly and the nations in the Middle East shall divide. On one side you will see millions and millions of people will receive the anointing of the Holy Spirit not even knowing what it is and beginning to love God, love His son Jesus. On the other side, people who refuse to accept the Holy Spirit and trying to kill these people, massacre, destroy them, making blood flow like water." He said, "That is the time I've chosen to save those people. That's the time I'll come back." So He said, "Let your eyes be always fixed upon the Middle East."

And the second sign He showed me was a mighty archangel. There's a difference between an angel and an archangel. This is a very special angel and the first time in all my visits to heaven I saw this angel that also stood very next to the place where the Lord Jesus Christ was talking to me and I saw him with a very big trumpet. It looked as if anytime he will blow it. So through his mighty power, the Holy Spirit made me understand that this may not be long. This may happen within the next twenty to thirty years probably twenty. I may not go even to thirty so it is coming soon and our eyes should be on the Middle East. So we have a great task to do within these twenty to thirty years that lie ahead of us. 


  1. How sad. There are testimonies about this man, that preached to multitudes about salvation, that he lost his soul at the end because he stopped preaching the truth and became a freemason at the end of his life.

    1. True, I came across testimonies that said in the end he was introduced to freemanson by Obama.

    2. Yes, sad..i came across the same testimony too

  2. Nonsense! He was a man who walked with God during his lifetime on earth and interceded for millions with his love and compassion, and stayed faithful to God till the end. He is in heaven still walking with God...and interceding for fools like you...

  3. People of God Deuteronomy 29:29 the secret things belongs to GOD our LORD and things that are revealed are for us and our children.we aren't to judge.Let's just look unto Jesus the author and the finisher of our Faith.....