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The fifth commandment says: Go and spread hatred among Christians and divisions in churches. There are things that we see. You will see people of the same church, of the same community, who do not talk to each other but call themselves Christians. Jesus said in Matthew 5:23-24 "So if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there before the altar and go. First, be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift." If you do not do that, you are wasting your time. John 15:12 says: "Love one another as I have loved you." Romans 13:8 says: "Owe no one anything, except to love each other, for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law." The devil likes it when there is hatred among Christians. That is the ministry of the snake. And here, the devil uses many women in slander and malicious gossip. When a snake wants to go from one point to another, it never follows a straight path. Even if the point is in front of him, he will make a broken line.

That is how the devil works. There are people, especially women, who go from house to house to cause slander, and through their backbiting, they create many confrontations and serious problems between the people who listened to them. There are women who are specialists in that field: That is the work of the devil. As for divisions, it is a principle of the devil, divide and rule. Know that whatever the problem you have, there is always a solution before God.



The ninth commandment has two parts:

The worship of the ancestors

The first part says Subject Christians or all humankind to the worship of the ancestors. Speaking of the worship of the ancestors, I can give you a down-to-earth example. There are people who, inadvertently, drop some food on the floor while they eat and tell themselves: It is for the ancestors. And a few minutes later, you notice that the food is still there, and sometimes, there are even ants which come and settle on it. My beloved, it is really absurd! It is the devil who torments you like that! Did your ancestors become ants?

I will give you another example of the practice of the worship of ancestors. It is about tribalism. Lucifer himself told us that tribalism in the Church is the cult of the ancestors. There are some churches where tribalism is in full swing, one appoints people according to their tribes. As Children of God, we have the same Father, God. So if you see churches where there is tribalism, know that it is the devil that reigns there.



I will give you the characteristics of the churches of Satan, I will not really have time to mention the names of the churches, but from the characteristics, you will know how to recognize the churches of Satan, yourselves. I will give you even the plan of action of Lucifer in order to create the spiritual sleep in the Church. That is the apostasy, which is nothing else but the abandonment of faith. Know that homosexuality, marriage between gays and lesbians, is the will of Lucifer. It is among the points which are on his plan of action.

In this world, my beloved, there are two armies in opposition. There is, on the one hand, the army of Satan, and on the other hand the army of Jesus. For the army of Satan, the commander in chief is Lucifer himself. As for the army of God, the Commander in Chief is Jesus, the King of kings. These two armies each have two parts. The invisible part of the army of Satan is the devil, the fallen angels, and the demons. The visible part, are sorcerers, magicians, wrestlers, Rosicrucians, all human beings who work for the devil. For the army of Jesus, the part that is invisible is Jesus and the angels who remained faithful to God, and the visible part is the Church. Not just any church, but the one where the manifestation of the Holy Spirit is accepted.



Thursday: The one who is in charge is Akam. He works seriously from 9 am to 10 am, from 9 pm to midnight, and from 3 am to 4 am. His assignment is to spread hatred and division in Churches and families. It goes together with the fifth commandment of Lucifer that says: Go and spread hatred and divisions within the Churches.



Dark forces act in false churches and the forces of the light act in true churches. A boy I met, he said he lives a holy life, but congregates in a false church. He said that demonic forces worked hard within his church through what was preached and the kind of praise that was offered. And also the way the worship was offered made it lawful for the demons to operate among them. The young man who received the gift of sight saw all this happening there.



At this period I joined another church. I was still homeless and sleeping rough. The church that I was attending was focused on deliverance and war against demons. I said to myself maybe my suffering was caused by demons. This was a big church. And as I was serving with dedication in that church I was nominated youth leader. And I was also working as an intercessor because I am very strong in prayer. I can pray for long hours.

One day I was walking in the street when Jesus Christ appeared to me in the street. He said to me, “Joshua, I am sending you to My servant for training in a church in the city.” First Jesus showed me the man of God that He was talking about when he was young. Then He showed me his present condition and I recognized him. Jesus said to me to go there to his church and he will train me.

When Jesus left, I did not want to obey. Firstly because I already had a good position in the church where I was serving. Secondly, I heard many negative stories about that man of God that Jesus was showing me. So I continued to go to my church.

Then one day I asked my pastor some money as I was in need. A few days later he gave me 100 dollars. I went back home happy. But it was in the night when I was sleeping that the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to me. He was extremely angry. He asked me in anger, “Joshua! Who told you to ask him for money? Do you know him? Do you know who he is serving?” Jesus was shouting in anger and the light that was emanating from Him was changing color. I was terrified. It is better for a man to shout at you then the Creator Himself because no one can defend you.

Jesus said, “Joshua you didn't listen. I told you to leave that church but you ignored Me and you persisted. From now on you are no longer going to that church under any circumstances.”

Jesus was so intense and shouting in anger that I was terrified. And out of fear, I began to cry. And I asked the Jesus Christ for forgiveness while I was trembling and crying.

Dear brothers and sisters, you only know that sweet and tender Jesus Christ. You really never seen Him in anger. I was shocked and devastated by that encounter. I felt like my day was ruined. Actually, the pastor who gave me a 100 dollar was in covenant with Lucifer. He was in occultism. This is what really angered Jesus. To see me His servant begging a Luciferian servant was unacceptable. I just thought that it was a big church. Many people are going there. But I did not suspect that there was something sinister.

This encounter with the Lord happened on a Saturday. But on Sunday morning I forgot about the instruction of the Lord Jesus Christ not to go to that church. I was going to attend the Sunday service of the very church Jesus Christ forbad me when suddenly a pillar of fire appeared right before me in the street.

Jesus Christ spoke in a tone of anger inside the pillar of fire and said, “Joshua what did I tell you? Where are you going? Why are you not obeying My instruction? Go back now!”

I realized that I forgot the message of the Lord so I went to the church where the Lord was indicating to me. I was late. The man of God was preaching. After preaching he said, “There is a man here. Jesus appeared to you and told you to come here.” I thought maybe he was talking about someone else. Then he pointed to me and said, “Brother it's you. Come forward.” Then he prayed for me and said, “Your suffering has nothing to do with demons or witches or any man. It's Jesus allowing it for your training.” After the service, we went to his office. He said, “You need to be trained.” He sent me to the school of theology. After that, he ordained me an evangelist in the year 2010. It was in that same year in a certain night when I was praying in the street that the Lord Jesus appeared to me again.

He had a form on His hand. He asked me to fill it. Which I did. He insisted that I should sign. Which I did. Then He said you can go open a church! Then He disappeared. I stayed there. I was thinking I don't have money and means to do it.



Pastors received millions of pounds sterling from the fellowship to fund Satanic projects in churches. I was a friend of these pastors before my conversion. These pastors visited small churches and offered promises to make those local pastors famous and known. They promised to make their small churches into mega-churches. Those pastors of the meeting accepted the alliance. They signed a compromise agreement and received millions of pounds to build megachurches.

When their churches were ready and full of people, they had to raise millions of pounds to pay the Masonic shepherds. In fact, the money was borrowed from the shepherds. They would have to work with prosperity theology to raise, without this teaching, could never raise millions of pounds to pay their debts. This group of Masons is the backers of small churches. They offer evangelical books and magazines with their teachings for pastors to teach the people.

I mean the pastors of small churches, do not accept funding from Freemasonry since the light does not match with the darkness. If you make an alliance with these men, their part will be in the lake of fiery fire along with them.

When I was a Freemason I could not reveal our plans. I, as a former Freemason, say to all of us that we do not reveal what we are. We always say that we are Christians and we go into the churches by showing that we are going to help.

Obtaining titles of bishops, apostles, reverend, and shepherds is not a problem for Freemasons. They have theology schools and job title courses. When I was in Freemasonry our goal was to buy the pastors and put them to do radio programming. I helped many small churches; in return, they had to teach our theology. Our teachings do not speak against sin, nor does it encourage them to repent to renew the covenant with their God.

We fund large buildings for these small church pastors as long as they follow our guidelines. They could not pray such that their God did not reveal our strategies. I had a publisher and I published many evangelical books which were filled with heresies and theologies of prosperity. I paid the authors to sell their knowledge.

Satan gave me all the necessary information; in return he enriched me. It may sound crazy, but Satan proposed me a fortune in a covenant at the graveyard. He appeared to me like a cowboy and talked to me. I do not know what his true identity as if he was Satan or another demon. He introduced himself as Lucifer. We made a pact right there and he shook my hand, it was not a spirit. He said that a suitcase full of money was in my house. I ran home and saw a suitcase on top of my bed. I do not know how anyone got into my house and put that suitcase full of money. And so I got rich that night.

I opened a theology seminary to train false pastors and false Christians teaching unprincipled doctrines. I knew the true Gospel of the apostles, but I preferred to manipulate the Word. I did theology and master's degree in Christian philosophy, but I did not believe in God and considered the Bible as a mythological book. I would only believe in the Bible if I could see God but because I did not see Him I did not know Him. Already in the powers of darkness, I believed in seeing the devil.



Jesus asked me, "Victoire, where do you go on Sunday?"

I answered, "We all go to church on Sunday to worship you, Lord."

Jesus said, "Victoire, many churches do not Me on Sunday, they worship Satan."

The Lord said, "There are many churches on earth but a lot of them do not worship Me. Only a handful of them worships Me."


Then I asked Jesus to give me a sign because I am supposed to take this message to the world. Immediately Jesus disappeared and then I saw a young man extremely beautiful approaching me. He was dressed in a white gloriously garment.

I thought it was an angel but when he got closer to me, he changed his appearance. He became dark and ugly. He was laughing and he was beating his chest. Then he began to clap his hands and as he was clapping his hands, I began to feel pain and I began to collapse.

I asked him, "Who are you?"

He replied, "I am Satan, and you Victoire, you are the one pulling souls away from my kingdom and you are attacking my kingdom but today we are face to face and I will show you." The devil was beating his chest and boasting.

He said, "I have succeeded to get a hold of most of the churches on the earth. I have caused people in churches to gossip and backstab one another. I have caused them to murmur and complain about one another. I am responsible for all of that." The devil was laughing.

"I have taken control of music and dance that is played in many churches. These dances and music are mine. I have caused choirs and musical groups to be in immorality. They are corrupt. I am responsible for all that." The devil was beating his chest.

"I have caused members of churches to be quarreling and arguing between themselves. I have sent my agents in all the churches of the earth. I have removed and killed holiness in many churches and I have replaced it with stain and fornication. I am responsible for all these."

"I have caused pastors to repudiate their wives and to marry other women, foreign women who are my agents. When these pastors married my agents after repudiating their legal wives, I write the names of their churches on my book because they belong to me."

"I have removed liberality in the churches. I caused pastors to be in conflict with their members. I have taken over barbershops and bars and nightclubs. They are my houses and my temples." Satan was boasting and beating his chest and laughing.

He was overjoyed because of things he has succeeded to do in churches and while he was laughing, I was feeling pain in my inside. He said, "Today I got you! Victoire, I have captured you!" While he was laughing and beating his chest I saw Jesus coming down with glory.

When Satan saw Jesus coming, he withdrew in anger. He was gnashing his teeth in a furor. Jesus said, "You heard what he said. They are his churches which are also focused on miracles and manifestations and not on the Word. They are seduced by the devil."



For those who are not yet congregating in the house of prayer, I mean that there is no salvation without the body of Christ. You will not be saved unless you are in communion with the church. They will not inherit eternal life but will unite with other brothers. The Word of God says where you are two or three there Jesus will be. God wants to see the church united and congregating together. Arrogant people say they are the temple of the Holy Spirit and they do not need the house of prayer to worship God. In heaven, there is a white temple of worship to God.

These people who do not like to unite with Christians to worship God preach disunity and dismemberment of the body of Christ. They say they do not need prayer houses and live an empty life in their homes, where they do not do home-made worship or invite Christians to pray.



The Lord told me, “My son, come! Let Me show you how I want My church to be." Then I saw a church, and in that church saw a burning flaming fire. I saw people in the fire but the fire never consumed them. The Lord told me, "That is the fire of the Holy Spirit!" I also saw many powerful angels with swords in their hands, they surrounded the church. I saw the people in the church; they were praying hard and were crying unto the Lord. The Lord told me, "This is how I want My church to be, but many of My churches are cold."

Revelation 3:15-16 I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my Mouth. 

The Lord continued, “Many of My churches no longer pray hard, they never do fasting. They never preach about My second coming. They never preach about hellfire. They never preach of My glorious kingdom. They never seek out and win souls for Me. They do not want My order. All they want is to be led by the flesh and not by the Spirit. Tell them all that I am coming quickly! My reward is with Me to give to everyone according to his work.

Revelation 22:12 And, behold, I come quickly; and My reward is with Me, to give every man according as his work shall be. 

"Tell them to seek Me and they shall find Me. I am giving this chance to them to repent and be saved. My door is still open to anyone who wants to come in, but once the door is closed, they will cry unto Me to open it, but I will tell them that I know them not!"

Matthew 25:11-13 Afterward came also the other virgins, saying, Lord, Lord, open to us. But He answered and said, Verily I say unto you, I know you not. Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh. 

"My son, tell them I am about to close the door." The Lord was saying this with tears. I am telling you, church, you need to awaken and forsake the strange doctrines that will surely lead to hellfire. Remember what the Lord says, “As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent."

Revelation 3:19 As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent. 



The church needs to wake up and put on the armor of God. I saw a group of demons, they gathered, then I saw a very big book before them. They began to open it, and immediately they opened to a page and said, "Yes, we are to face the church", then they closed the book. Suddenly, an uncountable number of demons appeared with arrows in their hands to launch strikes against the church. I was surprised, then the Lord told me, "These are the arrows of slumber and weakness, they are used so that My people may not pray, fast and do exploit for My Kingdom." All the demons have one mission, their mission is to bring people to hell. The church needs to wake up, we should pray against unseen forces that plan against the church.

Ephesians 5:14 Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light.



The angel came again the following day to pick me up and took me to the Lord. The Lord Jesus delivered a special message for the Church in the village "Harapan" and said, "Tell the church: Do not be late for a service. Those who are always late will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. When the service is going on, none is allowed to stay outside the church. Send a message to the mothers whose children are still babies and toddlers that they have to sit inside the church with all their children and listen to the Word of God. Never let the children stay in the daycare room. Everybody has to participate in the service. Even if there is no seat left, sitting on the floor should not be a problem. Everybody has to respect My Word."



I had another vision with a broken ring in the middle.

Jesus said, “Satan has broken the binding of the church with Me using his instruments of deception.
He has destroyed My engagement with My people, turning My bride away from Me, breaking the spiritual covenant that I signed with the church on the cross of Calvary.”

The Lord showed me the disunity of the churches and of the men of God who came out of these churches so as not to congregate in the churches anymore.

“Those who do not congregate are out of the body of Christ and will lose their salvation because they are no longer members. They committed suicide in their spiritual lives by killing their communion with Jesus.”

Jesus said that the church is a spiritual body of this world.

This body is connected to heaven through the blood of Jesus. The church is a living organism and we are every piece of the composition of that body. Just as no organ survive outside the body, the same thing is the Christian who dismembers the body of Jesus. The church is this body and the leaving member will die spiritually.

Each member is connected with this living body, to which Jesus is the head of this body. Do not go without congregating in a church.



Jesus with a sweet and quiet voice said, "Look at the confusion that is on the earth. Look at the situation in my churches. He was not speaking only of the Christian congregations, but of all the churches that speak the truth but are corrupting themselves.

He said to write down and that I would be his witness on earth. Jesus said, I still have not come back because the church is not ready.

The fruits are green and few are ripe for harvesting. Watch my servant and write down everything you see. I fixed my eyes on the land and saw several wars between denomination plaques, church competitions. One ministry wanting to be better than the other.

I beheld a great multitude of these peoples walking on a broad path toward hell. Many who died in these churches were falling off a cliff into the hell of fire.

I also saw a competition from several churches interested in tithing and offerings. These churches vie for members because of the money. I could see the false prophets taking people out of serious churches because of the high salary. These evil men are not interested in nursing.

What matters to them is money. Christians who came out of their churches and went to congregate with these false shepherds, they left the plowed hand turning away from the truth are also walking towards hell.

These shepherds do not want to take souls out of the world and bring them to Jesus. They take the true Christians out of the truth and bring to the deceit of their churches. These false apostles do not want to save the drugged, drunk, and homeless because they have no money. They seek middle and upper-class people to support their churches.

The true church invests in disciples.

I saw Christians speaking ill of others and because of this, they were walking down this path.

The tongue was his weapon of destruction, which deflected the weak, destitute of grace, and oppressed by the devil. Those who use their language for destruction do not bear fruit in their unproductive spiritual lives.

They are infertile, destroyers, slanderers, scatterers of evil and agents of the devil. Millions of Christians were on this path of destruction and few were following the other path that was desert. No one wanted to walk through it.

Lord Jesus wept. I saw tears of pain fall from His face because of the situation of the churches. I could see Christians making their lies make truths and their destructive heresies become doctrines. I saw all this happening on earth. Jesus said: My servant, these are like the fire that destroys my Church.

They have no goals in their spiritual lives. They are in the church just to add in quantity, they do not deserve the credit of being called my servants. They are worth what they really are for justice they do not do. Their names are not in the book of life and they are wasting time in the church. These false bishops speak very well of you. They are vain and do not humble themselves before My presence. For them the humiliation is for the weak and yet they say that this is to go down by begging for My blessings.

They are also following the path of hell.

Jesus told me about the ambition of positions within the church. Lots of fights to take the place of each other. Envious brothers who twist for the failure of the other brother in office. Wanting to see your brother's failure. What made me sad was a vision Jesus showed me.

An elder went through great trial and turned from the path of Jesus. One of the brothers in his church was glad he had gone astray. Because the position of this priest was for this brother. I also saw another brother who was grateful for the work of his pastor not succeeding in the work. And that's what happened, he could not shepherd the church anymore.

The founder and president of the church took him out of the work and put another to shepherd. And the new pastor was the very brother who hoped for the pastor to fail in the work. Maybe this brother who hugs you and slaps you on the shoulder is the envious one who wanted to be in his place. It may be that this person is doing the work side by side with you and says that he is your friend. But he will be rooting for his failure.

Many Christians fight for a position of the church, they dispute among themselves who is the best, who do more works than the other to get the attention of their shepherds. But they do not call God's attention, they do not please Jesus. He does not want to see a church waging war over insignificant things on earth. Jesus showed me in a vision a Christian praying the other way around for the other brother to fail. This made me sad because it is not prayer, but a work of witchcraft.

Jesus showed me Christians who have distracted themselves in their jobs.

They in the midst of the wicked did not watch and speak evil of their chief and of others of the company. They complained about their wages and their jobs.

Very sad Jesus said: My servants ask for a job from Me. I use men to hire them. They get the job, but they do not thank Me for the blessing they received and they still speak ill of what they asked for that I gave.

Your behavior displeases me. My church has to be light anywhere, not just in the house of prayer.

Jesus showed me groups of Christians sitting in the circle of scoffers.

The Christians together with the wicked spoke immoral words and on the sexes. The subjects were useless and never spoke of Jesus to those souls in need.

Church pay attention to their day to day attitudes outside the house of prayer. They watch to keep from falling into the bonds of the devil and are bound in the Holy Spirit.

Let Him use you to evangelize. Even if the man does not approve of his work, God will approve. Do the work to please God and not man.

Lord Jesus made me see a mega church on the earth.

This ministry had its attention turned to the famous preachers. The people admired those super-star men.

Idolatry was on their faces. There are no fans, but worshipers. The humble Christians who were not known in this church, the people did not care about them as if they were nothing or did not exist. When they preached, the people would not listen. And when they knew he was a simple Christian who would preach that night, few came.

When he was a celebrity preaching the church filled and the people mattered. Jesus was sad about the situation in this church. I saw how 95 percent of this church walked toward hell along with the famous preachers.

There are 2 types of preachers. The preacher of the people and the preacher of God. One will please the people to be welcomed and the other will please God and be despised by the whole congregation.

The prophets did not please Israel at the time of the law. Jeremiah was a prophet rejected by the people for preaching against sin. The prophets who preached blessings and crops as great abundance belonged to the people.

The church chooses its prophets and God chooses its own.


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