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Testimony of a former acolyte initiated in occultism by a Roman Catholic priest from Belgium

I was born in Congo when my parents died. I came under the care of my uncle who was living in the capital. My uncle was affected by the death of my father. Later he sent me to school and began to support my studies. My uncle was still in university when he began to finance my studies. 

When he got a job he was sent to Equatorial province and he took me with him but after some time his wife began to mistreat me. I began to suffer unfairness from his wife. She was childless and jealous of the attention I was getting from her husband. She managed to poison her husband against me. As a consequence, my uncle began to build rejection towards me. In the end, my uncle kicked me out of the house and I became homeless in the street. I could not bear it. It was too much for me so I decided to commit suicide.

It was when I was about to do it that a friend of my uncle caught me. I explained to him that I was kicked out of a house by my uncle and his wife. He said there are people who rule and dominate this world. When we reach home this man dominated my uncle and his wife. They did as he told them.

Actually, this man was an occultist. He had a pentacle of domination through which he was dominating people and forcing his will on others. I was so impressed by the way he dominated my uncle that I wanted to be able to dominate people like him. 

Later he took me to his master who said to me, "The spirit world is a dimension or a realm ruled by laws and codes. Evil spirits like things like perfume, incense, and candles. You need to bring these so that we can do a pentacle of domination."

Later I brought the items requested. I was told to prepare to meet the great ladies of the sea the sirens. This was too much for me so I complained to the mystic who said to me, "You have to understand that I am a great master. I work with mystical worlds and I collaborate with invisible beings from the sea, beings from the second heaven and from the forest."

Beloved, there is an invisible realm that Christians must be aware. Of the ten years I spent in occultism, I battled pastors and I dislocated churches. Christians are under systematic attacks from the dark world of the devil.

I told the mystic that I am too young to see the great ladies of the sea. 

The mystic said, "These are beautiful ladies. They will bring you a ring of power and domination. This ring is also a communication device with the marine kingdom." 

But as I insisted that I did not want to see these sirens, the mystic coasted some powder on my eyes to blind me from them when the day of the appointment with the sirens arrived.

We cooked for them and we arranged chairs for them. We were sitting when suddenly I heard women walking all over the places. These were the sirens. They sat on the chairs reserved for them. They ate the food prepared for them. I could hear them but I could not see them. 

After eating they decided among themselves who would be my wife. Afterward one of them joined me in bed. I got scared and I had goosebumps but she was moving closer to me so I stood up. 

When I did that, she got angry because she realized that I was avoiding her. 

She asked the mystic, "Why is this man avoiding me? I am beautiful. I cannot take this rejection. I am going away. This man is behaving like we are not beautiful. We are leaving instead of killing him. We will let him live but we won't give him what we brought him."

Then I heard the slamming of the door. It was the departure of these water sirens. I was emotional because when you invite the water sirens and you behaved like this, you would either die or become crazy. There are tough and rigid laws ruling the kingdom of darkness. The mystic who called the sirens was not happy. 

He said, "These are superior spirits that came to help you but look at how you treated them. They could have killed you."

Later the mystic wrote the pentacle of domination on a parchment. It was a circle with a cross inside it and four letters around the cross. These four letters are the initials of four demons of dominations. These four demons are dominions. The parchment is a rare sheet used in the occultism in order to write magic prayers and talismans.

The mystic said to me, "In order to dominate people you will have to introduce your hand in your pocket and hold the parchment. As a result, the person you are talking to will be under your dominion. You just have to look him in his eyes." 

Then the mystic said to me, "You can begin to dominate at school at home and in the neighborhood. You can do whatever you want because you can dominate anybody."

From that moment I began to impose my will upon people. I dominated people who treated me unfairly. I also imposed my will in school. 

God created Adam to dominate creation but Lucifer enabled his follower to dominate fellow humans and domination is a lifestyle in occultism. I was loved at home and at school because of this power of domination. I had my hand in my pocket all the time in order to dominate. After some time my power of domination corrupted me because I began to sleep with women, even older women and for three years I exercised dominion over my fellow humans.

During those three years, I suffered from migraine and when I met the mystic for help he asked to buy incense in order to remove that sickness. There are many kinds of incenses. For instance, there is exorcism incense and there is Jerusalem incense. Later we bought the incense and we did ritual but it did not work.

Then the mystic gave me a magical prayer formula written on parchment. I had to write a cross on that parchment with blood but it was still not working. Afterward, he gave me the magical prayer of Charlemagne. He gave me the novena prayer, the magical prayer of St. Anthony of Padua, the magical prayer of Saint Michael and Saint Christopher but all these magical prayers were not working. If you are a member of the Catholic Church you may recognize these prayers.

My master was initiated in occultism by a Roman Catholic priest in the city of Kisangani. He was mixing Roman Catholic magic with other forms of magic. Later my master sent me to the Catholic Church to find a way to get Pontifical and exorcism incense and candles. These could only be found in a Catholic parish but when I arrived in the Catholic Church the priests requested me to become an acolyte and to work in the sacristy. Later I got the candles in the realm of the cemetery and the deads. 

Then the Catholic priest from Belgium in the name of Father Becker offered to initiate me in occultism. 

He said, "I want to show you the mysteries and realities of this universe. I know that you were an orphan." But I never told him that information.

A few days later it was after an evening mass the priest and I went to the market to buy clothes and food. I thought these were for charity to the poor but it was not the case. We loaded the car and we started to drive in the city. I noticed that we were leaving the city and we were heading to the cemetery but it was getting dark. 

When we arrived at the cemetery the priest drew a pentacle on the ground. I mean he drew a circle and a cross inside the circle. Then the priest ordered me to get off the car and stand inside the circle. He told me to stay in the circle because it was the only protection against danger. 

Then the priest requested me to turn around to give him my back which I did. Then he moved deeper into the cemetery and he uttered words of incantation. In fact, he did a prayer in Latin. Afterward, he asked me to turn around and observe the cemetery.

When I turned around I saw the cemetery no more. It was an advanced and cosmopolitan city. I saw people and houses. In this urban city, tombs and coffins were transformed into houses. 

I still stood in this circle which was to protect me and open my eyes to see the spirit realm in the cemetery. Then the priest took all the food and clothes we bought in the market. He asked me to help share them with these people in the streets of this mysterious world. 

Later I saw the priest talking to a man. He told me that the man was the ruler of this world of the deads. Actually, the priest was telling this spirit that I am the one who bought this food and clothes so that I can enter into covenant and connection with the world of the dead and get some help and assistance from them when needed.

After discussing with the ruler of the world of the deads the priest came and placed his feet on the pentacle where I was standing. As a result, the mysterious universe of the deads disappeared in the cemetery, and darkness reappeared and came back again.

The priest said to me, "I know you are wondering who are the people in the cemetery and what is that world. Actually, they are ordinary human beings but they are already dead, and that urban and cosmopolitan city is the dimension of the deads. Sometimes in the night, the deads come to our world to enjoy and drink in bars and nightclubs. They also come to sleep with women in hotels."

The priest said, "I came to sign an agreement, an indirect covenant between you and them so that in times of need they can assist you." 

The priest gave me a book. He said, "With this book, you can go to the cemetery. You will stand on a particular tomb and you just speak words of incantation with the name of the person written on that tomb. As a result, he will appear and you can talk to him. In case he does not appear he is surely in the kingdom of God but those who are in the abode of the deads are bound to appear."

Then the priest revealed to me a secret. The priest asked me, "Do you know that during the Catholic Mass we invoke the deads and they come?"

I replied, "I never saw anyone."

"Yes they do but people don't see them because they don't have eyes but all the Catholic priests can see the deads during the mass because we are the initiated and Catholic priests recite a prayer during the mass. This prayer was approved by the Vatican for the invocation of the deads. This prayer is derived from the Roman Rite. In this prayer, we call the saints or the dead to come and join us in the mass and they come but people don't pay attention to their words. People don't see them because they are not initiated but Catholic priests can see them because they are initiated."

Then the priest revealed to me that canonization is no different from African traditions and customs. In fact, when Africans lose their loved ones, they take the nails or hair of the dead person. As a result, the spirit of the deads follows these items. It is exactly what happens in the Roman Catholic canonization process. The priest said to me that when a priest dies, we take his bones and we ground them and we called it relic and when we build a new parish we bury part of these bones on the foundation of the new parish and we named the new parish after the late priest whose bones are buried on the foundation of the new parish and renamed the new parish after him. Like I said the spirit of the dead follow this item and this procedure is called canonization.

The local priest cannot celebrate his mass without first invoking the spirit of the priest whose bones are buried on the foundation of the parish and whose name is given to the parish. The priest will have to recite what is called the litany of the saints. 

In case the parish is called St. Andrew the priest will say, "St. Andrew, you keeper of our parish come together with us and listen to our invocation. Be with those who are coming to celebrate the mass today." 

This invocation is called the litany of the saint. In fact, a portion of the bone of the canonized saint is placed on the altar table and is also called the relic. Catholic magic is called holy magic.

After the incident in the cemetery the priest thought I was strong enough to bear the vibrations of the invisible spirits because sometimes they caused panic and terror but I could bear it. The priest made it clear that the deads and the spirits of the ancestors attend the Catholic Mass but you must be initiated like priests in order to see them yet many of the Catholics can't see them.

Father Becker decided to expose me to the world of magic and occultism. He invited me to his secret library that was full of occultic books. There were all kinds of mysterious and esoteric books. He gave me access to his mystical and magical books. 

The first book I read in this mysterious library was called the Art of Speaking. According to this book, every human being has the capacity to speak and understand all the languages of the world. According to this book, the human has the capacity to understand the languages of all the animals of the world including the languages of the birds in the sky, the languages of the fishes in the water and the animals in the forest. 

The book explained that this capacity is deactivated by God but it can be activated through specific prayer. It was after doing the prayer recommended by the book that my capacity to understand all the languages of the world including that of the animals was activated. I became able to understand the birds in the sky, the fishes underwater, and the animals moving on the surface. A magical prayer was enough to activate this capacity.

I remember I was going to visit the priest when I heard a bird on the tree signaling another bird to be careful of my presence. When I heard birds talking I was stunned and in wonder. Later I saw a group of ants singing and encouraging one another to work. 

This ability to understand animal languages became a distraction. I asked the priest to help me deactivate this faculty. The priest laughed and indicated to me the prayer in the back of the book for deactivating this faculty. After doing that prayer, I could no longer understand the languages of animals.

Since that day I became closer to this Belgian priest. Afterward, he gave me a second book called the invocation of the deads. The book contained magical prayers. 

The priest said, "You can go to the cemetery and stand on a specific tomb or coffin and invoke the spirit of the person buried in that tomb. He will appear if he is not in the kingdom of God." 

Consequently, I began to summon the spirits of the dead and put them under my service. I was using the spirit of a dead man to assist me in the practice of magic for a spectacle that I was doing in the circus. He became my servant spirit to get things to appear in public during a spectacle in front of the crowds. I was sending my servant spirit to take things here and there and after the item was seen by the crowds I had to make it disappear. The servant spirit was returning it to where he took it.

I was still in the secret library of the Roman Catholic priest when I got a book called Ave Lucifer. The book was about Lucifer's biography describing him as one of the powerful Archangels created by God having extraordinary beauty and wisdom but later he became proud because of his beauty. 

The Bible says that every good and perfect gift is from above coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights with whom there is no change like shifting shadows. (James 1:17)

Beloved whatever you are today whether a pastor, a leader an engineer elevated in authority or dignity it is a gift from God. Do not follow the way of Lucifer who was cast out as a result of pride, so try to be humble. 

In that book Ave Lucifer, it was written that Lucifer fell on earth with all his wisdom, intelligence, and power. They gave an illustration of an intelligent pupil who is banished school because of his attitude yet despite the fact that he has no more access to school whatever he learned previously in that school has not been erased from his memory or intelligence. 

This is the case with Lucifer. He was cast out with his beauty power and wisdom. In the Bible, he proposed to give Jesus the glory of the kingdom of the earth as he has done with many humans in music, sports, politics, finance, academia but Jesus opposed him. 

After reading the book of Ave Lucifer, I said to myself that it must be possible to meet Lucifer face-to-face. In my childhood years, I remember being told that Lucifer had horns and tail in the Catholic preparation for my first communion and confirmation by my teacher. 

So after reading this book I was like confused as the book was praising Lucifer. So I went to visit the priest. I wanted to know whether it was possible to meet Lucifer. 

The priest said to me that he has been in meetings with Lucifer many times in the past. 

I said, "In the training for my first communion I was told that he has horns and tail but in this book here it is the opposite - they are praising him." 

The priest said to me, "There is no way we can preach in mass that Lucifer is good but the book is right, Lucifer is good." 

I said to the priest, "I came here to ask you to help me to meet Lucifer face-to-face because I have questions to ask him." 

The priest said, "You are still a teenager, you will not be able to bear his negative vibrations." 

I said, "When you meet him how come you bear his vibration. If you can bear his negative vibration I also can bear his vibration." 

But the priest was reluctant. I had to pressure him for many days and as I was determined. In the end, the priest relented.

Then one day the priest summoned me in his room. He was dressed in a black garment. There was a black candle lighted up and the incense was also burning them. He began to do magic prayer in order to summon Lucifer. 

After invoking Lucifer he finished his prayer and said to me, "You must be strong as you wanted this."

After a moment I noticed that the priest's room was changed. The color was changing on the wall. Then in the twinkling of an eye, I noticed the absence of the priest in the room. I just came to understand that it had to be a personal experience between me and Lucifer because I am the one who asked to see him. The priest did warn me in advance to avoid fear otherwise there will be consequences. The priest said that there will be manifestation prior to Lucifer's appearance as a test in order to intimidate me.

After the disappearance of the priest, I heard a strange noise. When I checked under the bed I saw a lion around the priest's bed. I controlled myself as instructed by the priest. Then the lion approached me and he began to lick my feet like a dog but as he noticed that I was not afraid he returned to sit around the priest's bed. The lion then disappeared. 

Then I heard whistling. I wonder who was whistling. When I checked I saw a snake who had six heads. He had three heads on one end and three other heads on what was supposed to be his tail. The snake approached closer to me. I spread my leg to avoid being swallowed by it as instructed by the priest. Then three of his heads rolled on my left leg and the other three heads rolled on my right leg. Then this snake began to intimidate me in order to scare me. I was afraid but I did not cry or shout. I kept cool and as the serpent noticed that I was not afraid he returned around the priest's bed. 

When the snake disappeared I heard a noise like an uproar of people in the stadium celebrating a victory. I saw the priest reappearing. 

I asked the priest, "Where were you?" 

He replied, "I was here but you could not see me because it was your test. The noise or the uproar you heard was the applause of spirits in the invisible world for the fact that you passed your test."

Then I heard like thunder. 

I asked the priest, "Is it about to rain?" 

The priest said, "This thunder you are hearing is the laughter of Lucifer." 

Then in the twinkling of an eye, Lucifer appeared. The way I saw him I can estimate that he was around two meters tall. He was dressed in a garment adorned with precious stones. He was apparently kind and smiling. 

Then he asked the priest, "Mr. Becker you called me but who is this young man by your side? What is the problem? Are you the one who needs me or the young man?"

The priest said, "I am the one who called you. This young man is the one who needs you. He pressured me for so many days to see you." 

Then Lucifer turned to me. He was curious because of my age. 

Then he asked, "Young man, do you need me, what can I do for you?" 

I said in my heart if I lied to him he will know as he is a spirit. Okay, let me tell him the truth. 

Then I replied to him, "You see the book I am holding in my hand is describing you exactly as you are now. The book talked about your wisdom and beauty and glory but during my first communion training, I was told that you have horns and tail. I was so confused that I said I should see you to clear up the confusion." 

After hearing me, Lucifer started to laugh intently but as he was laughing it was like a thunderclap. 

He said, "There is a lot of disinformation about me in the churches as you can see." 

Then he lowered his head. I saw his hair shining like gold. 

He asked me, "Do you see horns? 

I said no. He was about to turn around to show me his back to prove to me that he did not have a tail but I reassured him but it is ok, I believe him.

I noticed that Lucifer looked like a Caucasian. 

Then he said to me, "Let me tell you that this world and this earth is mine. They belong to me and as you met me you will enjoy the good of this world because of all the things that you see in this world belong to me." 

Then he took me outside the outer court of the house of the priest. There was a mango tree but there was no mango on the tree as it was not the season yet. 

Then Lucifer said to me, "I am laying my right hand on your shoulder and you will repeat everything I tell you. You see the mango tree right there-there is no fruit on it. I want you to command the tree to produce fruits." 

Then I ordered the tree to produce the fruit and instantly fruits were produced by the tree. Lucifer said to me command the fruit to grow bigger which I did. As a result, the fruit grew bigger in seconds. 

Then he said to me, "You cannot climb the tree to get mangoes, therefore, order the mango to fall." 

And I commanded the mangoes to fall from the tree and it happened as I ordered it. Then Lucifer asked me to get the mango and to eat it but he noticed that I was afraid to do so. Then he got a mango and he hit his hand three times. As a result in a knife appeared in his hand. Then he cut the mango and began to eat. 

He said, "You see it's just a mango." 

As Lucifer was eating the mango, it gave me the appetite to eat that mango. Honestly, I did not want to eat that mango but because I was watching Lucifer eating it gave me an appetite. 

This is like Eve's temptation which was on two levels, the visible and audible level. The Bible says that she saw that the fruit was good. This is optical temptation plus the lies of Lucifer which was an audible temptation as I felt the appetite to eat the mango. 

Then he gave me that mango and when I ate it, it was really tasty but it was also the transfer of magic and satanic power from Lucifer. The fact that he ate it and gave it to me, it was a covenant.

Then Lucifer asked me, "Do you now believe that I am God?"

I said, "Yes, I believe because what you said came to pass. You made the mango appear. We all ate it."

Lucifer said to me, "Now that you have become my friend I have to transport you to visit my kingdoms and I have to introduce you to spirits of the invisible kingdoms and I will give you a mission in your world here on earth but first we have to travel to my kingdoms and there are a lot of them. You must be introduced to my angels and spirits so that you can be able to do the assignment I am about to give you. Even this earth here is my kingdom and I have my representative here on this earth. No one can do anything on earth unless he receives validation from my representative."