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A week before the ultimatum launched by the countries of the coalition, especially the United States, I was summoned to the temple of Satan under the sea. As soon as I arrived, the order was given by the Prince of Demonstrators to redouble the pressure exerted on the leaders of African countries, all countries involved in the war, and even countries not involved in the war. They had to be harassed in their thoughts until they triggered a world war.

Only a few months later, Satan set fire to the powder, it was the beginning of the Gulf War, and the whole kingdom of darkness already saw the world war.

[The Gulf War also known as Operation Desert Storm (17 January 1991 – 28 February 1991) was a war waged by coalition forces from 35 nations led by the United States against Iraq in response to Iraq's invasion and annexation of Kuwait.]

The men thought this war would last two days, but the devil had other plans. It took a lot of deaths, a lot of blood and human flesh for his reserves, we had to push the whole world into a terrible disaster. The demons more and more hardened the heart of the Iraqi president, for Satan himself was at work. Collecting blood and bodies was done by special demons. The natural corpses were replaced by artificial corpses, by the power of the devil. The work accelerated and progressed to the top speed.

After two days of the war, there had already been a human slaughter in Iraq to the advantage of the devil.

God often lets the devil malign men who disobey the Lord by accepting the deceptions of Satan. It is only at the end of time, at the time of the Last Judgment, that humanity will know and see what the lies of the devil have been.

As the war was in full swing, the devil's plan was working normally, and his reserves were already fully replenished, so I spent the whole time in the temple to control the battalions of demons that were under my command. My area, that is to say, Africa, had not suffered any loss of life, as the devil wished.

This irritated him more and more. It was necessary that African soldiers who were on the front also die.

Concerning the world war, it was already a failure, the power of God was felt at all levels. The provocations of the Iraqi president, who was pushed by the devil, fell into the water. Seeing that the war was already over, the devil launched threats against us in case the war ended without the African continent paying its contribution in kind to the Prince of Darkness.

He promised me good torture, as I was responsible for the battalions of demons that operated in Africa. Towards the end of the war, there was an event which spared me this torture and destruction. My group of demons struck a blow by destroying a plane loaded with Senegalese soldiers.

Satan was dissatisfied with this failure. He intended to lead the whole world into the lake of fire reserved for him, and to all who do not follow Jesus Christ. The devil wants to eliminate the whole world at one time, knowing that no one would have time to repent if the great powers had entered the war with their weapons of mass destruction. It has been hundreds of years since the devil built this plan and has helped researchers and scholars around the world discover weapons that can exterminate the human race in one fell swoop. These demons sent their instructions to these men until they managed to make the most destructive weapons of all human history.

All the devices of death, the advanced warplanes, have been discovered by devilish demons in our world. No discovery inspired by the wisdom of God can lead men to disaster.

Every murderous discovery comes from the devil, so that man forgets his God.

On our earth, there are only small people who truly belong to Jesus Christ. All the rest is led joyfully into the lake of fire. This is why it says in 1 John 5:19: "We are of God. The whole world is under the power of the evil one. " But the final fate of our world is in the hands of the Creator God and not of the murderous devil. God, Himself knows the day when He will put an end to the existence of this world and its devil.

The Almighty, therefore, stopped this war out of justice.

Many high-ranking demons were thrown into the abyss of torture because of this failed mission. The devil does not forgive.

A few days later I was summoned to Satan, under the sea, for consultations concerning the installation of his temple in the basement of Cameroon.

I had to make a short trip to India before continuing on my way to headquarters. On my arrival, my master sent me directly under the sea into the temple of Satan.

I arrived in this luxurious kingdom clothed in my clothes of enthronement. The devil himself received me in his huge control tower, which is at the left end of his temple. From this place, thanks to a giant screen, he can observe all the activities of his battalions of demons throughout the world, and he controls all the governments of the whole world. His fleshly demons on the earth have installed satellites of all kinds in space to control all mankind.

All television stations around the world are at the service of the devil. They include two categories of employees: on the one hand, "ordinary" demons and demons in the flesh, and on the other hand, human beings. In a television station, the "ordinary" demons and the fleshly demons have the function of giving special treatment to television images. These images are sent to Satan's laboratories through an occult channel. There, demons are attached to it, and these images are given a satanic power that transfers the demons to viewers.

It is this image already charged with demons that are transmitted to the public by the second category of employees, that is to say by technicians and human journalists who suspect nothing.

Everything happens at the same second. Thus viewers, simply by looking at these images, can unknowingly receive demons of lust, distraction, covetousness, jealousy, gluttony, pride, blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, or idolatry. It is this demon of idolatry that encourages men to love something or someone more than God, whether it be money, a husband, a wife, a trade, wealth, magical protection, or even idols that we adore, like statues or drawings representing Jesus or Mary.

These television pictures loaded with demons also convey to the Christians demons of spiritual weakness, and several other demons that I cannot cite here. Television is an effective weapon of Satan to fight not only pagans but also Christians.

Everyone catches these demons.

During my meeting with Satan in his luxurious temple, he presented me on the giant screen a region of Cameroon including the provinces of the east and north.

Satan said to me, "It is in these dead zones that are in your country that we can install the temple, which will open a new dimension for my works in this part of Africa. My activities do not normally advance as they should in all these African countries."

At the same time that he was speaking, I saw Cameroon and the other countries of the central region of Africa on the screen. Satan praised my power and my courage and told me that he would make me a world hero. The devil is truly the father of lies, as it is written in the Word of God (John 8:44).

The devil added, "I entrust this unit of Cameroon to you. If you hold on, you will be the closest collaborator in my administration." He also exhorted me to have no pity for rebellious demons, "I give you the power of destruction. Get up!"

He himself got up from his seat. A room opened before us. In this room was a kind of pool filled with human blood. In this liquid were swimming lizards and mice, which were in fact demons of power and control. In the middle of the pool, there was a pretty flower, which germinated by sight, and a leaf fell every two minutes. This leaf was immediately devoured by these animals, that is to say, by these demons which also fed chiefly on human flesh. I was plunged into the pool, and I had to swallow a mouse. This demon was to watch all my movements. I also consummated several potions, and I signed a new pact. Through this pact, I pledged not to betray the secret about what was to happen in Cameroon.

The devil also granted me permission to communicate directly with him that day. The slightest violation of one of these pacts with Satan would automatically cause my destruction. The devil showed me more and more signs of his hypocritical love for me, because of my youth, my power, and my nationality. For years he had been looking for a man from Central Africa, belonging to his kingdom and endowed with all these advantages.

This position, in the long run, was destined to attract the jealousy of my Indian master, who forgot that a pupil could overcome his own master.

That day the devil also presented me with all the small temples in Africa, which could be considered as subordinates of my ministry. These small secondary temples were in South Africa, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Morocco, Ethiopia, Liberia, Egypt, and Libya. I would like to point out that these are only small temples of lesser importance, which are sub-directories of sects. There are many other temples of this kind in the world, especially in the United States.

The great devil's temple, under the ocean, governs all evil activities. Brothers and sisters, when you hear this word "temple" with your ears of flesh, you cannot understand what that represents. It is really another world, twice as large as the size of our country.

The Word of God mentions the beings in the heavenly places in Ephesians 6:12: "For we do not have to fight flesh and blood (man), but against dominions, against authorities, against the princes of this world of darkness, against evil spirits in the heavenly places." These qualifications apply to all the fallen angels under the domination of the devil, and all demons of all grades and qualities.

I was also among them, but thanks be to God, because His Son has delivered me from the empire of demons, and today I am on the road to the heavenly homeland! Amen!

When I returned to Edea, I had to tell my fiancée about a certain number of things that were going to happen without going into the depths. I explained to her that my master wanted to invest in our country, to open a medicinal plant, a logging factory, and a modern clinic. It was me who was to be his representative here in Cameroon.

I was in direct and constant communication with the devil. He gave me his daily instructions. The demons brought me the construction plans of the three companies. The devil had already estimated the cost of the investment, which was more than 600 billion CFA francs (12 billion FF), over a period of 10 years. All this was just a blanket to hide what was really going to happen.

All my friends were already aware at Edea of the establishment of this great industrial unit. I contacted the architectural department of the Edea town hall to draw up the first plans of construction and to show all these people that the news was real. Most people knew that it was the Americans who wanted to invest in our country.

The decision to leave Edea to go to Yaounde, the capital, was given to me by the supreme authority of the devil's kingdom. In spite of the hatred in his heart against me, my master always gave me advice. He was even appointed as the head of this investment business at the supreme level, while I was responsible on the spot in Cameroon.

The power of God manifested in Cameroon prevents demons from operating freely in this country, as they do elsewhere. I pray the Christians of Cameroon, the true Christians, to stand firm! And I say to them, "You have victory in your hands! You have a mighty God! Get out of darkness those of you who are still in darkness, those who are still detained under the influence of demons because of their sins and their occult practices, those who visited the marabouts or healers, women who aborted voluntarily, all those who have not confessed in detail their sins of adultery, fornication, and sexual vagrancy! Those who have many sexual adventures may encounter a male or female partner who practices magic or sorcery, and who can even cast spells on them without their knowing it. If they repent but do not want to confess these sins before witnesses, because they are ashamed, they are still under the empire of demons, they are not yet delivered. Before God, they are still in darkness.
You must carefully confess your sins. The devil will try to use your pastor, who will tell you it does not matter if you forget a sin."

The devil is lying to you. Reject this argument and confess all your sins. If you have forgotten, pray that the Lord reveals that the devil has erased your memory, that you cannot cut ties still connected you to him, and by which it can always reach you. You will see later what the Lord said to those Christians who have not bothered to cut ties with Satan, and where they stand before the face of God. All this in the part concerning the issue.

I, therefore, went to Yaounde with my fiancee and did all I could to show the people I met that this affair was natural. When I arrived at my sister's house, she welcomed the news with joy. I had to continue my route on Bertoua, for it was this city and its surroundings that the devil had chosen to install his temple in the basement of a church. It was through this that the high-ranking demons, well trained for the occasion, had to enter and leave.

I, therefore, went to Bertoua alone, leaving my fiancee in Yaounde at my sister's house. I was obliged to go there alone on the orders of the devil, and I proceeded by the occult route. But everyone knew I had to take a bus. The demons were to join me at Bertoua to start the digging operations.

But their arrival was delayed by the prayers that went up to God night and day. This was the beginning of our difficulties.

I was obliged to go to India to verify what was wrong and to take instructions from the devil.

When we had talked about all these things, he set the time for all demons to enter the country without any problem. It was around 2 o'clock in the morning. This was achieved without any problems. But about 5 o'clock in the morning, when all the prayers had resumed, no demon could resist this power, which passed like a hurricane moving at 450 km/h.

Everyone rushed to seek shelter in the dead churches of the Catholics. It was there that the demons were safe until about half-past nine.

Several demons were wounded because of the name of Jesus Christ pronounced by Christians during their prayers. I myself suffered greatly. After five days of work in this town of Bertoua and its surroundings, the order was given to return to Yaounde to sign all the papers.

A team of demons was sent to extinguish the awakened Christians but without success. The power of God manifested itself. Entire battalions of demons were formed in the darkness for this precise purpose. They entered the country at the hours when the prayers of the Christians did not rise. Pentecostal Christians were the target of all these devil fighters. The demons succeeded in extinguishing certain Christians, to make them return to the world and to forget God.

The house of my great sister, who was a Catholic, told me absolutely nothing. Some demons had established their den in Pentecostal churches that had died spiritually, or in dead Catholic churches.

They were even our meeting places, day or night.

The devil ordered me to search for a construction company as soon as possible, which was done at once. An entrepreneur was chosen, and I indicate the name of his company: it is the EGCOTRAP. This man is a man whom God protects. The devil repeatedly demanded that I give him this man, but pity always entered my heart as I was about to send his coordinates to the temple of India. Several demons also harassed him, and urged him to be angry with me, so that I would quickly deliver him into the hands of Satan.

I had the power to put a final signature on everything that was going to happen in this country.

This contractor was also obliged to follow the instructions which had been given me by the devil, and which I transmitted to him, in order to elaborate the plans of the three societies.

The demons who worked in financial services undertook to take the necessary steps to send me the funds. Satan ordered me to leave my sister's house to go to the hotel and wait for the receipt of this money.

One evening he ordered me to start preparing the person who was to replace me, since I had been ordered to go to the Temple of India for a year, in order to take the necessary training to manage a temple to be installed in Cameroon. I confided to a niece the task of taking charge of these three companies, but the depth of the business was unknown to everyone. The devil asked me to wake up her mind, for she knew nothing about the world of darkness, and it was necessary to make it quick since I had to leave as soon as the construction sites began.

I set to work to awaken the inner being of my niece. It was necessary to inject a potion to her one evening, then to wait three months to make other incantations. That night, I took the form of a serpent. I bit her and I tried to inject her the liquid in question. But a power blocked the holes in my teeth, where the potion was to pass. She shouted very loudly as she thrust her foot forward. She claimed to have seen a snake come to bite her in a corridor of her house. She was taken to the hospital by a neighbor, while her mother and other people sought in vain for the snake in the house.

It was God who had protected my niece by blocking the fangs of the serpent. The power of God was beginning to manifest itself without my knowing it. I moved to the Hotel Caveau at the command of Satan. Many Cameroonians in search of employment had filed their resumes, and many were recruited. The temple required that their records be sent to the underwater temple of Satan for study. As for me, it was as if I did not understand anything. The authorizations and other necessary papers were communicated to me by force.

It was the demons who executed the devil's instructions. I often took the form and outward appearance of some well-known personalities to meet someone in high places.

In this city of Yaounde, nobody could imagine what was going to happen. All the precautions had been taken by the devil. It was a meticulously planned scheme to plunge Cameroon into a bloodbath.

The devil had already made several attempts in this direction in past years, but never succeeded, because of the name of Jesus, which is pronounced every second in this country and in neighboring countries. But Satan succeeded in introducing sects into our country. He wanted to deceive people, and to turn them away from the true faith in Jesus Christ, the true Jesus, who is God who came to save mankind, not the occultism behind the name of Jesus, that false Jesus which is taught in the Rose-Cross.

I insist that all those who enter the Rose-Cross, whatever the reason for their entry into this sect, will be tortured by their false Jesus, who is none other than the devil. It is the devil who deceives them, just as those who teach this false doctrine are deceived. They themselves do not know what the devil has in store for them, they think they have knowledge when they know nothing.

Flee the Sects, Christian Science, Celestial Christianity, flee from all pernicious sects where Jesus is not recognized as God came in the flesh. 1 John 4: 2 Hereby know you the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God. All the disorders you see in the world and in our country come only from the devil.

Our country, Cameroon, is displayed on the blackboard of the devil, like several other countries.

My Indian master had to come to Cameroon to accomplish certain things that remained to be done for the construction sites in Bertoua. The date of his arrival was fixed to December 23, 1991. But before his arrival, I already had difficulties communicating with the devil. Demons were to intervene financially between the temple and the base of Cameroon.

Everything had to go through a bank of the place. The entrepreneur who was working with me and who knew nothing of what was actually happening was also harassing me to be quick. He thought it was just an ordinary problem.

Most of the entrepreneurs in Yaounde who were aware of this case were at all costs trying to make contact with me. Others even filed papers to solicit a contract. According to Satan, the way was open for me to receive significant funds for funding, but the demons who were tasked with this task encountered extremely serious difficulties. Hidden transactions became extremely difficult in Cameroon. The Lord Jesus was already intervening to block the way to this satanic work. In the kingdom of darkness, no one understood exactly what was going on. Satan was angry with me.

For my part, it seemed to me that everything was going well in Cameroon since the papers were signed. By Satan's command, I had begun to hire staff.

More than 300 people had filed their applications and more than 40 people had been hired by Satan. I did not understand what was wrong and why I did not get the money.

A sum of thirty million CFA francs was given to me, on Satan's orders, by a devil in human flesh who lives in Cameroon to rent a building that was to house the general management of the three companies. This demon in the flesh was white and worked in an embassy in Yaounde, the Cameroonian capital. It was he who handed me this money, but the devil had given me the order not to touch it, and not to use it without his permission. I had to go every day to this embassy.

Because of the difficulties encountered in remittances, Satan was losing confidence more and more. He believed that it was I who provoked these difficulties when it was the power of God that was already manifesting itself. The devil ordered me to return this sum of thirty million to this demon who was working in this embassy of a foreign country.

If I were to talk about politics, in my testimony, I could reveal many secrets about these embassies, which are aimed at destabilizing our country on Satan's orders. But it is God Himself who guards our country and even our President. I had the ability to be able to enter these embassies, in my body or in spirit, and I could read all the encoded messages in all languages. While sitting in my armchair, in these embassies, I could read all the messages coded by their spy services.

The Lord Jesus loves our country. Otherwise, the little peace we currently enjoy in Cameroon would not even prevail in this country. If only all Cameroonians could one day believe in God! The world is jealous of this beautiful country. If I speak of the world, I believe that you know who is the master of the world, and which ones he uses! I mean Satan and the great powers he uses. The things the devil has planned for our country are alarming.

When I talk about everything I saw in these embassies, those who claimed to be friends of Cameroonians and Africans, I do not say that they are the only ones responsible, because I know who is behind them. But the one behind us, namely Jesus Christ, is more powerful than the one behind them, the devil!

So, my Indian master, who was to come on December 23, 1991, missed his trip. Hidden entrances had become practically impossible for the demons who resided outside. The power of Jesus reigned. It was slowly destroying our activities. My master finally arrived by taking an ordinary flight, but without announcing his arrival. I knew that he hated me because he had noticed that the devil was more and more showing a preference for me. He knew that one day the devil would order me to destroy him because that is the rule in the kingdom of darkness. Satan has no heart. He has no friends either. So my master sought to vilify me before the devil.

When he arrived, he found me at the Hotel Caveau. I had already spent three weeks at this hotel, paying 8,000 CFA francs a day. My master thought the hotel was shabby, and that its location did not favor its occult situation. He told me to leave this hotel and go to the Hilton. He gave me a certain amount of money.

At that time I had the name of Bunung, on the orders of the devil, and all my papers bore this name since I had been admitted into the kingdom of the devil. My stay at the Hilton was spectacular. I was given room 204, on the second floor. My master was already waiting for me, sitting in an armchair.

A few minutes later, the demon who worked at the embassy also arrived to consult with us.

Since I was accompanied by my fiancée, my master asked us to go to another room. I did not know that my master hated me in his heart. Since he was my superior, I could not read his thoughts, as I did with other people or other demons.

My master told me that none of the formalities would be carried out at Bertoua, but that everything would happen in Yaounde. I also had to inform my contractors, who wanted to meet my boss at all costs. I pray God that these entrepreneurs will accept Jesus Christ in their lives, in His truth and righteousness, because Jesus Christ has spared them in a spectacular way. I cannot say that I did something to prevent any harm to them, but this credit goes to Jesus Christ. It was He who had acted in my heart so that I could not send their files to the temple because I was being asked for these files every day.

My master, who hated me, wanted at all costs to take advantage of this error because I had not transmitted these files to the temple so that I would be destroyed by Satan. He succeeded in diverting the hundreds of billions allocated to this investment, to be sent to this diplomat of the embassy. The demons charged with transferring the funds eventually succeeded in making them pass during the month of January because it is a period in which prayers from Christians were less numerous than at the end of the year.

I remind Christians that it is truly a mistake to choose a time or a time of year to pray a lot, while the Word of God asks us to pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17). My master had also foreseen a different argument to remove me. He had alleged that I had planned a plot with the contractor to exaggerate the amounts of quotations and contracts of employment which had already been signed by me as the project manager in Cameroon. It was this problem which had even delayed the start of construction sites. The devil, who knew who I was, and all he had done for me, could not destroy me without proof. Neither I nor the contractor had yet touched any money. My master wanted to meet this contractor to destroy him. Every day he asked me to bring him to the hotel. As I knew his intentions perfectly well, I could not allow him to come. Yet the entrepreneur wanted to see my master, believing that he was a mere American businessman, as I had explained.

One day, this contractor came to visit me at the Hilton, while we were talking. By telepathy, my master asked me to get him up to the 8th floor, where he was. I felt my heart and my inner being bubbling. I would have preferred the devil to burn me, rather than to give up a single Cameroonian without cause.

But I can say it today, it was not from me. It was God who did His work in my heart. I can say today that I believe God has let me sink into this path of darkness because He wanted to use me later, to reveal these things to the children of God, so that they know better their enemy, Satan.

I pray you, brother or sister, to leave your great intelligence aside, to leave aside your great instruction, which is but a drop of water beside the great varied wisdom of God your Creator. Leave your pride aside, leave all your wealth aside, they will not be able to save you on the day of judgment. God does not need your riches. Humble yourself before the face of God, asking for forgiveness of all the sins you have committed, cry before your Creator. He alone can save you from the abyss of Satan's torture and from the lake of fire. He is your Creator, the Creator of all things. Do not listen to the lies of the devil, who uses the scientists, researchers, philosophers, and all those who teach that the world is born from a "Big Bang," or that man descends from the ape. These are diabolical teachings!

I tell you that the devil is jealous of your position before God! You were created in the image of God. You should not suffer from illness, death, poverty, drought, war and all sorts of calamities. It is sin that has plunged humanity into this disaster that we see today. As long as man does not truly turn to his Creator, abandoning the ways of the devil, he will never have peace in his soul. Even if you have billions of francs, if you do not have Jesus Christ truly in you, you are the poorest of all creatures of God, because you will be thrown into the lake of fire with the devil. "The devil, who seduced them, was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and the false prophet are, and they shall be tormented day and night forever and ever." (Revelation 20:10)

You will be the most ignorant of all that God has created because you have been deceived by the devil. Perhaps you forget that those who teach these false doctrines or false sciences have themselves been deceived by the devil.

So now take your Bible, which is the most precious good in the world, and then silently read the Gospel of John and the Acts of the Apostles, to understand and know what the true Church of Jesus Christ is. From the first chapter of the Acts of the Apostles, you will see and understand how the Holy Spirit works. You also must receive this same Holy Spirit, for "the promise is for us, for our children, and for all those who are far away, as many as the Lord our God will call them" (Acts 2:39).

There are, of course, other promises for those who are called, for those who believe in Jesus Christ. It is written, "He that believeth and be baptized shall be saved, but he that believeth not shall be condemned. These are the signs which shall accompany those who have believed: In My name they will cast out devils; They will speak new languages; They will seize snakes; If they drink any mortal drink, it will not harm them; They will lay hands on the sick, and they will be healed." (Mark 16: 16-18). If you are in a Church where the Holy Spirit does not manifest itself, if all these gifts promised in the Bible, in this passage we have just read, are not manifested in your Church, it is a dead Church, controlled by Satan.

Our country is filled with similar churches, as well as sects I have already quoted: Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian Science, Celestial Christianity, and so many others. Know that by grace you are saved, not by your works. Ephesians 2: 8 For by grace are you saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God. It is the work of God in the life of a person. God reveals Himself to man through His Holy Spirit. Jesus said, "I praise thee, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that thou hast hid these things from the wise and the intelligent, and revealed them unto the children." (Matthew 11:25) To become like a little child, leave your pride, leave your doctorate aside. God your Creator is infinitely more instructed than you. Where your wisdom, intelligence, and great instruction end, this is where the great wisdom of God begins.

Do not be afraid! Even if you have swallowed serpents in magical sects, even if you have done the worst things in this world, Jesus Christ is the Almighty God who can save you from the clutches of the devil. Jesus is above all things and all creatures. It is written, "Wherefore God hath solemnly exalted Him, and hath given Him the name which is above all things, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow in the heavens and on the earth, under the earth." (Philippians 2: 9-10).

Re-read the end of the verse: "under the earth." God speaks there of the kingdom of darkness, of which Satan is the supreme master. This means that at the name of Jesus Satan's knees will also bend.

Do not tremble, even if you have signed covenants with the devil, even if you have slept in the same bed with the devil, give your heart to Jesus, go and see a child of God, and in the name of Jesus you will be delivered. All the demons in you will be driven out, only in the name of Jesus. You will not need a crucifix, no holy water, no breviaries, no rosary, no incense ... No! Those items are already instruments of occultism. Only the name of Jesus can cast out a person's demons. Mary's name does not save or drive demons.

Neither the names of Moses, Abraham, Buddha, or Mohammed. Even religion can never drive away a demon from you or save you. Only Jesus Christ can do it.

Who is then saved by grace through faith? He is the one who keeps the commandments of God and does not sin. It is written, "Whoever is born of God does not commit sin, since he was born of God. This is where the children of God and the children of the devil are manifested. Whoever does not do righteousness is not of God, neither is he who dislikes his brother." (1 John 3: 9-10).

So my master began to mistreat me, and Satan demanded daily sending of the hiring files and contracts with the contractors, and even of the contract of lease of the building which was to serve as General Direction to the three companies. All these papers were well at our disposal, but none were yet registered with the ministries concerned.

The building that would house our direction was at Elig-Essono. This is the former FONADER building. The owner charged us a monthly rent of 450,000 CFA francs for every level and the rent for the four levels were rounded to the sum of 1,600,000 CFA francs per month.

The central management of Satan gave us permission to pay an advance of one year to the owner of the building.

My master denigrated me more and more, wanting Satan to change his mind about me. He knew that I had the same powers like him and that Satan would one day allow me to destroy him. This hatred even impelled him to suspend my salary and the payment of the hotel expenses, a week before the intervention of the Lord Jesus Christ for my deliverance.

Even the devil no longer looked favorably at me because of my refusal to send all the records of those seeking employment to the submarine temple and the files of the contractors who had to build all the buildings. If I had sent all these files, 30 percent of the employees would be sentenced to serve the devil and die before five years of service. Contractors had to die just after the completion of the work. In addition, Satan had to plunge Cameroon into total disorder and into a bloodbath if we had succeeded in building this temple in Cameroon's subsoil.

Three earthquakes were to occur from 1995: the first in the city of Douala, the second in the city of Bafoussam in the same year, and the third in Yaoundé two years later. All this was inscribed on Satan's blackboard. God always saves Cameroon, and Cameroon does not want to do anything for his God!

One day, the devil also wanted to destroy the Omnisports stadium, during a great football match. But the demons that were at work that day to collapse the stadium saw something miraculous.

The demons had begun to operate, and the stadium had already moved once when legions of God's angels descended from the sky in cascade. By the breath that came out of their mouths, they flung all the demons to tens of kilometers away!

The Lord Jesus also saved Cameroon from several coups d'etat organized by the devil, who used a great power. I will not go into the details. If only the leaders of this country could understand that there is only one power that is above all the power of the devil, that is, the power of Jesus Christ! I mean the true Jesus, not the false Jesus preached in the sects like the Rosicrucians, Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian Science, Celestial Christianity, and others.

Abandon your talismans, your protections given by the marabouts or other Satanists, Satan can never protect you! He cheats you rather, and he tries to bring you with him, for he knows that he has only a very short time left.

He wants you to be thrown with him into the lake of fire!

The devil had planned many other things to destroy our country, but God did not want it. "God, without taking into account the times of ignorance, proclaims to all men today in all places that they have to repent, because He has fixed a day when He will judge the world according to His righteousness, The man whom He has designated, of which He has given to all a certain proof by raising Him from the dead (namely Jesus Christ)." (Acts 17: 30-31).

Jesus Christ is the only one to be able to save you if you accept that He comes to dwell in you. You can never be saved because you are used to going every Sunday to mass in a well-built church, where you often pay large sums of money for the works of God. If you say that it is enough to make you a good Christian, it is false! If you do not have Jesus in you, it's hell waiting for you. You can even give all your possessions, all your money, by going to see the marabouts and following other paths, you will never be saved!

Just give your heart to Jesus, you will be saved, and He will protect you in all things.

So the devil continued to harass me hard to get the files, but a force prevented me from doing so. Myself, in my inner being, I boiled, not knowing what to do. I even intended to give up this task to someone else, but without knowing to whom. According to the pact that I signed with Satan, no one should know.

At that time, I did not yet know the power of God in my heart. My master lived in the same hotel as me, without the officials knowing it.

He came every day to see me in an occult way. I continued to contact companies in Douala for various operations. So I went every day to Douala by CAMAIR flight to contact these people. I could have traveled to Douala by secret means, but it was necessary to show to those I frequented that this affair was truly natural.

I sometimes even went to Bertoua with my master, by occult means. Everything was already ready for the start of construction sites, but something blocked the sending of files. I knew that if I did not send them I would be destroyed by Satan. He had even cut me off, telling me that I had to take care of my hotel expenses and other expenses by myself. But something happened, Jesus Christ intervened to save me, and, at the same time, to save Cameroon and the Christian Churches of all Africa.




After my induction as governor of the temple of Great Britain, my life passed almost entirely in darkness. I lived a double life. Some days I could not go home. So I had to send a demon in my place that took my external form, my face, my character, all that concerned me. I sent him home to represent me to my fiancee, who believed that it was her fiance who was with her. The devil spoke to her without any problem, as well as to my future mother-in-law, and to any visitor who might come to see me. Sometimes I spent several days without setting foot in my house.

But there was this second Martin who was there in my place, that is, this demon.

My power had already surpassed that of the hexagram (six-pointed star), which is the symbol of black magic, the most diabolical sign of all magic. Those who venture into the occult circle of magic unknowingly by going to treatments with healers, for example, not knowing that as soon as they have entered this circle, their soul goes directly into the circle Temple of darkness to receive the mark of the devil, the 666. This mark remains invisible on their face and will manifest itself in due course. Many Christians receive this mark on their faces, those who have not confessed their sins of abomination before witnesses, and who have not received deliverance.

Only the blood of Jesus can erase this invisible mark.

Satan does not waste time. It has already begun to mark the face of all its followers but in an invisible way. Those who consulted the marabouts or the healers before their repentance, but who voluntarily or involuntarily did not confess these sins, still bear this invisible mark, 666, on their faces.

Confess then all your sins of spiritism, voluntary abortion, sorcery, drugs, murder, adultery, and fornication. All these sins open wide doors for demons. I must point out that it is necessary to confess them before witnesses, to cut the bridges and break the points of attachment, where the demons cling.

After confessing these sins, you must ask for the deliverance of these demons, to erase the image of Satan on your face, 666. Only the blood of Jesus can do this when you confess your sins.

Christians who die with this invisible mark on their faces pass directly into the abyss of Satan to be tortured. Brothers and sisters, pray and ask the Lord to sound your hearts, to show you the sins hidden by Satan. The devil will not let you do this cleaning. He will certainly conceal some sins and erase others from your memory, to maintain a bridge between him and you. His mark can never be erased if his demons are still in you. God is a God of truth. He, too, can never accept someone who eats at the table of Satan and at the table of the Lord.

1 Corinthians 10:21 You cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: you cannot be partakers of the Lord's table, and of the table of devils.

So I officially took office in this temple of Great Britain. Billz was an excellent guide and often accompanied me to inspect the temple. The first department of the temple was reserved for the pamphlets and literature of the various sects of the world. The second department was reserved for demons, to study the body of a man, the memory of man, the fluid of a person. By these studies on man, the devil uses and deceives even the highest people placed in the kingdom of darkness.

As the devil cannot read the thoughts of a child of God, he listens to his conversations to learn the different plans of this child of God, when he speaks with a brother or sister, for example. On the other hand, the thoughts and the memory of those who are not children of God are completely open to the devil and demons.

It is in this great department that demons also learn the Word of God, to deceive the world of sects, and to make their members believe that they are truly in the presence of God. Even the true children of God are deceived by demons. Since they cannot read the thoughts of the children of God, they will be content to slip false reasonings into their thoughts. For example, in the case of a man of God who teaches the Word of God, demons will attack that man by weakening in his thoughts the authority of the Word of God or by distorting the teaching of the Scriptures.

Demons also impel some Christians to say that certain authors of the Bible, such as the Apostle Paul, preach certain customs of his time, or that God did not really mean what is written in His Word, or that it means other than what is written. Without being able to read the thoughts of Christians, demons can attack them in many ways.

They can suggest a thought, making you believe that this thought comes from the Lord. Even when you pray, you can hear a voice, and believe that it is the voice of the Lord. Many Christians are thus deceived by demons.

Another department of this devil's temple has only one large unit of production of all sorts of items, especially cosmetics and medicines. These items are attached to demonic power. A single tablet can thus be charged with several demons, or an injection dose can be filled with demons, which will fight the one who receives it in all the phases of his Christian life, if he is a Christian If he is not Christian, they will prevent him to know God. These are drugs that come on the market in presentations well known to the public. Most doctors and satanist pharmacists know this and sell or prescribe these drugs much more than others.

But the true Christian must know that he is above all these things. There are, of course, false Christians, who accept Jesus Christ for a particular interest, or who do not respect His commandments. But the true children of God enjoy extraordinary power, which purifies these medicines which are charged with all kinds of demons. This high technology, developed in the occult laboratories of Satan, is developed by demons, and by all those who died in the sects of Satan.

This great department of the temple of Satan is essential to him to dominate the whole world by means of all these luxury products. These great laboratories of Satan work day and night. The Department of Satanic Technology extends over dozens, even hundreds of kilometers under the sea. The kingdom of darkness is so vast that no one can pretend to say that he knows all the depths of this kingdom even if he is a member of the government of Satan.

No one can imagine that such a shabby building is the entrance to the temple of Satan. Many wizards go in search of this entry and do not find it.

Many have even died in these attempts to want to know the depths of Satan without having any superior power. Satan is not kidding. No one can pretend to be his friend. All of them do not even know who Satan is.

All small healers and small practitioners of witchcraft deal directly with the less powerful demons. Even though they have the ability to summon evil spirits, their power stops there. Even in the world of sects, followers of the Rose-Cross, from the first degree to the upper echelon, are all deceived by little demons who cannot even approach their master, Satan. Even members of other sects, Jehovah's Witnesses, Friends of Man, Moonism, Witchcraft, Buddhism, Freemasonry, Voodoo, Islam, Christian Science, Children of God, Celestial Christianity, to name but a few. The followers of these religions or sects are also deceived by the devil. They are ignorant. They believe they follow the true God or the true Jesus Christ,

Satan created an incalculable number of sects, which by his demons diverted a large number of people throughout the world. The Bible says in 1 Timothy 4: 1 that they are "seducing spirits and doctrines of demons." It is through these sects that Satan recruits the most employees for his laboratories under the sea and under the earth. Research is being carried out day and night in these laboratories to produce models of all kinds of apparatus, machinery, electronics, cars, aircraft, boats, weapons and other research objects by scientists. During my visit to the high-tech pavilion, in these underground laboratories, I was surprised when the demon in charge of this pavilion presented me with a very effective electronic spy equipment. Some microphones that do not exceed the size of a match head have a range of 400 meters. Telephones with a length of 20 cm can photograph a typewritten sheet at 200 meters. Satellites can, at 20,000 meters of altitude, film a couple on a bed by capturing the heat emitted by their bodies. Other techniques that I cannot detail here deal with brainwashing. Special rifles can shoot microscopic bullets through a window.

Infrared laser beams can travel several kilometers, reach a targeted target, and cause a disaster. Special demons use the brain of several scientific researchers in the world. By these means, the devil thinks he can control the whole world.

There is much more to say about cinema, television and subliminal messages.

Man becomes like a robot, without knowing it. Viewers cannot understand it. Even our governments do not understand it. The Bible tells us, "The whole world is under the power of the evil one" (1 John 5:19). Many things I cannot talk about in this book will be unveiled in a future book. But I assure you that everything you hear about the arms race or the reduction of armaments is only a deception of Satan.

No one can escape the grip of demons.

All these heads of government or religious dignitaries who pretend to be servants of God, serve only Satan without knowing it or in secret. They cannot escape the clutches of the devil, which they do not even know.

In this temple, there are also other departments where no one has ever penetrated, except the devil himself.

Even the Prime Minister of Satan is deceived like the others. The Bible tells us that the devil is a liar (John 8:44). He is the father of lies.

That is why, because he knows that man loves luxury, his jewelry, perfumery, and all kinds of clothing and luxury goods are found in his laboratories.

In the shops of the world, whether held by Satanists or not, demons often replace items presented by identical items, but made in Satan's laboratories, and are full of ferocious demons. The replacement of these items can be done even in the presence of customers, who never realize that such a jacket or dress has been sewn in a satanic laboratory.

In perfumeries, demons also replace beauty milk and perfumes. They remove the real milk and the real perfumes and replace them by satanic counterfeits bearing the same labels. All this so that the pagan world forgets God and those who are not in the sects adhere to it as quickly as possible, driven by the power of these articles made by Satan.

Satan prepares other terrible plans for the future battles he wants to wage against the Christians, against all the countries which are not yet under the complete domination of the devil, and against the whole world. The devil uses two main sects to govern the world:

The Rose-Croix and Freemasonry, as well as false religions, such as Buddhism. In this same temple of darkness is the control screen where the plan of combat imposed by the devil is displayed to the leaders of the sects, that is to the demons of high rank who direct the sects. This control screen is directly connected to Lucifer's temple under the sea. This new plan of combat, which I was to have executed in this kingdom, is injected by the demons into the thoughts of the adepts of the sects.

Here are some details about this combat plan:

The first objective of the devil is to establish a single satanic religion in the whole world. Whether he likes it or not, every human being will have to adhere to one of the sects, which are only branches of this satanic religion.

Each sect leader must exert his influence on the political leaders, kings, or presidents of the republic, so that they and their governments submit themselves to the supreme master, Satan. Remember that in the kingdom of Satan, the leader of a sect can only be a high-ranking demon, come in the flesh on earth to fulfill this mission.

The armies of the whole world will have to be subject to the will of Satan, in order to overthrow any president or rebel leader in Satan's will. Only the kings or presidents who will follow the principles and orders of the devil will remain in power throughout the world.

Satan is and wants to remain the secret king of the world of thoughts and suggestions. The ideas and suggestions of Satan must be seen by men as their own ideas and suggestions. They should not notice that the idea of an action does not come from themselves. Even those who are engaged in secret societies or Satanism should not know the final goal of each action.

Politicians will have to be filled with all the riches and all the luxury possible in order to allow the devil to pursue his own objectives, which are to provoke economic crises to attract to him the people and all those who do not want to submit to its requirements. For this, the devil intends to withdraw from the circulation all the money of the world and to leave only a small quantity to his followers. Thus, states that are not yet under the control of the devil will be deprived of financial means and will turn to donors installed by Satan, to apply for loans. They will thus become entirely dependent on the devil.

The devil wants to provoke economic crises and recessions such that the peoples struck by these crises will not support their leaders anymore. These people will be so tormented by difficulties of all kinds, by starvation, poverty, and the powerlessness of their leaders, provoked by Satan, that they will be driven to demand a single world leader.

Before that, it will be necessary that all the present sects unite to form one world religion so that the whole world worships Satan. The Bible had already foreseen it, and he said: "The adversary who rises above all that is called God or that which is worshiped, to sit down in the temple of God, proclaiming himself God" (2 Thessalonians 2: 4).

No one should have time to reflect, because each people will seek its own advantage. False peace treaties will be signed without hesitation. The people will set in motion, driven by distress and hatred. When Satan takes over the dominion of the world, he will not allow any other belief to exist. He wants to destroy all belief in a God other than himself.

As soon as I returned to Edea, my work plan was established. I went twice a day into the kingdom of darkness, like a person who goes to work from one quarter to another. It was enough for me to enter my laboratory to leave immediately. I could come back to earth just to deceive those in my house so that they might feel like I knew what I was doing.

When I was kept in the temple of Satan by the prince of demons, I was obliged to charge a demon to represent me to my wife, who was only my fiancee at the time. All my friends from Edea had the opportunity to greet this demon who took my appearance. Sometimes this demon pretended to eat with them. At other times, he had sexual relations with the multiple mistresses I had at that time. But this demon only did so with my consent.

He could do nothing without my advice since I was his master. But this demon never had sex with my fiancée. The followers of the Rose-Croix in Cameroon, who knew my position, came to meet me in Edea for their various problems. One day I received a surprise invitation to go to the temple of India. When I arrived, I was asked to pick up a folded paper, placed on a golden tray placed in the midst of demons that stood like statues. Billz told me not to bend to pick up this sheet, but rather to squat down.

Suddenly, this paper took the form of the cobra, and the tray turned into a pool. I found myself in the middle of the pool with the cobra, who grabbed me by the throat. Billz told me to fix his eyes, after clearing his fangs from my neck, which had become harder than reinforced concrete. I seized the cobra by the neck, and gradually it became a young goddess. Billz asked me to keep staring at her. After a few minutes, this goddess was nothing but a cloud of smoke in my hands. My power diminished little by little.

The pool was transformed into a cage, and the smoke resumed the shape of the cobra. There were no openings or holes in the cage. A few moments afterward, the upper part of this cage shattered, and a terrible power inundated me. A light accompanied by a flame came out of my eyes, which consumed the cobra in an instant, and destroyed some of the demons that were there like statues. The remains of the cobra, forming a powder, were mixed with a liquid, which I was told to swallow at a stroke.

On my return to Edea, I was like a demon. The only difference between a demon and me is that I had a body of flesh created by God, which gave me a double power, whereas demons have not that body of flesh. My only food was nothing but human flesh and my only brew of human blood.

But in front of my future mother-in-law, I pretended to eat, without swallowing anything.

In the kingdom of Satan, I was respected as the governor of the whole region of Central Africa, a region that disturbs the activities of the devil, and which includes in the first place Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, Central African Republic, Zaire, Nigeria, Benin, Côte d'Ivoire, and other African countries where Pentecostal churches are located.

I tell you that if there is only one Pentecostal Church in an African country, this country disturbs the world of darkness. All these countries are displayed on Satan's blackboard. The plan of the devil was to establish in Cameroon the fourth temple of his kingdom. This temple was to cover all of Africa in general, to better neutralize the true African Christians who pray in the name of Jesus Christ.

At present, it is difficult for Satan to operate in the countries I have mentioned, unlike other countries where founders of religions have been venerated but who have died and who have not been resurrected. We have a living God who died on the cross, and who was raised on the third day, Jesus Christ! Amen!

Because of this plan, the devil displayed to me a false love tinged with hypocrisy. He invited me into space to visit the whole world. He told me that he wanted to introduce me things I should know. He received me in the air and inspected the whole world. At the same time, he gave instructions to each legion of demons operating in a given area.

You must understand that the whole world has been divided by the devil into sections. Each section is assigned a legion comprising billions of demons, commanded by a senior official of the devil's central government.

Satan told me that my country, Cameroon, and the other countries of this region were disturbing all its plans for combat.

I asked him what to do. He tells me, "Look: the whole world is under my feet. Everyone living in this world must submit to my will. Look what is happening under your eyes."

I saw, and I saw a desolate spectacle, demons that put pressure on every human being, from the smallest to the greatest, from the boy to the boss, from the children to the parents, from the soldier to the general, from the simple village chief to the President of the Republic.

The whole world lay beneath this demonic domination. I saw whole churches extinct, dead, lifeless, full of demons. I saw so-called shepherds with demons. In churches awakened, demons watched for certain people who had not cut off the bridges with Satan. Other Christians, who had demons in them, entered the Church with their demons. These demons blocked the ears of these people or made them sleep during the preaching. The demons that were most numerous in all the churches were the demons of trouble, specially trained to disturb the awakened Pentecostal churches.

They cause Christians to murmur, to jealousy, to slander, to pride, envy, and greed. Demons gather in churches during worship, I say: in the churches! If the name of Jesus is spoken during prayer, the devils deviate for a moment, for the name of Jesus is a bomb! The demons who linger freely in the church cannot resist a simple prayer said in Jesus' name. Only the demons that inhabit the bodies of the persons present in church remain. The other demons return immediately to resume their place with rage, as soon as the prayer is finished.

Demons fight Christians and push the pagans more and more to rebellion against God. During this space journey, the devil introduced me to other countries of the world ruled by demons. He told me that Central Africa must become like these countries. He showed me only two churches in Cameroon, which were really his black beasts, and wounded his demons. These two Churches almost led the life of the early Church. There were other similar ones in other countries like Gabon, Zaire, Congo ...

There were three in Nigeria. In these churches, even well-trained demons were afraid of being sent, fearing to fail in their mission, and being severely punished by their master. Satan does not forgive!

As we were inspecting the world, information came to the devil from his submarine temple: human blood was diminishing in reserves. Human flesh was also lacking. Our return was precipitated by this bad news. The lack of human flesh and blood is often a catastrophic event in the world of darkness. Satan organizes all the conflicts of the whole world to have at all times food available to his people, that is to say, human blood and human flesh.

Satan has already devised a plan to start a new world war. I say to you that Satan would like to inflame the whole world at one time if it were not prevented by the power of God.

He knows that if he did, men would not have time to repent and accept Christ. That is why Satan loves massive destruction. It also allows him to replenish his reserves.

Satan triggered the Gulf War with the intention of lighting a world war and pushing the great powers to use weapons of mass destruction, to annihilate the whole earth in one go. The fate of the earth being in the hands of God, the Lord immediately stopped this diabolical plan.

It is because of sin that the Almighty lets the devil maltreat men. The disobedience of men to the commandments of God places them under the dominion of the devil. This is how the devil organized the conflict between Iraq and Kuwait. Several million demons came into action. The result is known. Satan himself took matters into his own hands at the level of the coalition of the allies and the Iraqi president.

The devil urgently called a conference under the sea, concerning this war. The most powerful demons were mobilized. I was one of the great personalities invited to this meeting. I had donned my golden enthronement.

This was the first time I had attended such an important conference in the kingdom of Satan. I had already attended many meetings of regional interest, but never at such a large meeting. The audience consisted only of high dignitaries of the kingdom of darkness. The protocol service consisted of more than one million fierce demons.

As I was still relatively unknown in the kingdom of Satan, two pretentious demons tried to bar me. I was preparing to show them my power, when my master arrived, and at once destroyed these two demons, because of this technical error. Satan does not forgive.

The conference began after the arrival of the supreme master, the devil. I remind you that no demon can use the names "devil" or "Satan."

Before the speech of Satan, each regional or group leader had to present the difficulties he encountered in his field. Then Satan began his speech with a thunder of applause. He said in particular in his speech:

"You know that I am the one who will soon reign in all the places you know, on earth and under the earth. Already 90 percent of the world is under my rule. We will soon snatch the remaining 10 percent from the hands of this pretentious man who wants to take my place." (Satan here speaks of the true God).

These 10 percent of the land that still escapes my control are only small points in Africa, Europe, and the United States. The whole world is in my hands. This time, nobody will escape me.

Work hard! The time has come when I will put an end to this world. A world war must be triggered.

You are doomed to do it, or I will be without pity for you." (Being a heartless creature, the devil does not know pity).

"The supply of our reserves must be made as soon as possible. Use strong methods to accomplish this task, that is, to trigger the world war."

"We will direct the world and snatch from its throne this pretentious envoy of God, who is called I do not know what, a weak man whom I caused to be executed!" (Remember that Satan can never pronounce the name of Jesus Christ, and no one in his kingdom can do it).

"I will drive this band of pretentious men from the throne, and I promise you that there will be a time when I will let you rule the throne and rest in the twelfth heaven! (These are only lies of Satan.) The Bible tells us that the devil is a liar and the father of lies.

John 8:44 You are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and stayed not in the truth because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

"So I demand from all my troops that they put even more tensions in the homes, in the companies and the governments. I demand the withdrawal of 50% of the banknotes in circulation in the world " (Before this conference, he had demanded only the withdrawal of 30% of the banknotes).

"Form five battalions, one for each continent, special battalions for this war. Accelerate decisions in the minds of those responsible, not just for the Gulf War. I repeat, set fire to the homes, the tribes, the governments ...

Even ignite small national conflicts and international conflicts for my glory. Multiply more and more road accidents, plane and train crashes, earthquakes ... Sink boats, multiply the difficulties of everyday life, cause suicides ... Get to work without waiting! Satan ended his speech with another applause.

After the departure of Satan, it was his Prime Minister, who was my master, who had to stay to distribute the tasks. He entrusted me with the battalion of demons who were to work in Africa. Each African country was to receive billions of demons to accelerate these various tasks. Each chief had under his orders a large number of subordinates, who were responsible for every branch of human activity, to bring disorder and chaos.

It is not for nothing that the Word of God asks us to pray without ceasing! (1 Thessalonians 5:17).

At the end of the conference, alliance pacts were signed.

On my return to Edea, when I was talking to my master in my laboratory, at a late hour of the night, the driver of a bakery, who was returning from delivering bread, was thrown with his van to a nearby house. This man had wanted to see what was going on in my laboratory. He was projected in a few seconds by a diabolical power.

The devil had turned his true course. This is what demons often do to kill non-Christians or false Christians. They deviate the true road in front of the driver, presenting him a false road.

Perhaps that was what happened to the driver.

Two tasks awaited me: the direction of the underground temple of Great Britain, and also direct the group of demons that were to work on the African continent.

This special mission entrusted to me by the devil had its base in Sudan, although I myself resided in Cameroon. It was not possible to set up this base in Cameroon because Cameroon is a Christian country where true Christians recognized by Jesus Christ live and pray in the name of Jesus and not in the name of Mary or any other name.

If you do not pray in the name of Jesus Christ, your prayer is dead. Those who pray in the name of Mary, Muhammad, Buddha or any name other than Jesus, pray to the dead, which draws God's wrath upon them and opens a great door to demons.

As Cameroon is a Christian country, the high-ranking demons who come from elsewhere suffered terribly, and their dark activities always fail because of the name of Jesus who is invoked regularly in this region. It is the demons that have come into the flesh, born in this country, who can best operate in such a region, having studied the times and the favorable moments for their operations. That's what I did myself every day. I had hours of exit and hours back for my multiple operations.

My brothers and sisters, the power of Jesus Christ is real! At Edea, in my laboratory, I saw terrible things concerning the power of our Lord Jesus Christ. I will speak about it at the end of this testimony. The Christian is truly clothed with the power from on high!

The Lord says in Luke 24:49: "I will send on you what my Father has promised, But ye remain in the city until you are clothed with power from on high. " Be truly sure, brothers and sisters, to be clothed in this power! The Holy Spirit that is in you effectively protects you from the attacks of Satan and demons.

This base in Sudan, which served as a temporary temple, was a mosque, which we used at night. This base was the meeting point of all the leaders of the groups or battalions who worked in each African country. A single battalion had billions of demons, and each battalion had a leader. Each country was also divided into regions. To each region was assigned a group of demons under the command of a chief. All these regional chiefs obeyed the chief of the battalion of each country. These battalion leaders had to go to Sudan every night to give an account of their activities to the chief of the African continent, that is, to me who speaks to you in the name of Jesus Christ. I speak no more to you in the name of Satan, but in the name of Jesus Christ, of that God who came in the flesh that delivered me from the empire of Satan. One night, while we were gathered in this temple in Sudan, a demon from another group sneaked in to spy on us. While I was making my speech, his presence was pointed out to me by the service of the order. I threw it out of the room, and it was destroyed in a few seconds. The Superior Council of the devil administration protested, considering that this demon did not deserve such destruction. But from his submarine temple, the devil himself approved the destruction, saying that this demon was a spy he had sent to test my power.

The work was seriously carried out in Africa, in all fields, not only in terms of international conflicts but also in national conflicts, within my country, Cameroon. According to the Master's recommendations, Satan, there was a need to increase the disorder in families and to raise the people against the ruling governments in all African countries. The main task of these battalions of demons was to inject evil thoughts to the people, to make them believe that the rulers did not govern well and that a change was necessary.

The demons also made the rulers believe that they had only a handful of opponents because they were from one tribe or another, and so on.

It had been years since the devil had begun to make such pressure. He knows that man cannot endure misery, and that it is necessary to provoke a crisis in the world. To destabilize all governments, the devil has also introduced democracy, a diabolical system that actually prepares the world for a single government and a single religion, under the devil's command, of course. The rulers of the world do not know. They believe that the thoughts they receive come from themselves, whereas it is Satan who injects these thoughts by means of his demons. Man knew the truth of God the Creator, but he turned from His righteousness to follow Satan voluntarily. Men of the whole world boast of being wise, when they have become mad.

Romans 1:22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.