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I want to make it clear that this testimony is not about glorifying the devil. I'm testifying in order to show the glory of God before Satan. I want the world to understand that neither Satan nor demons nor witches can stand before the glory of God.

When I was working for the devil, he used to tell us that he is powerful. We were fearing him, but we did not know that there was an Almighty God who was more powerful than him who is Jesus Christ.

I want to say it louder. When a man follows Jesus Christ, when a man is serving Jesus Christ and keeps His word, even if the devil gathers his demons and his servants, there is nothing that they can do against this man.

Let this testimony not give you fear but wisdom, because no one can defeat his enemy unless he has studied and understand his devices and operational modes. The issue is that humanity has an enemy that is invisible. The enemy of humanity is hiding beyond the range of human senses and perception, etc, yet he sees humanity and he sees us 24 hours. We will have to try and understand him so that we can battle him with efficiency.

I served the devil for 22 years and no one in the family knew about it. They were just enjoying the money that I was bringing them. I was a sorcerers’ ambassador in Central Africa. No witches and wizards could execute and decapitate a man or woman without my permission. And for 22 years I commanded 365 demons.

God did not create humans so that they can suffer on the earth. There may be trials but trials have to last for a specific period. However, if your suffering persists and is prolonging you must understand that there are manipulation and witchcraft. I'm implying that you have to look for the face of the Lord Jesus.

When I was working for the devil, one day he said to me, “Peter, you have to understand I'm not from this earth. I come from the celestial world, that heaven is my origin. I have been living and dwelling in God's presence for ages. I know God because I have been dwelling in His presence and glory. I know God more and better than these Christians who are filling these churches and following Him. I know what He likes and what He hates. I know how He works.”

The devil said to me, “God works with addition and multiplication system. The cross of the Lord of Light is addition and multiplication. In the cross, there is no subtraction and there is no division.”

When I began to work for the devil, he made it known to me that the night is no longer the time to sleep, but to work. Therefore, I spent 22 years of my life working day and night. Most of you Christians suffer because you enjoy sleeping while your enemy is working. You spend all night sleeping while the enemy is at work. I was a great mystic in Zaire and the neighboring countries. I was the leader of witches in Central Africa.


I was born in a family of eight in eastern Congo, in the province of the mainland. When I was born, I was named Mo Cando, which means solution and deliverance. The name corresponded to my mission on the earth. The Lord knew me in the womb of my mother and had already set me apart for His work. The Dark World was in the war against my life when I was still a baby. They were aware of the mark and the symbol of God in my life.

I always say in my testimony that the battle in the life of a man does not begin when he is an adult but in the womb of his mother. In fact, the devil worked hard to destroy babies who have the destiny of bringing light and solutions to the world.

Herod tried to destroy the baby Jesus because He was the solution to the world. I was a three-month-old baby when I came under a satanic attack because of my radiant and shining star. I was attacked with sickness and I was taken to hospital but after treatment, I died. It was on the day of my burial, while people were taking my corpse to the cemetery for burial that I came back to life. This happened for a second time.

When I died for the third time, people were hesitant to go bury my corpse. They were waiting for me to come back to life. It was when they took me to the cemetery and they were about to bury me that I came back to life again.

Then my father said, “This time around, if my son gets sick, we are no longer taking him to the hospital, but we will take him to the native doctor.”

Beloved, if you ever paid a visit to a native doctor or marabout, let me inform you that you are in bondage of the dark world and you need deliverance.

I was born in 1955. A few years after my birth, my father died in 1964 during the rebellion. When I was born in 1955, Patrice Lumumba was fighting the colonial power. As a result, the colonial authorities went on to study Lumumba's origin and his Tetela tribe. They found out that he was born weighing four kilos. As a result, they issued a law in the eastern province that any baby who is born weighing more than four kilos must be killed.

Considering that I was born weighing five kilos, therefore, I was to die. My mother cried all night. When a midwife saw my mother crying, that night she was touched.

She said to my mother, “I will write in my report that your baby is three kilos.” It was in this way that I was saved.

I was born into a Muslim family. My parents and ancestors were Muslim. I went to Quran unique school where I studied the Quran.

After my studies, I was ordained as a minister. After my ordination, I was attracted to maraboutism. A marabout is a Muslim religious leader and teacher with supernatural powers. When I became a marabout, I began to collaborate with Lucifer. I became a collaborator of Satan, the entity that is the enemy of humanity and Christianity.

Beloved, the one you are battling and combating was my master. The one you are sending fire was my friend, my boss and my god for 20 years. Let me warn you, Christian, you are in war and conflict with a powerful invisible force. Therefore, you will have to study him and understand his strategies and operational mode in order to defeat him. I spent 22 years serving the devil.


The whole thing began in the city of Kisangani in 1977. When my father died, in the aftermath of the death of my father, the family was struck by extreme poverty.

I always tell Christians to ask God to deliver them from poverty. It is one of the roots of all evil. Many resort to a life of crime and armed robberies because of poverty. Many are in prostitution because of poverty. Therefore, we should apply biblical principles in order to come out of it.

In the aftermath of the death of my father, my elder brother moved us from the city of Kindu to the city of Kisangani province. I was 11. Back then, I was in extreme hardship and poverty. It reached a point that I could not afford to eat and I spent two days without eating. On that day, I was talking to myself and I said in my heart if only I had the money I could have eaten this and that food.

When a man is in poverty, he is closer to the devil than he thinks. It is in that extreme poverty that the devil comes to suggest things to people in their minds. While I was talking to myself, in my heart, I could not know that the devil was hearing and listening to my mind.

Later on, I went to sleep in the day. It was when I was sleeping, that I had a strange dream. Actually, I saw a dog bringing me money notes at my feet.

The dog said to me, “Peter, you are in poverty and a need. That is why we have brought you money in order to relieve your hardship. Just go check in the toilet and you will see the money that we brought you.”

Beloved, when I woke up, I looked around my room, but there was no dog and no money. However, when I went to check in our toilet, to my great surprise, I saw money notes exactly the way I saw it in the dream. I took the money notes and I gave it to my mother so that she could go to the market and buy food for us.

On the other hand, my sister was skeptical and suspicious.

She said to me, “Peter, you did not have money. Suddenly you get in the toilet and you come out with mysterious money notes. I don't want to have anything to do with this mysterious money.”

In addition, my fiancee also refused to touch that money

On the other side, my mother said, “There is nothing wrong with the money and I will use it. Whatever is supposed to happen to my son, let it happen to me.”

My mother went to the market and bought food and cooked for me. I ate that food with my mother but everyone else refused to touch that food.

However, the moment I finished eating this food, I heard a voice speaking in my ears the following words, “Peter, considering that you have used our money you will do what we tell you. Now that you have finished eating, you must go to the cemetery for instruction that we have for you and you will do what you are told.”

Later on that day, I left the compound and I was on my way to the cemetery. Quickly I noticed that something was strange. Actually, the road leading to the local cemetery of Kisangani was not developed. There was neither a boulevard nor electric light in that way.

But when I was heading to the cemetery, I noticed that there was a beautiful boulevard and there was electric light illuminating the beautiful road. I was wondering where on earth this boulevard and electric light came from. As I continued to head to the cemetery, I saw six beautiful ladies in uniforms at a relative distance. Initially, I thought that they were ordinary ladies who were coming back from the cemetery.

But once I got closer to them, they saluted me.

And they said to me, “We greet you, Mr. Peter. We are the protocol service of the parallel world. We have come to welcome you.”

Actually, these ladies were sirens of the dark world. They accompanied me to the cemetery


The moment we reached the cemetery, there were more surprises for me. In fact, when we arrived before the cemetery, I could not see tombstones any longer. Actually, I saw a futuristic and advanced Metropolitan and urban city instead of the cemetery. I asked the six ladies about the Metropolitan civilization before us.

The ladies said, “This is the parallel world, our dimension, the second world.”

Beloved, the water and the cemetery are the main portals to the parallel world of the devil.

When we entered the parallel dimension, these sirens said to me, “You are expected in the main auditorium for the initiation. However, we must first visit the maternity of our kingdom, where mothers are giving birth to children.”

Straight away we traveled to the maternity where we saw so many babies and mothers.

I asked the siren, “What is the meaning of all this?”

The latter said to me, “Whenever and wherever a lady is pregnant on the earth, at that very moment, a lady will get pregnant in our civilization. When that pregnant lady on the earth gives birth to her baby, that very moment our lady in our kingdom will also give birth to the baby. And if the baby that is born on the earth is a baby boy, the baby that will be born in our world will also be a boy. And the baby that is born in our world will have the very face of the baby that is born on the earth. And when the mother on the earth is breastfeeding, or washing the baby on the earth, the mother in our world will also be breastfeeding and washing the baby in our kingdom.”

"The purpose of the mother of our world consists of working in order to replace the baby that was born on the earth with a baby that is born in our dimension. Thus, many of the babies that are raised by mothers on the earth are demons from the other dimension in the parallel world."

Many of the people living on the earth are not normal and natural human. They are demons of the dark world. They have replaced natural humans that were born on this earth and these natural humans were transferred to the dark world. These physical demons who seem human commit evil on the earth. These really cold evil deeds are natural for these people. Such people have no remorse, no mercy, and compassion. Evil deeds and evil acts are natural to them because they are demons.

These sirens said to me, “These people that replaced humans on the earth live longer because they are sent to do evil on the earth.”

These sirens said to me, “Once a baby of your world lands here he will not last because our god Lucifer eats and devours babies. They are his food.”

After visiting the maternity of this kingdom of Satan, the siren took me to the auditorium for initiation and training.


After initiation and training in the dimension in the parallel world, over time I began to work with politicians. Later on, I was taken from Northern Congo to the Capitol by these politicians. I was their priest and I was working for them alone.

While I was living in the capital, I met a marabout from the Republic of Chad.

When he saw me he told me, “My friend, your level is low. You must gravitate to higher levels. Therefore, write to this address and drop the letter in the toilet and you will get a response.”

The address on the letter was that of an Egyptian mystic.

When the latter got my letter, he began to come to visit me through astral traveling. He was traveling from Egypt to my house in Congo every day at midnight, in order to train me and prepare me to meet the devil.

After training me for one year, one day he summoned the devil who manifested in my room. When the devil showed up, I noticed that he had the appearance of a Caucasian though he can take whatever appearance he wants.

Actually, before this Egyptian mystic summoned the devil, he warned me not to fear otherwise I would become crazy. And when the devil manifested, he actually came out of the ground. He was sitting on his throne and he had two bodyguards. I could not watch his bodyguards as they were horrific.

Many people asked me about the appearance and shape of the devil and demons. I was meeting the devil every day in the night for a report. The devil likes to operate like God because he is the god of this world. He is also the god in many parallel dimensions and realities. Considering that God changed His shape and appearance, the devil also changed his shape from time to time.

In the dark world, the devil is god. He has no shape and he changes all the time.

Yet he is not omnipresent. If he is in South Africa, he is not in Congo.

Often when he was coming to me for the report, he was in the shape of a skeleton. The law is that when he comes to you in whatever shape, you have to master your fear and not run, otherwise you will become crazy and die.

Sometimes the devil was coming to me in the shape of a monster with one or two horns with a tail. Sometimes he was coming to me in the shape of a toad. And while talking to this toad he would be growing in size until he reaches the size of a car.

He was also appearing to me in the shape of a seven-headed snake in order to get a report about my activity. I was supposed to converse with each of his seven heads.

However, every Saturday since the beginning of the earth, the devil comes to earth in human shape. So every Saturday Satan dresses in a black suit and white shirt, white socks, and black shoes. Every Saturday the devil drives a black Mercedes Benz on the earth. He goes to popular bars, hotels, and nightclubs all over the world in order to sleep with women. He gives these ladies a lot of money, but many of them die. Some don't die.

When the devil enters a bar or a nightclub on earth, he always has a tendency to order the barman to serve beers or food to everybody around. That way he can capture and buy people’s stars and chances.

Just note that every Saturday the devil walks the earth in human form in bars, nightclubs, and hotels. He drives a black car and he is accompanied by his two bodyguards.

One day, the devil said to me, “Peter, even if I can give money to people, still I cannot leave them with my money. I have to take something back.”

That is why the devil always take back what he has given to people who came to him for money, I said demons have their peculiar shapes and appearances. But there are times where they dress with the human appearance and manifest physically. Even the devil has his shape, but he also takes human shape and walks among the people but no one can recognize him.

On that day in my room when the devil manifested with his two bodyguards, he said to me, “Peter, I am appointing you as ambassador of all the witches in Central Africa. You will be supervising executions and decapitations of the victims.”

The devil said to me, “Peter, from this day onwards, you will not rest. You will not sleep in the night, you will work for me without rest.”

The devil said, “We must work harder in order to win more souls than the kingdom of God so that the majority of humanity would join us in the lake of fire and sulfur. That way only a few members of humankind will enter the glory of God, but the vast majority of humanity will burn with us in the lake of fire and brimstone.”

The entity who is the enemy of God said to me, “Peter, in order to serve me properly, there are three things that you must avoid. You must not have mercy in you, you must not have love in your heart, you must not forgive and you must never accept people's forgiveness.”

The devil said, “You will supervise the execution and decapitation of 1500 humans in this central Africa every week. You must target those who go to church and execute them.”

Considering that I was the leader of witches of the central part of the continent, I was ordering witches of different regions and countries of the continent to cause traffic accidents throughout the region in order to reach that number requested by the devil. Basically, I was offering the devil a sacrifice of 1500 human souls every week. I was targeting and killing Christian pastors.

The thing is, there are people going to church who do not have Jesus Christ in their hearts. They pray but they do not have Jesus in the heart. They were my victims. Many people play with the things of God. So I managed to destroy Christians that were even quoting the name of Jesus Christ against me. Yet the name of Jesus was not working. What matters is not to quote the name of Jesus, but to have Jesus in your heart and walk according to His Word.

The devil said, “Considering that you will work without rest for my kingdom, I am giving you 365 demons because there are 365 days in a year.”

Beloved, for 22 years I was commanding 365 demons that were subjected to me. Christians must understand that the devil and demons don't rest. Every day is a war.

After my initiation, the devil gave me four short demons to work with me. These are the destroyers, and they have been working against humanity since the beginning of time. These four demons are positioned in the four corners of the earth. They are macrocephalic. I mean, they have huge heads. Their hands and eyes are meters long. They actually pull themselves forward with their hands when they are moving. I have worked with them for 20 years.

Right from the beginning, the devil said to the first demon that he has established on the first corner of the earth, “You will bewitch, poison and manipulate the air because no man living on the earth can survive without breathing the air.”

The purpose of the first demon deployed on the four corners of the earth is to manipulate and bewitch the air that people breathe on the earth since no humans living on the earth can survive without breathing the air. This demon is capable of injecting sicknesses, bad luck, and curses in the air that we are breathing on the earth. Thus, the air that we are breathing every day on the earth is a tool and the channel of manipulation that is affecting us. Just by breathing the air people are subjected to manipulation.

Then the devil said to the second demon that he deployed on the four corners of the earth, “You will bewitch this soil because no one on the earth lives without walking on the ground.”

The devil said to the third demon deployed on the four corners of the earth, “You will bewitch and manipulate all the water of the earth since humans are dependent on water. The people of the earth cannot do without water. They drink water, they wash with water, they cook with water.”

The purpose of this third demon was to bewitch water on the earth. The water is 70% of the earth. Thus, even water that we drink is used as a tool of manipulation by the dark world. Whether it's the oceans, the seas, the lakes, the rivers, and streams, they are all bewitched by this demon.

We must understand that beneath all these waters, there are cities and there are kingdoms. There are houses and people living there underwater. The people living underwater are diverse. These are marine spirits.

The fourth demon that the devil gave me was the demon that bewitches and manipulates fire because everyday humans use fire in order to cook.

When people use these four elements of nature, they are bewitched and they are manipulated and imprisoned. As long as you are in prison, you can pray as you want, the enemy will only laugh at you because you are in that prison.


Beloved, the devil is the enemy of God and men. But he has three enemies that he has singled out to destroy in a systematic way.

The first enemy of the devil are the men of God. The second enemy are the women and the third enemy are the firstborn males.

One day the devil said to us, “You will fight and battle pastors because they are liberating my slaves and prisoners thanks to the power that their God gave them. You're going to send the women to them. You will dress these women with the beauty of my servants the sirens and send them to church. The heads of the men of God are expensive in the dark world. Fornication is what causes powerful pastors to fall and lose their power.”

Joseph had a star that was shining because he was supposed to be great. That is why he faced hatred from the devil and his family. However, the last attempt of the devil against Joseph was illicit sexual intercourse.

The devil is at war against women because a woman gave birth to Jesus Christ. The Bible says, “I will put enmity between you and the woman.” (Gen 3:15)

The devil said, “When I began my campaign to kill Jesus Christ, all the men ran away, but these women continued to follow Him. And if people knew that Jesus came back to life, it's because of these women.”

The devil attacks women's stars and blessings thanks to sexual intercourse. That is why many politicians and celebrities have many women in order to use their stars and chances. The devil calls women his most profitable tools.

He said to me, “They do great works for me.”

The devil has sworn never to leave women alone. He has come up with sicknesses that affect only women and in the occult women are more powerful and highly established than men.

One day the devil said to me, “In the Garden of Eden, God was speaking to Adam. Considering that I could not talk to Adam directly, I talked to the woman and she listened to me. The woman always listened to me. I tried hard to come against Adam, but I could not do anything against him. But it was thanks to the woman that I managed to capture Adam.”

The devil said to me, “I am going to the lake of fire and brimstone with women and they will be the majority.”

Beloved, women are more valuable than gold. And God can use women if they make themselves available. And God listens to women’s prayer more easily than that of men. When you have a praying woman on her knees, her husband is guaranteed to be blessed. We know that parents like their last child, and we know that women are now the last creation of God. There is a power that God has placed on women that is not in men.

Men of God are the second target of the devil because they are diverting people away from the kingdom of Satan to the kingdom of God.

The third enemy of Satan are the firstborn males. God told Moses, “Set the firstborn apart because they belong to Me.” (Exodus 13:2)

The devil is against everything that belongs to God. When the Lord says that you belong to Him, understand that you are in a war with the devil.

When I was initiated I was sent beneath the Congo River in order to get married. I was swallowed up by a serpent for three days, like Jonah who spent three days in the belly of the fish. Later, the serpent vomited me under the Congo River in the marine kingdom of sirens. I spent three days in that aquatic civilization.

When I arrived in the water kingdom under the Congo River, I got married to a mermaid. A few years later, we had four children, two boys, and two girls. They are still alive even today under the Congo, but I'm are no longer part of that world. The children that I left under the Congo River are not normal children because their feet are like that of pigs. The union of a man and marine mermaid produces hybrid demons. The children that I left beneath the river are demons, not humans. They cannot live on the surface of the earth, and they cannot bear the name of Jesus Christ and they don't like it.

Beloved, I am here to ask you to seek knowledge because in this conflict in order to overcome the enemy, you will have to study him, his weaponry and his troops. You got to know the devil because he is your enemy.

The Bible says, “Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which is from God.” (Rom 13:1) The authorities that exist have been appointed by God.

However, the devil has set up a parallel authority and administration that are running every country in the night. Thus, every country, city, and street on the earth are ruled by a parallel authority of the devil in the night. In the night there is a ruler who rules your street, your borough, your city, and your country. Just like in the day, the kingdom of darkness is at work to drive humanity away from God in order to dominate and crush men. They work to stop humanity from going to church because the church is the shelter of humanity. They are at war against Christians.

Actually, in order to keep humanity and Christians away from God, we were deploying three demons at the gate of every house on Earth, especially the houses of Christians in order to overpower them.

These three entities were the demon of heaviness, who is supposed to stop you from praying and reading the Bible, the demon of weakness is supposed to stop you from attending the church and the demon of slumber who was supposed to stop you from waking up in the night in order to pray.

If you want to be a victorious believer, you will have to overcome the night and the sleep. Once a Christian overcome the sleep he will master the day. People's sickness gets tougher in the night because of the intensity and acceleration of manipulation. People die more in the night than the day.

When I met the devil, he told me, “You will never sleep in the night again. You will work day and night.”

And for 22 years that I spent in Satanism, I never slept. While people were sleeping, we were working for the kingdom of darkness. Many Christians who enjoy sleeping will record defeat from time to time.

When something bad happened in the life of a Christian in the day, in reality, it had already happened in the night. What happened in the day is just a manifestation of what had already happened in the night. Christians should cease to enjoy sleeping like unbelievers. We are soldiers.

These demons at the gate of people's houses were supposed to stop them from going to church for prayer and draw them away from God.

When a Christian is doing short prayer, struggling to read the Bible and failing to attend the church, he is under attack. He may not even realize it.

The devil does not target everybody. There are two things that the devil fight in the life of a man: the symbol of God and the promise of God.

The symbol of God in you is called a star. You must understand that the devil began his combat against your life the moment you entered the womb of your mother. You must understand that from the very first day a woman is pregnant, the kingdom of darkness is informed. The demonic war in your life is in order to steal and stifle your star. As long as you have God’s promise and God’s symbol, the war will never end in your life. It is when the dark world saw your star while you were in the womb of your mother that the battle in your life began.

Before the birth of Jesus Christ, His star was monitored and noticed by the Magi in the dark world. When Moses was a baby he faced persecution because he had a radiant star in his life.

Considering that you have the mark of God, the promise of God and the star that is supposed to shine, you will face war perpetrated by the dark world.

Every day in the night I was studying and investigating people’s stars in order to know people's future. Thanks to the stars, we were able to know whether you will be a businessman or preacher or you will have a great marriage.

While I was investigating people’s stars during 22 years of occultism, we were classifying stars in seven categories.

The first star is a star of marriage. There are people who are supposed to have a great marriage. In order to disrupt people's destinies, the devil caused people to get married to a wrong partner.

There are satanic prisons that imprison souls while they are still alive on earth. Once a man is imprisoned by Satan only the intervention of Jesus can deliver this man from his situation. The devil has many prisons. He has prisons underwater. Many people are in prisons underwater. Wherever there is a river or a lake, there are souls imprisoned there in the world underwater.

The devil put people in the sewer where dirty water flow. When your spirit is put down there in a sewer, you will suffer and be in hardship.

The devil and witches place people in roundabouts. When the devil and witches place you in a roundabout, you will go round and round in your life. There are people that are going in circles in their life because of manipulation.

The Bible says you will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with all your heart. (Jeremiah 29:13)

The devil and his witches place people in the rubbish bin. Once the devil places your spirit in a bin, people will keep their distance from you and you will face rejection because of your spirit in the bin where people are dropping dirt.

When the devil and his witches imprison your spirit in a bin, not only you will be less likable and less approachable to people, people will distance themselves from you and reject you because of the dirt that people throw in the bin will be falling on you.

The Bible says, “Call upon Me in the day of trouble. I will deliver you and you will honor Me.” (Psalm 50:15)

The devil and witches put people in the prison of the forest far away from people and residential areas. Once you are bound in the forest, in the society, no one will notice you. In the forest, the devil and witches place their captives on a little tree that will grow with the victim until the day where the tree will die and fall. When this happens, the captive will become free. If the tree lives for a 100 years, you will be captive all your life.

The devil and his witches put people in a bottle. Once your spirit is imprisoned in a bottle, you will find it difficult to pray. If you can only pray for 20 and 30 minutes you must understand you are in prison. You will have to pray like a madman in order to break the bondage and break that bottle.

The witches put people in a saucepan and they will cover that saucepan, which means you will never emerge and rise. The devil and witches cam bind a Christian or a man of God even if he is a preacher, which means you can be a preacher and be in satanic prison. When a man is in a spiritual prison, he will be dreaming snakes, soldiers chasing him and strange things.

Continued in Part Two

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