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See the wizard's account:

After the prayer of Pastor Robert, I fell to the ground and saw a being of light with giant wings that took me by the hands and rose to the sky. I entered a wonderful place, a world of joy full of people dressed in white. The angel showed me a celestial clock in the sky that was missing for one minute to midnight. I saw when the pointer ran forward and it struck midnight and the sky jolted. And in vision, it was shown me the future of the world. The church was taken to a new square city and all were clothed with precious stones. This city that is guarded was inaugurated by that people. Without Jesus, there is no life. Although we live in this land of tribulation, we are already heirs of the wonders of God. Soon all this will come true. What God has for your church goes beyond your imagination. We will have the freedom to enjoy all this glory. We are the most valued people in the world and we will inhabit this new and uninhabitable city.

I saw the Man in white and the glorified church stood before Him and a cluster of angels with Him. The land of Israel saw this Man coming down the earth and recognized Him as their sovereign king.
I saw the joyful nation of Israel and were called citizens of heaven. These chosen Jewish people followed Messianic law and all inhabited fertile and verdant soil. Each had a new role in this new realm of justice. Carnivorous animals did not feed on meats but on pastures and those that are ferocious they became tame. The grace of Jesus took away all the anger and ferocity of those animals.

Jesus ruled the millennium with His church. He led His kingdom with love. It is a perfect, just government and perfect management. The throne of the kingdom of Israel belongs to Jesus, the seed of David is eternal and will not end.

I have seen the clock of God approaching zero hours which means there will be a new time and a new world. When the pointer was missing 1 minute for the hour of the manifestation of the son of man, Jesus rose from His throne and looked at the church and then at the country of Israel.

What I understood was that He will meet the bride first and then the millennium will reign in Israel after the wedding of the lamb. He comes to meet the bride and establishes the millennium. The heavens were apprehensive and could not see the hour of the manifestation of the Messiah's kingdom. Angels serve the people during the reign of the millennium. When this happens, heavenly activities will increase on earth and the connection between earth and heaven will become stronger in the millennium.

Jesus will protect Israel from the invasions of other peoples when Satan is released after the millennium, Jesus will defend His sheep from that wolf.

My spirit returned to earth weeping for the wonders that my eyes saw and I converted to Jesus and I left the witchcraft and asked for Pastor Robert to pray for me.



Then Jesus showed me the land in peace and said it was a thousand years. An angel descended from heaven opened the abyss and released Satan. He went up to the land full of hatred and revenge for being held for too long. Satan began to subdue the earth and deceive the hearts of the people. He wants to take the kingdom of Jesus, convinces the nations to destroy Israel and take the land of promise. Israel is surrounded by a crowd of people and soldiers. They were millions who wanted to destroy Israel. The Jews cried for help and fire came down from heaven and destroyed those thousands of people. They were not able to rival the power of Jesus.



Upon hearing all the evil plan that was executed on Earth, a force pulled me out of hell. I met Jesus, He showed me in a vision how the millennium will be. Earth began to be green, flowers, plants, and trees grew in dry, infertile places. Even in the desert grass grew and water rose. The city of Jerusalem looked like the garden of Eden with its beautiful flowers and fruit-laden trees. There were varieties of fruit, clean water had no pollution. The people of Israel were happy in that land which is the true breeder of milk and honey. Everyone worshiped Jesus as He came down to visit the people on earth. Jesus left His representatives in Jerusalem, then went up to heaven. The life expectancy has increased from 200, 300, 500 and 800 years as of old. The deaths were natural, for the angel of death has not yet been judged. Revelation 20:14, And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. It will be when death will be annihilated from the earth and no one else will be able to die. In the millennium there will be deaths and also new births. Abundant life was all over the planet, those who died ascended to heaven. Their life development index was so high that a 200-year-old man spawned multitudes of children to fill the earth.

The population of the people of Israel was almost destroyed, all the infidels died, only the remnants lived in that place. A woman of 100 years was very fertile and she gave birth to many children to reward the deaths of the people of Israel during the tribulation. The desert began to produce trees and plants that cure diseases. These people that were there still had not their bodies changed, but they still had their sinful natures, but they obeyed Jesus.

People who were not from Israel traveled to Jerusalem which is the seat of world government. It is from Israel that Jesus passes the laws to the four corners of the world. Israel becomes the leading country that rules the world. God exalts His nation before the peoples. His promises to make Israel a great nation is fulfilled.

Lions ate grass, all carnivorous animals became vegetarians. The snakes had no more poisons. The people played with the lions and the snakes, they swam with the crocodiles. Nature was in harmony, the climate was not disorganized and inverted just like today. What is planted, given, and all fed on the fruit of the earth.

The money and the currency created by the ambitious man, banks and markets aimed at the financier were destroyed. The Earth gave everything by replacing the market and the banks. Gold, Jasper of God, replaced paper money.

When the people wept, they were glad to see Jesus descending from heaven to them. Brothers my spirit has walked through the millennial Jerusalem, it is something wonderful. Upon the earthly Jerusalem, there was a city of floating gold that was above the clouds. The people of Israel saw this city, it is in the universe, right on top of our planet. It was far to consider the height of the universe to Earth. But its brilliance was as resplendent as the sun. At night that giant square glowed like a star, it looked like a city of fire because it was all yellow gold. By day it was not as visible as the night. A great cloud covered that city by day like the cloud covering the sun.

Exodus 13:21 And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night:

That was how I saw the square city at night shone like the sun and by day a cloud covered it. Both the fire and the cloud symbolize the direction and the right path. Somehow that heavenly city was leading the earthly city of Jerusalem. The fire and the cloud were the presence of God who led the people of Israel. The Heavenly Jerusalem right on top of Earthly Jerusalem means that the presence of God is looking at Israel from above. The light that came from the city above radiated blessings, prosperities and the anointing of that people. The church was in the heavenly city with Jesus. Where the king is, it must be the queen, he will rule the world with her.

When someone was sad in the earthly Jerusalem, Jesus came down and comforted him. The people of this city saw angels, they descended and manifested to the people, even ate fruits and vegetables afterward. The laws that were put in the world were about righteousness, morals, holiness, and the duty of every person.

The technology that was born of the fruit of the science of evil that contaminated the whole world to the children no longer existed.

Jesus communicated with His people when He came down. The church was in the heavenly Jerusalem together with the Father and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit finished His work on the earth, He was the mediator of the people to Jesus when He was absent from the earth. It does not mean that Jesus cannot be on earth, since of course, Jesus came to visit. But as the Holy Spirit was on earth, it was necessary for Him [Holy Spirit] to stay.

Now that Jesus has manifested to His people, the role of mediator of the Holy Spirit between Jesus and man was annulled. Jesus is now so close to them as their king, following the descendants of David. He is the last King of the seed of David, the everlasting King who will remain with His people forever.

God the Father could not be seen by the people of Israel, they were still mortal. The church could not go down to Earthly Jerusalem, the people had their bodies changed and they are holy. I had the pleasure of having this vision next to my Master. And Jerusalem is slowly going down to Earth, it will only stay on Earth when our planet is sanctified, undergoing a transformation.



Jesus led me near the heavenly Jerusalem with 12 golden gates. I could not enter, but I beheld the marvelous city of 12 golden columns. This city is uninhabitable its width, height and length are perfect. It is all pure gold, it looked like shiny glass, a mirror that reflects the sunlight. My eyes could not bear to look at their brightness, it seemed like a sun that did not let them see those wonders.

I cried with emotion as I saw what was reserved for the church. It is adorned with a variety of gemstones.

In Revelation chapter 21:18-21, God shows John the new Jerusalem. After describing the measurements of the holy city, John tells us about the precious stones garnishing the foundation of the wall.

18 And the building of the wall of it was of jasper: and the city was pure gold, like unto clear glass.

19 And the foundations of the wall of the city were garnished with all manner of precious stones. The first foundation was jasper; the second, sapphire; the third, a chalcedony; the fourth, an emerald;

20 The fifth, sardonyx; the sixth, sardius; the seventh, chrysolite; the eighth, beryl; the ninth, a topaz; the tenth, a chrysoprasus; the eleventh, a jacinth; the twelfth, an amethyst.

21 And the twelve gates were twelve pearls; every several gate was of one pearl: and the street of the city was pure gold, as it were transparent glass. (KJV)

Everything is built with fine, pure material and royalty. That city is of high royalty, awaiting the coming of the queen. It is worth renouncing the world to live there.

All wealth, material goods, money, cars, and technology are old scraps near that city. Earth's buildings are scraps near the heavenly Jerusalem. After I have had this vision, I am willing to die for the gospel cause if need be.

The people of my church called me old and square. I told them the New Jerusalem is square and to fit it we have to be square like it. There is no room for round believers who do not have the geometric form of this city. The throat of hell is round and geometrically circular. I went down the throat of hell and saw what its structure is like.

The New Heavenly Jerusalem that is not part of this world, did not lose its luster. The sun did not illuminate the city. There is a light stronger than the sun that shone on the city. She comes out of a man in white robes and crown, Jesus Himself is the light there.

The light of Jesus as He reflected on the precious stones of that city made her shine and to shine. It is in this city where we will enter through the doors and create with Jesus.

There we will be presented to our Father and we will see the face of God that until now no man has had this privilege. The Lord Jesus led us to God when He died on the cross of Calvary for us.

This will be true when we get closer to the Father and we will be heirs together with the Son. The bride will sit on the throne next to her Bridegroom.

The Holy Spirit has played the role of leading souls to Jesus. Through repentance from sin is our obedience that has drawn the Holy Spirit into our lives. He has led the sheep to the right path also given the Spirit of Leadership for some shepherds to lead the sheep in the path of salvation.

As God led the people of Israel through the wilderness until they came to Canaan, the Holy Spirit will lead the faithful to eternal life. Church of the Lord, awaken to the great day of the encounter with the Bridegroom. Jesus is going to marry a church without wrinkles and blemishes. Keep yourselves to the Bridegroom.

I am willing to live a holy and pure life to meet Jesus. He is at the door, prepare to receive a hug from Jesus that day. Your perseverance in truth will lead you to it.

Beloved church of Jesus prepare, I had another vision not in rapture, but at home praying. The bride is one step closer to being raptured, I saw Jesus with outstretched arms to welcome her. The bride I saw in the vision was ready to receive the Bridegroom. Her garments were so white and resplendent, it was so light.

This is the true church, not the one that was tainted with sin and sold to the world. I also saw a wedding covenant in vision, Jesus approving the pure bride. The covenant of repair and fidelity of the bride to her husband. The bride will win the battle against sin, resisting the enemy by remaining as a virgin and pure for Jesus. The bride floated to the arms of Jesus and sat like the queen beside Jesus.

Glory to God she has conquered and is now free from all the temptations of the evil one. Thank God for this revelation in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.



The earth and the sky began to undergo a transformation. The holy city that was in the air, descended to the land that had been transformed into a large garden. The earth was no longer that planet that was devastated by fire. The globe was transformed into a garden.

A man in white who could not see his face descended to the earth along with thousands of angels. The tabernacle of God was with men, God was dwelling with the people on the earth.


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