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Sorcery, as we have seen, consists of possessing mystical powers that are used for the benefit of certain individuals or groups of individuals against another group of individuals generally larger in number.

But the real foundation of witchcraft is the devil, and as such, it is against God and His church.

In the exercise of my profession, I became an enemy of God.

I was associated with a group of occult wizards practicing voodoo. This group consisted of an Indian, a Haitian from Guadeloupe, a Brazilian. I was the only African in this group. Our mission throughout the world was to work in collaboration with the great masters of Freemasonry, Rosicrucians, Eckankar, Voodoo to cause air disasters, train collisions, floods, etc. to collect human blood on behalf of Satan, so that lives are destroyed.

We were later to report to Satan in the cemeteries and sacred forests. The wizards, occultists, and others, who are at the root of air disasters, civil wars, floods all over the world, are causing destruction. lives and create problems for foreign financial institutions to rebuild countries. Sorcerers, occultists, marabouts, Voodoo followers or fetishists, operate from midnight until 3 am. Some people take advantage of these hours to get out of their bodies, thus performing duplication to operate far away, destroy human lives by making them sick in their sleep. This explains why people wake up in the morning sick and after fourteen days or twenty-one days, they give up the soul.

If you are attached to the Lord. Jesus Christ, no wizard can come to attack you in your sleep to kill you "for the angels of Jehovah encamp around those who fear Him". No wizard can kill a pastor or another Christian attached to the Lord. Pastors and other Christians who have fallen or been eaten in witchcraft, prove that they were not well converted.

Sorcerers attack from a distance. They kill at a distance. They create problems remotely. They make people sick at a distance. But, if you are in Jesus Christ, they may do anything against you at a distance, nothing will happen to you because you are covered by the blood of Jesus day and night.

I have attacked several Christians and sorcery ministers to captivate them, to make them sick in order to destroy them, but to no avail. I failed because they were strongly attached to the Lord. To be strongly attached to the Lord is to consult neither occultist nor sorcerer. neither fetishist. neither visionary nor diviner, whatever the trials that fall on us. To be strongly attached to the Lord is to give oneself to prayer when one goes through the trials and is attacked. and expect his God to intervene at the right time because the Scriptures say not to turn to those who evoke the spirits, to the diviners, the marabouts, the witch doctors, the wizards, the visionaries, not to seek them for fear of defiling us with them (Leviticus 19: 31 Regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them: I am the LORD your God.). So turn to Jesus Christ who is the solution to all our problems.

However, I have often attacked Christians who have "one foot in the church and one foot outside" among visionaries, soothsayers or witch doctors. Such Christians are very attached to unsuccessful works and often to the family tradition. I killed several so-called confirmed baptized whose faith was vacillating. Does not the Bible say, "Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved"? Only those who have real faith in Jesus are out of reach of wizards.

The prayer vigils that evangelical churches organize are bombs thrown into the camp of wizards, occultists, fetishists, marabouts. They prevent them from operating in peace.

Through witchcraft, I attacked churches. By witchcraft, my group and I weakened Christians and brought them to interrupt their fasting moment before term. When they decided to fast for a day, I would bring them to stop at noon instead of continuing until the time scheduled to be blessed. When a group of Christians decided to do four or seven days of fasting, I attacked them to bring them to shorten the fast decreed by the assembly. When in spite of everything they continued, it was scary in our camp. Fasts and prayer frustrate the works of witchcraft directed against Christians.

I could attack churches with my group of wizards by sowing division between pastors and church leaders for money and material goods when attached to these things. These dissensions prevented them from praying enough, fasting and caring for the sheep for the advancement of God's work.

Sorcerers excite the beautiful girls of the church who are not converted so that they cause the leaders and the pastor to fall into temptation and sin. This is how sorcerers destroy even living churches.

I attacked the churches by arousing a spirit of rebellion, pride, slander among Christians so that they are attached to witchcraft. Rebellion against pastors, criticism and slander, hatred, resentment towards others, are most often due to witchcraft.

Sorcerers turn into cockroaches, lions, black cats, mice, oxen, hippos, snakes, flies, scorpions or dogs to kill. I was splitting myself into a fly.

As wizards, we collaborated with the following associations: Eckankar, Rose-Cross, Gouroumaraji, Mahikari, Buddha, Moon, Chrischna, the Freemasons, associations where people light candles to pray and who worship the statues of carved images representing things that are above in heaven. All of them practice witchcraft. Some so-called churches offer visions to people to put them into captivity and sell white, red, blue, green candles. They require married women to stay seven to fourteen days of the convent. These "churches" also practice witchcraft. At night, their leaders go to the cemeteries and the seaside to pray, make sacrifices, practice witchcraft, occultism, and maraboutage. Others use the oil of anointing that is very dangerous. It is python grease - they make black soap that they give to people to wash, putting them in contact with the demons. They prepare Saint-Michel perfumes for their customers, exposing them to the spirit of Mamie-Watta. It is true witchcraft that these churches practice. These visionaries take advantage of their so-called convent to commit adultery or immorality, with married women and girls.

There are also "churches" where the faithful dress in white and the leaders in cassocks with black belts in the chest and a cane in hand. These people practice witchcraft. All these churches and networks of occultism that I have just mentioned are in collusion with the wizards. Also, as a sorcerer, I also planned to create a church.

Church Creation Project

As a result of my contact with the Indian, we decided to create a church in Abidjan. You can imagine, it must have been an evil church! Our church was to be called the International Church of the Blood of Jesus Christ. Is it necessary to point out that it is not the blood of Jesus Christ but the human blood that was to be at the base of this church! It is the idea of the Indian and I who chose this name.

We have established the files and set the conditions for all those who wish to be members of this Church: To be registered in the register of our church, it was necessary to pay 10 000 F. It was to be a guarantee of prosperity for the faithful in its activities. This Prosperity had to be based on a fetish held by the church based on human blood. If a member died, we had to bury him ourselves, just to take away his heart in order to captivate wealthy people to join the church.

The Indian had to take this heart to India, work on it so that another person who is like the deceased comes to take his place. For a deceased rich faithful, one must fill the void with another as much if not richer. The heart of the deceased was to enable the Indian to obtain this result.

The faithful had to wear a red cassock and a red percale bandage during the prayer. Each faithful had to buy a candle: red, blue, white, green. Among the candles, there were some to take revenge against all those who opposed the members of our congregation. They could be using these candles, make incantations to destroy their enemies.

In our church creation project, we have planned candles for sale to bring happiness to our faithful. Moreover, we have planned each year the death of four faithful, mystically, that is to say outside natural deaths. It must have been sacrifices meant to bring about 100 to 150 more people to the church. We also planned to organize three baptismal ceremonies each year. The Indian had to move from his country so far for the ceremony. Baptismal candidates were to give 50,000 F for baptismal water.

It is not the true God we should worship in this church. So, we have decided that a believer can marry four women and have mistresses out. This should not be counted as sin before God. We planned all this after doing some research in the Bible and finding out somewhere that seven women came to a man to say, we want to marry you. This had to be the biblical support of this status point of our church. That is to say that the Bible was presented as a cover, but it was all based on lies.

This is what the Indian and I had planned for our church, but it could not be realized because Jesus Christ seized me and all these projects fell in the water. Curiously, today there are churches that use candles to do exactly what we planned. Today we find in Abidjan and even in the whole world, a church of the same name to some degree. One is entitled to wonder if it is not the same idea that the founders of this church have taken again.



As you can see, everything was fine for me: I was successful and my reputation exceeded the Ivorian borders. With my Indian mentor,
the prospects were fantastic. Nothing, therefore, apparently predisposed me to abandon my practices. But God had His plan. To make it happen, He allowed my sister, named Beatrice, to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and pray with perseverance for me.

This is the place to say that a wizard-sorcerer can do anything, but once the hour of God has come, there is nothing; to do, he can only
give way.

When Beatrice realized what I was doing, she came home on a Saturday, while I was greeting a client. I told her, "I understand you're going to church."

"Yes," she answers me, "I accepted Jesus Christ and I came to talk to you about Him."

I had to chase her away from my home because if customers heard such a conversation, they could be discouraged. Without disarming, she came back the next day, this time, to invite me to church because she said there was a consistent program. I had to chase her away with a machete. The struggle was thus engaged between her and me. It must be said that she prayed and fasted for me too.

She was losing weight day by day. I did not know it. I made fun of her every time I saw her. But she kept saying that the Lord has a plan for me, which naturally amused me more. At these words, I got into my car and I went away.

After a month, I had a terrible bout of fever, I shivered with cold. A fetish friend who lives in Port-Bouet (one of the ten communes of Abidjan) visited me at that time. He asked me what I had. I had to tell him the truth So I said to him, "For some time my little sister has visited me with her Bible and she invites me to church."

In response, the friend warned me, "Never collaborate with people who come to talk to you about Jesus Christ because, in His presence, fetishes no longer have power."

Subsequently, he pronounced incantatory words on me, after which I gave him the name of my little sister to make of her what he wanted. including killing her. I was determined to finish with her.

As a wizard, I decided to attack her myself even before my friend came on the scene.

Towards 1 am, therefore, I approached my fetish who had the property to drive people crazy and I pronounced incantatory words. I was expecting to see her image in the canary containing the fetish. To my surprise, this did not happen. I then appealed to my disciples to see more clearly in this matter. One of them suggested pouring a bottle of Gin on the fetish, to give it more power. After all these sacrifices, the image of my sister still did not come out. I consulted my cowries who had predicted that the work would work. Then. I took a padlock, which had the property of driving mad. I called out her name; when I tried to close, the lock locked. I resumed the experiment, always the same thing. It lasted until 3 o'clock in the morning. Excited and imagining that she was already affected, I decided to drop everything.

It was a Friday; On Saturday, at about four o'clock, while I was visiting my father, I perceived my young sister, who, on seeing me, exclaimed: "Then, big brother. Hallelujah! Jesus is wonderful."

Very angry, however, I made an effort to control myself, I approached her and asked her if she did not feel any harm somewhere.

"I am in Jesus Christ; how do you want me to get sick like this?" Said she.

Then she said to me, "Accept Jesus Christ, because everything you do is null and of no effect. The power of Jesus far surpasses that of sorcerers."

After three days, I take another fetish, composed of a man's foot and a padlock, to paralyze it.

And to do this, I lock myself in my room and I fasted for three days. For any food, I take coconut juice. I speak up to seven times and when I try to close the lock, it hangs again. I wondered if she was a magician. However, I decided to go to the cemetery late into the night to bury the fetish, to give it more power.

The next day, I decided to go visit her, hoping that she would be paralyzed on her bed. But being in the taxi, I see her go away. Bible in hand. So, I approach her and say to her, "I had a dream about you. Did you not hurt your foot?"

She answers me: "I am in Jesus Christ, so the disease has no more power over me."

In anger, I go home and I call my friend and colleague from Port-Bouet. I explain everything I did, without any success.

He said to me, "Give me a week." Then he adds, "Do not worry, we are going to pay for her coffin."

I give him carte blanche. This is the place to say that wizards, to have us, go through a member of our family.

With that, he went home; after a week, nothing happened. I went to his house; he tells me that he has done the work and that he does not understand anything about what is happening.

In front of this enigma, I decide to give up everything. But then, three weeks later, the fever that I had suffered comes back again. She was so strong that I said to myself, "It's done, I'm dead." By an instinct of survival, however, I take a taxi to the airport, just to go urgently to my mentors in Benin to treat me when I get off the vehicle despite the fever, in a supreme effort.

I did not have the presence of mind to see if the pedestrian light was still green before crossing the road. So I almost got hit by a taxi. The taxi driver after insulting me neatly came down to give me a good pair of slaps. People were watching me. I was without a reaction. I could not even address to the driver one of those words which I had the secret, which would have led him to make an accident. I had forgotten all that, so much I was troubled.

On arriving at Air Afrique, the ticket counters had just closed. And there I was, not knowing what to do. A voice suggested to me to go see my little sister. Another opposed this proposal. But the first voice was irresistible. She took my vote. Here I am on my way to my sister's house. Arrived at home, she tells me that the Lord will perform the miracle. I asked her, "What miracle? Because I too work miracles. And I quoted to her some miracles that I operated."

"These miracles are Satanic, they are evil, they have no power," she exclaimed with a hint of annoyance.

"Well, I say, what are we doing for my health?"

She said to me, "We are going to see pastors. They will pray for you."

"Okay, sister."

"Seeking pastors after worship," she tells me.

"No problem," I replied.

In the taxi to the church, I noticed that my sister had her head down and praying. I then hit her on the back saying that the taxi is not a church.

When we arrived at the church, she was very excited because she had just found a new soul.

Finally, she found me a place to sit. After the worship, before being received by the pastor, I entered the bathroom, I opened my briefcase, I pulled out a fetish that I put in my mouth saying, "It will go well!"

It was of course intended to hurt the pastor. The pastor received me in his office. The fetish being in my mouth. He asked me questions that I answered with my head because I could not open my mouth. I had to take a moment of inattention to remove the fetish from my mouth. Curiously, the incantatory words that I wanted to pronounce on the pastor, I had all forgotten.

Like what, when one is in Jesus Christ, the arrows of the Evil One cannot reach us.

The pastor asked me what was wrong, which provoked that fever that brought me here. Before leaving, pastors had to pray for me. I did not know how it was. So we went to a room where I saw a woman on the ground screaming while the people who were beside her said, "Come out of this body, come out of this body!"

Panicking, I took a step back, telling myself that I was going to suffer the same fate as this woman lying on the ground. But the pastor tells me not to be afraid. He encouraged me to move on. They made me sit on a bench; the pastors of the demonology department began to pray about me. I started to sleep. When I woke up, they had finished praying, and I felt a great heat coming out of my body.

The past three days, I was away from the Megnanou point. During my absence, indeed, some customers had missed me. When they came back, they asked me where I was. I informed them that I had gone to church. They disavowed me. "No more fetish," they told me. "It's very dangerous."

Wishing to reassure them, I replied, "Do not be afraid; I came home to take another fetish to go against the pastor."

After that, I did their consultation and they left. In fact, I was not on my plate. All my thoughts were in church and on the statement of Beatrice.

The author understands it today in the sense that the true child of God is hidden in Jesus. He cannot be reached by these mystical practices. He notes, however, that some Christians are victims of these attacks, which is explained by the fact that they leave openings to Satan.

Everything that happened there was passing in my head. Realizing that I was not there, my little sister came to see me.

"Big brother, we did not see you at the worship."

I answered, "With God, we must not rush; I will come to church, but let me go at my own pace."

"No," she said, "do not be fooled by Satan. He is only looking for one thing: to turn you in jail and destroy you in the end."

She was not at all happy to see that I still practiced consultations; it was a Friday.

In the evening we went to church. They began to pray on me. That day, when the pastor who was on the program began to pray, I noticed that people were falling here and there. Panicked, I hooked my foot to that of my neighbor, which did not fail to engender some misunderstanding as a result of which the service of the order had to intervene. People were falling everywhere After the prayer, I went home and started laughing alone. Worried, I took the initiative to go to church. That day, they preached about the love of God; following the prayer, neither I nor anyone fell. I was very happy. The pastors asked me why I did not come anymore. I told them, "When I come and pray, people fall." They told me that it should not stop me from coming.

Another day, I had an interview, a cure of soul at the end of which I confessed to them that I had fetishes.

They then asked me to bring them. I did not agree, because I thought deep in my heart that the pastors were going to seize it for extra power. But after this interview, I was no longer sleeping. I was having nightmares. I dreamt I was at the scene of a terrible fight: I saw people chasing me with sticks in the living room. We went around the dining table. On the other hand, I began to speak alone. I was on the verge of madness. Frightened neighbors heard the news. To hide my own apprehension, I told them, "Do not worry, there's nothing." In fact, I hurried to see the pastor at the church to explain the situation. He says to me, "Bring the fetishes for burning, after which you will have peace of heart."

One morning I rented a new tarpaulin that had been in circulation for barely three months. I told the driver that I had luggage to carry to the church. I took suitcases, bags, and I addressed the fetishes in these terms, "It seems that it is because of you that I do not sleep. So you will go there, to the church. If you want, go attack them and leave me alone." On this, I go to a fetish to lift it; it becomes extremely heavy. Impossible to take even the smallest of fetishes! After this failed attempt, I started talking alone. The driver then approached me to ask what was happening.

'No, there is nothing, wait for me, I'm coming, do not be in a hurry, I'm coming, do not worry, I'll pay you," I tell him.

He says, "But you speak alone; if the luggage is heavy, you just have to call me, I'll help you."

"No, I'm fine, I'm coming."

But all the fetishes were heavy and as nailed to the ground. I began to think and remembered an expression that came back to people's lips in church. "In the name of Jesus, come out of this body! I went back to the room and asked the fetishes: are you going to move or not?"

When I said, "In the name of Jesus, come out of this body! The biggest fetish became light. And I said, "Here, here! So, you are worthless."

This is how I put all the fetishes in the bags and suitcases, repeating this expression. So we put all this in the tarpaulin. But the covering refused to start. I had to say the same end of the sentence for it to start and finally, we went to church.

When we arrived at the Church on December 26, 1987, pastors, seeing the great number of fetishes, exclaimed, "You, you were really a dangerous element."

Then they called me aside and made me sign a paper. Then they set fire to all the fetishes. Some of these fetishes leaped into the fire. That's how I delivered all my fetishes. And that day, I slept from 10 pm to 10 am. The lesson that I draw from this experience, I give in the form of advice to those who want to accept Jesus Christ: we must deliver everything, without reservation. Seven months later, on July 28, 1988, I was baptized.


After my conversion, my life changed dramatically. My standard of living has fallen very low. I did not keep money in the bank; one morning, I found all my money in ashes while my clothes remained intact. I called my little sister to explain the situation. She said to me, "This is proof that this money did not come from God." This opinion has been confirmed by pastors. So I accepted the situation and even gave glory to God!

When the customers came to see me, I repressed them by evangelizing them. In response, they said I went crazy. I was going to evangelize sorcerers and witch doctors. Some of them attacked me. Even my father sent a message to Benin to finish me off. It was the beginning of my conversion; the situation was tense, and this continues even now. I had attacks everywhere. Every day, when I woke up, I found a snake in my room. I always pronounced the same sentence, "In the name of Jesus!" Then I gave him a sweep on his head and he died. I noticed that every time I killed a snake, they came to announce to me death in the village.

Even the wizards with whom I had signed pacts got together to kill me. At that moment, I went to Benin. Then people said, "We'll see if he'll get away; he will surely die. Like that, he will evangelize the "there is nothing"." This expression designates in our language those who are no more.

So in the village, they did everything to kill me When I got up in the morning, I saw fetishes near my bed. I took a broom, I said, "In the name of Jesus", and I swept everything. Even on the road, I met great wizards who asked me for the fetishes they had given me.

I told them I burned them all in the name of Jesus Christ and told them the word of truth. It irritated them and pushed them to do everything they could to kill me. Wasted effort. That to say that when one is really in Christ, nothing can happen to us. Especially my ex-sorcerer friends, give yourself to the Lord unreservedly. If you do not, you will have problems with the wizards.


At the beginning of my conversion, every morning when I woke up, I was bleeding from the nose and mouth because of the pact signed with the wizards. But by the grace of God, I have been delivered from these evils. Glory be to His name!

I also had stomach ulcers, a disease characteristic of many wizards. I spent a lot of money without result. In fasting and prayer, I was healed one night while I slept. In a dream, I saw someone operate the part I was in pain. I then felt a pain similar to that of a sting. When I woke up, I prayed and thanked the Lord. I was so convinced that I asked my sister to prepare a spicy sauce that I consumed without moderation: I did not feel anything. It was sort of my test.

Really, Jesus Christ is wonderful! Our God is a fantastic God, a merciful, precious God. His name is Yahweh Jireh, El Shaddai, the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the God of Israel. He has not changed, He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He alone can deliver and save.

Yes, it is He alone who can free from all sin. Glory and honor be to God!

What is a deliverance?

It is the fact of being forgiven for bad deeds committed: murders, abortion, crimes, iniquities, in short, all sin committed against God forgiven us. It is the fact of being transformed into a new creature according to what the Word of God says in 2 Cor 5:17. Since we have become a new creature, we abandon all the bad things to which we were strongly attached. This is deliverance.

One is not delivered when one still looks towards old things like Lot's wife.

One is not delivered when one still has one foot in the wizards and the fetishers and one foot in the Lord.

In this case, the deliverance is not yet effective As for me, Jesus Christ delivered me. I have my feet, my arms in the camp of the Lord. He delivered me and I am very happy because today Christ lives in me, I no longer live.

It must be added that the deliverance is not only external. It does not consist only in abandoning fetishes. It is also inside. Deliverance is the rupture of all the demonic bonds, of all the attachments of whatever nature, of all the contracts entered into with the Enemy whether they were done by us or by someone else. This is a fight for which the young convert is not always armed. Also, does it need support and supervision?

Framing for the deliverance

I was framed in an extraordinary way in the Church where I took my first steps. Without the guidance provided by the servants of God, the elders, the deliverance cannot be complete. It is necessary to frame the one who gives himself to God, to make him a cure of soul (some speak of helping relationship). Thus, he will deliver spells and other curses.

When I was delivered, I prayed a lot, I interceded; there was a spiritual war. My deliverance was not easy. It lasted four months in the church where I accepted Jesus Christ and for good reason: I had to rid myself one by one of my multiple bonds.

My first deliverance was when I delivered my many fetishes to be burned in the church by the servants of God. I was relieved in the sense that I was rid of it. I no longer had the temptation to use them. They had no more power. I knew that if I backslid, my condition would be more terrible because the demons would have multiplied in me and the devil could then kill me easily. Indeed, Satan has come to misplace and destroy.

Once we accept Jesus Christ, we must not look back but go forward, to say that Jesus Christ is in front. We must follow Jesus Christ resolutely.

I cannot rely on my fetishes, but only on Jesus Christ whom I received, whose name is above all the names and before whom every knee will bow (Rom.14: 11 For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.). I was delivered from occultism, fetishism.

My deliverance from Mamie Watta's mind was not easy. During the practice period of witchcraft, my sexual organ was no longer working because of the pact signed with Mamie Watta. Remember that under this pact, I was married to Mamie Watta. In fact, the spirit of Mamie Watta was manifested by a big snake that came to bed with me. When I received Jesus Christ by prayer and fasting, this serpent went away because the power of the Spirit of God that dwells in me is greater than that of the sorcerers, Rosicrucians, Freemasons, and others. But it must be said that the deliverance came after three days of fast and prayer. After these three days of fasting, my sexual organ has resumed its shape.

I had also been introduced to zangbetô in Hévie, in the sub-prefecture of Calavie. At the end of this initiation, I received a name, like all other followers. This name plays the role of a permit to pass. This initiation consisted of swallowing three venomous snakeheads with incantatory words. So, I could send a snake biting a person and death ensued. After my release, these three heads of snakes swallowed for more than ten years have been expelled. I had to fast for four days. On the fifth day, these three snakeheads came out of natural ways. So I had to struggle for four months. I was helped and framed in this by faithful intercessors. Thanks to them. I have broken one by one the many links woven with Satan. In accordance with what Jesus Christ says in Mark 16:16 to those who accept it: "Whoever believes in Him and who is baptized will be saved." I was baptized with water and the Spirit. Also, I have been delivered and in the name of Jesus Christ, the demons have been cast out. Much more, I have been invested with this mission of deliverance from which I have benefited from my intercessors.

The old freed wizard is the same who can denounce the demons. To unveil the works of witchcraft, it is necessary to be delivered to unveil these works. One can be in the church and still be bewitched, to live in the curse because there was no healing or deliverance of his soul. If there was no delivery, we are then left to ourselves. How many people play stakes in churches and pray like angels, but are not delivered! A Christian who is not delivered cannot cast out demons; he cannot even hunt a fly. These Christians are still rocking and afraid to go to the village. While they are delivered, they have Jesus Christ with them and can go everywhere to evangelize according to His Word. Since 1989, I reveal the works of Satan and his demons because I am delivered from the many demons that possessed me. I can testify because I was delivered, otherwise, Satan would not hesitate to destroy me, to shred me according to what the Bible says in Revelation 12:12: "Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time."

Satan has come down. It is because he is fallen that he has returned to destroy human lives. But once one is delivered, one has to renounce Satan. We can because we enjoy the protection of Christ. That's why I'm not afraid to give all his secrets wherever I go. The children of God have the Holy Spirit. For the devil to touch the children of God, he must attack God because these children are hidden in Him.

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