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By observing humans, Lucifer found three categories of men.

First category: There are humans who are driven by hatred and jealousy. People who are willing to kill their fellows without gaining anything. To that group, Lucifer gave the color black.

Second category: There are human beings who like to prove or demonstrate everything, who try to get to the bottom of all things. Those people who try to explain the existence of God by means of science. To that group, Lucifer attributed the color white.

Third category: There are humans who love wealth, elevation, domination and power. They are willing to kill for these things. To that group, Lucifer gave the color red.

The three kinds of magic correspond to these three colors, that is, the black, white and red magic. There are some people who believe that black magic is the magic of Africans. No, even if you go to Europe, you will find Europeans who practice black magic, although black magic is more widespread in Africa.

And for white magic, we see occult sciences: Rosicrucianism, the grail message (in the light of truth), Eckankar, Freemasonry, Christian science, Mormons (those who claim to be the church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints).

Let us examine the black magic. Black magic: Black magic is also divided into several parts: Witchcraft, Islam, Islam is a part of black magic, Jainism (a branch of Hindu religion: an ancient branch of Hinduism that rejects the notion of a supreme being and advocates a deep respect for all living things) and holy magic. Holy magic is at the same time red, white and black magic but we will talk about witchcraft.



In a sacrificial ritual, a black-cloaked being appeared to everyone in the Masonic Lodge, his face was covered with a black handkerchief. He approached them all, then walked some distance and disappeared. The security guards who stood at the door of the Masonic Lodge said they did not let any strangers enter our meeting. The security of our store is impenetrable, all the doors were closed. And that being got inside like something invisible. All the information that the demons passed on to us, everything was fulfilled.

A demon who never revealed his name to anyone but only to me said, "Your name is 7 full moon." He owns 7 authorities and gave me all of them to me. I spent 7 years making an effort to get the 7 authorities. Every year of sacrifice I got one of these authorities.

The first year I got the first authority was in the year 1990. I got the gift of prosperity. All the people who came to me, I collected the value of the consultation and put my hands on it. People were able to get into big companies. Others have become entrepreneurs. There have been people who have moved up from their positions in their companies. A Christian with his almost bankrupt clothing shop consulted me. In a few months, his store started selling and his profit increased by opening more stores.

He does not believe in the God who could help him and went to look for mine. What he did not know is that his name was written in my master's book. All the souls that needed my services belonged to the devil 7 full moons. I wrote down their names and entered the woods at midnight to deliver the list of names. He would appear to me with a large black cloak and never showed his face. Everyone who had their names written on the list is everyone who came to me. If a Christian came to me and needed my help, he no longer belonged to his God, but to my master.

I had the gift of prosperity in my hands and gave it to those who paid me well. Only with this gift did I become rich. The gift of prosperity arose within Freemasonry. There is no such doctrine in the Bible because this teaching arose in the Masonic Lodge. And some Masonic strategists passed themselves off as Christians and took these teachings to the churches. This theology came from hell to Freemasonry and the store was distributed to all churches. What makes me sad is the multiplication of this teaching in several churches, how these heresies have gained strength in Christian courses, colleges, and books.

In 1991, I received the gift of magic from my master demon. He appeared to me and taught his magic. I made objects fly, people levitate. I bent aluminum, spoons, and nails by the power of the mind. I made a lot of money doing these things and attracted large audiences. I could be a great magician, but a Freemason is not allowed to reveal himself. So I limit myself to performing only on particular occasions.

In 1992, I received the gift of healing. The demon appeared to me and threw an oil of herbs over my head and all over my body. I was anointed by him and lifted up as the warrior of darkness. As God anoints His own, the devil also anoints his. I received the gift of healing and performed great miracles. I made a lot of money. I have healed people of cancer, AIDS and incurable diseases. I did more things that the city church does not do. The people would come sick from the church and seek me. I would heal them from all evil. I charged money to restore their health. Churches that do the miracle and charge for healing do the same thing I did in the past. These churches that charge high offerings because of the healings are not from God. When God heals He does it freely. Jesus healed many sick people in the land of grace. Jesus multiplied the bread and gave it to the poor.

In 1993, I received the gift of blessing. I could prophesy luck in marriage, dating, engagement, finances and other things. But it was not just me uttering those words. The demon instructed me that this gift would only work if the person carried a symbolic object. The objects were pink soap, water, salt, artifices that I consecrated could sell. The person bought the objects of mine, I would utter words of sorts and they would get everything. And they came to me to testify to the effects they had on their lives.

What saddens me is to see that there are churches that work with sacred objects, just as I did before. These objects I worked on were the cause of evil in clients' lives too. Every person who took one of my objects took with him a legion of demons. They even had fortunes in life, but everything is for the destruction of their lives.

In 1994, I received the gift of the curse. And everyone who challenged me, I cursed. There were people who lost everything. Others were dismissed from their companies. Even Christians who have no seal of the Holy Spirit were struck with my curse. Today there are shepherds who curse their sheep.

In 1995, I received the gift of divination. The demon appeared to me and touched my forehead and the head began to ache. The demon said that the third eye was opening on my forehead. With that eye in mind, I would read the future. After this gift, I knew everything that happened in each life. I had the gift of clairvoyance and saw visions of destruction that the devil himself did to deceive me. I guessed even a person's Government ID number because an evil spirit was speaking in my ear. I made a lot of money with this gift of clairvoyance.

There are pastors who have the gift of divination and speech that is a revelation. He has the gift of clairvoyance and speech that is the vision of God. The gift of clairvoyance you only see what the devil wants. He made optical illusions by producing false images. I prophesied and the devil had to fulfill the prophecy. If he did not fulfill my prophecy people would not believe me anymore. And that would not be good for the devil's plans. I was the one who made people believe the evil one. I could not lose the people's trust so I had to continue driving them into darkness.

In 1996, I received the gift of killing. The devil appeared to me and shook my hand. The skin on my hand went black. And from that day on, if a person challenged me, I would cast a curse of death and it would happen. I cursed a businessman with cancer and months later he died. The demon stayed in his navel and developed bladder cancer. This cancer grew and killed him. One boy said that he did not believe in my powers, he was an atheist. I cursed him to die in a car accident. He was walking on the street and suddenly he threw himself in front of a car and died. The demon pushed him into the car. And so in 7 years, I received the 7 gifts of the devil.



While I was visiting the underwater world, I was taught occultism and esoteric knowledge, which are subdivided into three. I was exposed to white magic practiced in the western world. This magic is practiced by Western elites, royal families, nobles, aristocrats and those who are in charge of governments, the army, the economy. You cannot become governor or president without being initiated into this form of magic. People who are introduced to this form of magic are called the Illuminati and world finance. The second form of magic is called red magic, which is based on blood and practiced in Asia. Red magic is practiced in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam. The third form of magic is called black magic, which is very low and is practiced in Africa. It is low because it consists of killing a person and eating his flesh.

Let us talk a little bit about white magic since the Western elites who practice it are those who are at the origin of wars in the world. In order to develop their country, they cause wars that represent a form of human sacrifice offered to fallen angels and demons. World conflicts caused by Western elites have spiritual roots; they consist of making human sacrifices. Through war, they offer human blood to the inter-dimensional entities that are the fallen demons and angels who feed on human flesh and blood. Human blood is offered to Lucifer through wars. The consequences associated with the practice of white magic can be noticed in global conflicts motivated by natural resources such as gold, oil and raw materials. Countries with these precious substances will fall victim to white magic and blood will flow.



We had a bag which we used as a bank. When I needed money, I would put this bag under my pillow and when I woke up it was full of money that had to be spent on the same day since it would disappear on the next day. At home, I would bewitch my mother. I would put things in water and she would refuse me nothing I asked for, including money. Since I could not properly use the money of the spirits, I would take it from my mother. Money of the spirits only served to drink in bars.



One day a magician came to perform magical demonstrations in our college, as it was done in the past. After his magical exhibitions, I approached him to consult him because I wanted to become a powerful and famous man in my city and in my school. The latter gave me the addresses of great masters of Europe so that I could get in touch with them, then he made incisions on my body so that I could become powerful. After that, I wrote to one of those addresses, to a great master residing in France. I told him that I wanted to become famous in my city and powerful in my school, and also to attract girls of my generation. A few days later this master replied to my letter. He advised me to burn francs bank notes and my purchase order and throw them in the toilet. In fact, I had ordered a magic chain of power.

After having done what I was instructed, it took no time for the answer to come back through the same postal means, through the toilets. The answer to this mystic master recommended me to go naked to the cemetery at night. Before I left for the Mongansi local cemetery, at midnight I had to recite some magical prayers to disperse passers-by of my path, and also that neither my parents nor my family would know about it. Animated by a satanic courage, I went to the cemetery that night. My master's instructions stipulated that I had to keep all this secret, and my departure to the cemetery was obligatory. The refusal to go was punishable by death or madness. I had to keep cool and not panic or scream if I saw something strange. After doing my magical prayers, I opened my eyes. What I saw frightened me, but I had to be calm and not panic. So, I was surprised to find out that I had before me a large snake coming out of one of the graves of the cemetery. It had the size of an Anaconda. It stood and began to growl in order to frighten me, but I kept my calm because I was determined to have power and notoriety. It was not an ordinary snake but a demon.

The snake tried to scare me but to no avail. Seeing that he had not made me flee, he opened his huge mouth in which was a bright and brilliant chain. Then, I heard a voice that commanded me to insert my hand inside the jaws of the snake and remove the magic chain. I had no choice, otherwise, I would go crazy or die, and the devil would be happy to see me die because he would have won my soul. I then removed the chain from the snake’s mouth and put it around my neck as a sign of victory. But unfortunately, my victory was short-lived because I was surrounded by a group of living dead in skeletal form who were singing: "Brother James, brother James sleep ..." The objective of these demons was to make me spend time at the cemetery, for the master's instructions stipulated that I had to leave the cemetery immediately after removing the chain from the mouth of the snake. So I had to leave the cemetery without wasting time, for fear of dying or running mad, and thanks to my agility, I managed to escape these demons; but they followed me, shouting, "Thief!" They chased me with sticks and stones. Others went ahead of me to block the way, but I was able to dribble them. Finally, I left the cemetery; I had just escaped death.

When I got home nobody knew what had happened. Beloved, this was when I was only thirteen. But do not be surprised, because there are even babies coming out of their mother's womb to travel to the invisible world and practice witchcraft. The world is full of mystery. There are terrible things happening at night while people are asleep. The next day when I arrived at school, it was as if demons had preceded me and advertised me to the students at our school. My success was such that even girls in my school could not resist me. So I became famous and even my teachers loved me.



A few days later, I received the invitation to go to Brazil to attend training in Brazilian witchcraft. When we arrived in Brazil, we were welcomed by a delegation that took us to our place of lodging. We were 27 people from different countries that had come to learn Brazilian high sorcery called "the Macumba" or "the magic of zombies", which consists in resurrecting the dead. When our training began, I was surprised to see that our teacher was none other than the great Brazilian professional soccer player revered worldwide, whose name I prefer to withhold. At the end of our training, we were given gifts and a magnetic mirror that serves to cause traffic accidents on roads. It was there that I received the power to transform into a panther. And when I transformed into this animal, my favorite victims were women because their bodies and blood increased my power. Any woman who slept with me would suffer from stomach pains and became barren.



Endowed with all these powers and protections, I determined to try them out. It was not that I doubted the veracity of the professor's words, but I wanted to test my power first, and then prove to myself that I was important. It is in view of these things that I voluntarily put poison into my food. When I brought my hand to the jar which contained the poisoned food, it broke by itself into several pieces, even before my hand touched it.

One day some friends tried to poison me. They placed a layer of powdered sulfuric acid on the plate reserved for me and invited me to dinner. It would not be too much to add that I knew in advance that my plate was poisoned. If I had refused to eat, they would have suspected something, or that a traitor among them had informed me of their infamy. Then, to convince my friends of my superiority over them, I had to eat this poisoned dish. In front of everyone, my plate fell when my fork touched the food, overturning its contents. Later, my friends apologized and confessed to me their actions. They told me that their bad conduct towards me had been dictated to them by my boasting and my pride towards them.

What they said was true. I wanted them to know that I was no longer an ordinary man. My aim was attained, for from this incident my friends rectified their position towards me. They considered me a superman, protected by invisible beings. No one could any longer think evil towards me without experiencing cold sweat. That was my desire: the madness of grandeur. So I was invincible. The women told me nothing worthwhile. But with my magic handkerchief, I could break their will and force them to do what I wanted them to do.


One day I quarreled with a soldier, a commando, only to advertise myself. This commando was known for his wickedness in the region. When he learned my love affair with his concubine, he beat her violently. The poor woman did not understand what was happening to her. She spent the money for my benefit that she would normally use for the commando.

Once it happened that the commando was informed by the parents of the daughter of my liaison with her. In reality, this woman loved her lover, but because she was in my power, that is to say under the spell, she could not act against my will. This situation was known to everyone and everybody talked about it. The commando had become the laughing stock of the entire population of Kisangani. He was overwhelmed by the success I had with his girlfriend, despite the corrections he had inflicted on her. Driven by jealousy, for it was a question of dignity and self-love, the commando decided to kill me. The poor man did not know that by doing so, he fell into my trap. So he decided to eliminate me. Only the place where my execution would take place was to be determined.

After spending several days, which I knew beforehand, the commando crossed me in an uninhabited place. It was around 6:30 pm, it was a little dark. In reality, it was I who had organized this meeting, as this situation had lasted too long and I had to put an end to it. The commando approached me without saying a word. He pulled a revolver from one of his trouser pockets, drew it off, and pulled three times in my direction at point-blank range. The echo of the shots reverberated in the trees. I felt like a tickle the impact of bullets on the skin of my chest and my belly. I scratched my skin where I felt the tickling, and I found the three bullets in my hand. In a sublime gesture, I handed them to the commando, telling him to shoot again if he wanted to. No witnesses had witnessed the scene. The act had taken place with such rapidity that his brain did not have time to compute this information. The soldier remained amazed, not understanding what was happening to him. I quickly realized that he did not want to shoot at all. He had lost his head and had become like a madman. In fact, he had gone mad.

What pride was mine, when I discovered that even bullets fired at point-blank would do me no harm! The impossible no longer existed for me. I could fly in the air like a bird, I could go through a door or through a wall, I could go invisible if I wanted to, etc. I realized that if God existed, I had even become God, or that I was not far from becoming one! I had nothing to fear in perspective, but I was feared and respected as I wanted. Nothing and no one could worry me.


Several days later, a friend came to tell me that he had heard that there was a convent of Catholic sisters here in Kisangani where one of the admission conditions was that the postulant had to be a virgin. This news interested me greatly. The idea came to me to check this information on the spot. When evening came I went invisible. I knew several ways to make myself invisible.

I went to the convent, in a state of invisibility. I penetrated without difficulty into the dormitory of the nuns, and there I made myself visible. Using my magic handkerchief, I made myself master of all wills contrary to mine, and I abused these poor nuns, who could neither cry nor ask for help, for everything going on outside their will. My conquest completed, I left as I had come.

The next morning, as if to sign my deed, I returned to the convent and asked the nuns whether they were always virgins. Some of them recognized me as the nocturnal visitor. In the absence of evidence, and considering the baseness of this act, none dared to lodge a complaint against me. Some nuns mourned the loss of the virginity they had consecrated to the Lord.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, today I still remember these shameful facts. My memory makes me relive the atrocity of this act, and I see again the scene of these young nuns weeping for the loss of their chastity promised to the Lord. Later I realized the gravity of my sin when I discovered this Bible verse:

Any other sin that a man commits, this sin is external to the body. But he who engages in fornication sins against his own body (1 Corinthians 6:18).

I thank God for the abundance of His grace for me for bringing me out of the darkness and for His great forgiveness. Glory to God!


Sometimes I would make some magical performances in the open air to amuse the gallery and make myself popular. Using a wire that women use to braid the hair, I could stop a vehicle in full motion, and force it to retreat without the wire cutting. It was greatly enjoyed by the spectators, and people came in droves to admire this spectacle.

Actually, it was not the wire that was exerting any pressure, but the legion of spirits that were in my service, pushing the vehicle back. The wire was there only to make an illusion. Such was the familiar face of the magic I practiced. Apart from these representations, nobody could suspect what I really was in the magic, except of course the professor and some initiates. I was well known in Kisangani. Even the little children knew my name and sang my exploits. Every word was spoken of my amazing magic.


I informed the professor of this situation. The latter replied that he had given me everything. It was enough that I wanted it to get all the money I needed. With the six-jewelry ring I owned, I could make objects weighing more than 50 kgs fly more than 50 meters away. Immediately, the teacher gave me an object he called "magic tube."

He told me, “This tube has several applications in the field of magic. With this tube, you can read, see, keep, move, search, calculate, evaluate. There are many ways to get money. I do not want to initiate you to all these methods at once. But we will study them gradually. The first method is called "smart flight." This method involves ordering wandering spirits to bring you money. You can specify the location, quantity, time and nature of the money. When it appears, it will be accompanied by a number. This number indicates the time you have to spend it. This money is stolen from stores or banks by wandering spirits; here are the conditions relating to "smart flight":

With this money, you will not be able to buy any durable goods.

At the agreed time, all the money will have to be spent.

You see that apart from these two conditions, you can make use of this money whichever you want. Here is the punishment reserved for those who do not respect our requirements: either they die or they become crazy.

Some explanations are needed for a better understanding. We call this method "smart flight," because the theft will not be discovered, because the money will be put back in its place before the owner realizes its disappearance. You cannot buy durable items with this money because everything has to disappear by the end of the deadline. So if you keep that money, you risk dying. After buying a perishable item, if the money you give to the seller is put together with ordinary money, that money will disappear at the same time as the ordinary money after the delay. Nothing is gained for nothing in this world, my son. This money, which disappears, is used to replenish the secret coffers, and later to acquire other customers. If we are pitiless for the recalcitrant, it is because if the money is not exhausted, we have to fill the gap that is lacking. So, if the customer dies, it is so that he comes to work for us to pay back the money that we had to pay in his place. If the customer goes crazy, it is because the ordinary money that was lost was enough to cover the losses, without damaging us. But the client will still be punished for breaking the orders, and also for making us work for nothing. Experiment first with this method. When you discover its disadvantages, I will teach you another possibility. Remember my words: patience and courage. In the meantime, have fun!

I retained every word uttered by the professor. A few days after this conversation with the professor, after weighing the pros and cons of "smart flight," I decided to experiment it. Sitting in my living room, I carried out the procedures intended to obtain money. As I was told by the professor, I specified the data: the place, the time, the quantity or the number, and finally, the nature of the species requested.

For the place and the hour, I had indicated that the money appeared on the table in my drawing-room at two o'clock. As to the quantity and nature of the money, I had specified twenty pounds in denominations of ten zaires. I made a mistake as to quantity, for at four o'clock a mountain of banknotes in denominations of ten zaires appeared on the table. There was a note to the recipient indicating the number ten. This indicated that I had ten hours before me to fully spend this mountain of money from my table.

After calculation, I found that I should have spent everything just by midnight. A mingled feeling of both joy and fear seized me when I pocketed quantities of banknotes in order to go and spend them. When I left my room, the first person I met was the teacher's servant. He asked me for a cigarette, and I gave him 500 zaires in cuts of ten. Continuing my journey, I took a taxi to drop me downtown, to the shops. I handed the driver five times the normal price of the race. Not to arouse his curiosity, I complimented him by saying that it was because he had led me quickly to the desired place that I was doing him that favor.

In town, I watched the items through the shop windows. A shirt attracted my attention. At the moment I was going to buy it, I heard a voice saying: No durable items!

This voice was familiar to me, it was that of the professor. I said to myself, as I walked away from the shop, "The teacher loves me very much, he does not want me to die or go mad." That is why his voice reaches me so far as to warn me of the danger of disobedience.

I steered my steps towards a European restaurant. Since I was forbidden to buy durable items, as much to spend on food, to avenge myself. I ordered expensive food. All the money I had taken away was exhausted. I hailed a taxi and informed the driver that he would receive the prize for this trip when he had brought me back to the place where he had taken me. I had a shock when I entered the room where the money was. The money I had taken before going out was replaced by more banknotes. Was it the reality or was I dreaming? I do not know. It was 3 pm on my watch, and the money was still very abundant on the table. I pocketed a large quantity of money, more than the first time, and went out. I was tormented by the idea that on my return I might find another amount of money that would have replaced what I had taken away.

The driver was waiting for me at the wheel of his car. Without saying a word, I took my seat next to him. My ideas were elsewhere. I told myself that he would have it on his own account when he saw his empty box the next morning. The taxi placed me in the same place where he had taken me, that is to say, in the European restaurant, I gave him a large sum of money, without saying anything to him, for he himself was aware that I had made him wait long.

That day, some of my friends were in the restaurant. I remember giving them a treat at my own expense. Everyone ate and drank at my own expense. It was good for me to take the money out of my pockets to spend it in the sight of everyone. Before my guests finished their lavish meals, I demanded the bill. I paid cash and I slipped away, lest some inquisitive people start asking questions about where the money came from. I made several trips back and forth between the house and the city center to complete spending the 20 kgs of 10 zaire notes.

This may seem simple. But spending such a sum in 10 hours in Kisangani in 1976 was not easy. At 10 o'clock there was still a large quantity of money on the table. A cold sweat broke out in me, and I was seized with an atrocious fear: afraid of dying, afraid of going mad. I recalled the words of the professor when he recommended courage and patience. A little calm returned then in a moment. I told myself that I still had two hours in front of me and that there was no question of giving way to discouragement. It was necessary to change the spending tactics.

Oh! My dear brothers and sisters, it is better to work for Jesus than for Satan! For the yoke of Jesus is sweet and His burden light (Matt 11:30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.). I still remember that night like it was yesterday. I threw the money into the air in a funeral ceremony, when I did not even know the deceased! I went with haste into a bar and asked consumers what their tastes. Then I emptied my pockets before them without touching a single glass, for fear of getting drunk and not being able to spend all the money I had. It was pitiful. Maranatha! Come, Lord Jesus!

Around 23:30 pm, I was left with just a few banknotes bundles on the table. The servant of the teacher, instead of just buying the cigarette he had asked me, was also paid to drink. During all the back and forth that I made, I noticed an elongated shape in the yard, but I did not know it was a drunkard. The poor man, applying the Roman principle saying he should enjoy the day, had spent all the money. Now he was sleeping in the yard, dead drunk.

At midnight, I was left without a penny, and I could breathe a "sigh" of relief. That night, in bed, I thought about everything I had done in the evening, contemplating the ceiling of my room. I conclude that in the future, I would ask for amounts less than 20 kilos.

A few days later, I used the "clever flight" again. This time, I refrained from the bigger amount for fear of reliving the same situation as before. I noticed that the time limit for spending the money was not constant in each case: it varied according to the quantity demanded. Several days passed. I found that the money obtained by the method of "clever flight" was of no use to me. It was forbidden to buy a simple clip, not even a handkerchief. If I tried to do, I might go mad or die. My parents were always poor. I could not help them. I could not send them my money, lest they put on their savings and that all would disappear when the time limit imposed had expired.



A neighbor invited me to visit her church. She said that a man of God was coming from far to preach in her church. He is called Kyriakos and came to preach at night in the church. That man did not preach the Word of God and already began to perform wonders like a theater performance. He started making special effects by making the chairs fly by just pointing the finger. The flower pots on the pulpit floated in the middle of the church. He said it was the Holy Spirit that was raising the chairs and the vases. And said the Spirit is walking in the church. He commanded the Holy Spirit to put out the light of the church and the lamps began to blink until they were extinguished. Then he had the lights switched on and the energy returned. The people glorified God and spoke in strange tongues saying the Holy Spirit is here.

All this intrigued me, the circus performed in the pulpit of the house of prayer. It did not look like a night of worship, but it looked like he was an illusionist, a magician. A man doing magic in the house of God is a true circus of horrors. And still giving an order to the Holy Spirit as if He were his servant. This man did not preach the Word that saves and builds. He just read a verse and did all that theater. He said that the Holy Spirit was manipulating objects.

John 16: 8-9 says, when He comes, He will convict the world of sin and of justice and of judgment, of sin because they do not believe in Me. From 10 to 11, of justice because I go to My Father, and you will not see Me again. And of the judgment, because the prince of this world is judged.

The function of the Holy Spirit is to convince sin and judgment. The Holy Spirit is not a circus performer to do magic making objects float. What will this add to the lives of the people? When the service was over, I returned to the house in indignation. What I'm going to say will make the church scared. The same night that man made those signs, a horrible demon appeared to me and said, "See, my prophets also preach, heal and make signs, it is not only you who perform. Look at the signs my children do, extraordinary things that true Christians do not do. Your God requires a lot of holiness and prayer to receive a gift. I demand nothing of my children and give varieties of gifts of signs and wonders. You do not need to sanctify and pray, I can give you many gifts for you to operate these signs and I will still cause your ministry to grow. I will make you known in the four corners of the world. And wherever your feet shall tread, the multitude shall follow you. Think well, however much you pray and sanctify, you will never do as great a sign as my servants. You saw what my servant did in the church with the chairs and vases; he made them float. It was me and my followers that raised the chairs and the pots and made them float. I can make you float in front of the people of the church and they will know that you are a servant of God."

I heard that devil speak those horrible things. I was paralyzed with fear and cried out the blood of Jesus. And that demon exploded in front of me disappearing. My mother heard the commotion and ran to my room and saw nothing. What that demon said about the signs of wonders is true. As much as we pray and sanctify, we will never do like the one I saw in the church. Although the gift of signs of wonder exists, the same as those I have seen are too many. The pleasure of the Holy Spirit is not to make a show for the audience, showing that He has the power to make objects float. The Holy Spirit uses one person to accomplish what is sufficient and adds to the work of God. Already the devil likes to appear and give spectacles inside the church, wanting to prove that he has power. Worst of all this is the church being fooled by the number of signs.



The monster took me into the eighth room. And there are all the magicians and illusionists being tortured. I saw circus clowns being tortured. They are there for making the image of God in the image of a clown. Those who do magic and tricks are there too. The monster said, "Any joke that deceives and deceives people is ours."



We went in a room that only had people doing magic tricks to make money. The Bible says that the deceiver is Satan. There were also illusionists, snake charmers and they made these incantations with people too. These magicians worked with occult powers and had pacts with the devil and received powers.



Before my family surrendered to Jesus, my dad taught me how to do magic since I was a kid. Before we started we did meditations so our spells were real. My father was an illusionist; he set up a stage to perform his exploits. He made objects disappear, he guessed people's names, and he still disappeared from a box and appeared somewhere else.

My dad did not do tricks to make something to look real like many magicians. All he did was real, no stunt. He revealed his secret to me. My father made a pact with the devil to make real magic and make money. He said he visited a witch and offered her blood to receive the gift of magic. My father also sold his soul in exchange for these abilities and magic gifts.

I did not understand because I was very young; I made objects fly and disappear. I was performing supernatural things getting involved with the forces of darkness without knowing it. What is the difference between a wizard and a magician who engages with the supernatural? There is no difference. The wizard uses his magic and practices his religion. The magician uses his magic to entertain the audience and elicits applause.

The word magic comes from the word magick (fantasy, occult). You who practice magic even as a joke, do not do it, you are stirring with the forces of evil, this is occultism. All that is done to deceive people as magic is evil. Magic is part of the skill of the master of deception, Satan. Magic tricks are not real and fool people. The deception is part of the lie of Satan.

My father was an illusionist and created optical illusions to deceive the people. All that is an illusion is deceit. The illusion exists to deceive and the devil is the father of illusions. Do not be an illusionist, this is no joke.

Jesus took my family from this deception and offered us the solution for our lives. The Lord has blessed my family financially when we gave our lives to Him and changed our minds. We approached God and He changed our life. We did not have to run after blessings - they came to my family.

I made a purpose for God for 90 days of prayer, without stopping. Every day I would do 1 hour of prayer without stopping. Every day I had 1 hour of prayer when I woke up before having breakfast.
There were days when the Holy Spirit gave me the strength to spend many hours without eating. I gave the fast in the afternoon and before the end of the 90 days, an angel of God appeared to me.
He said, "Jesus has a beautiful promise in your life and will use you a lot on earth."


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