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This testimony is the 6th part in a series of six. Please read the other five parts.

Beloved, we cannot say it enough: The armies of heaven are waging wars and unseen battles against the devil's world in our favor as a result of our prayers. I remember when I left my mother, she said, "No one is going to harm you, do not worry." This despite all the verbal abuse to which I subjected her to. So, the mermaid started telling me that they had come to take me to the hotel to transport me under the ocean in the Aquarius kingdom for the enthronement ceremony and our wedding ceremony as agreed. She said the powers and kings of the underwater world were waiting for us.

She said to me, "Since we did not find you at the hotel, we then came to your mother's house. When we entered your mother's compound, we found your mother preventing you from leaving. But when your mother started singing songs of praise and adoration, the sky was opened, and as a result, three angels glowing of light landed in your mother's compound; these angels held flaming swords, and each time that we tried to separate you from your mother, these three angels cut us with their swords. Joseph, look at how I am wounded all over my body because of you and your mother, we fought to separate you from your mother so that she let you go, but her angels were cutting us with their swords and they kept us from getting you out of your mother's hand."

While the mermaid told me what had happened, I wanted to sit beside her on the bed but she angrily reprimanded me and said, "Joseph get up!" I got up trembling. Then she hit her hand on the wall of the hotel room and a magic mirror appeared. Then the mermaid said to me, "Joseph, I cannot see you in the magic mirror anymore, I do not know what your mother did to you, I do not know where she hid you, but you disappeared from the system and our instruments."The mermaid was furious, but I noticed a change in her because normally when she's angry, and she's talking it's like fire is coming from her mouth, but it seemed to me that her power was affected by the encounter with the angelic power. She seemed weak as an ordinary human being. But I was expecting the worst from her. I thought she was going to get rid of me by killing me; so she kept looking for me in the magic mirror but in vain. She even put her head inside the magic mirror. She did not see me. Then the mermaid said to me, "Joseph, I'm finished, you've put me in trouble and in danger. I do not know what to do."

I realized that the mermaid could no longer see me in their instruments. I remember the words of my mother who said, "They will not see you in their tools and devices anymore, and they cannot do anything to you." These words of my mother had results because I became invisible in satanic systems and instruments. Having been watched from my childhood in the mystical mirror of the underwater realm, God had fulfilled my mother's words and made me invisible to devices and tools for control and detection of the underwater world. Beloved, prayer can make you invisible to the cameras and radars of Satan's world.

After that, I saw the mermaid enter the bathroom. I tried to follow her and see what she was doing in the bathroom. When I opened the bathroom door, it was as if the bathroom had transformed into a river. So instead of seeing the bathroom, I saw a massive river. I wondered how a bathroom could become a river, and I noticed that the mermaid's hair had become very long and numerous. Around the mermaid, I saw all kinds of lotions, all kinds of soaps and makeup products she used. In fact, one day my lotion was finished and I thought, "I'm going to have to use the mermaid lotion." And this day it was the first time I used her lotion. But when I went out on the street it was outrageous; women were crazy about me. I could not understand what was happening; even married women were following me. When my uncle saw me he shouted, "What's wrong with you Joseph, why are all these women following you?"

In fact, the mermaid applied this lotion every 3 hours to renew her beauty, and it was after 3 hours that I became normal again. That demonic beauty was gone and those women who followed me began to leave me one by one. The mermaid lotion I had applied to my face had given me a demonic beauty. Many of the beauty products that women use are made in the water world by mermaids. These products give women a demonic beauty and make them attractive. One day it was at the beginning of my relationship with the mermaid. I found her having sex with seven men. Later, she told me that this allowed her to increase her power. If you are a woman and you think that a partner is not enough for you, you need deliverance. And when a man tends to sleep with a lot of women, it's not about the pursuit of pleasure but about power. He must be in occultism.

I said I was looking at the mermaid washing in the bathroom that had turned into a river. As she knew I was looking at her, she had become very angry. So, I closed the door. When it was 6 o’clock, I told her that I would go out a bit and that I am going to a local nightclub. She told me, "Joseph, let's go together, but your mother has destroyed me." I replied, "You are a mermaid, you have power and authority; how can my mother destroy you?" She said to me, "Joseph, I am an underwater spirit, but this human body has been offered to me, so I am incarnated in this physical body to become your wife and live with you on the surface of the earth. But your mother has neutralized my power; my mission in your life is compromised. So I have failed, and there is nothing I can do now; things are no longer in my hands, we are going to the nightclub. If you see someone dressed in red clothes, know that they are the servants of my father, they are responsible for killing you, they had decided to kill you today."

When we went out, we arrived at the nightclub. The mermaid stayed in the car, but I went alone into the nightclub. While I was drinking, I saw four people dressed in red drinking and talking. They avoided looking at me. But when I wanted to go to the bathroom, I noticed that they got up to follow me, so I gave up. Then I saw four beautiful ladies dressed in red, they were really beautiful. Then I went out of the nightclub to avoid them. I told myself that I had to go back to my mother where I could be safe. But I noticed again the people dressed in red in the street and it was 3 am. After that, my wife the mermaid told me, "We reached a point in our relationship that could not be reversed." In reality, she came to live physically on the surface of the earth so that I could marry her, but first I had to be a Triton, that means a man with the lower part of a fish. But thanks to my mother's prayers, this process was stopped.

As the mission of the mermaid had failed in my life, she had to return to the underwater world. Before leaving our world, the mermaid warned me that her father had delegated his agents to kill me, and she cannot stop them from doing that. Then the mermaid asked me to follow her in the toilet. When we got to the toilet, she pulled a lot of things out of her bag. It was a mirror, a bottle containing a fish, a lotion and many other things. Then she began to throw all these items in the toilet. She threw her lotion in the toilet and her mirror. Then she took the bottle containing the fish and said, "If only we had gotten married, you would have become a newt and we would have given birth to a baby mermaid like me and you. I was just going to swallow this fish and we were going to have a physical baby, another mermaid on the surface of the earth like me."

Then I saw the mermaid break the bottle containing the fish. And as a result, I saw with my own eyes this fish transform into a girl with the lower part is that of a fish. She had an angelic beauty. At this moment, I saw as if the toilet disappeared and turned into a river. Then, I saw a whirlwind in the river that penetrated into the depths of the river and headed for the underwater world. Then I saw my wife and the mermaid girl descend into the whirlpool around the river that descended to the underwater world at a supersonic speed. This was my separation from the mermaid.

When I came out of the toilet, I saw people dressed in red in this bar where I was. I started to flee to escape them. But once I came out of this bar, I saw a lot of people dressed in red coming from all sides towards me. It was 3 am and there was nowhere to run. There was no possibility of escaping them. That is when I saw a car coming out of nowhere. The person driving the car looked like a Western person. He drove his car towards me and opened the door of his car for me. I do not know if it was Jesus or an angel, but it was the intervention of God. The man told me to come in and stay inside the car until dawn. When this man spoke of dawn, I remembered the ritual in the cemetery that was interrupted by a powerful voice announcing the arrival of dawn. This voice put an end to all the evil activities of the night.

After entering this car, I saw these agents of the maritime kingdom surrounding the car in which I was. They did not dare open the door, but they screamed at me telling me to get out of the car. But this driver whose identity remains mysterious told me: "If you want to stay alive, you have to stay inside the car otherwise you will die." Since I stayed inside the car, these agents of Satan's kingdom began to create images of illusions to get me out of the car. They created holographic images of my wife the mermaid to get me out of the car, but I knew it was a manipulation. They created fake pictures of things I like to get me out of the car, but I knew it was an illusion. I stayed in the car and when it was dawn, these underwater world spirits disappeared one by one. They vaporized in the air because they could not stand the daylight.

As it was morning, this man said to me, "You can get out of the car." And he gave me money to buy a Bible. When I got out of the car, I started running. A few minutes later, I turned to look at the car for the last time but it was no longer there. Later, I went to see men of God who came to pray for me. I gave them all the items of magic and witchcraft, but I found that in all my photos the image of the mermaid was gone. Even the pastors were surprised because the individual who was supposed to be in the photos was no longer there. A few weeks after my separation from the mermaid, I started developing eczema all over my body. It was later that I learned that all the women who slept with me suffered from this disease. In fact, after failing her mission in my life, the mermaid had left in my body a mystical AIDS.

Later, my health deteriorated. I had eczema everywhere and my skin was starting to rot. My younger brother took me to the hospital, but I noticed that even the patients in this hospital were surprised at my condition. I was the center of everyone's attention. Because of my condition, people scorned me; even the pastors who visited the sick in this hospital ignored me. Later, the doctors told me, "Your condition is getting worse, it's not normal, your outer skin is rotting, but your inner body is doing well." Then the doctor said to me, "You must pray because your situation is not normal." As the situation worsened, I asked the doctor to give me a medicine that could kill me. The doctor told me, "Instead of trying to commit suicide, it would be better if you were taken to a church."

At that time, my mother was already dead. So my family could not put up with my presence. So I sought death because it had become unbearable for me. I had a mirror and every morning when I looked in that mirror I could not accept it was me. So I resolved to commit suicide. But when I was about to do it, a stone came out of nowhere and broke the glass that contained that poison. Later, my younger brother advised me to attend prayer meetings in the city. He offered me a prayer called "the sinner's prayer". But since I did not believe in God, I felt ridiculed. Then a woman who was coming from a long fasting and prayer programme came to tell me that God told her that I will be His servant. But when she saw my condition, she was scandalized. A few days later, I could not feel my body. I felt like I was out of my body. It's like someone was waiting for me somewhere and he had to take me to a place that's not good.

So, one of those days in my suffering, I saw a worm come out of my body. I was scandalized and shocked. "How can a worm come out of my body while I'm alive?" It was that day that I finally decided to kill myself. I planned to do it precisely at 3 am. I felt compelled to do so. So I wrote a letter informing everyone that I am responsible for my death, not the people who welcomed me in their home. And when it was the night that same day, I saw underwater world spirits and mermaids coming to visit me. They landed where I was lying in my room and they said to me, "Joseph, look how you have become, it's unacceptable and embarrassing, so take this knife and put an end to your life." Immediately I saw a knife at my side. Throughout the night, the mermaids of the waters urged me to take the knife and put an end to my life. They said to me, "Master Joseph, look at what you have become, what is the use of living in this condition, you are a great and famous man in the neighborhood; this is humiliating. So take a knife and put an end to this humiliation."

At that moment, after hours of demonic harassment, I felt a fresh wind enter the room where I was lying. There was a presence in this wind. So I heard a voice speak softly, saying, "Joseph, you can recite the prayer that your brother has suggested to you, Jesus can heal you and save you." At this very moment, a spirit of the waters angrily retorted and he said to me, "No, Joseph, do not listen to him, Joseph, look only at your condition, it's humiliating." Beloved, most of the time when a man reaches this point in life, he will begin to hear voices, opposing voices but one of these voices will ask him to admit and confess his sins. There will always be a voice that will tell him to come to God despite his condition and situation. So, I got up and recited the sinner's prayer that my brother had shown me. I did it lightly without waiting for anything. Then I said, "Lord, if you are God, then heal me of this disease." I tried to test God to see if He would immediately intervene, but I did not see anything. So I thought, "This confirms my suspicion that there is no God." So I continued with the suicide plan that I had planned to end my life.

I prepared a rope and the last letter. I lay down to wait until 3 am to end my life. While waiting for the time, I fell asleep without knowing it. I began to see a spiritual vision about the unseen reality I was facing. This vision showed the spiritual struggle and the invisible battle unfolding in the kingdom of God and that of satan for my soul. In fact, I saw myself in a deep pit. It was extremely dark. It was a completely dark place. I was in the depth of the pit and I looked up to the top of the pit; suddenly I saw an angel of death coming down with speed and violence. He was holding a sword that was the sword of death he had lifted up. This angel of Satan was coming down against me with the intention of hitting me with his sword of death. The angel of death cried out: "Wicked, wicked, today is the day of vengeance, today is the day of retribution, today is the day of death."

Beloved, this angel of death was coming down against me. His mission was to kill me and capture my soul. He cried out angrily, "Today you are going to die." I could hear him; he was clearly speaking to me in French. He was about to hit me when suddenly a voice rang out speaking to the death angel, telling him three times: "Stop, stop, stop." When I looked up to see the source of the sounding voice, I saw a huge hand. It entered the dark pit where I was. It went down to the depth of the pit where I was. I heard the voice speak to the angel of death saying, "Because of the covenant I have with his mother, and because you came to execute him with the sword of death, I command you to bless him." Beloved, I saw this angel of death who came to kill me put his sword on my shoulder and tell me to repeat this after him: "In the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who will judge the living and the dead, and in view of His appearing and His kingdom, I give you this charge: Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage - with great patience and careful instruction. For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear."

Beloved, these words came out of the mouth of the angel of death sent by the world of Satan to kill me. After that, this hand grabbed me. The proportion of this hand was a bit like what I saw in the movie King Kong, the way the beast put the woman on the palm of his hand. This hand brought me out of this pit of darkness. As this hand pulled me out of the pit of darkness, I tried to see the face of the being of light that placed me on the palm of His hand; I tried to look at his face but I could not. Because of the intense light that sprouted from His face, He was dressed in bright and pure linen. There was an incredible and intense light coming from His face. I asked Him, "Who are You?" He replied, "You cannot look at My face and live, but you will learn about Me in the scriptures."

Beloved, Jesus Christ Himself came where I was in the pit of darkness. He placed me on the palm of His hand and took me out of the pit where I was, and He took me to the firmament and then He said to me, "Lo, I have looked and seen the planet Earth." Then Jesus said, "This is the war that is taking place on earth." Then He took me to my country Congo. In fact, Jesus was moving while I was still on the palm of His hand. Then I saw an army with heavy artillery. The Lord Jesus said that it is the devil's army. This army advanced towards the position of the camps of the children of God to engage them in war. I noticed that the camps of God's children held branches in their hands. Jesus said that these branches in the scriptures represented Him. God's children were singing a song that said, "Victory is in the blood of Jesus, and the battle is for the Lord." Jesus said to me, "I am sending you in the midst of the battle. Tell them what you have received and heard and repent." That's how I came to the Lord. End of the testimony.

Grace be with you all who have Jesus Christ as Master!

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