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I want to share in this testimony everything that I have been able to learn about spiritual things. Through the Holy Spirit, I have been given the name Kamatael.

I was born and live in Russia in the Lipetsk region. I do not have my own church, I am not a priest or a pastor. I'm just preaching. My Christian confession is Orthodoxy Pravoslavie. This confession includes more than 200 million people around the world.

My parents are not religious people. When I was a little over 10 years old, we moved to another city and I started having problems in school. Classmates did not like me and I became the object of ridicule. 

At this age, due to depression and pain in my soul, I became interested in witchcraft. Our Russian witchcraft and occultism are different from African, or any other magic. You have an expression, holy magic practiced by Catholics. Our magic is also intertwined with church conspiracies, although the church forbids it. There is black magic and white magic.

As for me, I practiced divination, runes, the occultism of Helena Blavatsky from The Secret Doctrine, Qigong, and Chinese martial arts. Runes are used in magical charms for protection and for healing. They are also used to lay a curse. Runes themselves carry magical power. I didn't have a teacher, I was self-taught. I learned everything by myself.

Once I was taking a driving license exam at a driving school. I made an alignment on the runes and they said that I will fail at the last stage, one friend will pass and the other will not. As a result, everything turned out exactly as the runes said. Then I realized that I have witchcraft power.


In Qigong there is such an exercise called "standing with a pillar." This is when you accumulate energy and do not move. During this exercise, two weeks later, I saw a glowing spider running around in my mind. They were demons, but I didn't know it then. Qigong practices gave me aggression that was not there before. I got into a fight with one person and knocked him out with my finger.


Since childhood, I drank an instant chocolate cocktail called Nestvik. This chocolate is mixed with milk. I had a vision that disgusting things are being added there. Christians need to rethink and reflect on what they eat. The Bible says that the world lies in evil. It's true. Hidden and disgusting things are happening all around - human sacrifice, banditry, poverty, corruption. The whole world became saturated with anger and hatred. I noticed that over the past 5 years the number of demons on Earth has doubled, this is the minimum.


Even then, the devil tried to kill me. He sent a demonic woman to me. She herself met me when we were at a seminar. I used to work in the beauty industry. I immediately realized that she can see spirits and is a witch. Wherever I went with her, there were problems. For example, we are taking a bus. She did not give way to a woman with a child and a commotion arose. Or we go to the beach and guys would start to harass her. There was an aura of evil and violence following her everywhere.

She stole my shirt and performed a magic ritual. Then she called me to the club, where they almost killed me, hitting me on the head from behind. I did not know then that these are the places of the devil.

I broke up with her and the devil sent another demonic woman. She was also a witch and suffered from epileptic seizures. I met with her for a while and then moved with my parents to live in another city.

The main weapon of demonic women and mermaids is fornication through internet dating. They often work as prostitutes and nurses in hospitals. It is true, I came across and communicated with them, although we in Russia do not have any information about them at all. Nevertheless, I found out about them.

I once read the testimony of an African woman. She saw demons in human bodies. In a vision, I saw that too. I want to say that they have distinctive features. The presence of tattoos, glass eyes, color in most cases brown or black, lack of compassion and human emotions, hatred of any mention of the Bible.

They can be everywhere - on dating sites, in banks, clubs, hospitals, discos. You have to be careful with them and not let them close to you. If you let them close, they can kill, or do much harm.

In addition to mermaids, there is another type of demonic women. I came across them and want to tell you. I'll call them Tarkatans because that's how they are called in the game Mortal Kombat, but the name will suit them. They have the spirit of Jezebel.

They have their own kingdom of darkness in the Astral World. They can take on the appearance of beautiful women. They have yellow or black eyes. In their present form, they are very ugly. They were well portrayed in the game. They have long teeth like piranhas and wield dark magic. They love to lie in bathrooms where there is human blood. These are bloodthirsty female demons,

There are also male demons. These Tarkatans have friendships with many shepherds who pretend to be Christians. Never practice any meditation derived from Eastern religions like Hinduism or Buddhism. Throw out any idols from your homes, if any. Figurines of Buddhas, monsters, superheroes, etc. Even the spider-man in the cartoon uses the Baphomet sign when he launches a web. Throw them all out of your homes.


I continued to practice witchcraft and began to meditate on Maitreya. Maitreya is the messiah that is expected in the White Brotherhood, as well as sorcerers from different countries of the world. I also practiced astral projection on the advice of the necromancers. However, I did not practice black magic as it was contrary to my nature.

[The Great White Brotherhood, in belief systems akin to Theosophy and New Age, are said to be perfected beings of great power who spread spiritual teachings through selected humans. Wikipedia]

I considered the Bible and Christianity to be just fiction that killed many people in the past. I believed that the people who followed it were just slaves and I rejected people who told me about God. While meditating on Lord Maitreya, I felt a coldness in my soul. I didn't like this feeling, but I continued to meditate.

In a dream, Satan appeared to me. He was wearing black clothes. I didn't see the face, there was only darkness. Only cold came from him. I asked him who he was. "I am Satan. I am the lord of the dead. People think that I am Buddha, or Maitreya, or whatever. But I am Satan."

The devil also appeared to me in the form of a golden dragon and advised me to develop kundalini. Kundalini is the serpentine power of yoga. The dragon is another image of Satan, so today it is used everywhere, especially in computer games around the world.

Then he began to paint inverted crosses on the walls of my room. This is the same cross I saw on the throne of the Pope. They call it the cross of Peter, but it's a lie. This is Satan's cross. Then the devil took me to some mythical city on the roof of a tall building and proposed a covenant.

I rejected it up with horror. After the refusal, the demons came every night and choked me. I screamed, "Jesus Christ, help me!" I saw a light on the ceiling and two angels. They were luminous, with wings. I saw no faces. These angels chased away the demons. One angel flew up to me and took my head in his hands. I felt a big peace, safety, and comfort, which I did not feel on Earth. After that, I burned all the books on magic, became a Christian, so far not perfect, and I had the gift of prophecy.

I have seen many pastors who preached for money or were sorcerers. The number of lies has increased greatly. Spiritually I saw such a shepherd, he had the appearance of a vampire and was a catcher of souls.

We have many saints in Orthodoxy, such as Seraphim of Sarov and Nicholas the Wonderworker. In Western Christianity, I trust only the Japanese missionaries, Robert Atsushi and Kenzo Atsushi. Only because I saw the same spiritual things that they wrote about. For example, black portals to Hell with demons who moved quickly and who had skulls instead of heads and hands, sin worms in a spiritual body, etc. This information is correct.


God showed me people who played poker cards. I played these games myself. The demons stamped my right arm, which caused me great pain. It was in the form of a five-pointed star, a pentagram. Demons put these seals on all who gamble and play poker, on the spiritual bodies of people.

I have not found this information anywhere, so it is important. Demons apply these pentagrams to the right hands of people who play poker, gamble, and watch anime. The owner of a poker house, who is in covenant with demons, even confirmed this information with me. They can even put spiritual, demonic skull rings on your fingers that will bind you.

These pentagram star signs are used all over the world. On clothes, anime series, movies, buildings, food. This is the seal of the demons, it is hidden and is used in all countries.

There are gospel singers singing praises to God on television. But to which God are they singing? Naturally, to the devil. They use these stars to spread evil and curses and project them onto people.

Islam has a crescent moon and a star, which is the pentagram. The moon is a symbol of witchcraft and magic. God showed me the pagan gods with this star on their foreheads. I saw Krishna and Buddha with black eyes like a demon. Even when Buddha was born, an elephant, the demon Ganesha, with horns and 666 appeared to his mother. Therefore, Satanists often depict the devil with a star on his forehead.


I fell asleep and found myself in the spiritual world. I saw that there were many strange buildings around me. I went up to one of them and saw a wardrobe. It contained dildos of various sizes. This is a sign of homosexuality in churches. Then I saw a large portal in front of me. Lightning blocked me from entering in. They disappeared in front of me and I was able to go inside.

I saw a temple, there were many icons in it. But there was some kind of evil entity on the ceiling. I didn’t see her, but I felt her spiritually.

The demon laughed ugly, "Ha ha ha, who are you to come to this place ?!" A powerful demonic voice echoed on the walls of the temple.

I want to know who you are,” I replied.

The demon laughed again. "Do you really want to know who I am? Ha ha ha."

I replied that I wanted to. At that moment lightning struck the temple and I woke up in my room. The demon has taken over the churches. He has imposed fornication, prostitution, and homosexuality on churches.

I also had revelations about the false shepherds of Satan who preach in my country Russia. There is the "Guard's Voice" channel and the "True Gospel" channel on YouTube. These shepherds cooperate with demons. I talked with one of them, and after talking, I fell sick in bed. Then I nearly crashed in an accident and the Lord Jesus said that a demon pushed my car and I was lucky that I survived.

The Lord Jesus showed me his real form - it was a demon with black eyes in the form of a half skeleton. Beware of false pastors. Usually, spiritually you will feel that something is wrong. You will experience discomfort and it will be difficult for you to communicate sincerely. Usually, they don't feel love and they preach for money, or just work for Satan. Ask God to show you spiritually your pastors. Because if they are from demons, they will certainly deceive you, or stab you in the back.

People need to resist homosexuality and LGBTQ in churches. There are many more gays in America and it is not customary to criticize them. Here, in Russia, we are fighting, but our young people also fall into the sin of Sodom. The devil has planted many false churches. There is practically no truth. The people are dying from a lack of knowledge. I saw many demons of homosexuality that infiltrated the church. They usually look thin and dark, some have thorns like sharks. These demons often take blood from people.


The UFC stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship. It is an American mixed martial arts promotion company based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I watched the infernal UFC 249 tournament. It is fighting without rules. UFC 249: Ferguson vs. Gaethje was a mixed martial arts event produced by the Ultimate Fighting Championship that took place on May 9, 2020 at VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida, United States.

In the main match of the evening, the real demons faced off through Justin Gaethje and Tony Ferguson in a sea of blood and violence. On the bodies of the fighters were tattoos of Masonic signs. What are they for? I explain. Tattoos on the body are covenants with the demonic world. Through tattoos, demons enter their bodies and give more power. Tony Ferguson just missed wild shots but kept standing. An ordinary person would become disabled.

As for the fighters, Conor McGregor has a covenant with Yama, the God of death from Hinduism. He wears his tattoo on his chest. Many fighters wear tattoos on their bodies, as demons enter them through tattoos and help them win in fights. The UFC emblem itself in the ring has 666. They even contracted for the clothes of the satanic brand, the fallen angel Venoma.

All these people sold their souls to the devil. These fights came from Hell, where Satan occasionally pitted people in similar cages and they tore each other's heads off. Many people, such as Fedor Emelianenko, fight in these battles and believe that they serve God, but in fact, they do the work of the devil.

[Fedor Vladimirovich Emelianenko is a Russian heavyweight mixed martial artist, sambist, and judoka, currently competing for Rizin Fighting Federation and Bellator MMA. Wikipedia]

In a moment of great depression, I myself almost fell down in participating in such duels. The Lord has shown me that it is vile. He showed me how fighters sign contracts with the devil for participating in these fights. I wanted to challenge those fighters in matches although I was already a prophet of God and understood the satanic roots of this sports. What can we say about ordinary people from the world who participate in these bloody battles and think that they serve God! The greatest seduction is coming.

The demonic realm is actively expanding across the Earth through these fighters who immerse hundreds of thousands of people in the demonic world for huge money. Even many Christians no longer considered these fights as something bad, although Jesus spoke about mercy and whoever hits you on one cheek, turn the other. But these words were perverted for the sake of pride.

I have practiced martial arts and know the demonic roots of this practice. Be careful! This is the Devil's world. If you go to a martial arts gym and hit others in the face, repent and quit training. It can lead you to Hell. Satan gives strength only to those people who will bring him much fruit for his kingdom and expanding his dominion on Earth. Football and wrestling are under the same dragon heads. They are idols.

What power these demons give these fighters but they do not know that the payment is their immortal souls. If you love yourself and your neighbors, how can you beat others in blood for money? Many Christians worship this sports, accepting it as a gift from God although this is the practice of Hell.

Tony Ferguson has not only a demonic appearance but also consciousness. What happens to consciousness when a person is constantly dipping into a sea of blood and he beats others and gets beaten? He becomes proud, very proud, and angry. His nickname is El Cucuy, otherwise known as the monster demon in Mexican folklore. And these demons propagate blood, cruelty, and pain. I myself have had the experience of communicating with different fighters and I will say that for the most part, they are angry and proud people with a big ego.

In Hell, demons are much stronger than any person. They just beat and mock the martial arts masters, "Ahaha, well, you showed your strength in the world. You raised yourself above others. Now we will raise you up here in hell. Protect yourself, great master of martial arts and self-defense!" Demons speak and strongly beat the souls of such proud people.


Reptilians were also shown to me. They are a demonic race, but different from mermaids. The goal of the reptilians is to drive as many people as possible into loans so that it would be easier to manage them. I saw the main reptilian with a tattoo on his neck and he laughed that the world is completely subordinate to their banks. These reptiles rule money on Earth.

Also aliens want to invade the Earth. It is a materialized demonic race. They will say that there is no God, that they came from an explosion in space. They will lie that they are several races and they are fighting among themselves.


When I fell asleep, I saw Hell. There was no light in this place, it was very dark. The feeling was that I was in a cave. I saw some kind of creature that looked like a plant and a fish at the same time. It was belching blood. It was very disgusting. I looked directly and saw a huge demon that looked like a troll from the movies. It was gray in color and as tall as a lamp post. I heard a voice, "These people said that Hell does not exist and that this is a lie of Christians. Let them now live in this lie."


While I was sleeping, a huge snake attacked me. She had three eyes. Two yellow and one on the forehead. She was as huge as a mountain. She attacked me and I was able to dodge the blow, but the ground near me in the spirit world cracked. I have never met such a powerful demon in a spiritual struggle. I began to run away from this snake, but it circled around me in the air. This demon is very strong. This is some kind of supreme demon. There was a great rage in her eyes, and there were naked people nearby who were engaged in fornication.

I found information about the snake I was fighting with. I found Nidhogg being mentioned in Scandinavian mythology as one of the several great serpents who also devour adulterers, oath-breakers, and vile murderers. Therefore, I saw naked people nearby.


Now I want to talk about prophecy. The Antichrist is already on Earth. I mean the main Antichrist. I don't know who he is. It was not shown to me. But I saw our President Putin, who bowed to the devil and said that there are people who have already seen him, that is, the Antichrist.

I saw the imminent coming of Jesus. A great white light engulfed the whole world, and I saw a big Jesus in Heaven. I asked when the coming will take place? I was shown the war, the launching of missiles and tanks. I saw flags of countries such as the USA, Russia, China , and Puerto Rico.

His coming is really close. I saw myself and I had a palm branch in my hands. Remember the people with palm branches from the Bible in Jerusalem? It says a lot. We live in AntiChrist times, before the war and the return of Jesus. I want to tell you, Satan wants to take your crown from you. Times are difficult, the decline of faith, many false prophets, lack of understanding, poverty and epidemics. People are going crazy.

It is written in John 16:33, Take heart, I have conquered the world. We must gather all our strength and fight. If you're in false churches like the Catholic Church, Jehovah's Witnesses who don't acknowledge Christ as God, Mormons, come out of those churches. It is almost impossible to be saved in these heresies. The coming of Jesus is very close! Believe. Antichrist is also already on Earth. Cleanse your white clothes, pray.

I, as a prophet, bless everyone and remind that the devil has penetrated into all churches. I saw him on the ceiling of a church even at home, in Russia. Our patriarch is just as involved in dark affairs as the Pope is in the Vatican. This cast a shadow over the entire church and scared many away from the faith. But the remnant must be saved. I will try to spread this testimony in other countries, this is the last thing I can do. Amen.

I have been given the gift to heal diseases and help by prayer. I am a prophet. I will pray for them and they will be relieved. I may be contacted at


  1. Джошуа, этот каматаэль очень сомнительный пророк, я с ним сталкивалас в сети. Он специфичен и его не спутать с другими.
    Как пример - он считает, что Дух Святой должен выглядеть как голубь и не иначе. Он написал в комментарии к свидетельству Роберта Атсуши -

    И. В православии относятся к Духу Святому не так, как написано в Писании. Они считают, что после крещения младенца он сразу крестится и Духом Святым.

    Если коротко.

  2. Hey brother Joshua. By any chance is the name of the chocolate Nesquik or is it really Nestvik?

    1. Maybe it is branded as Nestvik in Russia and Nesquik in other countries. In my country, it may be Nestle or Nestum. Nestle is said to be part of the Illuminati

    2. Название и в России и в других постсоветских странах такое же, как и на Западе. Он просто неправильно написал или сказал.

    3. In Russian pronunciation, we can say nestvik, not nesquik, and they will understand us. Although technically it would not be correct, it is the same if you say black, synonymous with dark.

  3. How about the gospel / worshiper in youtube?

    1. Many gospel singers are offered lucrative sums by the Illuminati but I do not know which. Maybe if Egor Kamatael sees this comment, he can reveal those names.

    2. я ему не доверяю. Например,на канале Голос стража переводят подобные материалы, как в этом блоге. Чем он Каматаэлю не угодил - непонятно. Вернее - он не хочет говорить.

    3. If you trust channels like Guardian's Voice, that's your business. I would advise you to find independent people who really have spiritual vision, the gift of discerning high-level spirits and ask them what is the nature of these videos. When a woman possessed by an evil spirit followed the apostle, she spoke the truth! but a dark source spoke. As a result, the apostle got tired of it and he drove the evil spirit out of the witch. There are MORE false prophets from demons today than real ones.

    4. А я вижу в Вас темный источник. Вы не тот, за кого себя выдаете.

    5. это ваше мнение. Я больше не буду отвечать вам. Вы пишите критику под любыми пророчествами, не критикуя только иных. Я вас так же насквозь вижу. Всего хорошего.

    6. Ничего Вы не видите. Да освободит Вас Господь.

    7. Освобождение нужно вам, вы заступаетесь за тьму под личиной света. А если один слепой пойдет за другим, то оба упадут в яму. Хотя я понимаю, что дьявол манипулирует вами. Причем свет вам очень не приятен. Все, я ушел. Комментарии , если будут новые, прочту через месяц-два .

  4. All gospel singers who have performed on shows like Britans Got telent or American God AGT are not of God.

  5. I will add. Christians are not allowed to go to shows such as football, baseball, pay to watch paid broadcasts on the ppv system. Because this money goes to demons. Do not go to sports, especially where you have to buy tickets and do not pay to view ppv. Pay TV is not well developed in Russia. And I appeal to the African sorcerer, who decided to conjure against me. Boy, stop. If you read this, stop. I don't want to punish you. Just don't do it. If you start, I'm a warrior. I will amaze you.

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  7. Hello friends from Russia. It's been a few years . sometimes I still get mail. Today Russia is at war with Ukraine. As you remember, when China and the US go to war, the rapture of the church will take place shortly thereafter. Jesus is already at the door. I had to delete my YouTube channel Egor Christian due to circumstances. I wanted to send some of my articles and books to Chong, but Chong is unavailable by mail. Anyway, I continue to preach not only in Russia. Below I will leave you links to my books. They are released only on the internet. The first book is called "Hbi Christian Martial Art." I will give you a link to it from two different sites. The second book is called "What the Lord says to his saints". This book is a compilation, I have taken much of it from the testimonies posted on this site. Now I am working on my fourth internet sermon book, which will be called in Russian, hbi Christian martial art 2, apocalypse. It can be found on search engines if you type it in Russian. At the end I will post a link to my new YouTube channel. It's very small compared to the last one that was deleted. I don't know how long it will work. After all, I delete YouTube channels from time to time. In any case, perhaps someone will find this information useful. If you own a website or a preaching channel, and you want to distribute my materials or get a new one to publish, you can always email me. Jesus is near and we must fight to the end. May Jesus bless all true children of God. I am attaching the links below.
    1. HBI Book. Christian Martial Arts (2021)
    2.Book. What does the Lord say to his saints ?(2022)
    3.Book. Christianity or New Age. Which to choose?(2014)
    4. Book. HBI/Christian Martial Arts 2. Apocalypse . (estimated release date, late November 2023, early December 2024)

    1. My temporary new YouTube channel. Anyone interested after deleting the main , old ones.

  8. Jesus Christ warned about heresies and false prophets, and Yegor is one of the servants of the devil. Don’t believe him, there will be no rapture of the Church! Truth in Orthodoxy. Thus said God Jesus Christ