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I was born in the city of Abuja, Nigeria. My parents were very poor. They threw me in the trash when I was born. My uncles picked me up and started teaching me witchcraft and black magic. I have been practicing these rituals since childhood.

When I turned 12, my uncles wanted to sacrifice me in rituals. I ran away from home. I was hungry and cold in the street. A North American couple who were on vacation adopted me.

I was taken to the United States and I lived with this couple in the city of Pittsburgh. That couple took care of me. I studied and finished college. They were my adoptive parents.


When I finished college, I was 23 years old and wanted to go back to Nigeria. This time, I did not live in Abuja, I started to live in the city of Lagos. I started practicing witchcraft through my teachers.
In a few years, I became a powerful and respected witch.

The wizard of that region was the greatest and challenged me. We had a spiritual warfare and we started casting witchcraft spells on each other. We both fell sick. He decided to make up with me and moved away to avoid facing my competition. I got to such a high level in witchcraft that I was able to make people levitate while sleeping, and they flew in bed. I made cars stand up and fly. Of course, the demons lifted the cars upward, giving the impression that they were flying.

I had an energy in my hands that could knock over 50 people back. I studied the religion of India to get my chakras open. I had a magnet in my hand, a kind of electromagnetic wave that hypnotized people and made them fall to the ground.

Today in the United States, there are many men who perform these same works of darkness. This does not build up a genuine Christian life and is a work of Satan's deception. Do not be fooled by these false prophets who have supernatural powers. I have had these powers and I can say that these false teachers and false prophets imitate sorcerers.


In the city of Lagos, I met the wizard, TB Joshua. He had a dream of opening a church. I did not understand why a witch was interested in being a pastor. He went up into the hill, and before he was there for forty days, the mountain was prepared to receive a great ritual of black magic. Animals for sacrifice were already on the mount. After the death of the animals, he began his fast to Satan. Satan appeared to him in these 40 days and offered fame and riches.

TB Joshua tried to imitate Jesus who stayed 40 days in the desert without eating. But Satan appeared toTB Joshua and offered the world to him and brought him bread to eat.

I know all this, not because he said it, but the demons told me. He did not stay for 40 days without eating, Satan appeared to him personally and said, "If you love me, I will give you everything you want." TB Joshua received a suitcase full of money, through the pact he made on the mountain.

He said it was Emmanuel. As the people were waiting for Jesus, he told them they did not have to wait any longer. He said that he was the African Jesus, the promised one of the nations. I knew this man at the beginning of his ministry and I can say that he never converted to Christianity. He always worshiped Satan.

In his house, he has a sculptured image. Although he performs miracles in the name of Jesus and has persuasive preaching, this man does not work for Jesus. The covenant he made with Satan cannot be broken, otherwise, he dies and there he will lose all his wealth.

He sold his soul when he went up that mountain. His strategy of pretending to be a follower of Jesus is by not preaching the theology of money, helping people and to portray himself as a godly man.

Before he founded the Synagogue Church Of All Nations, he began witchcraft at about the same time as I began. He said that he wanted to perfect the gifts of healing.

The church of Prophet TB Joshua is so protected by demons that he made a pact of spiritual protection against the Muslim terrorists of Nigeria. The terrorist group Boko Haram has no strength to commit attacks on the Joshua TB church, while other serious churches are tried by God and suffer persecution from that group.

Christians who love God have died for Him, because of this terrorist group, being martyred to death. TB Joshua will not die at the hands of these terrorists because of the pact he made with Satan. As long as he fulfills his mission of bringing the greatest number of souls to hell, he will not die for being very useful to the services of darkness.

I am denouncing this false Christ. Before I was afraid to die at his command. I only had the courage to denounce this false Messiah now that I am a Christian. I have God who is greater than the demons of his life.

Whoever doubts what I say, pay attention to his preaching. He does not preach against the sin of vanity or defending the holiness of the body. He cannot preach against it because of the covenant-blood contract he made. His church female workers are painted with makeup.

Even though TB Joshua preaches the truth as it is in the Bible, it does not make him a true servant of God. The mark of a true prophet is not what is preached, but what is lived.

Mat 23:3  All therefore whatsoever they bid you observe, that observe and do; but do not ye after their works: for they say, and do not. 

Jesus said to obey the truth that they preach, but do not follow their practices.

If a false prophet comes to preach the truth within the Bible, we can hear and practice, not doing what he does. The practices of the church of TB Joshua are destructive heresies such as sacred objects, holy water, the water of liberation and the holy pool.

Rumors arise that he resurrects the dead. The power of life is in the hands of Jesus. Satan has no such power. The people who were brought to him are unconscious and alive, not dead as they say.

When my mother died, I called him to make her come back to life, since he is said to be the prophet of the resurrection. He went to my mother's house and was alone with her dead body. Everyone left the room leaving him alone. There were several attempts of him trying to make my mother come back to life, but nothing happened.

He said that God did not want to see my mother alive, she will not return to live because it is not God's will. He left, and when I entered the room, I saw that on my mother's body were herbs and drops of blood that were not hers.

I find it strange for a Christian to use weed to resurrect someone and still draw some of his blood.

I, who was once a witch, know that the blood ritual is to bring a dead person back to life. No sorcerer has ever been able to raise the dead by cutting off his wrist and passing to the dead person his own blood which means life since the dead have no life.

I can say that he has no heart, a kind of African Antichrist who conquers crowds through his acts of charity. This evil man mixes the Word of God with black magic, a mixture of Christianity with witchcraft.

He has abused young women by saying that his sperm is holy. And any woman who receives the holy semen will have a holy seed in her womb and the child will be born holy with a blessed offspring.

When he realized that I knew these things he threatened me by telling me to keep quiet if I did not want to be raped by him. It was all because his ministry was beginning and any scandal would ruin his reputation. He preferred virgin girls to make holy fertilization.

He would light a pile of candles on the altar of his church and perform a black magic ritual to perform miracles. He did this the day before the inauguration of his ministry. All this for healing and miracles to happen.

I participated in this ritual with two sorcerers and two sorceresses. We were invited to help TB Joshua on that day. He went into a spiritual trance, a kind of hypnosis, where he received a gift of spiritual language and began to talk to the spirits and received messages from the beyond, a kind of message.

He was possessed by a demon and took a pen and paper and went on to psychograph with letters, looking like symbols from ancient writings. He said he was receiving a revelation from the spirit world.

TB Joshua's humanitarian works to help people is a means of hiding his true identity. He put holy water behind the altar like the ones they have in vampire movies. These waters are consecrated to demons. He throws this water at people's faces or just a few drops are struck at the body of the people causing the demons to manifest.


I want to alert the church to the manifestations and deliverances. The fact that a demon manifests in a person does not mean that there has been liberation.

When I worked in witchcraft the demons manifested in people and left with my magic words. I would lock the demons in bottles or send them into their world and others would be held in the world of darkness for a while until they learned to behave and not to throw people to the ground.

These arrests were punishments for the misbehaving demons, and I believed that. I prayed to the gods to send the demons to go away or to calm them when they possessed the people. These demons left and always came back to possess these people; there was no real deliverance.

This happens in many churches when they manifest. They manipulate and remain hidden, which is why they are called misleading spirits. Churches that are not serious and play with the truth are deceived by these demonic tricks. They make many pastors who do not live the Gospel think they have authority over them. The demons deceive these poor men and make them think they are men of God, misleading these pastors.

This is what happens at the TB Joshua cults. A variety of demonic manifestations, where these evil spirits give live shows on the cameras on the television network. The demons want to appear in national network and become famous, while TB Joshua mocks at the demonized people. He sets the stage for his demons to come to the circus, where the clowns are those possessed by demons live on television. The demons put into the minds of various pastors who need not repent, pray, and sanctify their lives to cast out evil spirits. Demons say they are driven out through faith, no matter what conditions people live in life.

Can God approve a ministry of deliverance where he does not preach the truth? It is not just the anointing of a man of God or his prayer that makes demons manifest. When they preach an exhortation against sin or tell a supernatural witness, they also manifest when they will. Its manifestations are to take attention away from the Word and to mess up the cult. He turns the stage of his church into diversions of demons in the deliverance sessions.

Today TB Joshua is a millionaire and a famous man. You must be asking whether you should believe in a stranger or a world-famous man that the media made him a prophet of the people.

Before you judge me, you should pray to God for an answer if I am wrong. The veil of separation is torn, you can enter the presence of God and receive an answer. The church does not want to pray for revelations and prefer to believe in this false prophet. This man does programming on Emmanuel TV. The Bible condemns television, let alone programming on satanic stations, which are true virtual Babylonians leading to hell. These stations are filled with false prophets that use the media to increase their flock so more money will flow into their bank accounts.

TB Joshua has a football club that he even founded to play championships in Nigeria. His project is to make this club grow and become known so that his financial income increases. A man who says of God creates a football club that is the world's greatest idolatry. He made his club a God, where most of the fans will kill themselves for that club. There are already players in this club who have already become idols. He recruits boys to this club who will be new football idols, in which the population will love these players and also the football club.

What does Jesus have to do with football? TB Joshua calls himself a man of God and is involved with the things of this world.

Psalms 81: 9 Let there be no strange gods among you.
Exodus 20: 3, there shall be no gods besides me.
Jeremiah 25: 6, do not follow other gods to serve and worship.

TB Joshua is a prophet who pleases the President of Nigeria, and rich people and most Christians. Jesus and His disciples did not please anyone and were persecuted.

There is no renunciation of sins and repentance in the church of TB Joshua, only operation of miracles. The mark of a true church is not based on priests.

Matthew 24:24, for false prophets and false christs, will arise and will do great signs and wonders so that if possible they would deceive even the elect.

I see many chosen men and servants of God accompanying the ministry of this man and having him as an example.


When I was in witchcraft, I would drop fire from the sky, this is normal in Africa. Any African sorcerer at high level operates grandiose signs. This is no reason to believe that the Holy Spirit is operating in the life of a wizard.

Many people have already reported TB Joshua of sexual abuse and other crimes. The Nigerian police station ignored the cases because he was a celebrity, taking little notice of the people they reported.

In a poor country where the law is on the side of the rich and despises the lower class. TB Joshua has money to buy up justice in Nigeria. In a country of crisis, money is gold.

His wife Evelyn is betrayed, but she still agrees her husband has relationships with other women; she does not want to lose her millionaire status.

My biological parents met the parents of TB Joshua and know very well how this sorcerer's mother has been trained in rituals for him to be born. TB Joshua was born to a family of wizards. His mother made a covenant with Satan and told him that she will consecrate the child to be born of her womb to him.

Satan appeared to her and said, "This child cannot be born in 9 months which is the normal gestation that the Man of heaven has determined. After 9 months of gestation, you will wait another 6 months - that is my number and so the boy will be born. He will be like the Messiah, will gain the whole world, doing all the messianic miracles. This child will be born 15 months, equal to the black rhinoceros and will be on June 12. This is a symbolic date, the 12th is the number of prudence, it will be prudent and will disguise it with the appearance of piety. His camouflage as a man of God will be perfect for preaching the word, but not whole, as a half-truth. It will be born in month 6 which is my favorite number. Your church will be an aquarium that will hold crowds of fishes for me."

My beloved brethren, all these secrets TB Joshua's mother spoke to my mother when the two practiced sorceries together. My mother never revealed this secret to anyone but my aunt. The price of disclosure of this secret cost my mother's life. A demon attacked her at night and strangled her.

The gestation period of TB Joshua's mother was 15 months. It was something supernatural, outside the natural law. This kind of gestation is outside the standard that God has determined. He created everything perfect, every gestation has a definite time. A dog has a gestation of 2 months, while the goat is 3 months.

Genesis 1:31, God looked upon all His work, and saw that all was very good. 

The human gestation is 9 months, that's how God established it; even His son Jesus when He was made flesh was born 9 months later.

TB Joshua says that his gestation was special, he could not be born 9 months and had to be prepared by God inside his mother's womb. Would God break the natural law of gestation for someone special? Neither with His son Jesus did He do so and had to be born obeying the natural law established by Him.

Satan interfered in the gestation of TB Joshua's mother causing him to be born of 15 months. How can this be possible? His mother delivered his own son still in the womb to Satan, giving him legality to interfere in the natural course of birth. The Bible says that Hannah delivered the prophet Samuel to God in the temple as a child as she had promised God before he was born.

TB Joshua's mother did the opposite, she handed him over to Satan from her womb.

Anna gave her son to God and the result was that he became a great prophet. TB Joshua's mother gave up her son to Satan, and the result was a great sorcerer who was camouflaged as a prophet.
TB Joshua's gestation was like that of an animal, fleeing from the image and likeness of God. Jesus was born after nine months in the womb.

The rhinoceros in witchcraft is the symbol of comfort, solitude, ancestral wisdom, self-knowledge and confidence in instinct. TB Joshua inherited all these qualities by birth of 15 months, just like the rhinos. The rhinoceros horn in witchcraft symbolizes the ability to extend energies, cures, wonders and magical powers. TB Joshua received energies, cures, wonders and magical powers from that horn. And where is all that he inherited in his hands? In TB Joshua's release sessions, he hypnotizes people with his hand. Large amounts of energy come out of his hand looking like a magnet that controls people like a toy. His mother followed all the ritual she did in her womb so that her son would not be born for 9 months.

God raised me up to denounce the false prophets. TB Joshua is the preferred prophet of most churches.

Where is the discernment of this people? Do they really serve God? Why are you so blind? I had a revelation that God's people are blindfolded and false prophets all masked.

The Lord told me that there will come a time when the masks will fall and they will no longer be able to hide. When I was converted, I began to denounce the evil works of the false prophets of Nigeria, where the deceitful nest of that country is.

The demons revealed to TB Joshua that I knew much about him and was a stumbling block on his way to the growth of his ministry.

One day I was sleeping in my room and I had a dream of TB Joshua. He said he would destroy my ministry live on television if I did not stop reporting. The next day, I met him on the street, TB Joshua said, "You got my message last night in a dream, if you do not stop fighting me I can put you in prison, I forge a crime to report you in the media. You cannot fight with me, I'm a known man and I have money to put you in jail and pay a lawyer not to let you out of jail." He gave me a warning and left.

How did he know about the dream and still told me that he sent a message when he was asleep? What he did was a ritual of black magic to enter my mind that night. This ritual is done at midnight when the person is asleep. This is called spiritual control of the subconscious.

The greatest sorcerers in Africa use this form of black magic to intimidate people. I've done it, invaded people's dreams to convey a message. Two sorcerers speak by telepathy, communicating with each other by passing the thoughts of the mind.

TB Joshua came in for the second time in my mind and I had a nightmare. He was accompanied by a legion of demons, in which he ordered them to torment me. The next day, I woke up from that dream, all bruised with my body full of marks. I was a new convert, did not know how to defend myself against TB Joshua's attacks in my dreams. Satan put it in my mind to use witchcraft to counter the attacks. But a voice said, "You are a new creature, do not use these evil practices."

I had always been a respected sorceress, no one dared cast spells on me because they knew I would retaliate with stronger deeds. And being attacked by TB Joshua, made me want to destroy his life for challenging me. I was still a new convert and needed to be freed from some feelings of revenge.

When I was a sorceress, I knew how to use the same spells as TB Joshua. I also entered into the dreams of the people and assaulted them in their dreams. Even Christians living in sin had nightmares about me. When you are a Christian that serves God, the spells of nightmares really do not work. I tried to attack this class of Christian saints before and I was always repulsed.

I learned an Indian meditation technique that took my consciousness out of the body. This spiritual technique made my spirit leave the body. And when my spirit came out of my body I saw the demons.


They took me to the churches and showed the hidden sins of the shepherds. My spirit along with the demons probed several churches that bothered entities. The demons pointed the finger at some believers and said, "Those in sin can be killed by magic." Then they would point the finger at others and say, "These do not touch."

I said, "Why can not they? Is there anything special with them?"

One of the demons said, "They are the apples of the Man's eyes from above, they are valuable as gold to Him."

My spirit along with the demons visited many houses of Christians, where they told me to mark their faces to destroy them in magic. All the weaknesses of believers, they told me to explore.

My challenge was to know how to weaken the believers so they could open sinful openings. The spiritual technique I used for my spirit to leave the body was to spy on places I could not enter. The demons lied to me that witches when they die, they would go to Paradise, a beautiful place full of flowers and green fields. I worked hard for the demons, I did everything they asked me to do, I became a slave to them.

When a legion of demons entered in me, they drank animal blood and ate raw meat. I was called a vampire for drinking blood. I cut my wrists and drank my blood. I also cut the wrists of the people who accepted the covenant and drank their blood. I paid for the gravedigger to open a grave to pick up dry bones for rituals of black magic. I came to eat the flesh of the dead and travel to various countries in Africa.

I was a devil's missionary, traveling to other places teaching witchcraft to make money. I was doing an invisibility ritual and was taking blood from animals. No one could see me but they seemed to be blind. I would go anywhere covered by an invisible cloak that prevented people from seeing me in the streets. And so I could steal a lot of money in front of people. I have stolen money from bars, bakeries, markets, and companies.

Then I went back to the city of Abuja and started to gain many clients for the accomplishments of works. The envy of many sorcerers turned against me. They met and did a mega ritual where they sacrificed 33 animals and 3 children.

I was lying on my bed and did not know about this conspiracy. I got all that magic load, I could not get up. My whole body was paralyzed.

A demon named Zaebros appeared in my room, he worked with me. When he showed up for me, he always told me to do a mission for him. But that day he did not tell me to do anything. He said the wizards had made a great sacrifice to kill me. And he said that this offer was irrecusable, he would have to kill me anyway. I could not escape, my body was without movement, because of the bombings of spells cast against me.

I said, "And our friendship Zaebros, I am your favorite handmaid and I work for you."

Zaebros looked with his evil eyes and said he could not break the alliance with the sorcerers. This demon pulled my soul to hell. 

He said, "Come and dwell in our eternal abode."

He held my soul and began to pull me down until I reached the beginning of hell. By a miracle, I managed to escape from him and a force pulled me up. I was already on Earth in a matter of seconds.

Zaebros did not give up and captured my soul. An angel came down from heaven and fought against that demon for not wanting to return my soul. The demon said he had legal rights to take me because I did not belong to Jesus. I still did not know the Gospel and I was a witch.

Another angel came down from heaven to help the other, but this angel did not enter the fight and watched. The angel who fought for my soul drew a large fire sword from his waist and when he pointed it to the demon, came fireballs that made his body catch fire. The demon turned to ashes and evaporated like black smoke.

The angel who stood to watch ascended into heaven and I stayed with the first angel.

He said to me, “God has a great work in your life.”

And he told me about my biological parents who threw me in the trash. I was going to die, but God touched my aunt's heart to take care of me. My aunt was a witch who saved me from dying that day.

Satan knew of the work of God in my life, tried to prevent that from happening and used my aunt to sacrifice me in a ritual. My aunt got me when I was 3 months old in the trash and when I turned 4, Satan asked my life for it.

When my uncles prepared to sacrifice me, I disappeared. When I was 4 years old, I went out the door of the house that they left open and never saw me again. God touched the heart of a North American couple to adopt me. All this God had done to preserve my life. I lived in the United States with my adoptive parents until I was 23 years old. I returned to Nigeria to meet my biological relatives. That's when I met my cousins and started witchcraft.

I met TB Joshua before he founded his ministry. And it was for me to convert and denounce his works of deceit that I had to leave the city of Lagos. He paid someone to take my life. I was being chased by 3 armed men and the Lord touched my heart to leave the country. The Lord gave me deliverance when these men went after me armed with weapons.

The blood of Jesus covered me that day when they passed by me and did not see me. I lived within witchcraft and I know very well what the occult is. What today exists of sorcerers disguised as Christians in Nigeria and the United States, you cannot count the number.

In a vision at dawn, I saw the headquarters of the church of TB Joshua sharing the powers of darkness with the branches of the whole world. The same headquarters demons operated in their branches. All the churches which are founded in various parts of the world and are connected with the thirst that is in Lagos are linked with the powers of darkness. These demons will help the people who will found TB Joshua's ministry in each country. Please do not build churches that have a connection with TB Joshua's ministry. Any church that has not yet called TB Joshua to do evangelistic crusades, I ask you in the name of Jesus, do not call him.

When this man enters any country to minister, legions of demons accompany him. Wherever he goes, he leaves legions of demons in his countries as the sign of his ministerial brand. Wherever he goes, a legion of devils follow him and remain behind in every country where he steps on his feet. Many countries are importing strange demons from Nigeria through this man.

In your country there are already legions of territorial demons, do you will want this man to bring more African demons to your city? These demons come from distant lands and cause the greatest chaos and destruction. If anyone is in doubt, pray at dawn and if it is possible to fast and pray, and ask God to reveal about this man. He will reveal the truth about him.

May this testimony reach the ears of many nations to free themselves from deception. May God bless you. Amen.


  1. Where is ABEKE OSHANIWA now? Is he back in the U. S? How was he adopted and who are the adoptive parents from U.S? How did he stop his witchcraft? How did ABEKE OSHANIWA become a Christian? These questions are important for us to believe the authenticity of his testimony. Not to say that I doubt him but to just come from nowhere and begin to say so many things against T. b Jishua and you expect us to believe you? We don't want any further deception. If T. b Joshua is deceiving us we want to know if ABEKE's story is itself not a deceptiin, pls! !

  2. A strange thing... In the beginning of the testimony abeke is 12 when his uncles want to sacrifice him and at the end he left the house at 4. Dont know about tb joshua but God will make things clear and whisper unspoken things from the rooftops!

  3. God bless and protect you for this amazing testimony!

  4. Not convincing story. Scanty details of ur life dat dont add up. What yr wre u born in abuja? Who adopted u to USA? Which college and what did u study there till age 23? At dat young age why come back to Nigeria poverty leaving behind american good life and security? U had no connected wicked parents and family again in nigeria,so why come back at dat age? What yr did u come back and where did u work and what did u do for living? Who did u stay with? Tb Joshua started synagogue 1987. Meaning u wre born in abuja latest 1964 when d city had not bn founded!! See what i mean? Who wre ur teachers in witchcraft when u came to lagos and whre did they teach u? wht wre u doing 4 a living then? How did u meet tb joshua? How did u know he was a wizard b4 starting synagogue . with all ur magical stunts why weren't u popuplar in lagos?
    Your story is too anonymous we cannot crosscheck and verify anything u wrote.Looks too much like made-up story

  5. It is quite clear you have a massive grudge against TB Joshua. One smells a rotten rat. Why now? Why did you go to Austria? You know of all the so called 'false' prophets, there is none that has been vilified and brutally slandered as TB Joshua. It is a wonder he is alive today.Any good he does is regarded as evil. Yet many have been transformed all over the world by his ministry. The likes of you have to claim fraternity with him to have your far fetched tale to be believed. What a yarn you spin. Just like the fictitious Kenzo Atsushi!

  6. I'm not tb Joshua believer for many biblical reasons that I have side watched his ministry for about 28yrs now. But for anyone like abeke oshaniwa to claim physical and spiritual intimate encounters as she did I would expected a more authentic story. Too many gaps need to be filled for this testimony to b believed. If abeke oshaniwa could open a blog or other means of media contact it will do well to validate the veracity of her confessions. I have many questions to ask her. Again I don't believe in tb Joshua. Never!!