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A 51-year-old man only identified as Robert Chomba of Lusaka’s Makeni Simoson area has told Zambian Watch in an interview that he was a hardcore Satanist from 1991 until late 2011 when he gave his life Jesus.

Mr. Chomba says during his time as a Satanist, he masqueraded as a prophet and even registered a church called ‘Knock to Jesus’ Ministries. He says as a false prophet, he had the ability to perform miracles just like a genuine pastor.

Mr. Chomba says he was able to heal the sick through ‘prayer’and also made prophecies to individuals which later came to pass.
He says of all his miracles, it was his ability to create miracle money that made him popular during that time in areas such as Livingstone, Mazabuka and some parts of Lusaka and Copperbelt.

“I used to interact with top businessmen, politicians and some pastors because I was able to make money for them. You find that a politician has buried money in the ground and you accuse him of stealing it from the government. How can he steal so much without being noticed? It wasn’t stolen from the government, it was made from under the sea,” explained Mr. Chomba in his Bemba dialect.

Asked how they used to make miracle money in the kingdom of darkness, Mr. Chomba said it used to be done through a process called ‘blasting.’

“After so many years in Satanism, I became an expert in making miracle money. What normally happens is that they use different types of things as raw materials. Some of them are a very rare land animal which in Bemba we call ‘akashulilwa’ and also a ‘Sandabana.’ They also use teeth, breasts, and genitals of people they kill and also the private parts of a hyena”.

“Once these things are obtained, they are mixed with other materials which I obviously can’t mention now and some evil spells are said and a number of processes follow. Normally this is done in quite places like lodges. In our case, we used to do it here in Lusaka West area” he said.

“Normally, the money comes in bulk. So, we used to employ certain methods so that it goes where we want it to go,” he explained.

Asked about the appearance of the ‘miracle money’, Mr. Chomba said “ Actually you can’t tell which one is miracle money and which is genuine money. All the features are the same. They have their own serial numbers. There is no money detecting machine in the world that can fail to verify and pass it. So, you can’t tell.”

He added that receiving miracle money had its own challenges.

“In my case, yes, I was a ‘prophet’ who used to make those miracle money notes but I never chewed any of it after making it. It used to come with conditions. For instance, we would be told you can’t sleep with your wife during a certain period of time, you can’t bathe, you can’t go to the toilet everybody else goes to and a wide range of other conditions,” he recalled.

Asked what he thought about the miracle money being given out by some pastors in Zambia and some parts of Africa, Mr. Chomba responded: “There is no doubt about it. That money is Satanic. Some of these prophets doing it, I know them. They found me in Satanism. Like that prophet… I think you know him. He is evil. I won’t mention him for now but I know him very well”.

“Look, there is no such thing as miracle money. All Christians know this but it’s just a few lazy Christians who are entertaining the idea of miracle money. I am not saying Jesus cannot give you money miraculously. He can do it but not in that fashion. How do you just find money in your pocket and you say it’s from God? That’s not God. It’s Satan at work”

“We need to be careful with prophets as Christians. Look, Christianity has been invaded by witchdoctors who are claiming to be genuine pastors. Don’t be carried away by anything. God is still in the business of performing miracles but not every miracle is from God.”

Mr. Chomba’s 20-year walk in the world of Satanism was brought to an end in late 2011 when he attempted to bring down Lusaka clergyman pastor Sunday Sinyangwe. Despite being rich, Mr. Chomba pretended to be a poor man and asked for a job at Pastor Sinyangwe’s church.

After getting a job as a garden boy, Mr. Chomba started planting Satanic charms at Pastor’s Sinyangwe’s church compound.

However, before long, Pastor Sinyangwe was able to discern Mr. Chomba’s evil connections and managed to deliver him after intense prayer.

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